What To Expect When Partnering With Concrete Marketing Crew

What is required to be successful with Concrete Marketing Crew?

In order to be successful, you need to meet these five criteria:

  1. You must be an operating business in the concrete coating & and decorative concrete industry.
  2. You must take full ownership to respond to leads in a timely manner.
  3. You must trust the process and allow us to do our job in order to produce the best results for you.
  4. You must meet our minimum advertising budget prescribed during our strategy call, to help you reach your goals.
  5. You must respond to our communication in order for us to help you maximize results.
  6. You must provide high-quality images and videos of your work.
What is the Concrete Marketing Crew GUARANTEE?
  • We will produce exclusive homeowner leads looking for a quote for your concrete coating and decorative concrete services.
  • Your campaign will perform and produce leads in the first month or your money back 100%.
  • We will respond to your inquiries and questions within one business day (24 hours) guaranteed!
  • We will do what we say we'll do.
How are we different from other marketing agencies?
  • Industry expertise
  • Proven results
  • Proven reputation (Google us)
  • Proven process 
  • Proven partners
  • Industry leaders
  • Territory exclusivity
  • Our Marketing CREW! (One of a kind team working on your behalf)

We strongly advise you to contact 2-3 other marketing agencies before contacting us. 

Choosing your marketing partner means a relationship where your dollars will be best spent getting the results you desire.

We're a family-owned business and take pride in serving our clients and our industry.

Contact us today to see if your territory is available!

How will it look like working with CMC?

We will create a plan and work the plan created for you to help you reach your goals.

If it’s decorative concrete and concrete coatings, you don’t need to explain it to us! We understand the industry, we have deep knowledge of the industry and we work in the industry! When you work with us, we get to work.

You will get results, not excuses. If we fall short, we will own up to our mistakes, make them right, and take immediate action to correct them, and do what we say we would.

You will receive special training and resources to help you book more estimates and close more jobs.

You will not be just “another” account in our business. We partner up with you and work diligently to help you hit your targets and earn your business every single month.

Your Account Manager

You will be partnered up with an account manager who will get to know you and your business at a deeper level so we’re on track and on pace to help you reach your goals.

Account managers will be here for you, communicating frequently, looking after your advertising campaigns, and ensuring our team delivers the best results possible.

Your program

You will get onboarded and then get launched within 10 days! You will receive weekly communication from your account manager letting you know about campaign performance and improvement. You will receive clear, transparent, and consistent results and not have to worry about lead flow decay. You will receive recommendations on changes that need to be made, and our team will do their very best to get you the best results possible.

Your future

You will have a predictable lead generation system that helps you stand out from your competitors and convert more leads into estimates and more estimates into booked jobs. You will understand and embrace the power of automation to help you streamline your lead-to-sale process and build the confidence to scale your business with consistency.

What is Concrete Marketing Crew NOT good at?

We are not good at providing a-la-carte services. We provide frameworks and programs that can help our clients reach their goals. 

We are not a social media "branding" agency. We do not create social media posts (we've tried it and it doesn't move the needle. We rather teach you how to create engaging content that works!).

We are not a web design shop. We provide high-converting websites that get you leads and rank high in the search engines, however, we do not do custom web design shop work.

We are not good short-term partners. If you're looking for a bandaid fix to a business problem, we're not a good fit. We work great with long-term thinking business owners who have clear goals and a budget to grow.

Can Concrete Marketing Crew help me with my aggressive, short-term goals?

Absolutely! Our plans are customized to help you reach your short and long-term goals.

Will I need a new website?
It depends. We can take a look at your website during our free strategy call and we’ll make recommendations based on your goals.
Will Concrete Marketing Crew's services work for a company like mine?

When you book a call with us, we will learn more about your business and see if we’re a good fit for each other. 

We provide service area exclusivity and only partner up with companies we know we can help succeed. 

Fill out a contact form or book a time to speak with one of our concrete marketing specialists.

How can Concrete Marketing Crew help me get more leads, book more estimates and sell more floors?

We have the most effective, proven, and tested lead generation campaigns for concrete coating and decorative concrete contractors.

If you're looking to sell more floors, our programs and services are tailored to deliver results based on your goals and targets. We will advise you on advertising budgets and proven strategies to book more estimates and sell more jobs.

Does Concrete Marketing Crew offer a la carte marketing tasks?

We do not offer a la carte marketing services. We only work with clients who enroll in one of our proven marketing programs.

What type of results and ROI can I expect when working with Concrete Marketing Crew?

Results & ROI depend on many factors such as the type of work you sell, your price points, your sales conversions, your operations, and your booked-out time.

Our Facebook Ads clients see results within a day or two after launching, and Google Ads clients see results within one week of launching.

Our SEO plan clients see improvements and results after 60-90 days of being in the program.

How much does it cost to work with Concrete Marketing Crew?

Our program pricing starts at just $2,997/Mo + advertising spend. 

See our pricing page for more info.