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Pay-per-click advertising (or PPC) is a marketing method where, as its name suggests, advertisers or businesses pay whenever a targeted client clicks on an ad. Although there are so many platforms offering PPC ads out there, arguably the most popular one is Google Ads previously known as Google Adwords.

Google Ads is an advertising platform where businesses can bid to display videos, product listings, or brief advertisements. These ads are placed in the results pages of search engines, on mobile apps, videos, and other publishers.

Google Ads offers different ways for concrete contractors to target and reach clients. Here are some of the reasons concrete contractors should start leveraging Google Ads for their marketing campaigns:

Google Ads allows contractors to take control of the way they market their business. On the platform, contractors can manage the cost for each click, the keywords they bid on, how their ad appears to people, when and where their ads are displayed, and where a person lands after clicking their ad.

Because contractors only pay when someone clicks on their ad, they don’t have to worry about going over their budget.

Unpaid or organic advertising methods do take time before the contractor’s website shows up at the top of the search results. With Google Ads, a contractor has a better chance of getting exposure and driving more leads.

The main difference between the people who see Google Ads and the target audience for other marketing strategies is their intent. People who use search engines to look for concrete contractors are often already looking for possible companies to hire for an upcoming or an ongoing project.

Leads that come from Google Ads are more likely to convert. After the person clicks on the ad, they’re taken to a well-designed and highly persuasive landing page.

It is, however, crucial to remember that managing PPC and Google Ads campaigns are time-consuming. To maximize their investment, concrete contractors should work with experienced marketing agencies that can produce the most competitive results.

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