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A Concrete Marketing Plan for Concrete Contractors

We help concrete contractors and decorative concrete companies increase their sales and grow their business by getting their internet marketing right.

Below is a walk-through of what it’s like to work with us!

1. Discovery Call

During this call we get to know you, your business, your goals and learn about your services and service areas. (Request one here)

2. Competitive Analysis

We run through complete analysis of your online presence, website rankings, conversion optimization opportunities, and your competitive landscape.

3. Proposal Approval

After reviewing proposal, if you decide you’d like to become a client simply agree to terms and conditions and make first month’s payment.

4. Launch

This is where the fun begins for us, and when we roll up our sleeves to implement the game-plan we put together for you.

1. We Take Over Your Existing Website

It all starts with us taking over your existing website. You might be a concrete contractor that has been in business for 20 to 30 years and never set up a website or conversely maybe you have invested thousands of dollars in building one out. In either case, we are going to take over where you started.

If you have a concrete contractor or decorative concrete services website, we are going to leverage your existing site and take it to the next level (skip to step 2).

If you don’t have a website, we are going to put something together for you.

2. Lead Capture & Lead Tracking

We track, measure, and monitor all leads on a monthly basis. We do this using Google Analytics, tracking every phone call your concrete business receives from the Internet and mobile devices.

Think of lead capture and lead tracking like your profit and loss statement. Every month we let you know how many phone calls (and contact forms) have been received, what the cost of each phone call was, and what the conversion rate was (conversion rate = number of visits/number of phone calls). This can be tracked easily and always improved upon.

3. Website Structuring, Content Creation & Necessary Pages

Having a conversions machine (website) and tracking elements, are only 25% of the battle. The rest of the battle is growing the authority, relevance and trust of your website so that Google can give you preference over your competitors online.

As a concrete contractor, you most likely offer different services in a variety of service areas. As you start structuring your website for growth, it’s imperative that the pages and content created for those pages support your target keywords and service areas. A typical concrete contractor or decorative concrete specialist website has between 5-6 pages: Home, About Us, Our Services, Contact Us, and maybe even Reviews page. This is not enough to get you to rise above your local competitors in the organic search results.

During our research phase, we identify each page that will need to be created for your target services, and target geographical service areas, this is typically between 10-15 sub cities for most concrete contractors. We then take these pages and optimize for every element and factor that will influence your Google SERP positions.


4. Content Creation and Link Building (Recurring)

What are backlinks? Backlinks are essentially links from websites outside your own website that talk about you or your services. We create a content creation and content distribution calendar to help us get natural, white-hat, relevant and trusted links coming back to your website from highly trusted domains.

We do a competitive analysis, and consistently acquire new trusted and relevant backlinks that your top 3 competitors have in their backlink profiles. We do this for every keyword, and every top local competitor.

The next phase is building local relevance to your website by building business directory citations. We claim, verify, and optimize your local directory listings like Yahoo, City Search, Angies List, Brown Book, Hot Frog, Best of the Web, and about 200 other very relevant local online directories. We also optimize these listings so they rank on Google.

This is a very sensitive phase that can make or break your website rankings. You can be held back by building a weak and irrelevant backlink profile, or you can take your business website right to the top, and start ranking on the Google Maps.

5. Grow Your Website’s Content (Recurring)

We build targeted blog content that helps you build local relevance and authority in the search engines. The content topics are selected during the research phase and are based on search trends as well as your customer’s journey. Topics may vary depending on your service offerings and service areas. This content gets edited and syndicated through all your social media networks. 

6. Social Media Marketing (Recurring)

Our team works closely with you to develop a fully branded monthly social media marketing plan that help you build engagement, grow your connections, increase brand awareness, and drive interested prospects to take action. 

7. Check-in & Review Request System

The key to growing your reputation online is by leveraging automated systems that help you follow up with clients to get their feedback after the job has been completed. We equip all contractors with simple to use tools that will live online and you can access via your phone and your office computers. Some of the key features with our review marketing platforms include:

  • Check-In – when a concrete crew starts working at a site, you can have them check-in, and even take photos of before and afters so that you can showcase that on your website. This will be automatically uploaded to your website pages and help boost your location base relevancy.
  • Review Request Filtering – how would you like to filter out potentially negative reviews before someone posts them online? Now you can do that by reaching out to your clients and have them express their concerns through our review portal. Any negative review that goes through our system will not be made live, and will be sent to you to address.
  • Review Request Automation – simply enter your clients cell phone or email once, and let the system do the follow up for you and get you more reviews.

Get Started Now

We can help you get top online visibility for for the services you offer in front of your target market in your service area. We work with concrete contractors and decorative concrete contractors on an exclusivity bases, and only work with ONE concrete company per service area. Call now (305) 902-4888 before your competitor reaches out to us, for request a free consultation here.



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