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Concrete Business Name Ideas

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Looking to come up with a unique concrete business name for your new flatwork or decorative concrete company? You may have been brainstorming for months and still not come up with anything that’s perfect or fits your company’s vision. In this episode, we talk about proven strategies to come up with the right business name for your concrete company! This conversation applies to you whether you do flatwork or decorative concrete!

Topics Discussed

  • Why BIG brands can get away with naming their businesses with unrelated service names and most concrete contractors can’t
  • How to come up with concrete business name ideas
  • Concrete business name combinations that work
  • Choosing that right name that will grow with you

Audio Transcript

Hey, what’s going on? Welcome back concrete contractors. This is Danny Barrera with your concrete success podcast and we’re live for another episode on and today’s discussion is about how to come up with the right concrete business name for your business. In other words, if you’re looking for tips for coming up with a concrete business name, you’re looking for concrete business name ideas. This is going to be the episode for you and excited to get right into it. So if you’re watching this right here, Youtube, welcome aboard.

Go ahead and give us a like, subscribe to this video as we are creating more content and if you have any questions, feel free to also hit us up right here online via Youtube via our website concrete marketing crew dot com. And don’t forget to download our free Internet marketing checklist for concrete contractors, it’s actually a pretty cool checklist. And let me show you what it looks like right here. It’s actually going to show you all the different areas of your business online that you should be optimizing and marketing through to generate more flat work and decorative concrete leads and projects for your concrete company.

So welcome aboard again. My name is Danny Barrera, founder of concrete marketing crew, and we’re gonna get started. So how do you come up first and foremost? How do you come up with the right concrete business name, the right concrete business and your name has a lot of power. And as a marketer, as an advertiser, I can tell you that brand and your name actually matters. Your name, name matters, you know your name and your brand actually matters. So let’s, let’s go ahead and talk about some of the things that I’ve seen and I’ve noticed over the past two years or so, where I see a lot of contractors when they started out in business, they go out and they just say, hey I am a concrete contractor and I service for Laura Del.

So I’m just gonna call myself for Lord L concrete contractors and that’s pretty much it. And soon enough, sure they can get the website name, sure they can go ahead and get themselves found the google maps and the google uh their website get ranked that website on google search, but as months passed by, they realize holy cow, you know, I only limited myself to be the concrete contractor for for Laura Del. What about that one big project that’s over in Broward County or it’s down south in Miami that I would love to get and um you know, my name is Fort Lauderdale, right concrete contractor for Laura Del, what’s going to happen to that?

Right? So there’s a lot to think about as you are choosing your name and I’m gonna give you some of my perspective as a market or an advertiser and also give you some really, really actionable ideas that you can utilize as you are coming up with business name. We don’t always work with startups because when you’re working with the startup really, there is low funding to no funding whatsoever. And to advertise online, you need a budget, you need a marketing budget that’s going to help you sustain yourself until you start generating leads and projects, in which case they start paying for themselves.

So, um here, here’s the first step that I got for you coming up with a concrete business name, is you gotta brainstorm the brainstorm storming process for the concrete business name that you’re trying to come up with. Um that is one of those things that that I like to say, what do you want to stand for in the marketplace? Is there something that you get drawn to? Is it something, is that your last name? Is that your generation? Is that where you come from? What do you stand for?

You know? And, and that really has a big meaning because you can also build up your, your mission or your value statement for your company based off of your brand name. So it’s very easy to do that when you actually do have the name, the business name that you’ve created right, uh, tight right into it. So, you know, we have contractors that they use their last name and their last name stands for something. Their generation stands for hard work, dedication, attention to detail. And uh, you know, also, the other thing is it doesn’t need to be tied into your name or, or your generation, right?

It doesn’t need to be tied into any of those things. It could mean something. It could mean something. So what do you stand for is a quality? Quality. So I’m going to give you some examples right now of some of the franchises out there and what they stand for. So, so again, does it need to stand for something as far as your last name? Not necessarily, I’ve seen a lot of that, but if you are more entrepreneurial based and you’re thinking about growing and building this business and you want to see where it goes.

What I do recommend is building a brand name that is going to be sustainable. Right? The second thing is not tying that brand name to a specific location. You don’t need to do that. Even for SEO purposes for search engine optimization purposes, you don’t need to come up with a name that has a city or a G O modifier. So if your, your service areas, Orlando or central florida, you don’t need to call yourself concrete contractors of central florida. You don’t need to do that. You could, it would make it easier.

But what I tell you from experience, it’s so much easier to come up with a brand double name that stands for something because over time, as you’re developing your services, as you are perfecting your systems and your processes for delivering your work, it’s going to mean something, Right? So it’s going to what do you really want to take out into the marketplace and what do you want your brand to be related to? Right? So that’s one of those things that you’ve got to consider. So again, brainstorm the ideas based on what comes to your mind, like take five minutes and literally time yourself for five minutes and see where that goes after.

You’ve done that. The second step is to think about the words that are related to the type of business uh that you’re starting right. So you know just start to think about what comes to mind whether it was cos you’ve worked for in the past or companies that you’ve seen across, maybe you have friends, family, what really sticks out to you as far as their brand name, as far as the naming convention of their Brand name and see what you like. And just write it down. Just write it down again.

This exercise is it’s not meant to be uh two day exercise. This is meant to be done in 30 minutes and then you can you can go ahead and and drill it down from there and fill it out. So the second step is as you see all these names, you know, and you start to see the values that you bring into the marketplace. Um, you know, you start writing all of these names now and, and what I like to do the third exercises once you have all your brain storm names, once you have all of the words that are related to the type of business that you’re starting out in the type of quality work that you want to do, once you have all those words in there, then you start crossing off the ones that you say, okay, this, this is just not, this is just not gonna work, right?

And uh, this, this name just doesn’t ring, doesn’t have a ring to it or I don’t like how it feels or I don’t, you know, I don’t feel 100% for that name. So really do take the time to sit down meditate. You know, if you’d like to pray, pray about it and uh and see what it is. You know, I’ve seen contractors that take bible verses and for example, uh, cornerstone decorative concrete, you know, I know at the owner of one of those companies and I can tell you, you know, it means something to them and they have faith, they have values and they can attach that branding to that name.

Uh, so for you, what does that mean? You know, what does that mean? So you start crossing off all the ones that you really say, okay, you know, if I had an option, I wouldn’t choose this name, right? You start drilling down now, once you have dial it down, what you want to do is you want to simply um, you want to simply just start narrowing it down to the top 10 and then from the top 10 to the top five, and from the top five to the top three and from the top three to the top two, and then you get to choose one of them, right?

So again, it sounds like a lot of work eyes, but it doesn’t have to be a lot of work. You could really spread this out over a week’s period and fill it out and and see what it’s like. So I’m going to share some of the names. Let me go ahead and share my computer in a second, and also share one of the tools that I like to use, whether it is for my ventures or to recommend to two other individuals. So let’s go to google. com right now and let’s go ahead and see it.

You should be able to see the screen right now. So one of the companies, um, that, that I’ve seen that, that they’ve actually branded themselves very well, It’s called Made Well concrete. Okay, And if you’re listening to this, uh made well concrete, you’re listening to this video right now or this podcast. Great job on a great name for branding. You see that made well concrete is not tied in to any specific city. It’s not made well concrete Atlanta. It’s not made well concrete Dallas. In fact, it’s made well concrete.

So it’s a brand herbal name and the brand, the fact that it’s a brand herbal name and you can carry this over uh, regardless of the location, helps you expand your service area focus. Right? So if you decide to open up your service areas, you grow in your company growth. That is going to give you a plus now. If that would have been made well concrete made, well concrete on north Carolina, you’re pretty much stuck with that and then you have to recreate another business name. Right?

So you, you get the point there. So as we go to, uh, let’s go ahead and look at locations. You can see here that made well concrete has different locations and uh, they have Atlanta, you can see that they have the same domain right here. Made well concrete dot com. And then Atlanta, it’s coming up and let’s go to a different location. Let’s go to charlotte and you can see it’s the same website, just a an internal page right here. And by the way, if you’re looking to learn how you can optimize your website to show up for all the different service areas, we do have a podcast in the video that you can watch over on our website.

Concrete market include dot com forward slash podcast and there’s a whole bunch of resources there where you can learn how you can rank and get your concrete website showing up for all your service areas. And as you can see here, this is a branded website. Um, and then we’re not talking about the colors right now. We’re not talking about any of the design ideas. It’s simply the name. Right how to come up with a great name idea. So again made well concrete hits the nail on the head is one of the names that is simple, easy to remember, Right?

It’s a two word brand. So what I recommend is 2-3 words. The second criteria that I do recommend is make sure that it’s not hard to spell, make sure that the name is not hard to spell if your business name is hard to spell such as your last name, you will have problems. So I recommend to not choose if there is, if there is an option to not choose your last name, Probably I would stay away from it just for for the long term perspective, just to make it easy, right?

So if you have a last name that has a lot of characters in there, a lot of silent letters and all that stuff, you know, just make sure that you you’re aware of that and that it will have an impact in your in your business name. So let’s go ahead and choose another example right here. So we have made well concrete Sam the concrete man, Okay, this is a franchise and Sam the concrete mint, you can see there the brand is Sam the concrete mint now is Sam a real person.

I highly doubt it. I’m just going to be completely transparent with you uh, to Zambia person perhaps, but I really highly doubted. So this is, let’s go, let’s go to one of the locations here and uh, I’ll navigate through there. Let me see here locations and we’re gonna go to one of their locations, locations in Missouri and as you can see this is a national brand, right? They’re selling the territories. Okay, so let’s go to home. You can see here Kansas City’s best concrete contractors. Uh, you can see they’re welcome to Sam the concrete man. Right?

So basically that is their brand name. And let me see here, let me go down. Boom. Really don’t see any information. They don’t include any information about them. So the bottom line is that they branded this as reliable concrete contractor. Uh, Sam the concrete man, our team is dedicated. Yeah. So they go right into into the brand history and their experience as a brand, right customer service. So the second thing I like to do is go to google and just google the actual brand name In this case, Sam the concrete man has 720 searches per month.

That means that, you know, there’s actually uh, the brand has grown and it’s there you go. It’s pretty much Sam the concrete man and uh, you know, you have franchisees buying different service areas and they get trained on the processes, they have the technology etcetera. And that is one of the ways. So Sam the Concrete man is more than three words and I can tell you that um, does that impact? Well, it’s a brand. So Sam the concrete man, Sam the concrete man in Nashville, you know, it’s a little bit longer.

Um, if I had an option choice, I would probably not not. You sound the conch. Remember again, this is one of those things where they chose to go with that. Uh, let’s go ahead and look at another franchise right here. Multi location. You will see this come up in the decorative concrete space. This is concrete craft, concrete craft. And when you look at concrete crafting their website, uh, this is a franchise, right? So it’s concrete craft. What do they stand for? What I like to do is always go go into the about US page and kind of get a feel for what they stand for and what they’re all about.

So, let me see here, White US website slowed in. Um, yeah. You know, they take artistry in the designs and everything into into consideration. They take pride in their processes, etcetera. Guys, when you are buying a franchise, what you’re buying is processes. What you’re buying is systems. What you’re buying is a documentation of the business in itself. So you can see there, you know, highest quality concrete materials and methods, et cetera. You know? Uh, yeah, it’s just a franchise. And what I want you to think about is concrete craft.

It’s two words. And then what they stand for is transformational inside out. Okay. Uh, you have that in there. Okay. Concrete craft. Okay, let’s go ahead and just another one. And this is more, I wouldn’t call it a franchise, but you know, they are part product manufacturers. Uh, let me see if this is no sun deck, pick the run sun deck. Sun deck right there. See. Kay and concrete coatings and restoration products. Okay, so they have territories, they sell territories throughout the United States or partnerships that you call it.

And again, you got, you got a conflict them. But as you can see your sun deck is just sun deck. It’s uh, what they, what they do is they license the dealerships throughout the United States. But you get to see here that sunday kiss on deck, it’s basically a brand with one specific word does not have concrete in it. And they manufacture the products and they train people on how to use the products and applications. They brand themselves all across the boards. They have specific type of products that they sell and that’s basically their brand.

So some of the overlay products that you see here spray texture, they’re very well known for that. Um, stample carried micro toppings overlays. I mean you name it, you name it staining, you know, so they’re very well known. Established in the industry and its sun deck. So when you’re talking about sun deck there, an award winning, uh, that could have concrete company, right? They have locations, they also sell the territories or they partner up, they license the territories however they work. But you know, for the brand name perspective, you get to see that.

It’s very, very simple. It’s just sun deck, right? It’s memorable. It’s easy to remember. Uh, and sunday. It does, it stand for something. Yeah. You know, son and then deck. Right? So they probably the, what comes to mind what has come to mind for you? You know, it’s the outdoor pool decks, the outdoor patios. Right? So you think about it, That’s probably what it means. So, um, if you get the point out of what I’m, what I’m trying to say right here is stick to, you know, something that has meaning to you and your business, something that stands for something to you and what you want to represent as an organization.

And then if you want to use your last name as part of your generational values, then you go ahead and do it. But just keep in mind using a last name that is complicated, has its repercussions. So what do I recommend? Well, I recommend if you are going to come up with a brand name, have partial uh, partial keyword match in the actual business name. So, if I am looking to offer concrete services, you know, I like to use this tool called Spot Shopify. Shopify dot com and go to Shopify and look for the business name generator from Shopify.

I’ve tried different business name generators and I can tell you that this is probably one of the best ones that I’ve seen. So, for example, there is concrete services. HQ right? If you, if you’re just want, if you just want to stand for concrete services, uh, concrete services. HQ Sounds like a great brand name right there. Simple. Um let me look at a different one. Access concrete services. Okay, let’s look at another one. Black star concrete services, dependable concrete services, Concrete services Camp, New Earth concrete services.

Let’s look at Black Hills concrete services. Um let’s look at another one. Okay man, I just have so many Yeah, Stingray, Stingray concrete services, flawless concrete services And again, I could just use I don’t need to use services. I could just use concrete as a word here in the query and look at it. Patchwork concrete, Silk Road concrete, escape concrete concrete, platinum, sprint concrete. Yeah. Uh let’s see, concrete space is interesting. Excited concrete. That’s a fun one. Let’s look at this forged concrete. Everlasting concrete. Oh, that’s a good one.

Everlasting concrete. So again, you look at all these names, you write them down and then you start narrowing down the names, You start narrowing down the names. And when you narrow down the names, what you want to do is now you create that list, you compile that list. And the next step is to go ahead and google the name. So if, let me see which one? Black Star, what I want to do is look for that name in my city. So if I like the black Star concrete, I would do Blackstar concrete and say I would start, I’m based out of Miami, I would do that.

And then I look at the names and see if there are any business names that come up with black Star concrete in Miami. And if I’m looking to incorporate here in south florida in Miami, that’s one of the one thing that I gotta make sure, Right, so there is no business with such names, so there you go, I’m going to pick that name, let’s go ahead and pick another one just for the exercise. Um Everlasting everlasting concrete. Um and like that would get someone in trouble everlasting concrete.

Um and there is um actually there’s an everlasting concrete in California, but not in not in south florida. So if I’m based out of Miami, you know, there is everlasting builders, that’s an interesting one, which is something to pay attention to. You know, if you have someone that’s, that’s built a brand name, that’s very reputable and that is everlasting and they are, so for example, concrete in construction is a very, really relatable uh industry, A lot of concrete contractors consider themselves say we are full hard core construction, Other guys are flooring, concrete flooring, etcetera.

So it depends on your application. So just keep that in mind. If you are using everlasting concrete for example, that might be a very closely related uh company to the construction. So you might have people that might be looking for you and confuse concrete with construction or it could be either way, so your competitor might have the name construction or you might have the name construction and people might search for the wrong company. So that’s something else to pay attention to and let me go ahead and do one more and we’re going to go back and wrap it up.

Um The other one is um, You see concrete design would be a good one. Concrete design would be a great brand, actually, concrete decide and that’s actually concrete this sign. Okay, so they have K BV concrete design, concrete designs, fl driveways by design. So they have turned. So what I would do in that case is let me go ahead and put concrete this sign. If your decorative concrete and that’s what you offer, then I would do concrete design beyond right? Um Sunset concrete designs. Look for another one, linear concrete designs, Terrific concrete designs, vortex concrete designs.

I mean so many concrete designed kingdom. Right. Uh huh. Or black stone concrete design. Like all those Blackstone. Uh And and as you start narrowing this names down guys, what you do now is again do the same thing, go back into google. So let me go ahead and do Blackstone concrete design. And there is already one website. So you know that’s the other thing. Are you gonna be able to get that specific website? So you guys get to see that now if that’s not available, what if I do decorative concrete?

Mhm. Blackstone decorative concrete. Let’s go ahead and see, I saw something and I don’t see I don’t see the decorative concrete. So um Blackstone decorative concrete is available. I might get it myself. I like I actually like that name. And uh when you get the name, what you do is you go out and make sure that you brand your name all across social media, you get your twitter, you get your instagram, you get your facebook business base, you get your linked in. Uh you get your Youtube account in any web two point oh available um channel out there that may have um a property available for free.

You go ahead and claim that property by your domain name. And then you are getting started to optimize your brand presence on google search. So again, to recap the steps, this has been an exciting conversation, brainstorm, brainstorm all the ideas for the business name. Just take five minutes to let it all run out and just go all out. Number two is think about the words that are related to the type of business that you are starting and while you’re doing this, think about what you really want to stand for in the marketplace, whether it is something that you feel or something you really want to stand for, number three is write down all the ideas in paper and then start the process of elimination.

I recommend going up to 30 by the, by the time that you get to 30 names, you’re going to see that you’re going to start to run out of names, you’re gonna feel like you run out of names and that is the point as you’ve run out of names, you let it sit for a day or two, you pray about it, you meditate about it, whatever you do, you take a break from it, see what you feel, see what really stands out, come back to the paper and you’re gonna start crossing off whatever really does snap rhyme with you.

And as you start doing that, you know, and you start narrowing down these names come down to the top 10, and from the top 10, you start doing your google searches in your service area, you start looking up perhaps you haven’t been able to come up with names, then go to the Shopify business name generator and go ahead and use that. And you’re gonna come up with a lot of great names and then hopefully that helps you out, and as soon as you’re done with that, what you want to do is is go ahead and just get it done right.

So narrow it down to the top three and go ahead and go with what you feel is best for your business and go all out claim your domain name. All your social media accounts, make sure that it’s under your ownership and start optimizing your online presence again. Guys, thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of your Concrete success podcast. This is Danny Barrera with concrete marketing crew. And if you have any questions, go to Concrete marketing crew dot com to learn how you can optimize your concrete business online.

Take care. I’ll see you in the next one. Bye for now.

Danny Barrera

Danny Barrera

Founder of Concrete Marketing Crew. Author of the up-and-coming book, "Sell More Garage Floors". Contributor to the Concrete Decor Magazine. Host of Your Concrete Success Podcast. We're on a mission to elevate the concrete coating & decorative concrete industry.

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