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Struggling Facebook Ads for Concrete Coating Contractors

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Join us as we unpack the challenges and solutions for contractors who are struggling with Facebook Ads in the specialized world of concrete coating. We've got expert insights, valuable tips, and real-world experiences to share, all aimed at helping you turn your Facebook Ads struggles into success.

Topics Discussed

  • The CODE: How we approach problems
  • Dive into the unique challenges that concrete coating contractors face when using Facebook Ads.
  • Learn the art of precise audience targeting to attract potential clients interested in your services.
  • Discover the secrets of creating ads that stand out and generate engagement.
  • Get tips on optimizing your ad budget to get the most bang for your buck.
  • Learn how to track and evaluate the performance of your Facebook Ads campaigns.
  • Hear from fellow contractors who've overcome Facebook Ads hurdles to achieve outstanding results.

Audio Transcript

Hello, everyone and welcome to your Concrete Success podcast. I'm Maddie Barrera, co-owner of Concrete marketing crew. And along today along with my partner and co-host, Danny Barrera, we are going to be talking about a topic that is very near and dear to my heart and that is struggling Facebook ads. Beautiful. Welcome aboard team. Welcome, great to have you. And if you like that intro, make sure that you give this video a like and the share. And if you know anyone that might find this information helpful, we're gonna be covering some very in depth topics that no one likes to talk about from the marketing industry.

We love to bring awareness. We love to bring positivity, we love to empower clients and prospective clients and anyone in the industry, we're on a mission to empower the concrete turning in decade of concord industry. And we know we can only do that if we bring out the truth and we bring out the facts and we help you understand how to better do marketing. So what do you got for us today here, Marie? All right. Ok. So Danny, you like to teach our team and our clients about the code.

So what is that? Well, the, the code is, it's everything, it's everything, it's how we operate is uh it's more than just a acute sane or what we embody what we embrace and that is under the premise of truth. And what if we were to embrace that as a reality and we were to operate number one, knowing what is it that you want and pursue that to your foolish capacity. And if you're watching this, you're listening to this, you're a man, you're a business owner, you're a woman, you're a businesswoman.

Uh There is something that you desire in your business and in your life, there's something you desire in your relationship. There's something you desire. If you're a parent with your relationship with your Children, there's something you desire with your body, there's something you desire in your bank account. There is something you desire in your spirituality and fulfillment. And uh I feel like we don't hear this enough on how important it is for us to operate in truth and certainty, not just in one area of our lives, but every area of our lives.

And the code is really based on the premise of what if we were to operate in our fullest potential, dealing with the facts, the feelings, the focus and the results in any way, shape or form is our methodology for account management. Is our methodology for dealing with chaos. Is our methodology for dealing with fulfillment, anything that has to do with, how do we serve clients at the highest possible level? How do we make sure that we focus in the main things like there's a saying, hey, let's keep the main thing, the main thing.

Well, this is by leveraging the code and when it comes to topics like this, where we're talking about pressing matters or matters that impact your business directly in your financial state. How do you deal with those conversations? How do you deal with tough conversations? How do you deal with tough conversations with your partner with your Children when you have the code? Now you have a place where you can say, ok, you know what, let's focus on the facts here. Let's put feelings aside from it. Let's put all the negative emotions.

Let's put everything that rattles you and all the insecurities on the side. Let's get right to the facts. Let's find the focus and let's find where we're going. What are the results that we desire? Let's look at the current and let's look at the possibility and let's map out a plan so that we can build from there because the reality is right now, you are in a specific place in time and sometimes those results in Facebook ads are not pleasant. So that's basically the code. Yeah, I was going to say, what does that have to do with Facebook ads?

But you're right. Sometimes the results are not pleasant and you just have to, you know, we all were very honest up front, you know, for the facts. This is what we did. So we didn't do so. We definitely, absolutely. I like every Friday our clients get and report. Hey, this is what happened. This is what worked. This is what didn't work. This is what we're doing next. Plain and simple, good or bad, good or bad. They get a report or a loom video going over the facts of what we did, what went wrong?

What didn't, what didn't work? What worked really well. So yeah, that's I like that. All right. So I want to talk a little bit. I want to talk more in depth in terms of like Facebook ads and, and things that we see that um contribute to struggling, the struggling ads per se that we're going to say. So, um the very first thing that I want to talk about is creatives. Let's talk about creatives. OK, Danny, I have my insight, but I want you to tell us why, talk to me about creatives, why are they important?

How, what should you do if you're running Facebook ads or if you have someone else running Facebook ads for you in terms of creatives. Creatives are everything is what stops the squirrel and what I want to have you consider is that if you're looking like everyone else, if you're leveraging or using pictures that are not clear they're not high quality, people cannot make sense out of what they're looking for. A confused mind will never buy. So say that you have a picture and you as the contractor, the floor and contractor, you know that you're looking at the flake floor, but a lot of times the consumer has no idea.

They're looking at the walls or they're looking at the car parked outside. So it's very important to, to put a lot of emphasis and this is what we've become world class at concrete marketing crew. A lot of people talk to us and say, hey, how are you different than the competition? Well, we've invested heavily and continue to invest heavily in research and development in testing and building a team that helps our clients stand out in the feeds. In other words, we don't use the same picture from one client in one state to another one.

There was a point in time when we tried that out and I was like, ok, we're just going to scale this way and it's so easy to do it. And we realized like, ok, well, um this is no cutting edge here. So, um, you know, the, the stopping the scroll is the first job of the artist. How do we get someone that's an ideal prospect or someone that lives in the right neighborhood to stop the scroll and say, hm, let me look at this. What is this that could come in a form of video or picture.

What do you got for us? OK. Yeah, definitely. But also, you know, I was having this con conversation today with one of our, our clients. Uh if you have the same, the same creative running over and over and over again because some people do that, they run the same thing over and over and over again. And you don't have a variety of, of creatives in the Al Facebook ads algorithm. Your ads are not gonna perform as well as if you have a consistent flow of different types of ads as that because it's the same kind of idea as, as posting on Facebook.

If your ad gets likes and comments, Facebook's going to show your ad to more people. So the more content you have, the more beautiful vivid, clean, sharp branded content, you have the more comments and likes that you're going to have on your ads and the better that they're going to perform, right? And here's the other thing is the ads and the creatives in your feed. That's one thing. But what happens when someone sees your page and then they click on, oh, let me take a look at this business and they go to your organic feed and now you don't have ads, right?

It's not the creative now, it's what's being displayed. This is another reason why as a marketing agency, we don't sell social media posting services. We used to do that at a time doesn't work. It does not work when you wanna do it right. The right way. The right way is to actually do it in house. Have someone with the phone and are editing some of our clients love the ads that we create for them that they tell us, hey, can you send us the, the ads that you're running?

Send us the videos and they work really well. But it's important point I wanna make is, is what are you putting in your feed? And we're gonna have a specialist, someone that's grown uh viral brands online on social media. On one of our future episodes, Connie will not tell you much more than that. But uh creatives are very important is what makes the, the, the scroll stop is what gets you uh the foot in the door when it comes to the visual element and the better the creatives, the higher quality, the, the, the, the creatives, the better it performs.

There was a point in time where that was not the case. But now what we're seeing is what is real authentic and that looks very well sells very well better creatives. You can se sell for a higher ticket. That's the reality of it. Um We have multiple brands all across the board, right? Like more on the start up and more so where they have uh an in, in house or, or uh videographers come in every now and then they send you a footage, you want to talk about the difference in CPLS.

Um Yes, the more beautiful footage clear. Um It's almost like sometimes even like flakes. If you take a blurry picture of a garage floor that's has gray flakes and you post that, it looks no different than a garage that doesn't have flakes if it's blurry and it has its low rests. So how can you, how can it be something that stops the scroll and you're saying, turn this beautiful garage or transform this beautiful garage. But it's like a blurry gray flake that looks like a concrete floor that hasn't been finished.

It's not going to perform as well as if you, you know, and like you said, professional photographers are fantastic, but I'm sorry, this right here takes the latest iphone is all you need. Take pictures, make that investment. The latest iphone, go and get yourself one. It's the best. It's better than actually most Ds LRS out there. Use poetry is insane. I mean, take different angles up, close further away, sharpen it up, you know. So definitely when you have the better looking picture, the close up picture, the picture with detail that the customer can see the detail of your work.

That is the ad that performs the best 100%. Yes. Another thing that we get asked a lot as a hey, show us pictures, show us creative. So well, that's our our specialty here. So in order for you to be able to see one of our clients plain and simple. You just reach out to us and we'll show you creatives what it should look like. And this is what we're gonna be sharing in the Coat Master Lab, which is a special training. If you're interested in learning how to do marketing for yourself, you don't want to hire a marketing agency, you want to learn how to do that for yourself and you have the bandwidth to be able to do that.

That's where we're gonna be discussing and sharing with you best practices. Uh Other than that, just contact concrete marketing crew. But um that's, that's something I'm very proud of the team and we're constantly figuring out even how to use A I to help us refine uh some of the pictures which clients send us. Um But um I believe one of the things is if you're not testing and you're not figuring out what works in your area, uh You're losing a lot. Uh And that's uh you, you were recently on a call with uh this prospect saying, hey, cost per lead is so high or is inconsistent?

And like the question was like, when was the last time? Right? Uh That, that we got some footage so that our team could edit, like how many times can we repurpose the same image or the same video? Right? It gets to a point that you're like, can you just send me some stuff and we don't even need it to be edited at all. Like you said, we have, we even have like a i things that we can use to enhance what we have. But, you know, if you're going to have a marketing agency run your campaigns, it's courtesy to send them, keep your work current. Yeah.

And so one last point here, give me, um, CPLS cost per lead. What's the difference between a poor performing or overran ad footage, pictures, video versus one that, that, you know, it's fresh, it's looking great. It's new. All right. So I'm going to give you the comparison in the same area. In the same area. We've had two different clients at two different points in the same service area. Ok. One client has decided to not run Facebook ads at the moment and the other one is running Facebook ads with us, right?

So the one that is has beautiful graphics and, and videos and, and, and Tik Tok reels and stuff like that. His cost for lead was like $11 in modern days. No, this is today right now. The other client in the same general area that doesn't have pictures that I'm continuing to run the same stock video over and over again that I'm trying to repurpose the same picture over and over again. Their cost per lead is somewhere in the $40 range. That's a huge drastic. This is the biggest problem I see with marketing agencies out there not to bad mouth or talk bad about them.

It's the reality of the situation. It's what ads are being used, what f what images are being used for your ads? Whose images, whose pictures, whose videos is being used? And it's so important, like super important is the difference between an 1203 15 17 $20 lead and a $40.60 dollar lead. It's, that's it. The only difference is same ad account. The only thing you change is creative, same ad copy, right? So it's so powerful. Uh Great point. What else you got? All right, very good. Ok, so the next point is um let's talk about new account limitations.

If you have a new account, you just started running Facebook ads a couple months ago, even if it's like six months ago. And you come to us for example, to run your ads and you want to start off running your ads with like $300 a day and expect a super low cost per lead. Talk to me about that. This is for both Google and Facebook ads. But in this, in this specific conversation, Facebook advertising your ad account, it's almost like it's got its own credit score, which is basically that's what it is the credit score.

Um the more you run it, the healthier it is, the more that you have spent on advertising, the higher the ad spend per day um capabilities is, and this is one another, one of the reasons why it's important that you run ads out of your own advertising account. Not someone else. If someone else is running your Facebook ads, your number one job right now should be like, do I have full ownership over that ad account? Because if I, at one point in time you choose to walk away from that relationship where they're managing your ads, you're pretty much screwed.

And we've seen it so many times where clients come to us from other agencies, they, they make, you know, they make the decision to move forward with us and now they're like, well, uh, you know, it looks like we don't have permissions, Marie and then they give you 20 stories how they got three out of counts, uh, banned and, you know, a whole bunch of excuses. So if you have gotten your ad account banned, um, that doesn't happen if you're doing everything right. If you're protecting your ad account, your information, your business information, if you're registering that.

So all of that, all of that and Maddie, I mean, you have contacts in meta and you co you guys in your team, you're constantly in conversations. Um, you've recovered accounts for clients who have gotten, um, their accounts, uh restricted and penalized. But, um, I would say the main thing is, you know, a accounts there, there are limits in the beginning and that's the biggest thing is if you have four crews and your ad spend is only $50 a day. There's no way you're gonna generate 102 100 leads a month uh on that because you cannot spend anymore.

So that's the biggest limitation. So if you're afraid and you don't own your ad accounts, the beautiful thing is you can start running ads right now and start getting that credit. How long does it take to get that credit up after $1003? Ok. So, so when you first start and like you were saying that your a account has a credit score, yes, they, they definitely take into consideration your budget, how your, how effectively you pay if your, if your payments go through without a glitch, um they take into account your actual history of advertising.

So your, your, your ad account has like its internal pixel that actually tracks the data that of your specific ads and what you're posting. What, whether or not your ads have been uh restricted, whether or not you're posting uh things that comply with Facebook policies, et cetera. So what happens is is that they'll take all that into consideration before they even raise your budget for $50 a day. When you first start an account, you, you, you're maxed at $50 a day no matter what. So after a certain time frame, they won't change it for you unless somebody calls into meta and requests the ad, the ad account to be um, I guess re audited and the ad um budget to be raised.

So it, it's not even like just an overnight thing. Like you literally have to get on a phone call with meta and be like, can you please re audit this account? They look at all the stuff, they look at how many times, how long you've been running ads, how many ads you've been running? Uh Have you been paying everything on time? Uh, have you circumvented any policy? Have you got any of your ads rejected the account quality? So all of that stuff is, is, is, um, it takes time.

It takes, I would say a minimum of like three months for it to really? Ok. So it's not a 30 day time. No, no, no. It's like about three months. I've tried for them to lift. Yeah, I've tried how much in the difference a been a day, $50 a day where you start, you can't go more than that. But I've tried, um, accounts, for example, that have been in about the 30 day range and they'll say, no, we can't do it at this time because you had, um, we've only been running accounts for 30 days and with this particular account had like one payment, like they had fraud on their card, so they had to change their card.

So they had one missed payment and they even said, no, you can't run, uh, we can't increase your budget because in the past 60 days there has been, uh, one payment that hasn't gone through and, and you have to be better paying your, your, your bill on time. And so they, they've rejected me after 30 days because of certain of those factors. Yeah. Yeah. No, that's a good point. It's, uh, making sure that you're, you're aware of what your daily limit is. What can someone do to learn what their limit is a day right now?

Well, you would just have to go on to your ad account and just, you know, ads manager dot facebook dot com and you have to just look at your daily budget. Um, if you're curious to see how much you can spend, try running a campaign at more than $50 and it'll, you'll have a pop up that says you can't, if you can't and if you can, it'll just let you run whatever budget you want. Boom. What else have you got for us? All right. This is a good question.

Ok. Why, why do Facebook leads? Suck for a lot of contractors? And how do you deal with that? Oh, my gosh, you didn't even think I was gonna say, why do Facebook leads suck for a lot of contractors? And how do you deal with that? It's about the sales process. We've talked about this, make sure that you tune in to your concrete success podcast. By the way, if you're finding this episodes helpful. It would be amazing. Incredible if you could share the love, let us know by hitting the like button, subscribe, giving us some sort of star rating.

I would love to get more five star ratings here. But, uh, what we'd like is your most honest feedback and opinion. And we're also giving away hoodies. Christian. Can you pull up, uh, some of the hoodies here which are incredible, crush the standards you can see there. We got, uh, Austina right there. She's part of our client success team and then you got another one. There you go. We got Leo Google ads expert in House Crush the standards right there. Uh So make sure that you leave us a comment if you want to get one of these and we're gonna be picking out one here at the end of this month.

Uh All you have to do is leave, uh, your review with the name of your company, your name o obviously in the comment and, uh, we'll, we're gonna go ahead and hunt you down and find you, uh, so that we can give you that hoodie. So we're gonna have that raffle at the end of this month here. Make sure you guys, all you have to do is leave us a comment with your name and your company name. Let us know how you're enjoying the episodes here. And, uh, if you're finding it helpful, make sure you share in your social medias.

Thank you for that. So coming back into your question, um the the quality of the lead is the the, you know, again, going by the code, right? Facts, feelings focus and the re results. What are the facts of the situation? What is the fact of a situation? Are we advertising on a on a on a platform that someone is searching actively for your services or are we getting in front of someone encouraging them for them to request a quote where there has to be sales involved, right?

It's a different type of c because if someone is hitting me up on Google and they're searching, they're halfway there, they're halfway through the door, you send that lead over to your sales person and literally, I mean, you have a high chance to to close, we have a client. He just li literally just started. He's like, I'm closing at 20233% 2nd lead. He's got another, I mean, he already made his, his in investment back and he's like, plus some more, which is awesome inbound from Google search. Facebook is display advertising, someone is interested, are they sold entirely into it?

Like, are, are you gonna expect that for someone to be like, hey, here you go. Here's my credit card. So when you're hearing marketers and you're listening to marketers telling you that they can find people on Facebook platform that are searching for your services. I'm sorry to tell you, but that's not true. Let's focus on the facts that individual has interest in perhaps home improvement, different targeting things. But you know, that doesn't mean that they're in market and we've gotten uh clear into what it means for someone to be in market.

Someone that is your prospect, your ideal prospect versus someone that is in market, in market, searching for your services, completely different buyer. And that's the beauty about concrete codings and decorative concrete. You, you beautify service surfaces, you beautify surfaces. So what that means is you have the opportunity to compel someone to come in through your funnel where you can go ahead and reach back out to them, see what they're interested on, find a problem that you can solve and then sell them. So the quality of the lead is it's I would say that there's times where the leads come in out of service service area, which we'll talk a little bit about that here in a second.

Um Th those are not your ideal prospects, but if you have someone that's a homeowner and you know, you got the name, email, phone number, address, project description and you've got that information from someone that is in your service area. That is a lead, that is a lead. What, what is a quality lead versus not quality lead? There are so many variations and this is where landing pages come into play, the pixels come into play. Uh You know, are we fit in local alike audiences into the advertising.

You know, can we, can we feed the algorithm some more data so that we can bring a little bit warmer audience, etcetera. We rearing pro like there's so many of those things, but that doesn't move the needle that doesn't move the needle uh uh significantly, it's probably a 1 to 2% increment in quality of lead. Um And to bring it down here, I think I went a little bit too above but to bring it down to uh the most concise version is like, hey, you have to understand that selling concrete coding, selling decorative concrete right is not a needs service.

It's a want, it's a want. So how do we get someone interested and motivated and compel them into action more and more? That's where your sales process comes in. That's where your follow up sequences. That's where the conversations. How, how soon are you getting back to the lead when they're motivated? Energy is high? I mean, they're all excited. Boom. That's when you, you got a strike right there. And then so the longer you wait to get back to the lead. So say someone submits uh their information on Facebook.

If I'm calling them back three days later, they're gonna forget who you are. They don't even remember that they submitted the information. So of course, they're gonna say, well, I don't remember. Uh No, you got the wrong phone number, the same prospect and you know, that's, that's where this whole conversation about quality leads, qualified leads, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Like we can go on and on about this debate here, but just to deal with the facts, you got to understand the facts of the platform, right?

This is not Google search what feedback do. No, absolutely. I mean, you know, it's like exactly what you said, like Facebook is you, I'm taking a, I'm creating an ad that's going to make the consumer stop and actually input their information and that alone is a big deal. So you have the most beautiful thing about these Facebook leads is that you have a database of people who at one point in their life have seen your product and have given you their information and that's where the gold is.

That's where the value is. I'm going to speak a little bit about myself as a consumer because I am the target demographic. I'm a person and I'm a woman in my forties who has income to beautify my garage because it's something that I want, that's extra that I don't necessarily need, but I want right. So as a consumer myself, there are millions of things that I give my name and my email and my phone number to and I'm not going to buy. I just like it. I put it my information because I want to see what's next and I get sold with everything that comes afterwards.

The text messages. Hey, we have a sale going on the email. Oh, look at this pretty new product that we just launched or we just created. That's where I get sold in the after in the sales process. So the fact that you have a database full of information of your target people, that is what your goal is. That's your sales process. That's where you're going to be able to convert into in more sales process. It's all in the sales process is all in the follow up. It's all in what happens as soon as someone hits your CRM and we had Drip Jobs.

Um, Tanner's, uh, podcast episode, make sure you listen to the Drip Jobs episodes. You can hear his story as well as get a glimpse into the CRM that he offers drip jobs. You get 240.45 days of free trial if you wanna give it a shot, highly encourage it. Now, if you're part of the concrete marketing crew client base, we do offer you hi, go high level, which is our white LA version, the concrete marketing app and we customize it with all the triggers, automations, everything to help you optimize your sales process.

It's all done for you. And, uh, here's the deal is the ones that use the CRM are the ones that are making money with the Facebook leads. So we can have the same, like we've seen it time and time again. Now we've served hundreds of clients now and we have had clients in the same service area. Uh, one that has the sales process, one that did not have a sales process just about the same leads. Right. Um, same leads. Same. I mean, we look at the CRM, we can't trust data and, I mean, one can be making millions of dollars and the other one could barely cross half a million.

And what was the only difference just using the serum staying connected, responding to them quickly? That's pretty much it. I agree. All right, Danny, I have one more question for you. How much time should we give a campaign, a Facebook ads campaign to mature? That goes along with, uh, the history of the ad account. You see if you're bringing in a brand new ad account, brand new ad account and you can only invest $235 a day and that's not a lot. If you think that's a lot. That's a lot.

That's not a lot. Uh, one of our friends, we're talking about it yesterday. He's like, hey, how much were you investing to advertise when you had a $2100 million business? It's like a, about a million dollars a month. 220%. And how much is that was, uh, for Google Search about 2120 K real businesses moving real money. Uh, now, if you're just starting out like that may sound crazy for you. Outrageous. Well, and that's the whole thing about building certainty. And you know, how do you improve your, your, your ro I or you know, but to go back to, to your point here, your out of account, if it's brand, brand new, it's gonna take you a good three months because if you cannot even raise the limits and you wanna go into the second crew, um we're gonna have to find a different way to approach your, your specific uh campaign here.

So supplying it with Google advertising, diversifying your marketing, etcetera. Uh In most cases, I would say over 2100% of the time we're able to work through those situations. But three months I I think is a good time, specially when you're coming into the concrete marketing crew camp and you're having us manage, we can get very good data we can look at at Roif first month, it's always gonna be learning phase, always gonna be learning phase. Second month, we get a good idea. You give us feedback. Hey, this is not working, that's not working.

This is what we need to adjust and that's what it is. This is the communication we like to have with our clients by month three. There are no questions in your service area. I mean, quite literally, we've pin dropped every single area that you like to target. We've excluded anything that you don't want and you're getting the best results. Um I feel like that's, that's the time from the uh and then if you have more data and you're spending hundreds of dollars a day. That means that we get that data feedback in instant time.

So that would be probably at about month and a half, about a month, month and a half if you're spending hundreds of dollars a day. What's your feedback on that? No, I agree with that. And like we had, we had spoken a little while ago, like it all, it's all like a big formula. So if you're posting on your Facebook page, like we have a client who's very engaged in posting on his Facebook page and always does lives and stuff like that and I can literally launch anything and it's gonna work perfectly fine works because he has so much data on his actual pixel.

Like your pixel is like your Facebook pixel is like your Facebook, I guess Facebook folder of information prior history of everything that you've done with there. Um So it's like your footprint, right? So if, if you have, you know, you're coming in new, you have a new account and you have nothing on your Facebook page and you have like 20100 followers and you're capped at $22024 you have to wait a minute to warm up your account and we'll help you with that. Like we'll help you warm it up like as fast as humanly possible, you know.

So it's not like we're, you're gonna be like, oh well, we'll just go, oh, you have 22025 followers. Ok. Well, it doesn't matter. We'll help you with that. There's been a lot of clients that come to us and what's frustrating? It's like, hey, this client was working with so and so for uh nine months and they come to us with like 23000 followers and we're like, what, what, what is that? What is that like? No, you should be growing your following every single month and if you're not reach out to us, we'll show you we'll teach you how you can do that.

You don't need to pay someone millions of dollars to do that. Um In fact, I'll probably do a training on how you can grow your your Facebook page with individuals who are in your service area. Why? OK, let me just put it this way. Um And this is aside from concrete marketing crew, uh I'm on a mission to impact the lives of 1 million divorced men or men who are in transition of divorce, help them get reconnected with their Children and empower them to re invent themselves in the process.

Reason being is I went through that experience myself about seven years ago. I'm passionate about that. And uh next week, I'm headed into doing a documentary about it and re uh recording some video, et cetera, but I'm warming up uh a Facebook page just right now. And what am I doing? Exactly what I'm telling you guys is warming up the page sending um followers to the page real followers that are within the demographics of men who are divorced or separated, et cetera. And I'm doing doing that. Why?

Because by the time we have the documentary that's gonna have thousands of followers and it's gonna be a lot easier to launch and have engagement and I mean, with everything that comes with it, uh it's, it's pretty much that's a snowball effect. Um So, uh I would say if there is one thing that, that you gotta keep, keep an eye on the track every single month is look at how many followers you have. And if you're under 1000 your goal should be to get to 1000 followers from your uh geographic area.

Because that's another thing is you can also target people like the individuals who follow your page. Ideally, you want your customers, your clients, your past and existence, customers to like your page so that Facebook can figure out who they are and then advertise to more people like them so very important. Um That's a good point there. Um Yeah, I think that that should be a big emphasis. We do that for our, if you're part of our team, we definitely do that for you. But if, if you're not like Danny was saying in our training, that would definitely be a nice um module to teach like step by step, it's really hard and it's not, it's not, it's affordable to like in terms of, I would spend a dollar a day, a dollar a day.

Yeah, you can do it for a dollar $2 a day, $1 a day, $1 a day. And you could do that with your Instagram. Instagram would be a little bit different how you target the, the, like in Facebook, you can actually, there's an objective to like a page on Instagram. It's a slightly different way of doing it. Uh But um that's pretty much it. Uh What are the questions you got? That's it. I have no more questions for today, Danny. Yeah. So here, here's the deal we've talked about uh in this conversation of today.

It's like, OK, we talk about the problems. Now, I, I would like to call you into action because there's a high sense of accountability that comes when you're putting money behind your advertising campaign. We talked about the facts, the feelings, the focus and the results. If you're looking for big results, that means that the strategy that you're going into this advertising mindset, the strategy has got to be planned out. You can't just wing it and boost the post and think that that's gonna work for you. And that's gonna be, you know, the greatest thing for you.

Or, you know, if you're thinking like, hey, I'm going to become multi million dollar company by spending $20120 a day. Unrealistic expectations or say that you, you're thinking, well, I'm throwing $100 a day. And I'm not closing any jobs when, in fact, you're not following up with the leads. There's got to be that alignment of, uh, of the ability to think and say, OK, what, what is it that we're actually doing? So, uh I would say best practices is understand your goals. Where is it that you're trying to go?

How many leads do you need to get? And what would the KP I for that lead flow need to look like if you have no data whatsoever, guess what your starting point would be to start a lead generation campaign and figuring out the cost per lead and often times by month three, you, we've figured out the formula of that KP I and we can start slashing it. I mean, unless we're going into, uh, which is November right now, Black Friday, Christmas and all of that cost per lead will go up significantly.

But if you're coming into the season, January or February, your cost per release should be going down significantly. Uh So when you're in season and then you map out reverse engineer your targets, your goals and you know, there's that accountability that's with either your internal team, if you're running that in house or if you have a marketing partner, what does the KP I need to look like? So, uh, that's pretty much it. Uh And I would say, you know, uh, let's talk about this season and then we'll wrap it up.

Ok. This is the hardest season of advertising for home improvement. Why is that? Why is the cost of lead for Facebook ads is going to go, you know, from like $20 to $60 or $40.45 dollars. Ok. There's a lot, there's a few things that are happening right now. Number one, we're entering the winter and unless you live in an area, very small geographical area in the United States where it stays, not cold all year long, you're going to be affected by the weather. And that means that when your ad is running and running and running and there's not a lot of people clicking on it because it's snowing outside and nobody's thinking about that.

Nobody wants to like, they'll see a pretty garage, but they'll be like, oh, I don't know if I want to empty out my garage in the cold, freezing weather. So people are not going to be clicking on your, on your ads and that's going to increase the cost per lead. Uh, another thing is that we are currently entering two very interesting. Um, seasons one is the holiday season and two is election season. Ok. Um, I'm going to speak about the holiday season first. There are companies e commerce companies who will not advertise all year long and put all of their advertising budget millions of dollars into a couple of months, which is October, November, December.

Ok. So these three months, the market is just saturated. It's saturated with ecommerce, sales, gifts, buy this, get one free. Um Put your name in here now for a drawing for like a free thing for the holidays, you know, so it's incredibly saturated. So that's going to drive up the cost per lead because imagine your market just increased by an exponential amount of people. So that that's gonna hike up your cost per lead. And it's almost like a meta meta pro told me one time, which was such a super clever way of seeing it.

We are in the Super Bowl season of advertising in Facebook. So how much do Super Bowl season ads go for? Think about it. It just increases, it's a higher, a higher increase in budget. And the third thing that I was talking about was elections so much money, so much money goes into the market during election season that it also saturates the market and makes your budget your cost per increase a little bit more. Yeah, there's one thing going around in the marketing community. Hey, you don't listen to your meta pros or your ad advisors because they don't know what they're doing.

And I would say we've proven that to be wrong. Um There are very and it depends who you get too because if you get someone from India or Pakistan, uh giving you a advice, it completely irrelevant, but we've gotten a chance to market to get a very good rep uh who's in our corner and they give, they, they see the industry's data, they're able to tell us what's working, what's not working they can look into, to data for us in the back end. Uh But they're, they're able to give us advice into some of these critical small components.

But there was a point in time where I was, I was thinking like, hey, these guys don't own a company. They, you know, they don't run advertising but uh they uh I I was proven wrong. Uh And, and the reason being is our clients are getting incredible cost per lead. When in fact, we've seen the time and time and time and time again, clients leave concrete marketing crew for someone else that promises them more leads. You want to tell about, I'm not going to say who, what's the current cost per lead?

When this individual left, our company has cost per lead was $35 per lead. And now he's at 100 and $20 per lead, $120 per lead. And uh I'll tell you, you know, like that's the thing is we, we love to serve our clients. We're committed to delight our clients and give them results. That's our commitment 100% our, our account managers. That's, that's what they focus on in making sure we deliver results. But often times some clients get desperate because they don't want to work in their cells or improve their sales process and they're thinking like somewhere else they're gonna get better results.

Um And where I'm going with that information is like, you know, you, you gotta figure out who, who is it that you're going to trust. And this is why we're bringing all of this awareness to you is so that you can educate yourself and understand and you understand what you're getting yourself into. And then if you're running a successful concreting business and you're looking for, hey, what's next for me? Maybe you've had some campaigns that are working very well for you. And you're wondering, can I do better?

Is there a possibility for, for me to do better? And you, you want a second opinion in your advertising campaign? Feel free to reach out to concrete marketing crew by going to concrete marketing crew dot com. And let's see if your territory is available, send us some information we'll get on a phone call and, uh, we'll figure out to see if we can even and help you. Uh, and then, um, at the end of the day, here's what it is, is you own your business and you know, where you need to go.

2023 has been a, I would say a semi turbulent year. It hasn't been too turbulent, but 2024 2025 just get ready, brace yourself. And you've got to be playing at the highest possible level. Refine your sales process don't expect it to be the same uh the same as it was last year or this year for you. Uh A lot of our clients have had record breaking years. They've grown. Um And some of our clients are like, man, I'm, I'm glad that things have stabilized because they came over to us, they were bleeding when they came over to us with bigger budgets.

So if you're investing over $3000 in advertising, I would tell you, uh there might be a couple of ways that you can reduce the cost per lead and increase your closing. At which case, reach out to us. On top of that, we have the Cope Master Lab, which is a training coaching for concrete coding business owners. Uh This training is included as far as you being part of the concrete marketing crew client base. And then if you're looking to get started in running your own marketing advertising, that would be a great place for you to start.

We give you some great options into how you can run your own advertising. So if you have any questions, feel free to reach out at concer marketing crew dot com. This is Danny Brera, your Concer Success podcast. Thank you for tuning in team. Have an amazing rest of your day. We'll see you in the next one.

Danny Barrera

Danny Barrera

Founder of Concrete Marketing Crew. Author of the up-and-coming book, "Sell More Garage Floors". Contributor to the Concrete Decor Magazine. Host of Your Concrete Success Podcast. We're on a mission to elevate the concrete coating & decorative concrete industry.

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