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Diversifying Your Marketing

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We dissect the pressing topics of today's marketing world. Delve into the current state of the economy and the concrete coating industry's trends. Unearth the power of holiday promotions in driving business growth. Understand what it takes to stay competitive in this ever-evolving marketplace. Explore a myriad of marketing avenues to ensure your brand stands out.

Topics Discussed

  • Check out the economy and what's new in the concrete coating business.
  • See how holiday promotions can help businesses grow.
  • Find out how to stay competitive in a changing market.
  • Learn about different marketing strategies to make your brand noticeable.

Audio Transcript

Hey there, my friends. This is Danny Barrera here with your concrete success podcast. For another episode with our very own Maddie Barrera. Maddie. How's your day going today? Everything is going well, everything's going well. I'm super excited to be here and record another podcast. I love recording this podcast with you and sharing all the stuff with our, our audience. Beautiful. What's the topic of today? All right, today's topic is gonna be a good one. Today's topic is gonna be how should concrete coding companies diversify their marketing, diversify their marketing?

Oh, that's a big topic. So where would you like to start? Um Well, I think we should start with um this, oh, you got a special treat here. So for our listeners, if you can look at this here on youtube, we are actually raffling this specific book, $100 million leads by Alex Orsi and we're actually giving this away. So, what I need you to do is make sure that you follow us on Spotify on Amazon, whatever podcast platform and give us a review of what you think and how you feel the show is going here for you.

Uh As well as give us your feedback. And then if you're watching this on youtube, uh make sure that you follow us, subscribe, give it a like and uh leave a comment for us and we're going to put all the names, everyone that has commented and we're going to pick out a name out of the hat. And in one of our future episodes, uh we're going to uh go ahead and announce the winner here for $3003 million leads. So I'm excited about this one. And, uh, the topic of today is diversifying the marketing, you know, and there's a lot of things you could do to market your concrete, coding and decorative concrete business.

So, um, where would you like to start? Where, what do you feel people are struggling the most? I think people right now I think the a good place to start is, um, let's talk about some of the symptoms of a slow economy in the codings industry. Let's start there. Yeah, I, I love that topic. Um, because, you know, we've seen what's happened, uh, right after COVID and all the money that was flying around and everyone, uh, refinancing their homes for 0.2% and all of a sudden find themselves with a lot of disposable cash to invest into their properties, renewing the properties, buying new properties, etcetera.

And uh, when that money has gone, uh, and has been spent, uh, what happens? What happens? Where do we go and they, there are a couple of specific graphs here that we're gonna be showing you uh here. And I'm gonna ask Christian our uh podcast editor here to uh show us on the screen here. Uh A couple of interesting facts that I like to look at. This one is for Garage Floor Epoxy. So if you're watching this on youtube, great, uh you can zoom in here Christian and give us uh the rundown.

And what I want you to look at is uh the down peaks uh as well as the, the top peaks. Uh This was right after COVID. You can see right in 2020 the big spike in demand for garage flo OXY quite literally, I mean, you, you could see uh I I don't have the specific stat here for you. I should have have that data for you, but you can see there was at least another 30% 2100% growth uh right out of the gates as uh doors open. And then uh you can see that the, the down the first down trend that you see in that specific graph is right around November into December and then it goes back up, we go back into the next uh down trend, which is the following year.

This is in 22024 uh actually 224 into 224. So the November of 22023 there's another down trend um and you can see the severe downtrend coming down. Um, and then, uh as we've gone and moved into 2200 uh, you can see right, right in the year, right before, um, there's just, uh uh as much of a decline in what the market under normal circumstances would perform. And this is what I say, we have to go back in time to see what's happened to be able to judge and see where we're at in, in, in the specific um uh business sector.

You know, so when I look at this and I can see that we're down 4003 2400% from two years ago in a November time period. You know, some people get freaked out because they're used to staying busy. They're, they're used to, you know, keeping four or five crews fully booked out. And now they're wondering, hey, is my marketing no longer working or is my advertising no longer working? Do you have the other graph here? You can pull up. So this was for Garage. Um Flo let's go ahead and look at the other graph which is for concrete coding, very similar.

And this one, you can actually see uh uh a deeper down trend happening if you consume in there. And overall, if we look at the uh the five year trend, we're up by 2400%. So it's not like we're doing any worse, but with inflation and everything going on, you know, we can have another topic for discussion, another episode, I'll make sure to get some uh better statistical data to reference here. But if you're watching this, you can see that last November for Concrete Codings was a year that was um there was less demand than 2450 years ago.

So for some people, it was the first signal in the first time that there is a down trend economy and they're freaking out, they're actually switching or considering switching marketing agencies and they're having conversations as to what's gonna happen. So I am personally looking forward to see what this November slash December uh time is going to prove for our clients. And we've been preparing, there's actually uh you know, I was in prayer a couple of months ago and I shared this with my team and I felt called to, to share with the world, hey, we, we gotta help our, our clients build their arc because no matter what comes our way, we gotta be ready, they have to be ready when it comes to marketing advertising and hence this episode here.

So as you can see here, the numbers don't lie. Uh we're looking at a year that is probably most likely for uh most uh companies that have already grown into the 456 crews. This is not gonna be another record breaking year but a year of sustaining. How do you stay afloat? How do you stay uh surviving and then build your thriving position into the future. Uh So this is probably what you experience this year to be is not another hey, record breaking year. Now, interesting fact is for our smaller clients that have two crews, they've been able to scale to four crews rapidly because there's still demand, there's still, you know, a lot of people buying concrete coatings, garage floor coatings and I don't know, is there anything you'd like to add in that piece?

No, definitely you can. Those graphics are very helpful because you can definitely see that downward trend and, and I agree with you, there is still demand but it's, it's, you know, when I, when clients say, hey, this year is totally different than last summer. Well, yeah, it is. It, it definitely is. It's the economy. All right, I have another question for you. How should concrete coding contractors prepare for the holiday season? Beautiful. I love it. So this is the time to start thinking about the promotions and look holiday season represents.

Something is people are saving up money and this is what you might have noticed. And, uh, I would love to hear your comments if you're watching this on youtube or wherever you're watching this. If you can live with your comment on youtube, let us know how your August month of August was. It's very interesting. We have a lot of data, uh, very diverse data for a lot of our clients, but it, it was a slower month that than last August or the prior two or 3 August. So, uh, it's very important to know.

So some people are deciding where their summer dollars are gonna go. Was it gonna be on a summer vacation with the family? Was it gonna be on a different project instead of doing multiple things? One project? Um, and that reflects into what's coming up here for this specific season of 2023 uh, fall into winter. And, uh and what do we need to prepare is special promotions. You know, people love to see uh promotions out there. Uh We've talked about the sales uh component of how do we deal with the leads and every single opportunity counting us twice.

And uh being absolutely responsive and giving every single lead a five star experience, which one of my mentors talks about Dean Jackson talks about, hey, give every single prospect, a five star experience, whether they're going to buy now or is it gonna be a spring season? So this is gonna be a season not just in, in doubling down in, in your promotions and doubling down in your advertising spend because here's the bottom line is uh winter season. You have every advertising or ecommerce, pushing promotions on the Facebook feeds, pushing promotions on tiktok.

So as far as promotions, this is the time to start thinking about what's it gonna be when Black Friday comes around, we're right around Christmas, you know, right in Thanksgiving season. Uh we, we have to be competitive. Doesn't mean you gotta lower your uh cost per square foot on, on a project. But the promotions is what gets people to respond. Raise their hand. Now, your sales process is what motivates them and incentivizes them to go and into the closing table and booking uh into that job. So that is really what we're looking forward to is, hey, let's make sure we double down on, on, on the promotions as well as have a plan in place to have the conversations.

Another one piece I'd like to add is offering uh special financing options. You know, that that's another big deal. If you, if you don't have a financing partner, there's gonna be a blog post released here within the next uh week or so where we're gonna give you uh different financing options that you can look into. Do your due diligence. That is your homework. You're a business owner, make sure that you step into that role and, and take the time to, to interview you uh all of your options and have something ready because this winter specifically, it's gonna be something that's gonna come in handy uh when you're at the closing table.

Oh, yeah, definitely. Like we've already at, at, at marketing group, we've already had our account managers start reaching out to all our, our accounts and, and, you know, kind of tell them, hey, you gotta prepare, we gotta prepare for the upcoming season and is just, you know, start thinking about what offers you're gonna offer as well as, you know, our, our creative team. We've been definitely talking about researching lots of different like creatives that will incentivize sales. Because if you're not gonna offer sales during this, this upcoming holiday season, you're, it's, you're not gonna stay ahead, you know, you're, you're kind of gonna fall behind a little bit because everybody's offering, um, uh they're offering sales during the season.

You know, everyone, I mean, and, and here's the bottom line. It's uh this is the time to double down. I cannot emphasize that enough is the companies that are already in pace to having their best years ever or having growth years versus down trend years severely. They have understood that, hey, my cost per acquisition is gonna go up just because of the nature of the market and we're not going to slow down. And this is the biggest difference between the smaller guys and gals and smaller companies.

And a lot of times you don't have the quote unquote budget or you don't have the sales process. This is why we're making a big push into our launch calls and also our concrete coding success lab, which is the coaching component of our agency, helping our clients build themselves up from the from the internal pieces. When it comes to uh lead conversion, booking more estimates, selling more floors. What does an entire marketing plan look like. And, uh, we're, I'm very excited about that one component because we're having live calls with our clients and, and giving them guidance through this process here, which is what they need in order to feel confidence and knowing exactly what the next step should be in their business growth.

All right, Danny. Um, how do, um, you build traction so that you have a better year in 2024? What advice would you give concrete coding contractors to build traction? So that 2024 is better than 2023? Yeah, I love it. So, and this is where Christian is gonna help me out one more time. We have uh a document called the Concrete Coding, uh Business Success Road Map. And if you can zoom in for, for me, if you're watching this on youtube, great. I want you to take a look at this, you know, if you're gonna double down in business and the one question I have for you is how long do you plan to be in business in with this specific business that you're on?

Is it a concrete coding, decorative concrete business? If you are planning to be in this thing for the long run, for the long term and capitalize on every opportunity, guess what? Lead generation on Facebook only is not gonna cut it for you. You in order for you to stay competitive, there are multiple, multiple things that you must tackle and one of those is like, hey, your brand, it's time to revisit the brand. Have you been able to uh build your business to a multi six figure heading into seven figures?

But you're not cracking that code. Guess what? That's where your brand matters the most. That's where you know, you go from being a elite league into, into upgrading into a big league and having different results in your business. The next component is maximizing your offline lead generation. You see because at the end of the day, uh every opportunity cost us twice. However, let me just put this example for you. What if you're given a quote, an estimate or installing a floor in a specific neighborhood and you're surrounded by homes just like the one that you're installing right now.

That is the greatest opportunity to go knock on some doors, introduce yourself, give out some flyers and book more estimates on the spot. That is the the moment in time where you can use tools like Flo which Floy is one of our partners here, our concrete market crew, which we, we recommend a visualizer that enables you to give out instant estimates. Also, CRE is another platform that we love. It works great for outdoor contractors. Some of our indoor contractors use it, but these are tools that you can leverage when it comes to the offline lead generation.

So trade shows, I know this is a trade show season right now. A lot of our clients are doing trade shows. So there's so many things that you must look as, as investment because all of those lead generation opportunities when they make it into the pipeline, that is where your sales process kicks in the lead nurture campaigns, the lead reactivation campaigns and the monthly check ins with every lead and having your sales reps go ahead and start um getting into those leads. And the next one is online lead generation.

That one, I mean, we can go on and on into what that represents that goes anywhere from Google search, uh Google ads into the Google Maps listing as well as Facebook advertising, the Google Facebook ad that advertising youtube advertising, Pinterest advertising and we can go on and on and on. Uh what I wanna have you consider is that a complete company that's running all cylinders, you know, if they wanna have AAA better year next year, uh you must be willing to invest into advertising and the reality of the market is that your cost per acquisition, your cost per acquisition is going to be higher.

I am predicting that right now. Uh It doesn't matter uh what you do. Uh So you must improve on your sales process to have a very tight sales process. And then on the other hand, keep your marketing partner accountable. This is why concrete marketing crew, we build our entire business model around helping our clients be able to crush the standards, help them get better creatives, better ads. I mean, our competitors copy our ads all the time. We, we see them like literally running our, our clients ads.

And we, we've started uh doing uh what do you call it? The water marks on all the videos just because, you know, there, there's another video that that's uh running around where uh with my voice over the cost per liter on those on those is like down, down to $4003 in some territories. So that is where your marketing partner will really shine. And uh that is a time to really uh become lethal at your entire marketing uh campaign marketing strategy. And we're, we're holding those sessions right now for our clients and if anyone is interested in learning more, uh and thank you for the, the slide Christian.

If anyone's interested in learning more about how you can improve your concrete coding marketing plan, and you want to get a second opinion into what you're running for your marketing plan, your marketing strategy. You want us to look at your ad spend and just check in to see where you're at. You want some recommendations, feel free to reach out to concrete marketing crew dot com and go to the contact page in there. We're gonna see. Look, we only work with one specific contractor per territory and I hope that everyone listening to this, we appreciate you checking in, but we, we do that for uh service area, exclusivity reasons.

We'll still give you the overview of your specific territory and that's gonna help you get a good understanding of what you're doing and what you can do to add uh more uh lead lead sources into your, your pipeline. And that is where this book here, $100 million leads comes into play. Uh We're giving this away. All you have to do is leave us a comment, make sure that you follow us and let us know how you're liking the show. And uh give us the name of your company in there.

Feel free to leave that in the comments, your Facebook page, the name of the company and uh make sure that you uh share uh what you find here and we're gonna pick out a couple of names out of that app and uh give out some $100 million leads books. And in this book, Alex talks about the different ways to generate leads. The four core ways to generate leads. Referrals is one of them. There is um called outreach, which a lot of you are not doing call outreach, but called outreach is door knocking.

The good old door knocking, calling back all the the leads that uh have signed up in your pipeline. They've gone called as well as advertising and adding advertising channel. So, um I'm not sure if that answer your question. That was very good. That was a lot of information. And it was very, very good. I really liked everything, especially our um the timeline that you showed was very, very good. OK, so you kind of touched upon this a little bit in what you've been talking about. So I want you to dig a little deeper and I want you to talk about what we're doing in concrete marketing crew to help our clients in this upcoming season, excited about it.

So there are actually there are 33 ways we're helping our clients. One of them is the coaching component and this is not your happy clay coach. Hey, guys, hope you're doing well. You know, I hope your business is doing well and you're going back feeling good about yourself, but your business is in the same spot. That is not what this coaching is about is about having real tangible results for your business. When it comes to the lead version, I wanna have you consider if you have an office assistant, admin assistant, if you have an appointment setter, if you have a sales assistant, whatever you wanna call it, someone that's picking up the phone and calling every lead opportunity and they're not maximizing the CRM.

I can help you find at least another quarter million dollars in your CRM. If you have a couple of 100 leads, this is in in literal book jobs. So that's one component, one small piece right there. So the launch calls, coaching calls happening, uh they're gonna be with me as well as I'm gonna have special guests come in, individuals who are running multimillion dollar businesses in the trenches in the beginning. We're gonna start off with, how do we maximize every single opportunity? I'm gonna give you all the scripts, all the support.

We're gonna customize the script. Uh And I've done a ton of sales training. I actually enjoy it. I love it. I help uh marketing agencies right now, I've helped so far grow. Uh Quite a few uh probably about a, a dozen uh marketing agencies to multi million dollars sharing what I I'm going to be sharing with all of our clients here. So this is coming up right now. Uh Make sure that you inquire about our launch calls. Uh If you're not a concrete marketing crew client. Another piece is the concrete coding, a success lab, concrete coding, success lab, how to grow and scale a profitable concrete coding business.

So I'm gonna walk you through. I showed you uh some of the slides on the business success road map. Let me just tell you right now, the business success road map training. Uh It's a very complete training that in itself is an entire business model that can help you launch and scale a business. However, I'm gonna be walking you through the CRM mastery. I'm gonna walk you through lead conversion, lead generation, sell strategies to help you grow and scale a business. And if you want to go door knocking and you don't know what to say.

I'm gonna give you the scripts. I'm gonna give you what to say. I'm gonna give you how to say it. Uh If you're not sure on how to get referrals or how to get more five star reviews, I'll give you the exact same scripts that are helping our clients crush it. So that in itself. So you get the coaching plus the training, which you get access, you and your, your team gets access uh into the training. And by the way, it's only for clients only. So you don't have to worry about, hey, you know, who else has this information?

And it's only for concrete marketing crew clients, one client per territory. And uh you guess it, I mean, that's why it's a competitive advantage. So, really excited about those two components and then the piece with A I and automation, you know, this is something that we're doing an incredible push here at concrete marketing crew is marrying A I plus lead conversion uh right into the CRM that we have right now and refining that process, we have a couple of clients in better uh test right now and we're getting ready to roll that out in queue four for all of our concrete marketing crew clients and some clients don't like us to include any automation at, at which point we uh we'll give you all the option to do that So that is how we're helping our clients get, get all of this.

Uh I would call it unfair advantages but all the support they need so that when they show up into 2024 look, they know exactly what marketing plan they're running. They know what their KP I should be from a marketing sales perspective and they're confident in the business model that they're building uh for their business for next year. Yeah, I'm super excited about the Conquered Marketing Success Lab. I've been watching it develop and I am so excited for you to roll it out because it's going to be so helpful for all of the people that we serve.

I mean, today I had a call with, with a client who had a little bit of a concern in terms of like they were using their, their CRM and I'm so excited to be able to bring this to them because now we can actually have all these trainings, these coaching calls and I'm super duper excited about that. Um OK, Danny, I have no further questions for today. Beautiful, beautiful. So uh for Marie, um give us a couple of ideas before we sign off here, a couple of tips here for anyone watching and perhaps they're running their own Facebook ads.

Uh and they're thinking about what promotions they can run for the concrete coding business. They could have conquered business. 24 24 2023. Excuse me. Uh, what tips would you give them? Ok, so definitely the first tip I'm gonna give them is, um, sales offer, sales. Um, I think the best form of sales is say $200 off, one car garage, $300 off two car garage, $400 off, um, uh, four car or larger size, um, garage. But also another good thing to do is to kind of see what your competitor is running. And if like, they're running like a $400 off, so you run a $450 off and you kind of like have a little bit of a one up in terms of, of your offer.

So I definitely would start running sales right now. It would be something that um calculated into your um what your profits are and what your costs are and definitely start there. That that would be my biggest tip for now in terms of that beautiful. Yeah, I would say as far as the creatives do, this is the time uh when we're talking about creatives, this is the time to get your videos and pictures done at the next level because everyone is improving. I mean, here's the bottom line.

If you're not able to deliver that concrete. Coding is a visual. Decorative, concrete is a visual uh sell. So that must be conveyed in the best possible way I can tell you all of our best winning ads have been done mostly from an iphone recorded and shot from an iphone and conscious, send that footage over, so get creative with it. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to concrete marketing crew and team. Thank you so much for listening and tuning into your Concord Success podcast.

Uh I'm gonna ask you if you enjoyed this episode specifically, make sure that you subscribe, you leave us a comment and if you found this useful and know someone that can use some of these resources and helps and ideas, go ahead and share over this episode. Danny Barrera signed off. Thank you so much. I'll see you in the next one.

Danny Barrera

Danny Barrera

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