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How Floor Coating Businesses Can Win In Competitive Markets

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Are you in the concrete coating industry and feeling the pressure of competition? Do you wonder how to make your business stand out when everyone seems to be offering the same thing? You're not alone, Concrete Marketing Crew has got answers. With the right strategies, the concrete coating industry offers vast opportunities for growth.

Topics Discussed

  • Learn how to penetrate and make an impact in challenging markets.
  • Discover strategies to ensure your business in a sluggish economy.
  • Learn how to differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • Optimize your advertising budget for maximum ROI.
  • Learn how to harness the power to sell more floors.

Audio Transcript

Hey, welcome to another episode of Your Concrete Success podcast. My name is Danny Barrera. I'm the host and also the founder of Concrete marketing crew. Again, I have another special guest. The same guest from last time. Can you guess who she is? Well, here she is Marie Barrera, my partner and uh also my right hand side here at Concrete marketing crew. Welcome aboard Maddie. How's it going today? Thank you. You guys, I had such good feedback from all of you guys messaging me and calling me that you had seen me on the podcast that I figured I'd come back and it was so much fun.

So here I am client clients called Prospects called, saying that they saw us and that they heard me on the podcast and that they wanted to level up. It was really cool. Yeah, we just wanna thank uh all of our listeners for giving us your valuable time. I know you could be listening to any other podcast out there. So it means the world to us and it would mean the world if you could help us share the love by hitting that subscribe button, hitting the like if you like this video or if you're listening on Spotify on Amazon on Apple Podcast, make sure you give us some ratings so that, uh, we can start growing and sharing the abundance here of knowledge.

And Maddie, what do we have here in store for, for our listeners today? All right. So today we're gonna have a juicy topic. A very, very good topic that I always hear. You know, my guys calling me and asking me these questions. So the topic for today is how to win in a competitive market, how to win, how concrete coding and decorative, concrete contractors can win in a competitive market. Love it. So, what kind of questions do you get? All right. So the very first question that I've gone and I've gone quite often is how, how can you market or what are the best practices to market in a tough territory, tough territory.

So define tough. Um, I think tough would mean, um, a territory that has a low population or even like a territory that, for example, in the winter gets very cold and it snows. So how, what are best practices to, to market in those kinds of territories? Welcome to the concrete industry where we have a short season and we must seize every opportunity. All right. Well, uh, all jokes aside, you know, there, there's a couple of things that we look at when someone sets up a discovery call with us.

One of them is the territory and what is the population look like. Uh Because here's what you have to understand is sometimes if you're in the middle of nowhere, you will be, you, you're forced to travel outside of your hometown and there's nothing you can do about that. We can blanket the entire uh city with advertising on Facebook, on youtube, on Instagram, et cetera and the search volumes are only so, so many. I mean, there was a point in time where we took a concrete contractor, incredible contractor does amazing work gave us the entire territory and we on boarded the individual.

We got a list of all the top cities in less than 60 days. It was number one in all the cities, all of them and our team is celebrating. He's like, hey, we're conquering. We've done an amazing job and we come back and have a conversation with the client like 503 90 days in and he's like, I, I'm, yeah, I'm getting a couple more calls but nothing earth shattering. So this was earlier on and, and we started having these internal conversations with the team is like, hey, so what else can we possibly do?

Like the website conversion is at 15%. Uh You know, he's ranking number one for every service in all these territories that this individual has given us. So this is where we really start having an alignment conversation of understanding that every territory will have its challenges and it's different. So population is a good indicator. Income ranges is a very good indicator. Obviously, you don't wanna target the wrong side of town. Uh And some, some of that data will be discovered as you spend more time in your service area.

So this individual specifically, he started traveling outside of the state. He, he started, I don't know how many hours he had to drive out out of his hometown in order to get uh to, to work on jobs that were worth the, the money. Um And um it was an interesting discovery that we had at that point in time. So now when a client comes in and we are uncertain of whether SEO is gonna work for them, we always let them know Google ads is gonna help us validate the territory, the search trends.

This is gonna be the fastest path we don't take their SEO money. And then once we validate that, then we move based on the conversions that we've seen from Google ads into a full Seo plan. Now with Facebook ads is a different story. Uh Talk to us about um how your team in the fulfillment takes care of and handles uh when you have to deal with population and, and marketable. Um Yeah, I mean, I think the, the biggest distinction here is that we're constantly monitoring the accounts very, very consistently.

And I do find that when we're advertising in a place that has a smaller population, you, you either have to expand your service area or the cost per lead can be a little bit higher. But sometimes that really, it's a lot. But really, it, it, you know, I think that, that same conversation that we were having, you know, putting all your eggs in one basket when you're in a very small territory. Like that isn't necessarily the right thing to do either because, you know, you might have better luck with, um, Facebook ads and Google ads, for example, because then, you know, they feed off each other to a certain degree.

So I find that, that, that would be for me the, the thing also one of the things that we do differently or that we kind of do in that scenario is we really like, take into account the population, what it looks like we take into account how the population behaves, what kind of demographics are in that area. So when you're able to target certain different demographics and behaviors that people do, you do tend to have a better outcome in terms of the Facebook ads, even if you're in a smaller population.

So I think it, it, it's a lot to do with like the way that we manage well. And, and this is another interesting, I, I don't know if you have the data right in front of you right now to share. But off the cuff, I mean, your team, the Facebook ads, team um, when, and when I talk about Facebook advertising is really the account managers, us based account managers, they are the media buyers. They are the ones running the advertising campaign. So they're, they're pretty much, they have their hands on the clients campaigns and we have a set of accounts that each one of those individuals works on to ensure quality, to ensure that our clients get the proper attention.

When, when, when I've seen that you bring up to this level 10 calls or these uh team calls, any type of issues it always comes down to? Ok. Does the client have the right budget? Because sometimes like what can you do if you're a startup and you're just running $2000 a day? Right. Right. Another one is, what kind of creatives is the client providing to you? Meaning when I say creatives just think of like pictures and videos, you have your phone, if you have the latest iphone, that's all you need.

You have a DS LR quality, I mean, like probably worth multiple thousands of dollars worth of camera um in that specific device. So for personally, I like the iphones, this specific podcast studio. It's iphones, believe it or not. If you're watching this on youtube, welcome. Like this is it, this is uh iphones, so you can make incredible material out of your iphones and I can't emphasize that enough. So, so when you are restricted in population, doesn't mean that there's no business there. It means you must, you're forced to be creative, you're forced to stand out.

And the other thing is you're gonna find some winners, some ads that work really well, some videos that work really well and over time they will start to die out. Like that's the nature of it based on, on the growth of, of that company. Um But if we've seen that clients don't send us the right pictures or like they look like with all due respect, they look like shit. Like I mean, my, my kids could take better pictures. There's nothing our team can do to make them look better, right?

Because if you're gonna send me a picture of a beautifully flaked garage floor, but it, it's so blurry that it doesn't get blurry. I mean, it looks like there's dust on the lens. I recommend cleaning like quite literally grab your T shirt and like wipe it out. I do this all the time. You see me do this, like even for the front camera, like I take my my shirt and I just clean out the lens and that makes a huge difference. A big difference. It looks better and learn how to take photographs and video and before and afters before during and after those are great.

Uh And that material in challenging territories makes the biggest difference between stubborn accounts, clients that are struggling to get leads to the ones that the leads come in warmed up. They love what they see and they move on. Right. Right. I agree with that. That answered that question specifically. That did answer that question. But now I have a really, it's kind of goes a little bit hand in hand with this one to a certain degree, but it's a little bit more broad. So, Danny, I want to know what your suggestion is.

I want to talk about how to market in a slow economy. That's a big deal. Well, a slow economy brings its challenges. So you have going back to the data that it's in market and you can look at Google trends. You can, it's a free tool, you can search it up. Uh go to the Google keyword planner, Google keyword planner is also a free tool. If you have Google ads running through your Google, um Google ads running the keyword planner will, will have a little bit better data than if you don't have uh an active Google ads running in your ad account.

So the only difference it tells you a better estimate in how many people are searching for the services. So this is what, what I'm telling prospects and clients is like if you're, if you look at the data and we look at what the searches were before COVID happened, that is a very good timeline, very good indicator of the trends, what I should be expecting. Why? Because money has run out for a lot of people, all these government money that was coming out into the market and people were just getting, uh, you know, jobs done in their home and like that some of that money, even the refinancing money.

I mean, it's, it's pretty much drying out for a lot of people. So, what are some of the things that we can look into ensuring that you don't have to low ball yourself to the ground to the point that you're not even profitable. It doesn't even make sense to run a business. So this is more of a mindset shift that must happen where you must double down on your business, on your branding, on your presence. How is it that you're showing up? Because now a prospect has so many options and your dollar is only gonna produce so much in terms of lead generation.

Your cost per lead might go up on a slower economy. There's less searches, right? People are more conscious of where they're gonna put their money, uh, instead of doing a summer project plus taking a vacation trip. Now they're picking one or the other, choosing one or the other. So what are some of the options you're giving your, uh, your potential clients when they're coming in, knocking on the door and saying, hey, I'm interested in getting a quote. How much would this be? So this is the time to double down and redefine and refine your marketing and sales process and ensuring that this is a smooth transition.

Every opportunity counts as too. And this doesn't start. Now, this must have started already 250 months ago. I've been preaching about this since the beginning of the year. Uh We were at the uh growth mastermind, by the way, there's another mastermind coming up. Big shout out to Pete Johnson uh and his team at bay uh protective coatings. They're putting together an amazing mastermind. If you're a concrete coding contractor and you're interested in getting the details. Uh There's gonna be some pre sell uh price in uh that you're gonna be able to get through concrete marketing crew, make sure you reach out to us so we can uh get you hooked up uh probably gonna be the best uh event.

But in that event, I spoke about the trends of the market and one of the main things was setting realistic expectations. So one lead is worth us too. That means that I must double down on the communication on the engagement on the multi touch points that I have with that one prospect. And this is more challenging for the smaller guy because you're installing floors, you're grinding the floor. Uh You know, maybe you get a break when you already put the flakes on the floor and you, you know, can step out for about at whatever time the dry out time is for your product and you know, you can get back to the leads, but now, if you don't have someone in place, what are you doing to get back to the leads as they come in?

Like, what are we doing to follow up with that opportunity if they don't answer the first time? Second time? So it's not just about what do we do to market and send out and sell more jobs in a slower economy. It's more about what is our attitude and aptitude to treat every opportunity like that. That's it. It's gotta be a mindset shift and people don't like to hear that because it, well, I'm paying a marketing agency or, well, I'm paying for ads like this is not working and this is where you, you start to see the businesses that are, that are going to go out of business.

The ones that will go out of business in the next 250 to 22500 months with much love and appreciation for as much as you've given into yourself into building a business. You will not make it on the other side. If you don't fix your sales piece of your business, you must become very weaponized when it comes to how you present yourself, how you're showing up at the door and knocking. Uh What is the appointment setting script or the appointment setting flow that you're using to build the value before the sale or before you show up at the door?

What are you doing to follow up before you show up at the door. What are you doing to follow up right after you, you've given a pricing uh on the spot. What are you doing to follow up in the next three months in the next 21200 months? You see some opportunities. If you look at your database right now, if you were to go back to your database and start touching base with them once a month, what you've already spent in generating leads, there is a segment of that database.

21500, 403, 240 up to 22% that will move forward with you. So this is the time to double down on what you already have and whatever you have, optimize it, improve it. That becomes the ultimate differentiator as a company. So from the moment you pick up the phone or someone picks up the phone to the moment you follow up. Um And that I believe, I don't know if you have anything else to add there. I do. I was going to say um if you work with us and we've, we've generated leads for you in the past, like you have a giant database of client numbers that at one point were interested in your product.

So what, what it during a slow season if you are not installing as many floors as you want. So go back and start calling all those people in that CRM. Call the people in your database, offer them discounts. Hey, we're having a back to school special. We're offering 2100% off our flooring is this month figure. It's like you say, it's one client is worth two, right? So start doubling down on what you already have in your database and start calling them. But I also have some practical tips from some of our clients that I I spoke to this past couple of weeks.

So one of them is financing people, people are holding on to their money right now. Nobody wants to let go of giant sums of money. But you know what? People will buy an afterpay and you know, at least as a consumer, as a woman, we will buy an afterpay. What does that mean? You split the payment into four different payments? There's, there's tons, there's tons of financing companies that offer financing. So start looking into that. That's a very big, a very big positive in terms of like marketing in a slow economy.

But also we're putting together on that note. There is a blog post. So if you're not subscribed to concrete marketing crew, our social media, make sure you follow us. Uh because there's a blog post that's coming up, we get that question all the time. Hey, who do you recommend for financing? Hey, who do you recommend for Cr MS? Hey, who do you there? There's a couple of blog posts that are on the pipeline specifically for financing and um just stay tuned for more podcast episodes as we bring individuals actually do and offer financing for concrete coding and the kind of concrete contractors.

Good stuff. Yeah. Well, I, I want one last practice that, that I wanted to mention, which I thought was very clever. I did speak to one of our clients this past week and he was talking to me about how during a slow season, what he'll do is he'll sell the floor. Right. And he'll put a deposit down on the floor And then in order to keep his slow season busy, he'll offer a discount if you put a deposit down today, but you don't do your floors until a couple of months from now.

So it's a small deposit, a small deposit. Um I did not ask him how much percentage is, but it's a small deposit. Yeah, I think maybe even, I think he said, I think he may have said like a third deposits, one third, right? And then the rest of the two thirds, he'll, he'll, he'll book you out a couple of months out in the year during the slow season and then he'll give you a discount on the overall like floor. So that's, that's a clever way to sell, to sell your floors and to offer, you know, that, that's a smart strategy for a small, a smaller company.

Like if I was starting a company, we've, we've been behind the scenes here about running our own. Um And some things have come up here. I'm running a, a coaching business, concrete marketing crew leading this organization, et cetera. So that's been put on hold. But those are the strategies that we talk about. It's like, ok, how do we book ourselves out a month, two months in advance when we're just starting with the first group? And we wanna get the hang of things. Well, that's a strategy you can leverage is collect small deposits, sell the job to 46 weeks.

There's a special pricing that that they get. Um And that's how instead of not making any money now, you've, you've got some certainty, build out in the pipeline and continue to set the expectation of what's coming up for that individual. Because the one thing is like if it's two months out, guess what bills are gonna come up for them, emergencies are gonna come up for them. There's, there's a ton of things that come out, but there's a way and a process to get the individual interested in expecting and looking forward to that transformation.

And here's the beautiful thing about concrete coatings and that kind of concrete you make concrete beautiful like there, you know, look how amazing that is and not only that, but if, if you offer solutions that are long lasting and that are are going to transform someone's environment, there's nothing better than that. I mean, just the feeling that you get seeing a customer smile when they get their floor and it, it looks beautiful. It's crisp and they can drive their car and you know, and we see that happen for our clients, we see through their reviews.

So build up upon that emotional self as you're putting, getting deposits and having the, the prospect look forward to their transformation because you have to constantly remind them what they invested on or what they put a deposit on. If you don't remind them, guess what's gonna happen, they're gonna go cold and they're gonna tell you, well, you know that refundable deposit, Maddie, we need it right now versus you continue to build the value and remind them, right? And this is part of the sales process. Yeah, exactly.

I think that's the key the sales process is, is it, it almost always goes down to that the sales process. All right. So I have another really good question for you. How do, how do you differentiate yourself when your competitor is selling the same exact thing yourself? Absolutely. I love that question. You know, um, here's how you differentiate yourself in a very competitive market. There's one thing that your competitor cannot copy or match. That's one thing. It's you and your team like they could probably get to the same product, it can get to same quality products, same process, same six step install process. Yes.

The comp told me that they could do another 15 year warranty as well. This is why it's so important to double down and invest in your sales skills for you and your team, your entire team. There is one audio book, I recommend everyone here listening to this podcast, get. It's uh by Grant Cardone. If you're not first, you're last that that happened. Uh He wrote that in the last recession, 2008, recession. Um and there are so many valid points that I, I highly recommend anyone here who's struggling to differentiate yourself to double down on is your personality, your character and not just you as a leader, but your teams, everyone who's showing up building the certain team, your team, you know, showing that through social media going organically.

And this is why we don't sell social media posting services. We tried that in the past, you know, it, it removes that authenticity, which is what people are, are yearning and looking for. So I love when I see our clients post their, their Friday morning meals with their team and having breakfast and, you know, after the install and the guys are sweating and like, and this becomes material that we use for marketing as well for the ad campaigns and it works really well like the crew pictures.

So what sells more than just the brand and the trucks? Yes. There, there's a, a piece to that there is that like how you show up, but it's the human side of things. It's the energy that you're producing. So think about it this way, put yourself in the shoes of a homeowner person comes in all sloppy smells like a cigarette. You know what I'm saying? All dirty shoes are dirty, like, and you're quoting the same price, uh, same product installed, same process versus someone that's coming in, cleaned up with a, with a smile, good presence, good energy.

And it just, just makes the person feel very comfortable and confident in the company. And now we start telling the company story and hey, this is what really sets us apart. And in fact, uh you know, with concrete marketing crew, we get this question all the time. Yeah, you know, there's a lot of companies that run Facebook advertising. I can tell you this, no one's gonna match our team. There's no match, there's no competition, they can try to copy our ads. There's a lot of agencies that literally quite literally our ads become, have become very popular.

Even there's one that's flying around with me doing the voiceover, right? Uh That I captured this. It's interesting uh they can copy that but those same prospects that are working with those agencies come knocking on our doors and we have our sales people telling them, hey, you realize you're running our ads, right? And it becomes like, ok, you're coming to us because they're not getting the full treatment at concrete marketing crew. We've spent so much time and we continue to in refining what is that customer or client experience needs to look like from the front and from the moment they start working with an account manager, what is that on boarding call needs to look like.

What is that first lead that comes through needs to look like. What is so all of that, how do you differentiate yourself amongst all competitors? When there is dozens of Facebook ad agencies come into town in the concrete coding space, by the way. Welcome aboard team. This is like a free market like please serve clients, serve clients do. What's right for the clients care about the clients. If you're listening to this, you're a competitor man, like serve clients. If you focus on that, your life is gonna change.

So same thing for you. You own a concrete coding business. Guess what? Focus and serving clients at the highest possible levels and you're going to find gaps, you're gonna find objections that you're getting, you're gonna find everything the customer has already told you, it's already out there. So aside from the brand, yes, you gotta have the truck wraps, the trailer wraps. Yes, you gotta have your team with the logos, et cetera. There's that presence and uniqueness where the people come in set you apart. Now, there's gonna be tools that you can use your reviews, right?

The the five star reviews collecting what they look like that, that's a big deal. You can Google concrete marketing crew and just uh stumble through the review. And in fact, I don't know if uh our uh uh audio guy can hear, pull up our website and when a prospect comes to us, we actually got a, a review from one of the Shark tanks. Um What's his name? Kevin Harrington recently go to the about us and the crew difference. You can kind of go through the, the website before, uh just scroll down.

Kevin Harrington, you scroll down just a little bit before you play it. There's the reviews, there's client testimonials. So this is a great piece. This is a great piece. I recommend you leverage this before you even show up at a client's home. You can kind of see right there. The crew values we talk to, to, we speak to a prospective clients about our values when we started. So they know what's different uh uh between us and any other uh agency that they're considering. This is like a short summary.

So before we have a sales conversation, they already have a good feel of what's different. Now, when you have an authority figure, now let's go back to the video, an authority figure this really sets you apart. So play an original shark from the hit TV show Shark Tank as a serial entrepreneur. I attribute the success of many of my businesses to a deep understanding of marketing. Now, after all, if you can't get your brand in front of others, how will they ever buy from you? That's what I like about concrete marketing crew they are leading experts in the latest marketing strategies for concrete coding businesses and they deliver amazing results for their clients.

The concrete marketing team has a deep understanding of marketing as well as a proven track record. And they bring that growing expertise to every single client that they work with. They're on the leading edge of technology and innovation. So they deliver great results while helping their clients outpace the competition. Now they focus is to over deliver at a wow level of service. I like that. So it's no surprise that their clients stay with them for a long time. And most importantly, they create measurable results for their clients, turning small contractors into large brands with proven marketing strategies.

If you own a concrete coding company and you want to sell more floors, concrete marketing crew is a great choice to help you take your business to the next level. Beautiful. Thank you for playing that. Um So that being said there, there are materials that you can build um and authority figures you can leverage in your community in your local community that already exist that you have already served. It only takes you the amount of time between maybe you know, someone already in your circle that can give you and vouch for you and create video material, video sells, personality sells very much your reviews, testimonials every time.

Like there's a program right now, we're working with an A I uh specialist in our agency that's helping us dial in our process so that our clients can get more reviews. So the reviews become a selling point. But if you're starting out and you're competing against a company that has 100 plus reviews, guess what? It's gonna take you a while before you get there. So what can you leverage now here? Now that answer your question. Did that, did answer my question. I have a fun story. I loved meeting Kevin Harrington because we met him, like we actually got to have a conversation with him and what not.

And I loved meeting him especially because I don't know if you all know this, but I know that Kevin Harrington started off on TV in those seen on TV, advertising. But when he started seeing that, that those commercials on TV were not performing as well as they were in the past, he moved over to Facebook ads and that was one of the biggest income generators for him. For all his businesses, every business. He said every business he invests on, he's running Facebook ads, he's running Facebook, that's the main channel. Yeah.

And if you go, if you follow me on social media, you get to see that. I actually met him and really sized him up on his ads. Strategy. Very cool conversation with awesome. All right. So speaking about advertising, like Facebook ads and whatnot and marketing, can you give us an idea of what you suggest um, advertising budgets should be. Mm. That's, that is a question that your goals will tell you what it needs to be. You have one crew, you have two crews. Do you have four crews?

And then let's look at your service area. Let's look at the amount of competition like off the cuff. If I could just give you some ranges, I, I'll give you some ranges, but ultimately, your territory plus your company size will determine what we need uh to have as far as ads budget to push the needle forward. If you have one crew, what I recommend minimum these days is 1500 per one crew that should get you enough leads to get the ball rolling, get them booked out. A couple of weeks out doesn't happen in every territory.

We've seen that. What used to be 1500 now it's got to be $23 in order to get these guys. So there's this one aspect that you gotta figure out. What does that need to be? Either way, what we like to calculate is our clients generate a minimum of 10 xro I, that means you spend $1000 you book $10,000 worth of jobs. And these are for the, the companies that are starting and kind of like in this startup phase, they're still trying to figure out how to overcome objections and like, you know, they don't have uh a good follow up process that they follow or they might get to back to the leads one time and that's it.

Uh, but we've seen it that the budget is very different for every single service area and territory. And this is why I am so against the ads that I see that it's 50 leads guaranteed or it's for free. Here's what you're gonna get with that team. I'm telling you because I run in these circles. I'm just gonna open it up for you when someone tells you 50 leads or it's for free guaranteed, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. That means that they're gonna charge you $2500. That's what they charge you.

Then they're gonna run Facebook ads from their ads account and whatever they do is they deliver name, email, phone number as a quick lead form. You know what I'm saying? There's no criteria. They might put you up on AC RM and they generate the cheapest lead cost that they can and they keep the rest of the money. Some of these individuals can pull that off with like $1200 with, depending on how many questions they put on the, on the lead form criteria. Some of them can pull it with uh uh $1500 they keep the rest.

So uh this is why I'm so up against what should my budget be? Because it does become a conversation of like, let's talk about your sales process. Let's look at your current um ratio. So right now there's someone that uh that reach out to us. Hey, hey, I'm, you know, and this is an individual that came from another agency that was paying more for the leads. Now he's paying less for the leads. So in terms, he's generating more leads for the same budget, but it's still struggling.

That's not a conversation about lead generation. That's a conversation about your sales process. Like if we're not converting a good 50% 40% on the low end of leads into a booked estimate, qualified booked estimate, that means that you're probably calling the leads one time. Not two times, not three times, not four times. Yes. Yes, you do need to call them back that many times. So that's a great question. I would love to give you a straight up answer, but it's, it does depend and vary and, and we work with every client and figure those things out and help them empower them to improve on those, right?

All right. So this is the last question. Ok. If you were, if I were to ask you and tell me in one word, what in marketing, what part of marketing is going to um, lend you the most jobs, what would that one word be? What would you say? Repeat that again. If you, if you were to tell me in one word, what is the one thing that is going to secure more jobs in marketing? What would that one word be in marketing, in marketing, your company. What would that be in marketing, your company?

You want to go first, go first. Yeah, I'm not getting the question. Yeah. I mean that falls on their sales. It's not on the market. It's, it's, it's a big deal. Like I feel like you can generate, we can generate leads and generate leads and generate leads. But if the sales process is not consistent and it's not solid, then talk to me about that. Yes. OK. So that would fall under the sales piece. But when it comes to the marketing side of things, if we're talking from a marketing perspective, it's the position in peace and the position in peace has a couple of things is the salesmanship that happens within the ad, the salesmanship that happens within the website, the salesmanship that happens within videos um of the company, the salesmanship that happens before someone has that sales experience.

So it's all in one people look at sales and marketing separately. Now we're looking at it as one unit because it's all got to be one unit. For example, what if you have videos introducing the sales rep that's gonna show up at the door pre selling themselves before a prospect and saying, hey Mrs Johnson, this is so and so and I'm looking forward to meeting you uh tomorrow at 2 p.m. If you have any questions, feel free to text back. If you know anything happens on my end and I'm delayed.

I will be letting you know uh tomorrow morning. OK. Sounds good. Boom. That selfie video. It's a marketing piece, right? It's a marketing piece but it's a sales piece. So now everything is becoming so unified uh where I believe where we're headed, everything has got to be one sales and marketing married together. Uh So that, that was a very good question. I didn't understand it at first but looking at it, it's it. And that's what I teach agency owners too. It's like, hey, you gotta stop treating the marketing like this and then the sales like this.

No, it's gotta be when someone comes in through your doors, it's gotta be established. And this is why we have the growth program, a concrete marketing crew because once you accelerate the lead flow, you realize like fuck, I need to uh improve myself. Oh man, I need to improve so many other areas of the business. Well, you can leverage technology, you can leverage your website, your Google search presence, your maps optimization. I mean you can leverage so many other things to come together and give your perspective that unified sales and marketing experience.

Yeah, that's true. All right. I have no further questions for you, sir. I do have one question for you. All right. What would you tell someone um out there who's on the fans? They're looking into concrete marketing crew. Why should they choose? Conquered marketing crew. I mean, working with concrete marketing crew is like um hiring a marketing team to work alongside with you in your company. So working with us means that you're always going to have a person that you can speak to. And like you said, sometimes, like, say your rois are not, you're not meeting your rois.

So you get to have a team that's going to adjust their marketing. It's not a one stop shop, one size fits all marketing for everybody. It's a very custom um marketing strategy for each and every individual and you get to have that kind of, of company working alongside with you. Yeah. Yeah. Partnership is, is a big deal. I, I think that's the, the proper word. Um a true partnership and um 100% real, we have the code here at market and crew is results, feelings, uh focus and uh and the bottom line results.

So the facts of the, the current results that you're getting right now every time we go back to that, hey, what are the current results? How are we feeling about those results? What should be the focus to get us to that next place where you wanna go and realigning the expectations that doesn't happen without a partnership. Like a partnership is like, dude, we're on the same page and we wanna get to the same page to the same place that you wanna get to and this must be met from both ends.

Maybe you need to increase the ads budget, maybe we need to improve on the sales piece, maybe we need to. So that, that whole conversation is where the partnership and guidance comes into place. Uh Awesome. Thank you for coming along and playing full out. Um I believe you have, you're going to be directing a couple of these podcast episodes, team members. We have, yeah, we have some fun things in the works too with our account manager and we're gonna get together and chit chat inside, secret stuff of account manager.

That's gonna be, that's gonna be fun. Yeah, that's in the works. All right. And for our listeners, I wanna thank you very much for tuning in to your Concrete Success podcast. This is Danny Barrera with Maddie Barrera here at Concrete Market and Crew. If you have any questions, feel free to uh let us know by visiting our website concrete marketing crew dot com. Most importantly would love your feedback on this if you're enjoying it, not enjoying it. Hey, Danny, why did you curse on that episode? Hey, like I keep it real guys.

Um Hey, uh give us your feedback. It's going to help us create better content for you questions. It's going to help us uh make sure that we hit the nail on the head for you guys. Uh Most importantly is gonna let our team know that we're doing a good job. So, comment uh like share And uh if you're listening on Spotify, Amazon Apple, make sure that you leave us a review. We appreciate you guys. Have an amazing rest of your day. Let's crush it.

Danny Barrera

Danny Barrera

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