Facebook Ads Expectations Guide for Concrete Coating & Decorative Concrete Contractors

What To Expect When Launching A Facebook & Instagram Ads Campaign For Your Concrete Coating or Decorative Concrete Business

If you're a concrete coating or epoxy flooring contractor looking for a list of realistic expectations when working with us as your Facebook Advertising Partner, on this page you'll learn how we approach our campaigns for our clients.

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New Facebook Business Accounts & New Ad Accounts

To run a Facebook Ads campaign the right way, you’ll need to have three specific elements set up the right way.

  1. Your Facebook Business Page
  2. Your Facebook Ad Account
  3. Your Facebook Business Manager

If you are just getting started, you’ll need to get those created the right way and completely fill out every bit of information you need to ensure we don’t run into any advertising problems down the line. 

*If you don’t have these set up the right way and are worried that you’ll get it wrong, no worries. Join our Facebook Group to get free help.

When you are getting started with us, our Concrete Marketing Crew team will request access to your Facebook Business Manager as a Partner. 

BEWARE: Do not let any marketing agency or Facebook Ads manager own your pages or your ad accounts! This can cause advertising and Facebook account bans issues for your company down the line.

Here’s what you can expect with New Facebook Advertising Accounts:

If your Facebook ad account and business page are brand new, it will take longer to get ads approved and campaigns up and running.

We first would have to populate your page to establish trust with Facebook before we can start launching ads.

If it’s a brand new Facebook Ad Account you can expect to pay more for lead generation at first. The lead cost will be higher than an account that has a history and pixelated data.

Established Facebook Accounts

If you are an operating business, currently advertising on your own, or transferring over from another concrete coating marketing agency, we’ll ensure a smooth transition by getting permissions from your Facebook Business Manager, Ads Account & Business Page.

Afraid of moving marketing agencies? If you are afraid of what will happen during a transition from another marketing agency over to us, submit a contact form and explain your specific situation and we'll provide the best possible solution for you.

Here’s what you can expect with Established Facebook Accounts

If you’ve already been advertising on Facebook and we are taking over your ads account, we are going to ensure your Facebook Business manager gets set up the right way and verify and secure your ads account to ensure security and compliance, and overall healthiness on your ads account.

If you have been running ads successfully and you have a Facebook business manager with a Facebook ads account that has run over $1000 in the past, then our takeoff process is fairly easy as long as we have admin access to your account so we can run our playbook.

If you’ve already advertised we will run a 21-step Facebook Ad account audit, gather geo-and interest data, and then launch our Facebook ads campaign.

Best Practices for All Decorative Concrete & Concrete Coatings Facebook Ad Campaigns

  • We need domain access so we can set up landing pages. We’ll do it all for you but you need to provide login information and enable 2-step authentication.
  • Getting access to images that are not on Facebook will help us get higher-resolution images that we can use for videos and edit for our ad campaigns.
  • If we use images from Facebook sometimes might not have the highest resolution images and ads may look pixelated. For best results recommend either giving us access to your company cam, dropbox you can upload your images to our google drive which we will provide access to.
  • Failure to pay ads will result in ad accounts being suspended until the balance is paid.
  • Having 2-factor authentication and business information updates will increase Facebook’s trust factors.
  • Update as much information as possible on your business manager as well as verify your account.

Now you know what to expect when you are running a Facebook Ads campaign for your concrete coating or decorative concrete business. Our Concrete Marketing Crew takes pride in what we do, and it is our goal to provide a successful experience to our clients from day one.

Welcome to Concrete Marketing Crew! We are excited to get working with you.