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Concrete Marketing Crew was born out of a passion for marketing contractor services online. Danny Barrera, the founder, and owner of Contractor SEO Agency, the #1 SEO Agency for Contractors in the world, found a big need for serving the concrete and decorative concrete services market, to bring them into the 21st century.

“The modern B2B and B2C consumers are high-tech, engaging online, finding service providers¬†through Google search, online directories and while researching product applications, certified product installers, and product comparisons… when you look at the way concrete guys get their business, there’s usually some sort of a “middle man” relationship where the concrete service providers have to rely on product vendors, manufacturers, construction companies, or established General Contractors in their service area to get work… this leaves the concrete specialists with a smaller piece of the pie, leaving their income ability dependent on the bigger fishes… I’m all for the small guy, the underdog, the small business owner, the guy or gal that’s hungry and wants to do well to provide a better lifestyle for their family, help their community, and give an opportunity to others… the individual that believes in ultimate freedom. That’s why we exist. That’s who we fight for… To even the playing field for everyone. There is NO COMPETITOR too-big for us.” Danny Barrera, Chief SEO, Concrete Marketing Crew.

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