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Tips For Launching a Successful Epoxy Flooring Business

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We discuss the critical differences between coating businesses that thrive and those that struggle, revealing the key partnerships you'll need to establish. Our experts also break down the sales process that can make or break your business and share insights on the ideal marketing budget per crew. Delve into the essential tips for launching a successful epoxy flooring business.

Topics Discussed

  • We delve into essential tips for launching a successful epoxy flooring business.
  • We discuss critical differences between thriving and struggling coating businesses.
  • We reveal key partnerships you'll need to establish.
  • We share insights on the ideal marketing budget per crew.
  • Explore the "Concrete Coating Success Lab - CoatMaster Lab" special segment.

Audio Transcript

Hey there. Welcome to another episode of Your Concrete Success podcast. This is your host Danny Barrera, owner and founder of Concrete marketing crew. Excited to be here with another episode with Maddie Barrera co-founder of concrete marketing crew. Maddie. How's your day going so far? My day is going great. I'm super excited to be here. I have a fun, awesome um podcast to record today and I'm super excited to be here with you. Beautiful. I love it. What do we have uh for today's topic? All right. So today's topic is gonna be um tips for launching a successful concrete coding and epoxy flooring business.

So we're gonna get tips. It's gonna be great tips for launching a successful concrete coding and that can concrete business. Love it. And if you're listening to this on youtube, make sure that you like, subscribe and leave us a comment with your business name, leave us a comment with your business name. Also, if you're listening to this uh in Spotify or Amazon podcast, Apple Podcast, wherever you're listening to this podcast, you can also enter a special giveaway. This is a one of a kind and, and if you can pull up the, the t-shirts here, uh which is Crush the Standards t-shirt.

You get a chance to get one of these right here. Uh What all you have to do is leave us a comment, share this video and in the comment, make sure you mention the name of your company so we can look you up and connect with you and we'll send you a couple of these man. You wanna talk to us a little bit about crush the standards, what it means. I mean, that's what this is one of these um one of the themes that we have in, in our, in our, in concrete marketing crew because we have set the standards in terms of um our advertising, um creatives and strategies.

So now instead of just setting the standards, we just got to crush them. So here we are crushing the standards that we set. Beautiful, beautiful. So you set the standard and then you crush the standard. Uh And that's what it's all about. But today in today's podcast, we're gonna talk about a specific topic that look, we get a ton of uh questions from startups that are looking to grow uh and, and get launch in the right way and they want to land clients, they want to sell floors and they wanna figure out what they should be doing.

So there's a lot of questions and based on those questions, Maddie has put together a series of questions Maddie. You wanna give me, uh, the first one here? Yes. Ok. The first question, what is the biggest difference between the companies that are succeeding after launching versus the ones that are struggling? Oh, there, there's, uh, quite a few talking points in there. So the biggest difference, uh, with the ones that are succeeding versus the ones struggling. So, um, we've talked about mindset in the past, but in this one specifically, I would say that the mindset uh that these individuals come with the business owners.

Um Are they coming in with an installer mindset? Meaning they just um work with someone and they're opening up their own shop and they're thinking that they could just by the mere fact of opening up their own coding business, they gonna be successful, um or are they treating this like a business and from a business perspective that they have a business plan that they understand the structure? And do they have a plan of how they're going to grow and scale the company? Uh There are so many layers to this conversation because you gotta know your numbers.

There's an investment of equipment uh that you probably have to make, you have to know what products do you know how much you have to sell per square foot or are you just going by competitors price? And are you low bowling right next to everyone else? So if you've been to a training class on how to start your own pocket business. Some of the pros is that you get training and some of the cons is there's actually, uh, data that you need to figure out in your business.

And I've seen it time and time again, the ones that come in and crush it, they understand the business side of things a little bit more than the installer, uh, side of things. And, uh, we've also seen that the guys that come in just for the business sakes and don't have necessarily the the training or their crews aren't trained enough. They go and they have to uh do a lot of go backs for the installs. A lot of uh redo. So um there's those conversations, right? Expertise, a good blend of good quality service for the client, good business mindset and understanding that it's going to require an investment for marketing because epoxy flooring concrete coatings is not per se a needs.

Uh in the category, in some commercial instances, there are needs, but in most cases for residential, uh 2000% is a one type of service. So it's a marketing driven business. It's a marketing driven business. So that's the biggest difference that I've noticed. I like that. Um One starting a success, we launching a successful concrete coding and epoxy flooring business. What are the important partnerships? You need, partnerships, partnerships, partnerships. So there, there's a couple of key partnerships. The first partnership you need is you're in the business of installing uh codings of uh working with um surfaces and whether you have experience in the industry or you don't, especially if you don't, you need to get yourself in and get some connections of individuals that can provide you with top quality, high quality technical support.

Because when you have product failures, who are you gonna call when you have the client complaining about the floor is chipping or it something is the, the bubbles are coming out and you know, this install hasn't gone, right? Um So it's very important to ensure that you have a good partnership with the, a great technical support right in your corner, as well as the product. Um who's going to support the product? Is it gonna be the same uh supplier that you're getting the products from? And how does that work?

Uh So it's very important to have those key relationships. I would always say, hey, you gotta have an attorney in your corner um because you want to have your business legalities and I get it. Look in the beginning, you just wanna get the cheapest option out there. But if you draft up your agreements so that you cover yourself uh in the legal grounds, legal basis is so important and little things like this, look, they're gonna cost you up front, but in the long, in the long term, uh they're gonna be beneficial for you and your business so you can sleep very good.

At night knowing that, hey, I'm covered from the legality perspective, the business set up and all of that and then, uh your accountant CPA having someone that is, it's the, they know the industry, they understand the trades, they understand how you do profit, profitability and profit models work within the industry that in itself can make the biggest difference between you taking home an extra six figures a year or you just uh breaking even like it's, there's so many ways, so many strategies um to work within your business just from, from having a good accountant, uh someone that can counsel you into how you can uh how you can grow your business from the numbers perspective.

So you have uh again, the product, uh the product support system, you have someone in the legal aspect, you have someone in the accounting and then you have the marketing aspect and who's gonna be your marketing partner? Like if you bring marketing experience? Great. Uh But who can you rely on and lean in so that you can get guidance, feedback data on how you can improve your own marketing. Uh We find that, that the, that the individuals that crush it out of the gates, they have a very strong partnership doesn't always need to mean concrete marketing crew, but they have a strong relationship and advisory right on their corner.

So those are critical uh critical components and uh look another thing I I do recommend having a coach on your side, a business coach, someone that understands how to grow and skill companies, not just in your industry, but just as a whole, it all comes down to the same. You have systems, processes, numbers and people. So that's all it comes out to at the end of the day in a business setting, regardless of what kind of business. But that's what I would say, those core partnerships. That's awesome.

All right. So we talked about business versus install mindset and then we talked about partnerships. So now let's talk about the sales process. Beautiful. So what would you like to know about the sales process? Uh What, what kind of sales process does a successful concrete coating any poxy flooring business have versus one that's not successful? Oh Beautiful. So you're starting that out of the gates and say that you launch a Facebook ad campaign. Maybe you hire someone, maybe you see one of the ads come up. Hey, we'll deliver 21000 leads and, and book you 21000 estimates guaranteed or you don't have to pay, right?

You see that and then you start seeing the leads come in, boom, boom, boom, they start coming in. What do you do then? Like what do you do then? So there's this one component, the sell doesn't start when you're face to face. It starts way before the building of the value starts way before right. From the beginning, we've talked about this in a another episode earlier on. Right. I do believe the sales process does start out even with your graphics and the videos. How are you standing out from everyone else?

Your reputation has a lot to do with it as well. The higher the reputation, the higher the closing rate, there's a correlation there. Uh the better the quality of your video. Guess what? The better the, the higher you can charge for a square foot. We've tested these things, same thing with your brand, the better the branding, the higher perception you have of your brand and and the product you're installing. So it's all all correlated when it comes to the sales process is not just, hey, what's the script?

What's the pitch is? How can we build value in your prospective client? So it all starts out when the lead comes in. What happens there. What's the the following experience? And we have this one concept marketing crew is the first three minutes matter the most. When it comes to engaging in a lead, we notice that the leads that get engaged right away within the 2200st 210 seconds to the first minute are the most engaged and most responsive leads. So a lot of times we see clients like, hey, leads are engaging, they're calling in and guess what it goes to voicemail or you know, they respond to the ad and they're already engaged in sending pictures to the prospect to the clients, to our clients and the ones that do not respond right away are the ones that end up paying higher cost per acquisition on the floor install. Right.

And it doesn't matter how much it cost per lead is, we can drive it down to the floor. We could, we could get, uh leads for $22 dollars a pop. And guess what, you're still gonna pay more for the acquisition because you're letting all these opportunities just fall apart. So the sales process when it comes to it, ok, it's the speed to response, speed to engagement. Very important then is knowing what to say when you have someone on the phone so you can qualify that prospect. And this is what we have.

Uh We're excited about launching our uh concrete coding success lab, which if you're interested in finding out, I'll talk a little bit about it later. But in the, in the concrete Coding success Lab, we have these calls uh every other week called the launch calls, which are coaching calls in helping you build your very own appointment setting, script, qualifying, lead conversion script that is customized to you and your business that we know it's gonna work for you. So it's very important to have that one initial engaged in the lead lead engagement.

We talked about that like um no, let's, let's, let's stay here for a minute. Uh You know, we have one client and uh although we provide the CRM, we provide all the training. They're still using a notepad, right? You wanna talk a little bit about that and the numbers and how shocking it was for you to see everything on the pipeline versus conversions. It was super shocking because when I look at their, their monthly leads, they're getting like 203 leads and then they're telling me they're only converting one and I'm like, wait, something's not adding up here.

So I had got on a call with um, the office manager who is the one that's also doing the sales and she's showing me a notepad and on the notepad, she's got three columns for the three times. She's tried to call these leads way after the fact that the leads have come in. And then I'm like, well, why aren't you? You know, this is, you can send them a text message. She's like, oh, I didn't know that. And then she's even like she even said something along the lines, you know, honestly, Maddie, sometimes I even forget to write down who I called and who I didn't call.

So, and that, that's what it is. That's what it is. And you see, this is why we have all of the support systems and weekly touch points with our clients because we need that feedback. And if we hear, hey, you've been an entire month and, and for all of you, if you're a business owner, especially if you're starting out and you're going to be delegating sales components to someone else or you have an admin, an office manager, A CS R someone dedicated to picking up the phone or dealing with the CRM.

This is critical. I mean, this has caused this business. How much now here's the beautiful part about that when you do have AC RM, like what we offer to our clients here, we have reactivation campaigns, lead engagement campaigns to help rescue all of those opportunities to make sure that they don't continue falling through the cracks. And on top of that, this is where the launch calls come in to help these individuals that are handling the the leads to be able to convert more opportunities, which is what I'm most excited about.

Um It's been high demand. We, we constantly get questions for it. That's a great example of how many teams, how many times have we've seen this happen where, where the the account manager is crushing it? Uh The leads are, are coming in, I mean, 220 how many leads? 21000 leads and leads at like an $234 cost? $18 cost per lead. Uh And I can tell you if I wish to pick up the phone, like I've done it before where a client says, hey, this leads are not responding. I'm like, sure, let me go ahead and dial the phone for you right there on the spot and we make three dials. Boom.

We get someone on the phone and they? Oh, sure. Yeah. Well, I never heard from anyone. Right. That's exactly what I did. I showed her right that in their real time how they do respond, like, right away, you know, which is crazy. And she's like, wow, I didn't know that, that I was like, ok. Well. Right. Right. And that's a lesson for us. Hey, what can we add right there in, in our on boarding process to ensure even if a client comes in. And this is the interesting part when we're working with a diverse, uh, line of clients, some of them, which the owner signs up and they hand up, immediately hand off the complained to someone else immediately, someone that was not involved in the sales process.

And now we're very conscious when we on board clients say who else is gonna be part of the sales process so that we don't just train the owner or whoever else, everyone needs to be involved in the process so that everyone is making the most opportunity. So that's just in the front end. Now, we have, uh, coming up into the face to face sales conversation sales process. You see, by the time you book the estimate to the point that you show up, there should have been some form of assignment, selling something that the homeowner is already doing thinking planning so that we can have a productive discussion about what they want to use, uh, their, their property for their floors for.

What, what does that environment need to look like? Uh If you're using an app like Flo 3d visualizer, where they get to play with the colors, they can send you some colors so you can bring some samples and uh you're ready to have that conversation and you can play around with that idea of the design. Now, when you're having that face to face, these conversations is a very elaborate, uh, very elaborate. It's about 67 step process that you get to have from the introduction to the greeting to the setting, the agenda to, uh sitting down with the prospect and, and co creating and building, uh, a unique experience for that homeowner.

So they, they can start to see the value, uh, on the product on the business, on, on the individuals that are gonna be installing the floors and so forth. So that entire play, it's really a dance. Sales is really a dance of building value and it's not about so much about overcoming objections. It's more about how much does the person on the other side feel like, hey, what I have here, it's exactly what I've been looking for and how much boarding I'm into what you're selling me.

So I could go right in and I could, uh, one sales process and we've seen this happen again, individuals that are used to installing floors, they come in and they, they take measurements and they just give them a, a bottom line price right there on the spot. And they say here it is and they give them an estimate and they leave, uh, the prospect there thinking about it. Sure, we're gonna get back to you. We're gonna think about it and then nothing happens. Now, the ones that are winning and crushing it.

And if you're into reading, I recommend, um, getting the book, the Challenger Cell, the Challenger Cell. And that is all about getting the prospect emotionally involved by going deep into really understanding what do they see in their current reality? That may be a trouble may be a problem. Maybe something that you can now customize a solution to solve it with your flooring solution. So maybe a crack, it may be the floor chipping, it may be the oil stains. It may be so many things. I mean, it's very unique for everyone but the more you customize it to that individual and they're the ones feeding you, uh, what their problems are, the more that they are actually telling you and committing into that solution.

Now, I can customize something. I could be selling the same thing as the, as the guy next door. But now it's so customized to you that you're so sold in that, in, in what I'm selling you that you're like. Sure. Well, wow. Yeah. You know, I, I'm, I'm into this and then now it comes down to, uh, understanding their buyer criteria how do they make buying decisions? Uh Grant Cardone has a great question. It's like, hey, when was the last time you made a, a purchase this size?

Right? When was the last time you made an investment of $2500 or $3500 on your floors or anywhere in your home? How did you go about making that decision? What was critical for you in making that decision? You see now they're telling me and now I can go back and lean in and say, hey, you know how you said that this and this and this is important to you and you know how you said that your floors, right? So now I can start building value. And this is an entire conversation.

I'm really excited about typing in and helping all these coding business owners uh and help people be able to improve their sales process and they're closing by uh by just making small tweaks just like this. Love it. I'm very excited about. Um We're gonna talk later about the concrete coding success lab, but I'm very excited because I know we're gonna get, you're gonna get like this is just like scratching the surface to the kind of information that we're gonna get in the the success lab. All right.

So I am just starting my company, my concrete coding and Epoxy flooring business. What should my budget be if I'm just starting out? Yeah, and this number varies from territory from territory to territory. Maybe you can chime in a little bit. Uh I would say, um, per crew, per crew, what the numbers that we're seeing right now, if you're starting, you're listening to this video right now. Uh Fall 2023 you should be aiming to a minimum of 10003 ads spent per crew minimum. This is, this is going to get you booked out probably about 1 to 2 weeks out.

You know, depending on what you're selling, it could be a lot more, but just to be very safe. This is, these are the numbers I'm seeing on the initial front face, those individuals that come out of the gates and they have a $14,000 budget, they get booked out right away. I mean, they see the lead flow just come in. So there's that one aspect of the budget and this is when you reach out to us, a concrete marketing crew, we spend some time figuring out what it should be for you because it's very diverse for everyone.

There are territories that it's wide open, quite literally wide open and there are others that it's just maxed out a ton of competitors. Um But you want to talk about this season and what what it entails having all these retailers e-commerce. Why the cost per lead goes up during this time? Ok. So during this time, cost per lead goes up because the market is incredibly imagine this is like the super bowl of advertising. So uh during this time, companies, some companies especially retail retail companies, especially all the holiday seasons, they ramp up their entire budget for just these months.

So it's not like that they need to advertise the entire year. Like say um these big giant um storefronts and small storefronts and anything that sells retail might not advertise, advertise in the beginning of the year. But they all, all their entire ads budget goes to this time. So the market is incredibly noisy and saturated. So ad spend by nature goes up beautiful. Yeah. And I love it. And if you can uh uh Christian, if you can put up that t-shirt again and then the hoodie. Um I want you to if you're watching this video, thank you for watching again.

We appreciate you if you're finding this information helpful and you feel like there's someone else that needs to listen to this, feel free to share this over, but you get a chance to um come into a raffle. We're gonna be giving away this T shirts, beautiful T shirts, concrete marketing crew cross the standards and uh there's a meaning behind it, especially right now as we're heading into some of the most competitive times of the year here, especially the concrete coating industry standards to us means we have to be absolutely different and, and break the standards.

I mean, we have to go above and beyond and we're so excited for this season for all of our clients. So there's the hoodie as well. This one is gonna be a special one. We, we're only giving away one hoodie and we're gonna be giving away four t-shirts, um, and for the month of, um, of September. So make sure that you're, um, you're leaving your, uh, uh, what do you call it? The reviews, the comments? Right, right below. And if we see that you're going to our Apple podcast or Spotify, you're leaving a review there, you're leaving the name of your company.

You also go, go to youtube and you also leave your company name there. Guess what? You get more entries so you can entry in more uh places. Just look us up in any podcast platform as well as on youtube, which is where we're hosting this video. The hoodie is, uh, is my favorite, my favorite too. I like that. So, um, this is the time, this is the time to really double down if you're starting right now, this season, just being in that mindset that you're going to need to invest and it's gonna be, the investment is gonna be higher than if you're starting out in spring.

It's just the bottom line. It's just the bottom line. Anything else you wanna add in that, in that point? No, that's, that's absolutely true. I mean, it, it's just, it's, I've, it's never not gonna work, it's gonna work. You just have to, you know, keep in mind that the investment is gonna be just a little bit more competitive in this season. Oh, yeah. And that's what we're here for. Uh, concrete marketing crew. If you are a concrete coding contractor and you're already running a business, you're running advertising, maybe the advertising hasn't been working the way it has in the past couple of years.

And you want a second opinion, you wanna figure out how you can improve your results. You want, you want to see how much better you could be performing, feel free to reach out, go to concrete marketing crew dot com and we only work with one client per territory. So that's a little bit tricky for us just because we, you know, we do respect that for our clients and we do honor that. So, um just go to the contact page and then fill out that form. We're gonna reach back out to you and see if your territory is available.

Either way. By the mere fact that you're reaching out, we're going to give you ideas and strategies on how you can improve your advertising. So even if we don't end up working on, on a working relationship, uh managing the ads for you advertising, uh we get a chance to uh pour into you and give you some ideas and strategies. Now, this is where I'm excited about. Um which is something we've been working extremely hard. Me personally, I would say close to 1000 hours, close to 1000 hours, over 200 videos, anything from CRM mastery, generating more leads just in the generating more leads.

Uh training portal, you have offline advertising, how to door knock, what to say when you're door knocking, direct mail, ideas and strategies, referral strategies, how to get more referrals. At what if out of every 10 clients and customers you have, you get to pull out 2 to 3 referrals on a very consistent basis. What would that mean for you and your business? That module alone is worth the entire price of admission? Um TV, and radio advertising. What does that look like? What does it need to look like? Uh ideas and strategies on that front?

We have the Facebook advertising and this is great for those that want to learn the process. Want to learn the concrete marketing crew process, what we're best known for, for those that want to do it themselves. We're opening up a few slots every single month. We're not gonna open this up for everyone. We wanna make sure the quality of the group is high individuals who are committed real businesses. Um And uh for that reason, it's by application and only, however, the the the price is very accessible, there is better pricing right now accessible open as of today.

So if you're listening to this and you're wondering, wow, what is this concrete coding success lab, what is, what is the, the bus all about. Well, it's about this training you on how you can run your own advertising. So what if you're working with another agency right now? What if you're working with another marketing agency? Guess what? You can come in here and you can actually go back, we'll show you how to look at the ads that are running. We'll teach you what the numbers mean. Why?

Because here's what, what we're on a mission to empower the industry, not to disempower, not to do smoking mirrors on you. We're done with that. Like that's, that's old age. Uh We're living in an age of abundance and we believe that truth should prevail and you know, there's nothing better than just understanding what you're looking at and what people are doing for you and our clients do get to appreciate this more because we show them how much we have to work in order to make a great ad campaign.

Go is not just 20 minutes. We spend hours, our video editors, graphic designers just putting together ads for our clients, not including the account manager, the time and attention, the optimization strategies. Uh The CRM support, the technical support plus everything else. That's just the Facebook ads. We teach you on uh Google ads if you want to run your own Google ads. OK. Awesome. And then here's the bottom line. If you're busy as a business owners, uh you know, clients end up hiring us for these things too. Like some clients are running those things themselves.

And now they're saying, well, you know what? I don't, I don't have time we're growing and I need to delegate, I trust you guys and your crew and here you go. But we, we're still gonna walk you through, step by step. What a landing page should look like. We're gonna give you some examples. We're gonna give you KPIS uh the keywords, you should be targeting everything. I mean, this is it. You know, I've trained hundreds of marketing agencies on how to build processes for their agencies so that they can build a fulfillment for their clients.

Uh Guess what? We're going direct to client here and I'm training our clients and I'm training the industry and I, I am the most excited about this so close to 1000 hours in combined training and just pouring myself into this deal because we have Facebook ads, Google ads, local seo you wanna get found on the maps and I'll give you all the strategies. That's my playground. That's the sound box show you how to get up on there. Um You want to learn how you can optimize your website for conversions. Beautiful.

I share with you exactly the heat maps, what you should be installing, what to look for in order to get more leads out of the same website. Uh Tik Tok advertising, want to know how to run tiktok ads. Um and don't wanna pay an agency to do it, right. Not a problem. You're gonna find out at some point in time when you're scaling and growing, you end up hiring a specialist just because of the amount of data and attention that needs to be done. Um Then you have the reputation, growth and tracking and reporting everything I've talked about right now is just one training within the concrete coding success lab.

So trainings within the training, uh and um that is on generating leads. We have another section on booking more estimates, which is what I talked about earlier and what to say for the different type of leads. So check this out appointment setting scripts. Calling back Facebook leads, calling back website leads, calling back trade show leads, calling in or answering the phones for inbound leads, calling referrals, door knocking, what to say. Calling back Home advisor and Angie's List rehash. I mean that alone, it's the entire thing and it gets me excited pump because I know if you unlock one of these specific items and you install it and you get lethal at it better than your competitors, you're going to win and we're here to give you that edge crushing the standards doesn't just mean like a cool sweater that we're gonna give Christian.

Uh a hoodie and a T shirt here. He's our podcast. Uh By the way, say hi to Christian. The comments here, uh as he's the one that's constantly moving in this. Uh, but we, we, we poured a lot of intention. Me personally, I've, I poured, uh, my heart and soul into this and, um, I, I love to over deliver and then there's the cell more floors and there's another one which is the recruiting engine. How about this? The recruiting engine? You want to find more people? I've never shared this before.

Anywhere else. Only here, I'll show you the ads, I'll show you the landing page. And in fact, we're going to give you the landing pages. We're going to give you the ads, the copy, where to run it, how to run it. Indeed dot com. Anywhere else, copy and paste point and click. And the beautiful part is as part of the concrete coding success lab. You get access to our concrete marketing app, which is our CRM is lead connectors go high level. But the CRM that we use for our clients with automation, a library and we show you how to tie it all together if you wanna do yourself.

And if you're a client of ours, you're gonna learn how to use it better. There's a training here on CRM mastery. So you can, you and your team just focus in leveraging the CRM to its maximum potential and perhaps you're ready to optimize the CRM customize it. And by the way, you don't need to use our CRM, but it's there, it's great um to help you integrate all of these pieces. Um And uh we have partners, there's the crew partners here, which is their, their interviews for all of our partners for different platforms.

So, Softwares company cam uh with drip jobs, I mean, just name all the major players out there, Softwares and other partners as well. There's a special partner here where you get special access. So again, all of this is available at a very accessible price point. Way less than when you would pay a marketing agency is not in the thousands of dollars a month. It's not gonna be that price point. And if you are a concrete marketing crew client, you get access to this at no extra cost.

So anyhow, it's a win, win for everyone. Maddie. It's a lot of, a lot, it's a lot of stuff so excited that there's so much value in the, in, in the success lab. Like I, I just, I'm hearing you say all these things now and I'm like, sign me up and I don't even have a car cos well, uh I'll get you signed up. Um And uh and on top of all of that, there's a business launch calls. That is where the value is because that's where the customization happens.

And this is what's gonna happen is we're gonna take you to an on boarding experience and even all of our clients, we're gonna on board, you re onboard you into this platform and we're gonna show you, hey, what do you need the most help with right now? And that's all we're gonna have you focus on. You don't need to go and learn the rest of the stuff. It's gonna be there for you when you're ready for it and that's it. And then when you have questions about that topic come over to the launch calls, uh, we're working on the calendar to have media buyers on the calls to give you feedback on your own ads.

If you're running your own ads or if you're having us run the ads, come on over jump have questions. We're here for you. We wanna add extra and above and beyond levels of support for you so that it's very convenient. I'm excited. I'm so excited about that. I'm super excited about that. Um I can't wait. I really can't wait. I have, there's a few of our clients that are already saying I can't wait either. So I'm like, I'm excited. This is going to be epic. It's an epic launch for us.

Um, ok. Do you want me to do two more questions? Sure. Whatever you got. So I have two more questions for you. OK. All right. So let's talk about websites. Are they really necessary to launch successful concrete coding and epoxy flooring business? So if you're just starting out and you're getting started and you want you, you're figuring out, do I need a website before I land jobs? You don't need a website. We have clients that uh have started and launched their business and they still don't have a website and they are well on their way to seven figures with the landing page.

Because when you become a concrete marketing client, we do give you a landing page. We do ask you to get a domain and you know, we just work with you on that front, but we do recommend that you do get a website because that gives you another level of experience. And the website should be an educational piece and educational tool. So, uh you can lean into it in the sales process a lot more. So, like I said, reviews matter. Well, the website does matter. But is it required?

No, it's not required and many people will disagree but I will prove them wrong. I mean, we've done it dozens and dozens of times, uh, with a lot of startups. Yes, for sure. Absolutely. Um, ok. Last question, what is the absolute bare minimum you need to get started? Oh, bare minimum. You need to figure that out. Uh Figure out which path you're gonna be? Is are you gonna be renting machines, equipment? Um What are you gonna be using for transportation? What does that investment look like? And this is where the training is coming into play.

Uh This is where, you know, the partnerships come into play. You have to do your due diligence. Every territory and application is very different. Uh what, what's gonna be your installed process? What's gonna be your application? You know, is it gonna be Poxy Base? Uh you know, what, what's, what, what are you going to do? And based on that, that is what you should know, you, you're gonna be going up front. Now, there's the other school which I completely recommend if you're ready to go in. Uh we have a client, his name is John recently started with us and he's like, man, I I I've been having a hard time here struggling with uh with getting leads.

Uh and he signed up with our program, it was an investment for him. It was a stretch. Uh And within the first week he sold three jobs, three floors. Is that right? Three floors. Um and, and he just keeps reinvesting and reinvesting uh into it. And now that gives him the capital to book jobs out and start fulfilling on them. We have other clients that they've come in and they said, you know what uh we want to have the marketing uh become our, our working capital. So what it means is they put money into advertising to market and they collect deposits on the jobs, then they book themselves out 34 weeks out saying, hey, customers, we have the next availability in our calendar is three weeks out, four weeks out.

So that gives them enough runway to reinvest those funds into whatever else they gotta do. Uh, so, you know, it becomes this specific ones. Ok. What are you gonna start with? Uh, there's really no right or wrong. Uh, you gotta be very confident and have a plan and that's what it's all about. It's having your plan dialed in and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to concrete marketing crew dot com and let's have that conversation and if we don't have the answers, we will point you to different partners that we have here, uh who can guide you along the way in the process.

And there's so many opportunities out there uh for, for wherever you are. So feel free to reach out. Don't stay uh shy. Yeah. What else you got for me? That's it. I have no further questions for today. You've answered all my questions. This is a great episode. I was very excited to listen to all things you were saying. Absolutely. It's always, it's always an honor and thank you for coming along, Maddie for this one. And if you're listening to this on Spotify on Apple, wherever you're listening to this again, you get a chance to get a special edition t-shirt from concrete market.

Increase crush the standard. Also hoodies, one hoodie and five t-shirts. That's the ratio. Now, here's the cool thing. You can also go to uh youtube and if you're watching this video on youtube, make sure you leave a comment with your company name. We're gonna be picking out names out of a hat. Uh The more places that you leave your name and your business name, we're gonna find out who you are and we're going to put your name into a hat right here on a podcast episode coming up and we're going to pick the winners and that's pretty much it.

So make sure you tune in. Thank you so much for watching. Thank you so much for listening. Danny Barrera, concrete marketing crew and your Concrete success podcast. Make it a great day. Take care.

Danny Barrera

Danny Barrera

Founder of Concrete Marketing Crew. Author of the up-and-coming book, "Sell More Garage Floors". Contributor to the Concrete Decor Magazine. Host of Your Concrete Success Podcast. We're on a mission to elevate the concrete coating & decorative concrete industry.

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