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How to Create Engaging Social Media Content to Sell More Floors with Coni Alvarez

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If you are in the business of concrete coating floors and you are looking to revamp your social media strategy to boost your floor coating sales, look no further. In this podcast we're joined by the industry expert, Coni Alvarez, who will share her insights and tips on creating engaging social media content to help you sell more concrete coating floors.

Topics Discussed

  • Coni Alvarez discusses why social media is a game-changer for your business.
  • Learn how to identify and cater to your specific customer base.
  • Discover the art of capturing the beauty and durability of your concrete coating floors through stunning photos and videos.
  • Coni shares her expertise on writing captions that showcase your products and tell a story.
  • Explore strategies for interacting with your audience and building lasting customer relationships.
  • Learn the importance of a well-structured content calendar.
  • Get a glimpse of how paid advertising can increase your reach.
  • Understand the social media analytics and how to utilize them to fine-tune your content strategy.

Audio Transcript

Hey there. Welcome to another episode of Your Concrete Success Podcast. This is your host Danny Barrera on our founder of Concrete marketing crew. I'm here with two very special guests. You will not want to miss this episode. In fact, if you're listening to this on Spotify, Apple on Amazon, make sure that you go to our youtube channel to watch the entire video because you're not gonna wanna miss the tips strategies in order to become in an engaging content creator for your concrete inducive concrete business. Here we are with Mady Barrera, my partner wife, Mady.

Talk to us. That's all right. I'm super excited about today's podcast because today's podcast, I get questions about this all the time. Many different types of questions and objections and how do I do this and how do that? So we have a very special guest today. She is a social media content guru and she's going to be teaching us or talking to us about how to create social media content in the coatings industry that will lend you more clients. So I'm super excited to have her on our episode today.

And what's her name? Her name is Conie. Conie, welcome aboard. Hi. Thank you guys so much for having me. I'm so excited to be here and talk to you. Absolutely. So Conie, talk to us. I mean, how do you land here? How do you get here? Give us a little bit of your background story. And how do you end up in the social media world? Creating engaging content, some of the most engaging content I've uh seen here in this industry. Talk to us, love it. Cool. So I got started in social media marketing about 10 years ago.

Since then, I went to college. I was in real estate but all roads left me back to being a full time social media manager and content creator. My boyfriend Daniel owns the Epoxy Pros and I have grown them from, I think you started at about 1000 followers on Instagram to now over 62,22 all organically, no paid ads, no paid marketing, no paid followers and 210,280 on tiktok. So we've had a lot of organic growth and we've learned a lot along the way. But yeah, that's how I got it. So the question is, did he actually ask you to come on board and do the social media or how did that happen?

So it was actually really funny. So when he started the company, he was doing the social media posting, he was, what he was doing was paying a professional photographer to basically come in every finished job and just take content of the finished floors and it's great. But I mean, the photos were beautiful but it wasn't really telling a story. So I kept begging him like, let me help you with social media. Let me take over your social media, let me help you. And it took a while until he got so busy that he couldn't handle the social media posting anymore.

So finally, he let me and I started posting um reels, that's when reels just started and I think it was 212. And once that happened, um the followers just came pouring in, the clients came flooding in. So thankfully, I was persistent begging him like let me help you because he was not interested in the help at first. So that's how I got, I got involved. Awesome. And um Mattie, what are some of the questions that we get from clients? You know that they're always asking, hey, what are some tips to post on social media, et cetera?

And we used to offer a service to post social media content? And we realized, hey, look, this is not even making a dent. I mean, we're just putting a logo and putting some cute words in it and it just, it's not a scalable model and it's something that we started encouraging clients to do in the house. But Mady, what are some of the questions that come your way from clients? I think one of the major things, which is what Conie was saying is that our clients feel like you need to hire a professional photographer and you need to have this whole elaborate um schedule and time to create social media content.

So my question is when you're out there working, working all day long, how do you have the time and what are some tips that you can share to be able to record this footage and this content so that it could be turned into social media content? Yeah, that's a good question. So one of the main things that I always focus on is first of all, the story behind the content I kind of try to think about. OK. Is this going to be a before and after video?

Is this going to be a crazy story that happened about a job? Um And when it comes to creating the content, I like to tell people who ask me this question, the same question, how do I create content while I'm working? And I always tell them instead of thinking about creating content, you should just focus on documenting what you're already doing. That is good. Yeah, because it hits different. You know, it changes the narrative from I I need to be a content creator to, I need to document what I'm already doing.

So the best way to do this I feel is to invest in a tripod. You can find one for $211 or less on Amazon. And you can literally take content by yourself, set your tripod up, set your phone up, put it on a time lapse or just, you know, go back and forth between starting the video, pausing the video. But that's how you create kind of like a arsenal of content um to be able to use for future editing within video apps. Like when I first started taking over the Epoxy Pro social media, I wasn't even using any video apps.

I was just recording directly on Instagram and tiktok. So a lot of people think you need to have all this equipment, these fancy cameras, these fancy microphones, but we didn't have any of that in the beginning. I was using my iphone 2970 the entire time and it's, it wasn't the newest phone at the time, but it worked and that's, that's the whole thing is like, don't focus so much on creating, creating, creating, just focus on documenting what you're already doing because the things that you do on a daily basis are things that to you might be minute and might be uninteresting and nothing's, you know, um like that can be turned into a story, but to other people, those are stories, those are tips that is something educational or entertaining to watch.

So I would just focus on documenting with a tripod and whatever phone you have. That's awesome. That's good. So explain to us the difference between creating and documenting because for some contractors, they might think it's the same thing. What's the difference from the approach, the mindset, the angles, the type of footage you're trying to get. So when it comes to creating content, that's why I prefer using the term documenting because you're just recording what you're doing. You're not editing a video, you're not doing any of that.

Even if that's something that you're not really comfortable with yet, it's good to just have the content in a like a Google Drive or I'm very organized with our content. So I take a bunch of content. I save everything in a Google Drive and I repurpose content all the time. But you can easily create content, you know, with that video editing apps. So one of the lower cost ones that I was using in the beginning is in shot and it's very easy to just take all that content you just took on your phone, select the videos, put them in, in shot and save it all as one video and just go ahead and post it.

If you wanna get a little bit more creative experiment a little more. I we invested in cap cut. There's, it's similar to INS shot. But what I like about cap cut is that there's templates so it makes it so easy to create content that it doesn't take so long to think. Like, what do I do? Where do I start? Things like that? Like it's pretty simple to just kind of plug in the content, the videos, the photos and cap cut will do the rest for you if you don't have the money to invest in a video editor.

I love that. So before we got started here with this podcast, you talk, we were talking about the title of the, the podcast. Here. We were thinking about hooks and hey, how to create viral content for your con recruiting business. You say, well, um I have a different approach, different mindset for that. Can you elaborate on that and then all the insights that you shared with us? Yeah. So a lot of people think the best way to um build a brand or what have you on Instagram and social media is by going viral all the time.

But when you're just starting out and you're just starting to get comfortable and you're learning how to use these eiting tools, I believe your focus should be on talking to your ideal client. So we're talking about the concrete coding industry. You shouldn't post content that you think is going to be viral. You should post content for your ideal follower. Who is that gonna be probably a client in your city? So you want to post the things that you offer a before and after a transformation video, those videos aren't always going to be the most viral, but they are going to show your ideal target audience what it is you offer what you can do, what services you provide that way.

They are intrigued and willing to buy from you, willing to, you know, work with you. When you go viral, it sounds great in hindsight. But in reality, when you're going viral, you are reaching an audience. That's not your audience. We've gone viral before a video has like about 203 million views on tiktok. And a lot of them are haters. A lot of them are people talking bad things on the video. They don't like the floor, they don't like this, they don't like that, you know. So it's just not as all it's cracked up to be if you're going viral and you have a reason or you set up a foundation to monetize off that virality, that's a different story.

So if you're selling like, let's say a course, digital products, an ebook, then I guess it makes sense to go viral because you might find new people interested, right? But in the beginning when you're just starting and you're getting your feet wet with creating content going viral is not your goal, you're going to be heartbroken when you realize how hard it actually is to go viral. It's really not that easy. Love that. Now walk me through the thinking process. What's the biggest difference between me going live and taking the iphone and leaving, leaving the iphone running, going live on Facebook, Insta Instagram, etcetera versus documenting the different stages.

Someone grinding the floor, patching the cracks and doing all of that. So we, we do this a lot. We go live on Tik Tok. And the reason why we go live on Tik Tok more than Instagram is because tiktok is really trying to push you to new people that you might be interested in. So a lot of the content you see is not actually people you follow, it's from the for you page. So when you go live, it gets pushed to the For you page, which means people who don't necessarily follow, you will find you every time we go live, we probably get at least 220 followers because those are new people who sees what we're doing.

So when it comes to like documenting the process, I like to often show the full process of laying a certain type of floor down for the epoxy Pros. Like, so we'll do a metallic or a flake or something interesting. We'll go live. But at the same time, so I'll be going live with one person's phone, then I'll also be taking clips with another phone to get to create a video. Do you know what I mean? Because I mean, and it's like a multitasking. Like you can't, it's hard to do this, especially if you're by yourself or you're with guys who don't know what they're doing.

So it's, it's, you know, even if it takes you kind of hiring someone, even if it's your own family member saying, hey, can you please come with me to this job? Like I need you to help me just take this video for me. It's worth it. But what's cool about going live on tiktok, like I mentioned is you get a new follower base, the people that never knew you existed to follow you and follow your story when you're posting like before and after videos, it's only like so many before and after videos you can post until it gets kind of like, OK, it gets kind of boring.

So you have to kind of find that healthy balance between being show, letting your personality shine through in the content and um being educational. So a lot of in my industry which is um social media marketing. A lot of people call it um educating because it's like educational and entertaining content. You have to kind of find a healthy balance between what that means for you. But people don't realize that if you don't start posting, you're never going to find that balance. So you, you have to try and there's a lot of resources out there that can help you.

Like I mentioned cap cut, looking at other accounts for inspiration. Um You kind of have to think outside of the box. And if you're not that person that knows how to think outside of the box, then you either need to research it or hire someone or invest in the knowledge that it takes to do this because we, I mean, social media has been honestly like very life changing for the Epoxy Pros. Um A lot of their, a lot of their clients and jobs come from social media.

We've gotten huge jobs from social media, Instagram. And the first thing people say is, oh I saw you on tiktok, I saw you on Instagram. I saw you here. So we've been and we just got started on youtube and people have even called and said, I just saw you on youtube. We don't even have 2100 subscribers yet. So it's like, you know, people don't understand that social media is in my opinion, one of the strongest tools you can use to get those people who don't know who you are to come in and, and be interested in what you're doing.

So you guys started from the from ground zero. It's not like you guys started with the amount of followers that you guys have right now. That's, that's awesome. OK. So like you said, um a little while ago, I was, we were talking about this. I will show your Instagram account and your Tik Tok account to our clients who are asking us where to start and how to start and how to record and what to post and what not to post. And I'm always like, well, let's look at the Abox, bros, let's do what they're doing.

So I would like for you to give me some tips on how to create a branded kind of vibe in social media, like your top branding tips, top three. So for branding within your content, I always recommend having your logo in the video. It just um I feel like subconsciously reminds people, well, first of all, a lot of people steal our content. So we've actually had to start putting our logo. Oh my gosh, it's crazy. We've had to start putting our logo on everything because people like to take our content and it's funny because they'll post the video and the video will go viral for them.

So now I'm like, oh my gosh, so have just have your logo on the video because you never know what's gonna hit, what's gonna go viral. Um If you're talking in a video or you have text, I would definitely use your brand colors as the text colors. You know, if your colors are blue, I wouldn't use like red for your text colors. It just helps subconsciously build the brand awareness for people who are watching it because people start to associate you with a color, your brand with a color.

So um have your logo, have the branding colors and then um the third branding tip I would give is probably to just if this is for like epoxy concrete coating, show your personality so that people can kind of feel who you are in a brand. Um because there are so yeah, there are so many people who do concrete coatings, epoxy coatings. So how do you differentiate yourself? You can differentiate, differentiate yourself by talking about um education or educational topics or giving them a piece of your personality.

Um We have a slogan and it's like call the Pros the Epoxy Pros. And I think that's like a playoff of James Bond, but it works. People, you know, people feed off of that and you create more of a memorable brand when you kind of give someone something to remember something to say like, oh call the Pros, the Epoxy Pros. It's kind of funny commercials usually have like a jing goal, you know, so those are a few ways you can kind of different. Can you talk a little bit about when you got started with Daniel and you started having him document and start to share tips and strategy was, was he like always camera friendly and always looking good as he does or what?

What was that like? Yeah. So that was fun. Um He, when we started recording him, um I think it's a little nerve wracking for anyone to have a camera in your face. Even me, he was recording me earlier today because we're vlogging this podcast and I got nervous. I got tongue tied. It's not always gonna be perfect. We posted videos that we look back on and it's cringy, but we also weren't afraid to be cringey and it's cringy. It works. It's cringy until people start copying what you do, it's cringy until you get $215,000 job.

And people are like, how did you get that job? Well, it started with posting one cringey video that maybe he wasn't totally comfortable, but we kept going and the more you post or create the content or even practice, the more comfortable you will become. So that's good. So, what tip would you have to a contractor? They're like, well, I know I have to do this. But what tip would you give them in order to start showing their faces and their voices? This is a good question. So the number one tip I have, if you are trying to get started posting content and you don't know or you're shy, start talking to the camera on your stories and telling people what you're doing or if you're at a job, make the time, even if you have 10 followers, it doesn't matter because you know, 10 followers could be 10 clients.

Would you like to have 10 jobs? Probably. So if you have 10 jobs lined up, now you're looking at it differently. So I recommend talking to the camera like you're talking to your best friend or someone that you're really close to and comfortable with because that again shows your personality and helps associate your brand with a certain tone. So talk to them and say, hey guys, this is Connie, I'm here at a flake job. And today we're gonna put down the vapor barrier base coat. If you don't know what the base coat is, it's blah, blah, blah, like, get into it and don't be shy to, um, educate, don't be shy to give a crack a joke.

If you're funny, if you're a jokester, crack a joke. If you're not, don't be something that you're not, but just talking on your stories will really help you get comfortable with creating content. I love it. Yeah, be yourself. That's rule number one. And you see like the way I have my intensity, it's not the same way Maddie has her intensity. We're talking about that. But that place like I love this. This just gets me excited to be in front of a camera and this is my energy level, but not everyone's like that.

Like not everyone can pull it off and just um a side note here, we don't edit the in interest. If you guys have been listening or watching the uh podcast, we, we go straight through. I mean, Christian was telling me the other day, hey, you want us to edit the intro. I'm like, let's just roll, bro. So uh we roll fresh and um if you're listening to us right now, make sure you go over to our youtube channel, concrete marketing crew, your Concrete Success podcast because we're about to show you guys social media channels that Connie is managing her social media account as well as the Epoxy Pros.

You don't want to miss this specific section. Make sure that you follow us. You like the content and you leave a comment with your business name. We're gonna be giving out a hoodie that has crushed the standards here at the end of the month. So make sure that you leave us a comment with your business name. We love to hear you out. So, uh, Christian, if you can pull up here, the social media accounts here, um uh Let's uh let's walk us through the Epoxy Pros here.

Um Take it away. Connie, give us what the, the way that you establish the feed here. Uh Maybe talk to us about some of your favorite videos or what people call the viral videos. I I know you don't like that word but take it away. Um Yeah, so it is us to that you have about six seconds from the time someone clicks on your profile for them to decide whether or not they want to follow you. So, one of my biggest things is optimize your profile. Um We do this by first of all, having his main photo as his logo.

That's the first thing people associate you with your logo goes, ties back into your brand, ties back into the colors. We have his colors right there, very clear. Um The second thing is just your name on Instagram. We're talking about Instagram specifically is search engine optimized So you need to put keywords in your name line on Instagram where people could search and find you. You put the city in there. We did. Um I think now we left it at South Florida because there's other things we want to push, you know.

But yeah, if like let's say you are uh in Atlanta, Georgia, uh Epoxy Flooring company, I would put Epoxy flooring in Atlanta, Georgia. You wanna have the those words in there? You want to think about what people are searching on Instagram? They're not. If your name is 1003 Epoxy, that's your business name. And you just started an account, no one knows who you are. So no one's searching 123 Epoxy. So Christian can you zoom in for us so that uh the viewers can see the name and you're, you're mentioning right underneath the numbers, right?

You have the followers and right underneath that. That's what you're talking about. Yes. So that's the name line right there where it says that's the name line. That is what's search engine optimize that is where you want to put words where people are actually searching, not your business name. Because if you have don't have a lot of followers, people don't know who you are and no one's gonna be searching for you because no one knows you, but they might be searching for Epoxy flooring in Canada. So you want to have that in that name line So then after that, um you want your bio to basically talk about what, who you serve and how you serve them.

So we like to, to say we do high quality epoxy installations in South Florida. We tell people we can transform your garage in one day. We are metallic epoxy experts. And at the bottom, we do have a free ebook and we push people there and also they can schedule a quote there. So our bio is fully optimized in every way possible. Um Our highlights are also basically um kind of just highlights are, I mean, we don't really update them that often, but we just have them there.

I I personally don't look at anyone's highlights ever if I go on someone's page, but just in case someone does, we have some testimonials, we have some flake um videos, metallic videos, we got some brand partnership with Jabber. So they basically pay us every single month and they pay us commission on anyone who signs up with that, our link and that's because of our following. So that's another reason why you should be posting on social media. They reached out to us. That's awesome. Yeah, that's the benefit of creating amazing content.

So if you scroll down Christian, uh let's just take a look at the feed here. Um There's different type of videos. It's not, it's not the same um you know, picture, it's not the same angle, it's not the same type of project. Talk to us about your, your working theory here. How are you going about putting this together? So every time I post a piece of content, I just, I'm very intentional on what it is. What is the message behind the video? Usually it's some kind of inspirational thing or a transformation or something along those lines.

Um The last few videos I think have been to push our youtube channel. But um usually every piece of content is, you know, specific to one of those things I just mentioned, we like to keep our viewers engaged. I like to switch it up. Like sometimes it's an inspirational video with the audio, that's inspirational that anyone can relate to. Um Sometimes it is an educational tip that I know his followers who are in the concrete coding industry would either find that valuable, share it with other people that they know, you know, um learn something.

That's the thing like when you're posting content, you need to be intentional and not just post, oh, this is a finished floor that we did over here and wherever people kind of get sick of that. So, I mean, honestly, how are you going to make epoxy flooring interesting. You have to switch it up, you have to tell a story and um just that's how you keep people engaged is by giving them different things that they can either find educational or entertaining or something along those lines. Now, what we're seeing here is this all shot from an iphone the majority of it.

So we, everything that has been shot on his social media pages has been from my iphone 12. Um I actually just recently got the 15, 2 days ago. Come on, Daniel. You better. The pro max. He did, he did, he gave me, he gave me the one with. Yeah. So now um you know, but still when you upload content on Instagram and tiktok anyway, it uploads at a certain 10 80. What is it HP or something, whatever. So even if you take it in super four K, it's gonna downsize your content or you know, like lower the quality. Anyway.

So if you have an iphone 12 or an 11, those are still great cameras don't feel discouraged that I can't post it some of the most viral and don't get me wrong now at this point because of where we're at in the business. We do have a team. Um I have, I have to have a team of video editors to keep up with the demand of content that needs to be posted on youtube, Instagram, tiktok. So don't look at our page and compare it to yourself and think, oh, you know, how are they doing this blah, blah.

We have a team now. But in the beginning when it was just me, um I was editing in the app, I was editing in tiktok. I was editing in Instagram and doing the best that I could to just make it, you know, what, what it was, which was entertaining. So, um if you're starting out and you feel you're comparing yourself to the Epoxy Pros don't because unless you have, you know, the money to invest in a team, it's not like it takes a lot of effort to push out this content once, twice a day, it's not just like super easy to do.

It takes a lot of scripting, a lot of time, a lot of ideation on my side to come, I video chat with our video editors on Zoom like three times a week. So it's not like this super easy thing. You know, there's the whole storyline that's got to be put right from the beginning, the hook, what's going to happen in the front end? How do you going to keep people engaged? What's the call to action at the end? How's that going to flow? I mean, just getting the frame frame by frame sometimes is like a, a millisecond off and then, you know, the video doesn't feel right like there's a lot that goes on.

So Mattie, the, the, the one thing that we get asked a lot is like, do we repurpose the content from Facebook reels to tiktok and Instagram and youtube shorts? How do you go about that? Do you create for each platform and then test it from there or are you creating one piece of content and you just, just posting it everywhere. So it depends on the piece of content that's created. So the thing is um there is a culture on tiktok and it's unless you know, you just know on tiktok, it's very raw videos, unedited style, people don't want to see overly edited videos on tiktok.

So I don't post overly edited videos on tiktok. I post more um just raw stuff. Something that doesn't feel very edited. Tik Tok is um definitely a platform that is great for growth. But in my opinion, I don't think it's the best for selling. I think Instagram is the best for selling on Instagram. You definitely wanna be more polished. Our content is edited nicely on Instagram. Um Anything that you see edited on Instagram probably push to youtube shorts because it just depends. So if we get one piece of content that's edited like a short form video, I'll probably post it on Instagram and youtube shorts.

I don't really post the same content on Tik Tok because of the culture. It's just not in the Yeah, we've been posting content marketing group, tiktok. And then we just had our, our meeting on Monday. We're going over KP I and you know, this was the main thing. The main topic is like, hey, everything we're posted that's pretty much uh a snippet of this podcast episode in tiktok is not working. We're barely getting one heart on that thing and we used to get, you know, a couple of dozen hearts.

Now if you're listening to this, make sure you go to tiktok, follow us, give us some, some love, share some love. But now knowing about the culture, I have a tip for you. So are you posting on tiktok? Um like the captions are popping up and stuff already like edited for you? It's already captions are burned and we just have the, the frame and then you know, there's uh the, the the logo on the top and the video. So I have my video editors edit two styles of videos.

One is edited nicely with the logo and everything that's for Instagram and youtube, I have them edit the same video without any of the text, no logos. So it's the raw and it can still be edited. I just don't have any of the nice graphics popping up or text popping up and I'll post it on tiktok and just add the captions through the tiktok app. So the thing with tiktok is when you use the captions, those words are also Seoak search engine optimized. Um So when, if you're talking about, let's say marketing for your concrete marketing crew, um someone could search concrete marketing and they would find you because let's say throughout the video, you were talking about it, but tiktok is only going to recognize it if you have those Tik Tok captions.

So if you're using overly edited captions in your videos you're posting on tiktok, it's not going to work. So you got to let the machine do its own transcription. So you have to get edited your nicely edited videos, post it on youtube shorts and Instagram, you can take the same video but take out all the edits just so it is you whatever, talk about whatever it is and add the captions on tiktok and you should see a difference. Beautiful. We're definitely going to try that for our next upload team.

You're watching team, you better be watching this. I'm going to send you over the replay. All right, let's pull up the youtube so that we just can get a feel. And was this your first time uploading a youtube video? OK. No, it, it was so I tried to edit a youtube video. Um and the edited video, I edited a video and it just wasn't good. I'm not going to sit here and say I'm like the queen of all types of concrete marketing or social media marketing, you know, I'm good at organic growth and building community, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm a great video editor.

So long form content especially is different than short form content. So we did have to hire a few video editors for the recent video that we posted on youtube. Um So that was professionally edited. Um and it, it came out great. I mean, we're super happy with the way it turned out we are pumping out a lot more content like that. We're more intentional now with vlogging, we have microphones, we have cameras because we decided to invest in it. But you don't always need to invest in that.

It's just we decided to because we could, you know, um I have a vision like the way I see things is like I have a vision and I talked to the video editors about the vision. Daniel is very good at executing my ideas and he's just a natural. So um yeah, the Epoxy Pros have been killing it and we're excited to get on youtube and we hope to see a good amount of growth on there and I love it and I see the, the name you have the Epoxy Pros and then you have the bracket.

Um Epoxy Flooring. Do you do that on purpose search engine optimized? So Epoxy Flooring is one of the most searched words in the Epoxy industry and then go to the videos, click on the video tab there right there. And is that the, the the video? And you guys got a call from that video already or not yet. We just uploaded that like two hours ago. But um actually our youtube shorts was, this was our first video that we actually tried to make it a youtube style video.

But like I mentioned earlier, we repost and repurpose our videos from Instagram and we post them on youtube shorts. So we have about like 970 subscribers only posting youtube shorts. So even if you're like someone who's like, oh, I don't know how to post long form videos, but you have the short form videos, just create a channel and start posting the content you've already posted before on youtube shorts. But don't have any logos. I always see companies having postings. Don't have no, well, you can have your business logo but don't have like if you save a video directly from Instagram, it'll have the Instagram logo.

You don't wanna post something with the Instagram logo on youtube. You don't wanna post something with a TK TOK logo on Instagram or youtube and vice versa all around. It's just they, these algorithms are so smart that they can detect it. They see it A I all of the whatever robots is doing this, they like they can see it and if they see, oh this is, they see it as they're trying to push another platform, they're not going to push another platform on their own platform. So save it without the logo.

There's a few um I'll give you a website. If you post a Tik Tok video and you download it, it will have the logo. But if you copy that link to the video into a website, it's called snap tick dot com, spelled snaptik dot com. You can download the video with no Tik Tok logo. Beautiful. Love it. All right. So we've got the youtube uh take us over to tiktok here for a second. Let's just show them the uh the feed. And then as far as so you, we've talked a little bit about uh Instagram being the best channel for conversions for selling floors.

Then you have youtube as well coming in and then Tik Tok with, with uh its own community. Uh That was a good insight, that good revelation for me. Um Talk to us about the approach here. What what are, what's the goal with your tiktok channel? If it's not a high converting vehicle? Well, now we do have ebooks and we are going to be selling all different types of digital products soon. Um So we didn't really have um an angle or a reason of going viral or growing the platform and which is why I got into learning about digital products.

So on our stand store, I have a link to our free ebook. We're collecting emails. So that way when his online digital products that are for sale are ready, we already have over 600 subscribers to our email list. So that's the goal is growing our email list to sell. So we do in person courses. He's gonna be selling some other courses and we have direct emails to people who are interested in the epoxy industry that we can tell them. Hey, we just have this new product boom. I love what you guys are doing and, and you're also working on your own own course.

You want to talk a little bit about that. Yes. So um I get a lot of questions about, can you help me with my social media? Can you, you know, create content for me? Unfortunately, just because of the amount of work I have with the Epoxy Pros, I cannot take any more clients, but I can teach you how I do what I do. So I am creating a course. I'm super excited about this. It is all about how to optimize your social media profile and it goes more in depth.

Um More than I talked about even on this podcast. It goes into how to set up your social media for success, how to optimize your profile. What you should post about like 20 ideas of um content that content you should be creating. Um It goes into some video editing tutorials and tips. It goes into um finding keywords to push your content out even more. I have so many tips and tricks that I have not even mentioned on this podcast that's going to be in my course. It's going to be less than $100 about seven modules, um seven chapters and then more modules in the chapters.

So it's very in depth. OK. So if you're listening to this episode, your Con Success podcast or watching this on youtube, make sure you connect with Connie. What's your Instagram? Is that the best place where they can connect with you. Yeah, you can find me on Instagram. It's at creating Connie and I spelled Connie Con. I um that's, I'm on Instagram and tiktok. I will be announcing when my course is live on my platform. You're creating your own content as well. So you probably see me popping up more on the Epoxy Pros because I've been involved this entire time.

I just never thought to talk about it. Um But people seem to be intrigued. So that's another when you post a piece of content and you see it performs well, maybe you should post more of that type of content if you want to grow. You know what I'm saying? So we posted a video and it was like, I was in it and a lot of people were like, oh couple goals and things like that. So I just something clicked and I was like, oh, let's, let's talk about this, you know, I love it.

I love it, creating Connie on Instagram and the Epoxy Pros. Make sure you follow them on Instagram, youtube. Uh And uh what is it, tiktok, what about Facebook? What's going on with Facebook? Are you doing Reals on Facebook? What are you guys doing on Facebook? Yeah, I know um through meta, you can post like on Instagram and Facebook. We just kind of need to uh we got like logged out of Facebook so we have to like get back on it. So we're in the process, we hook you up.

That's what we're here for. So, Mattie, what, what, what other questions you got? I know. I mean, I guess maybe, like, you just talked about like, you know, a couple goals and stuff like that. So let's talk about something a little bit like different. So, um, you work with your partner? I work with my partner. Talk to me about that. What is it like working with your partner? Yeah. So it definitely depends on the day. Um Yes. However, you know, most of the time I think there's a lot of respect between the two of us.

I really respect what he does. He respects what I do and when it comes to someone asking about, you know, social media or any kind of marketing, he just kind of refers them to me. So we work together in terms of like how certain things are going to look. Um when he's creating, when we're creating content together, I want him to feel super comfortable because he has such an incredible personality that I like to let it shine through, which is what we plan on doing on youtube because we didn't really show so much of his personality on Instagram and tiktok.

So we plan to do that a lot on youtube. Um But I think there's just like a lot of respect there. Um He really listens to me before he shuts any down. Um and same with me. Um, I try to listen to him. You know, I'll let him, whenever you guys have him on the podcast, I'll let him talk about what it's like to work with me. But I just, you know, we've known each other since we were 15. We met in high school and, um, I just, you know, respect and love him a lot.

So we like to work together. I think we weren't sure how it would be to work together, but now that we've been doing it, uh I think we work together really well. Isn't it fun? It is fun. There's a lot, a lot of couples out there that say I can never work with my wife. Well, I mean, there's a problem there because I, I do enjoy like, I don't mind being in proximity. There's times where, you know, I'm on track on doing something, accomplishing something and when I'm focused, I'm focused, she could be asking me anything, but I have no problems whatsoever.

And there's times where I'm like, ok, I need to go to my own office and like we need to close the door so you need to close the door and I think we, we get along just fine. What's, where am I the biggest pain in the ass? Let's share with you the truth. I think, I think you're, you're, you are the toughest when um there's a glitch or a flaw in the fulfillment of what we're gonna like, promise to our clients at that point. Then there is no, there's no, there's nothing, there's no good side there ever.

So, I think that would be the biggest flaw. I mean, I don't know, Danny, I like, I like this is what you say we talk about work when we're not at work. I like that. I think that, you know, your fun is stuff that has to do with the agency and with yourself. And I like that too, you know, so I can't really say that there's a part in our working together that I don't love. I just feel like you are the biggest pain in the butt when there's a glitch in something that's the worst.

I'll point it out and I'll work with the team to get it resolved. But all in all it's amazing working with Maddie. Uh anyone that's been uh a client of concrete Market crew will actually uh say positive things about Maddie and that's why she's in the front line, the client success team. And I also just want to say like, I think that's also important like we stay in our own lanes. I, so for me, I know I'm the biggest pain in the when someone tries to step on my toes or tell me how something should be ran.

When it comes to the social media, I will bite your head off because I just can't, I just feel like I know like, I know what needs to be done. So if someone kind of goes in there then that's when I'm like mm mm this is my feeling does that to me all the time. I'm like, hey, that video over there she's like uh Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that's me. I'm like shut your mouth. Yeah, that's me. Um But overall I think when you respect what like you have your lanes, you know, like I'm the social media marketing person and he is basically everything else, you know.

So when you respect what the other does, I think it, it really helps to make it more of like a team thing. And like you guys said, it's always fun to work together. Like I feel the same way him and I are always laughing. We're always having a good time and we just, it makes work fun even the stressful times. It's nice to have someone to lean on because work and entrepreneurship is not easy. There's a lot of um late, late night shifts and you know, I have to be understanding or vice versa.

So I think um that's really cool that you guys work well together as, oh, that's amazing. Thank you for sharing those tips. And um so if you're listening to this again on Amazon Apple, Spotify, make sure you follow us, connect with us, share with us, your feedback. Let us know if five star one star review, give us your comment. Hopefully it's a good uh feedback. And if you're watching this on youtube, make sure you subscribe. Leave us a comment like this episode and also give our friends at the Epoxy Pros and creating Connie a follow on Instagram and all the social media platforms.

Uh This has been a great show. I really enjoy it. Next time we're gonna have Daniel, we got to drag Dan over here and uh and have all of us here together. I think we're gonna have a lot of fun. We're gonna have fun, fun. Yeah. Yeah. Beautiful maddie. Anything else? No, I think it was great. I'm excited. I can't wait for, for our, you know, our followers to listen to this and absolutely like follow Connie, look at her tips, learn from what they do because it's just amazing.

It's amazing work overall. Thank you. Beautiful con and the last word I just wanna say, thank you guys for having me on your podcast and your platform and we really respect what you do. I just wanna throw it out there. I know nothing about paid ads or marketing and um we're excited, you know, to work with you in the future and just thank you for having me on. Appreciate it. Thank you for coming along team. Thank you for tuning in to another episode of your Concrete Success podcast.

This is Danny Barrera Concrete marketing crew. Make sure you check us out at concrete marketing crew dot com. Take care.

Danny Barrera

Danny Barrera

Founder of Concrete Marketing Crew. Author of the up-and-coming book, "Sell More Garage Floors". Contributor to the Concrete Decor Magazine. Host of Your Concrete Success Podcast. We're on a mission to elevate the concrete coating & decorative concrete industry.

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