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Implementing A Complete Internet Marketing Plan For Your Concrete Company

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As a concrete contractor, you know that in the world of marketing, there are many channels to choose from to market your concrete company. However, not all channels are created equally. This blog post will provide you with some great tips on how to implement an internet marketing plan for your concrete company.


Topics Discussed:

  • Does your plan cover all major areas of your online market or just a couple?
  • How to are generating concrete leads now?
  • How your concrete website should be structured to rank and bank
  • Why your website plays a huge role in your internet marketing plan
  • Why local SEO matters for concrete contractors
  • How are you capturing reviews?
  • Do you have a social media marketing plan in place?
  • How are you handling leads?
  • How do you know if your internet marketing plan is working or not?

Audio Transcript

Welcome aboard. Welcome aboard concrete contractors. This is Danny Barrera with concrete marketing crew. We’re excited to have you for another episode of your concrete success podcast where we discuss success strategies for owners, marketers and operators of concrete companies. Look, here’s the bottom line. If you are the owner or a marketer of a concrete company, you know, that one of the most important things is to consistently bring in new projects to your business, to consistently scheduled projects out and be booked solid throughout the season and start looking out for the next season.

So in this video, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about what a complete concrete marketing plan intel’s what it has. And I’m not talking just about any kind of uh, you know, pie in the sky type of marketing plan for concrete contractors. I’m talking about what exactly is it that we do for concrete contractors. And if you don’t know who we are, we are concrete marketing crew. We specialize in helping flat work and decorative concrete contractors win online and our promises to double your concrete leads without having to split your profits with lead vendors or referrals.

So I don’t know if you’ve ever been in that position where you have general contractors sending your business, where you have referral, sending your business at a cost at a percentage of the project while they don’t do any work. And while that’s great. I’m not saying that’s bad, but I can tell you if you want to maximize your opportunities and you really want to blow up online, this is the way to do it. So I will be introducing you to make the screen a little bit bigger here.

Let me see if I can make this a little bit bigger actually. Uh, there we go to the let me make this a little bit bigger for you, the concrete contractors online dominance program, which is the marketing plan that we’ve built out and we’ve proven and tested and continue to refine for concrete contractors. Now, we work with concrete contractors throughout the United States. And one of the things that what they think is, uh, is that we do is just one little piece of the puzzle. Well, what we’ve built out is a comprehensive plan that doesn’t just tackle one area of your online marketing, but rather takes care of the entire thing.

Because here’s what you’re gonna find out. You’re gonna need to take care of your website so that it generates lead. You’re gonna need to get traffic to that website so that it generates leads. You’re going to need to send pay traffic campaigns that are targeted for those individuals. And the type of projects you want, If you want leads really quick, you’re gonna need to take care of your online reputation. If you want to get more leads and win more projects, you’re gonna need to post consistently on social media.

If you want to stay relevant, you’re gonna need to manage your leads and improve conversions. If you want to streamline and grow and scale your operations and you’re going to need to know your numbers. So that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about here. And this is what we’ve called the concrete contractors online dominance program. It’s really turned to be the concrete marketing plan. This is the internet marketing plan for concrete contractors for maximum flow of calls, leads, profitability for your flat work. And that could have concrete business.

So it all starts out with step number one, which is your website now, a concrete contractor website is not just any type of website, it’s not just the Wix website or a weebly website or just having a homepage and about us in the main generalized services pages or uh, gallery page. What a concrete website, which is what we call has is that it actually has a page for each and every one of the services that you have and you offer as well as one page per each one of the service areas that you uh service and what that’s gonna do is cast in it almost like Home Advisor does like yelp does like triple B. That does.

And each one of those pages is optimized is rendered, it’s mobile friendly and it’s ready to start generating leads for your business. So when we launch any of these type of websites, we’ve noticed that at the very minimum, at the lowest, our contractors are able to double their leads and this is why our value proposition is double your leads with our concrete marketing plan because the website is built to generate those type of results. So, again, your website is the home base, and over time your website also serves as a selling tool because if you do any type of decorative type of projects, for example, you’re going to need your color guide, you’re gonna need to give your prospects some sort of idea into what type of work you do.

You’re gonna need to show them samples of your projects. And the best way to do that is by you leveraging your website as a selling tool and you learning how to direct and drive your prospective clients through your website through the service pages, through the different buttons, through the different sections. And that is all built out in your concrete website. So, um, again, the main point for us is to generate more business for your business. So we built out concrete contractor websites that are designed to get leads, Beautiful photo galleries, fast and mobile responsive in our 100% unique content.

And this is not content that we pull out of thin air, this is content that’s optimized as well as content that is relevant. It’s relevant to what you service, what you offer. So the beautiful part about about having uh this step of of service, often for concrete contractors is that the concrete contractors come to us, They just tell us the services they offer the service area and we take care of the rest. Right then we, we basically send them a sample of the website when it’s ready to go live.

We walk through a couple of modifications and then we go live. It’s very minimal amount of input that’s required for this type of website. So you’re your concrete marketing plan should and must include a website that’s That’s built to generate leads that it’s built to rank on the search engines. That is built to showcase your work that is fast and mobile responsive and it’s got 100% unique content that Google ranks. Okay, let’s move into step number two here and that is to get on the maps. We’ve talked about google my business listings.

That is a big part, a huge part of a marketing plan for concrete contractors in today’s day and age, is to get on the google maps and not just anywhere, but really to get into the top three positions for the most relevant searches that are coming out and every single search that is relevant for your business now, does that happen overnight? Absolutely not. But there is a way and there is a plan. So a couple of things we try to accomplish is local SEO Is having uh a plan that takes care of your local search engine optimization, meaning it helps you get found in your geographical service area.

Number two helps you become the best known and most reputable concrete contractor in your service area. So by you optimizing your google my business listing and utilizing all these different best practices that I’ve shared with you in these other videos in the past and podcasts, you are going to be able to to take away some of those strategies and tips and then start to be become better known in your service area. Once you start sharing your reviews, your work online on social media, you will notice the difference as you will start getting more phone calls.

Uh, and the goal here is not just to get ranked on the top three for certain keywords. That the goal is to really capture a real segment of your, your geographical service area where you are based out of and blow up on the google maps section. So that is step number two of a concrete marketing plan. Step number three is search engine optimization dominance, S E O dominance. So what does that intel? Well, you probably know home Advisor. You probably know Angie’s list. You probably know help you probably know triple B dot org.

You probably know yellow pages dot com. You probably know all those lead generation websites that keep calling you trying to sell you elite. Well, I want to have you considered like the one thing that they’ve got figured out that you might not have figured out if they’re generating leads in your service area is that they actually have an SEO Search engine optimization plan in place where they are ranking. So the first goal is to rank in bank on google search. That means for every service you offer in every service area you want to have some form of presence.

If you’re not getting found, your competitors are getting found. If you’re not getting found, your competitors are the ones that are going to get found and get the leads and get the projects in those service areas. So as your dominance is about establishing for all your services in your service area and this takes time. SEO is not an overnight type of exercise or one do it once and set it and forget it. S E. O is a continuous optimization and addition of pages. So how do, how do we recommend doing this?

What we recommend doing it by faces? We have a 90 day road map that that really basically sets up the foundation For growth. And after those 90 days we revisit the plan and optimized for another 90 days. And the reason being is that there will be uh algorithm algorithm changes throughout the year and we want to make sure that we are staying on top of what needs, be. stay on top of that. We analyze all the different pages that we have ranking, we can see what’s working, what’s not working and optimize from their most most contractors that have quote unquote, try to do SEO Probably have done it by hiring someone from fiber or from craigslist and they’ve never gotten any real results.

So having a strategy, it’s very important. So having a fully optimized website, we talked about having a concrete website. Well your website should have a very good foundation for S. E. O. Structure. So if you bring a weeks or we believe website and try to do an entire SEO. Dominance type of plan with that website is most likely not going to work just because of the architecture. There’s a lot of technical nuances that we don’t get to talk about here, but they’re going to building a website that google, love, loves to crawl, google, loves to to rank that gets found that that is fast and responsive.

So those things are to be put into into consideration here. Now the other thing is um Is ranking for all your services in all your service areas. That means that the amount of pages needed, those will probably need to be split out. So uh just to give you some sort of idea, the smallest websites that we launch, our about 20 pages when we launch 20 pages, No less than 20 pages. And after that, probably within three months window, we’re probably close to 40 or 50 pages worth of content worth of all the services in all the different service areas.

And it continues to grow time, months and months and months. Again, that, that’s why those websites become so powerful and so relevant in the service area because they have the right strategy and that is part of the S E. O. Dominance plan. Now, your S E. O plan, your search engine optimization plan should include consistent and fresh new content. Just like I talked about and then something that I’m not gonna go in depth here is the link building because there is a lot of noise uh, in the industry about how to do link building for local websites, for contractor websites.

We actually have a webinar coming up. Okay. At the end of May and that this webinar is going to go in depth into building an S. E. O. Strategy for concrete contractors had a ranking bank so that you can generate more concrete leads. So if you’re interested on that, click on the link right in the description or go to concrete marketing crew dot com forward slash webinar and you should get a link right there. Um, let’s go to step number four and this is concrete leads on demand.

So as you’re starting now, your website that takes time, right? As you’re starting out the google, my business optimization, that takes time. Okay, as you’re starting out the roll out of your search engine optimization, that takes time. Okay, you will need leads. Now you will need to put food on the table right now. So there are a couple of ways that you can generate leads. Two of the most prominent ways right now is number one is google ads. Google is very powerful because it’s inbound traffic and facebook is, it’s powerful as well, but it takes a little bit more of a sales process.

You need to have a very robust sales process to convert those leads just because you are pushing, you’re not pulling the traffic to you, you’re pushing your message into what area and it’s a small percentage of individuals that raise their hands. But a lot of times they are just on facebook to be on facebook. They’re not on facebook to look at concrete flooring or to look at stamped concrete, they’re not on facebook. Uh, to look at the epoxy coatings or garage floors. People are on facebook to look at what their friends are doing right to catch up with people.

So think about that leads that come from Facebook 10. You need more leads just for the fact that the people that are on facebook are there to hang out right just to chill. Uh, the individuals that are on google are there intentionally searching for your services. So again, you pay, you are paying more for the leads on facebook on google. Excuse me, you are going to be paying more, but the quality of conversion is going to be much higher and much better. Uh, this morning we were talking to one of our clients mike and he was saying, hey look, I’m getting better quality leads, I’m getting less elites, better quality projects, bigger projects from leeds from google and that is coming straight from google, not from the social media stuff.

So very important, concrete leads on demand. We do recommend depending on your service area. If you’re in the texas area, very competitive florida is very competitive. Ohio it’s very competitive but depending on your specific service area you will need a minimum viable budget which is calculated during, during the the assessment of the cost per click. So you need to look and research the cost per click on google search. You can use a tool like google the google keyword planner where you can search all the different keywords that you’re gonna be targeting and have a good idea of how much the cost per clicks are and then usually what we recommend on the low end By default, a low converting page is going to be 5%.

So you’re going to need to do the calculation right there. So um you can do times what 5% conversion you’re gonna need to multiply that you’re gonna need to divide your numbers and then see how much that’s gonna come out to and then on Facebook it’s going to be a matter of looking at the audience size instead of looking at the cost per click to calculate, you’re gonna rather look at the audience size and that you’re going to be able to gauge from there if the larger the audience, um the more leads that you’re going to get in, the cheaper the cost per lead, the smaller the audience smaller the pocket is going to be the opposite.

All right. Uh with that being said, once you start generating leads on demand, which is as literal as 24-72 hours step number five is to continue growing your five star reviews online. And this is not just google, this includes facebook, this includes yelp in any major profile that you have for your business, like this is something that should be proactively getting done for the sake that this also becomes a selling tool for your business and on your behalf. So you do not need to be talking about how great your company is or how great your concrete services are.

If you have a stellar reputation on Google and the bottom line is that at the end of the day, not 100% of your clients are going to be fully satisfied. Some of the best concrete contractors and concrete companies. Some of our best clients which deliver some of the best and most finest work in the industry Get one star reviews as well. So there is no exception. There there’s really no exception. They’re like, I’ve seen this time and time again and sometimes it’s a matter of misunderstanding, Sometimes it’s a matter of miscommunication, but look, here’s the thing is you can’t please everyone.

You can’t make them all happy for as much as you try now. Your job is to make sure that you weed out and you deal with any problems and situations before your, your clients go to google, go to yelp and leave a bad review. So that should be your goal to be proactive. So the part of the grow, your five star reviews. Um, and, and reputation management should be about filtering out those negative sentiment reviews or negative sentiment clients and then funnel them in through some sort of customer handling customer service.

Um, path where you can help and deal with that situation before it goes online, right? And otherwise you can have a path for them if they are satisfied with your work to leave you a positive review. The next step is social media management and this one comes as number six. A lot of people start there. Okay, and it’s great. But this one is just one of those things that you’ve got to be consistent, you’ve got to be consistent in showing up every day, showing up, showing off your brand, showing off your work and consistently attracting and compelling people to contact you for a free estimate or free quote.

And unless you are putting money into advertising, like for example, facebook ads, you cannot expect big returns from social media right out of the gate. This is a long term play. This is something that it’s given that you’ve got to have, that prospective clients expect you to have and maintained. So it’s very important that you consistently, you don’t start out posted at least a couple of times a week at the very minimum two times per week. And you post projects or faces of your projects and you showcase your, your employees, you showcase your work.

If you have reviews that you’d like to showcase, that is something that you should be putting out there. And in fact one of our social media managers here is creating really beautiful graphics for for our clients where showcase its showcasing basically all the reviews from these different channels with house google from facebook and picking out all these different quotable um, quotable reviews that someone can read with the picture of your work in the background. So if you want to check some, some of those out, feel free to contact to set concrete market include dot com.

Again, that is included As part of the concrete marketing plan. Now, step number seven is the lead conversion and lead management. If you are just getting emails of the leads and not able to see and manage the leads and track the sources, you are pretty much going blindly at this. You’re not going to be able to determine which channel is sending you the most leads and jobs because here, here’s the thing is you’re going to have word of mouth referral and you will not know if the leads that came to you came directly from someone given a neighbor your phone number or if someone went to your google my business and click there or if someone went to your website and click there from an organic search or if someone went to your landing page and click there and submitted their information there.

So if you don’t have any type of tracking or reporting in place, that is something that we’ve worked extremely hard and we continue to do this all the time, to work very hard to get our grip into data into transparency so that the reporting is crystal clear. So the lead conversion management is about having a centralized crm per se that allows you to to manage the leads and the conversations that you’re having with prospective clients. Uh This is the same crm that we used to request reviews for our clients.

So it’s integrated, it’s one solution that allows to do those things. Uh and step number eight is zero hype, 100% transparency and it’s your business, your marketing and you get to do it right out of the gate. So getting concrete results is about working from a place of of facts. You want you want to work from a place of a factual real information that is not hype based so many times. Do do do we get um compelled to listen to a self person? Just uh tell us about how many searches are happening in service area, How many people are looking for our services?

And then you buy into whatever they’re selling you and you look at the results and they do not correlate with what you thought it was, right. So working from a place of truth and facts is very important. So we have a policy here at concrete marketing crew where it’s zero hype. We have to be up front. There’s a lot of people that call us and they wanted to do business with them, but they, their expectations are are just not aligned with the service area and that is something that you should be well aware of.

So that that happens only in the market research. So again, if you don’t, if you haven’t done that market research yet, this is why we encourage concrete contractors to reach out to us at concrete market include dot com to request a free concrete marketing strategy call. And that is where we go in depth. We analyze your service area. We look at trending services in what service areas you offer. And then, and then we correlate all that information so that we can present that to you. So that zero hype.

It is what the market is doing On a monthly, month to month basis. Uh, 100% transparency. It’s your business, your marketing, your business, your marketing, this your marketing plan should be yours. You see now if you have an agency that partners with you and then delivers the work, well, it’s your business is your website, it’s your social media. So we have another policy here where where we do not hold clients hostage. We do not hold you hostage. Do anything. It’s your website. If you decide to ever stop working with us, uh, then basically, it’s your website.

Now, we do encourage you to look at this as a real plan of action and not quit. Now, give yourself a couple of months and then say, hey, this doesn’t work. No, you got to give it 30 days, 90 days, 180 days to really see the power of what, what, what this whole concrete marketing plan is all about. Uh, the other thing is doing it right the first time. So if you don’t do your website right from the beginning, I can tell you one thing, you’re going to have to do it again, plane.

It’s a concrete uh, your your website is the foundation is the foundation that google my business is gonna, you know, it’s going to depend on is the foundation that it’s gonna be a cell stool of selling point for your business is a foundation that works on your behalf, 24 7. So if you don’t do it right the first time you will have to do it again. So we by default uh redo our client’s website from the beginning and no, it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, so make sure that you reach out to us to find out more information.

So the second thing is your google my business listing. It should be yours under your ownership as well as all your social media accounts and every single account. Every advertising account, anything that is your businesses should be under your 100% ownership, uh not your employees, not someone else’s under your ownership and consolidate all that information. So that is one thing that I can see, I can tell you. We’ve mastered the art concrete marketing crew, is at bringing all those pieces Together for our clients so that they understand, hey, everything is under one place and we’re managing everything under one under one roof instead of having it flying around all over the place.

So that is pretty much it. That is what the concrete contractors online dominance program and the concrete a complete inter marketing plan for concrete contractors look like it’s basically having all their ducks in a row. This does not include offline mediums. This does not include lunch and learns or, or networking. This is online, right? This is, this has to do with your internet marketing plan. And if you want a copy of this graphic, feel free to reach out to us at concrete marketing crude dot com. And in fact go ahead and download a copy of our internet marketing plan for concrete contractors, just head on over to concrete marketing crude dot com today, download your free copy, and until the next episode, Thank you so much for tuning in.

We appreciate your time. Have a great rest of your day. Make it a guru.

Danny Barrera

Danny Barrera

Founder of Concrete Marketing Crew. Author of the up-and-coming book, "Sell More Garage Floors". Contributor to the Concrete Decor Magazine. Host of Your Concrete Success Podcast. We're on a mission to elevate the concrete coating & decorative concrete industry.

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