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Top Off-Page SEO Tactics for Concrete Contractors

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Not all Off-page SEO tactics work for concrete contractors. So much has changed over the years, Off-page SEO is a strategy for the decorative concrete contractors to improve their ranking in Google. With this techniques, you can generate more traffic and concrete projects by optimizing your website’s backlinks profile. It’s one of the most powerful search engine optimization techniques that you should not ignore if you want to get ahead of your competitors in 2021! 

Topics Discussed:

  • Where HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, BBB, and Yelp get the majority of their traffic
  • Why your Google My Business plays an important factor to your concrete SEO strategy
  • Which citations are the most important for concrete contractors
  • EAT (Expertise, Authority & Trust)
  • How to get your concrete company to be trusted by Google
  • The most important local links you should be getting to beat your competitors

Audio Transcript

Well. Hello there. Welcome aboard concrete contractors. This is Danny Barrera with your concrete success podcast for another episode. For another episode of search engine optimization for concrete contractors. And today we’re gonna be talking about the top of page SEO Ranking factors for concrete contractors in 2021. The top Off-page SEO Factors for concrete contractors in 2021. And again my name is Danny Barrera here, founder of concrete marketing crew. This entire conversation is actually, it’s actually a small piece of the puzzle from the new SE0.

2021 formula for decorative concrete contractors. So check this out if you’re a flat work or decorative concrete contractor, you specialize in concrete coatings, epoxy flooring, stamped concrete, concrete staining polishing, you specialize in anything concrete. This conversation is relevant to you. We are at the forefront of the concrete industry. Okay, that’s all we do. We specialize in marketing concrete contractors throughout the United States. So we have a lot of data. So what we’re sharing today is what’s working to help you and your company rank higher than your competitors on google search, not just in the google maps section, but as well as the organic search results.

And why why is organic? Why am I so obsessed with Organic? Well, I’m obsessed with organic searches because you see help, that’s how they get there. The majority of their traffic. Have you heard of help, the guys that keep calling you and harassing you to buy a listing? How do you think that they actually get their traffic? The majority of their traffic comes from the search engines. It’s not necessarily direct traffic. And how about Home Advisor? Okay, how do you think Home Advisor gets their leads or where do they get their lead from?

It’s not necessarily their brand name. They do have an incredible brand name, massive. A lot of searches for whom, advisor, but the majority of traffic, if it’s from their google search rankings, how about thumbtack? How about thumbtack? Let’s talk about thumbtack for a second. Okay. Uh next door, I mean all these different business directories and even triple B dot org, where do they get the majority of their traffic? It’s not from the google maps because they cannot get there. It’s from the organic searches. Also in this video, we’re gonna be talking about the top S. E. O. Ranking factors that are off page outside of your website, the things that, that S E O S uh you know, really obsess about in this S E. O. Conversation and it’s really not the foundation as much as the own page or as much as the other factors like the keyword research or understanding the planning phase.

And if you’ve been listening to this series, you can go back through our episodes here at your success podcast and just check those out. There’s a lot of content, a lot of valuable information. Uh and if you’re watching this on you to make sure that you give us a thumbs up, you subscribe to the channel and if you’re with your learner, just go to the Youtube channel concrete marketing Crew and check out all the videos that we have, all the resources. You’re gonna get to see my face on all these presentations here for now.

But let’s go ahead and talk about the new uh the new changes for off Paychex Ceo for concrete contractors And again, sc oh it’s part of our concrete marketing plan for concrete contractors. It’s part of the S. E. O. Dominance to get you found everywhere. And if you don’t know who I am, my name is Danny Barrera, founder of concrete marketing crew, also the author of the digital concrete marketing plan and the host of your concrete success podcast, which you’re listening to. And concrete marketing crew. Were an associate member of the American Society of Concrete contractors.

Also served as a board member of the decorative concrete council and I’ve spoken at the concrete the course show um articles have been published at the concrete, the core magazine widely accepted as the premier expert in internet marketing for decorative concrete businesses and look what I’m teaching you where I’m sharing with you. It’s stuff that I also teach other digital agency owners uh for themselves. So that’s pretty much it, that’s pretty much all about us. Let’s go ahead and focus on off page optimization. And right now let me make my screen a little bit bigger So that you can see it off page search engine optimization.

So what is one of the most relevant factors for ranking for a concrete contractor in 2021, number one is your service area. Where are you based out of him? What is your service area? And with that comes your google my business listing. Okay, now there is uh, there’s gonna be a couple of things. I’ll talk about it. And does it mean that you need to have a google my business listening. In every single city you want to rank? No, it doesn’t mean that however, you do need to have an entity.

You do need to have uh, you need to have your business registered on a google property, which for local contractors and local businesses is the google my business listening. Let me go ahead and see if I can pop this open here, minimize the screen so that I can give you a real example. You can check it out by the way. If you have not checked out our website concrete marketing group, go ahead and make sure that you make sure that you check out concrete marketing crew dot com and uh download our free marketing checklist.

The ultimate inter marketing checklist for concrete contractors. Actually walk you through what I’m talking about right here, more in depth. You can see it right here, I’ll give you all the pointers and there’s gonna be a section here for off page optimization. So make sure you get this, download all you gotta do is enter your name and email and then I’ll send it over to your inbox. But that being said, let’s go ahead and open up google right now and as we’re open up google um what I like to do is just type brand name, so a brand name is Apple.

When I type Apple on the right hand side, I have a couple of plug ins right now on the, on the right hand side, I have something called the Knowledge Panel. You see that right here, let me make this a little bit bigger, You can do this on your own. When you google Apple, you’re going to find a knowledge panel. Now, the knowledge panel here, you can see here, it has a description, it has some links to properties that are relevant to that brand and you know, they have the locations here on the google maps, but you can see here that this is a knowledge panel.

Let’s go ahead and google google. Right, let’s go ahead and google for google. What comes up on the right hand side again, one more time is the Knowledge panel is an entity, is what google considers this specific property here. And you can see here the profile start coming up here, right down here. Right, so it is no different for a concrete contractor, it’s no different, it is absolutely no difference. So let me go ahead and type in just around um um let’s go ahead and look for someone in Houston who’s dominating Houston right at this moment.

Okay, cool, so let’s go ahead and just google for volcano concrete. Mhm. Okay, so that you can check it out and you can do this on your own and when I google volcano concrete, you get to see that the listing comes up on the right hand side again, this is an entity and this is the google, my business listing. We have an entire training on how to get this on the right way. But here you see, there’s a link to the website, there’s there’s a link for a call but there and users can live a review so your customers can go ahead and leave your review.

We have an entire training on optimizing your google my business listing. So make sure that you check out our prior episodes here on the channel and our upcoming webinars for concrete contractors on how to optimize the google my business listening. So that being said, claiming and optimizing your google my business listing will have a positive impact in your organic search results if you do it the right way and again, that’s a big if if you don’t do it the right way, you might have a google my business listening and it will not make a difference.

So the way you integrate the listing, the way that you optimize it, where you’re sending the link to on your website makes a big difference. So that would be one thing that I would say is a fundamental criteria for concrete contractors who want to have massive results in their organic search is claiming optimizing their google my business the right way and then using that information on the back and on the website, which is what we call schema, using schema, which is markup language for the search engines to optimise and associate your website with that listing.

Now, the second thing is getting lots of citations across the web. Now you might you might have heard about the power of citations and the relevance that happens when you are building links and citations and I can tell you that it does matter. So let’s go ahead and take that same example. Again, I’m going to minimize the screen and just gonna gonna go back and share, make this a little bit more interactive here. So I’m gonna go ahead and grab the website. Okay, volcano concrete. And I’m going to go to one of our research tools here, which is h refs or a H refs and a couple of things I’m going to look at is their back links.

And I can tell you they’re probably gonna have, like, you can see there yellow pages is one of the links that they’re getting uh Y. P. And then they have a couple of other links uh that are part of a big directory websites, right? Directory websites that are mentioning where this business is located. So the moment that you start getting your business okay, in all these different, you know, all this business directories, that’s the moment you’re going to start seeing the relevance go up for your service area and why is this important?

Uh This is very important because when we come here and we we see where we are showing up in the in those website directories and we actually analyze those website directories. Um You can see that those website directories also have on page optimization. They also have S. E. O. They also have ranking power to them and not every single directory is created equal. So when you’re starting out with mapping out what directories you should be, uh You should be part of. Well, we actually cover that in when you download our free checklist, we walk you through some of the most important directories that you have to like.

You must uh and some individuals use your next as means of getting themselves in their others don’t. So it’s not a complete mandatory uh thing that you have to use a program like Next. We actually create a combination of manual as well as use the powered up Next distribution. But we use a lot of manual labor to create those listings and verify the manually. So when you verify the manually and you optimize those listings the right way, they will help you rank higher. Uh like I’m showing you an example of a ranking, google my business but also uh as far as the organic ghost, right?

So um you can see there the citations and getting yourself in all this in all these different website directories that are relevant to your industry is extremely important is extremely important. So again, the second thing is, is once you start gaining citations uh and getting in all these different concrete directories in all these local business directories in chamber of commerce websites in your city, you’re going to gain a lot of power. You’re going to start naturally ranking higher. And, and look, here’s the thing is, is if you want to see what your competitors are doing, uh, you can also do that back, uh, that research.

So if I, if volcano was my competitor, volcano concrete for the sex of this example, I would do the very same thing. Just go ahead and look at the back links that they have going on to their website uh, and and run it from there. So let me go ahead and just do another search here. Kind of walk you guys through this example as a whole. So let me see. Uh, and again, we’re using this example for concrete contractor in Houston. And uh, let’s see, Human Advisor comes up first.

Uh, we have some branded links come in here and we have concrete patios unlimited. And I just want to see what links these guys have going back to their website and again, I’m going to hit the center of the submit one. You can see here. Uh, they’re part of all these local business directories, yellow pages. Um, let me make one more, one link per domain here. Yeah, we have a contract or start up. Right? So, so you can see here, it’s not about the quantity, but where the, where these links are coming from.

We can also run it through a different tool that we have here, which is ECM Rush. And um, what I’d like to do is do a domain analysis and do the same thing. It’s just look at the back links that they have pointed to their website and kind of see where where, where you see that they’re getting their back links from. So a lot of times you don’t need that many back links Is that that’s why we start out with the Foundation because proper S. E. O. Should do the majority of the work. Right.

So you’ve got all these business directories, all the citations. Now we can start thinking about, okay, what are some other creative ways that are going to help us get some real powerful, natural and organic back links back to our client’s websites or back to your concrete website. And that is uh that is the question. We started looking out because you see Google’s algorithm change constantly keeps changing. It continues to get updated and upgraded. And you know, the days of using a simple block posts and just using that and then building the basic directory links those days are are really fading away.

As you see, there are some of the examples I showed you right now. Those guys don’t have 1000 links going back to their website in Houston texas, one of the most competitive competitive areas in the country. Actually, you can see it there. It’s really, it takes more of a strategic approach and using your content and using the right strategies we’ve discussed in the prior webinars to rank higher in this case used to be that you could just send some citation and directory listing links to the website and write a couple of blog posts about concrete.

And you could rank yourself. And you would see all this epoxy guys putting up this epoxy websites, very simple thin content. Uh sent a couple of, a couple of 100 links from India or fiber and they could rank their website and all those days are gone like this is a different, this is 2021. So just using those uh cookie cutter solutions, those you know, thin black post, it just doesn’t cut it anymore. So well, we started working with and testing out all these different platforms on our back end.

We found that uh that this customized authority signal generation approach that are about to show you is really what what’s really changing, how we were amplifying the power for our clients. So this is a cutting edge content marketing platform that’s built for authority signals. And uh with the authority signals, Google is looking at three things right now when it comes to so satisfying the content. And again, this is off page content and how how does it relate to to your website? Well, here’s the thing, Google is looking at the expertise meaning the quality um of of where the content that that is sending back links is coming from.

Uh the expertise is the content they’re relevant and number two is authoritative. Is it coming from an authority and trusted source and number three it’s trust. So expertise, authority and trust does he passed actual page page rank jews. So when we started looking at all these different uh google my business listings and organic search results, we wanted to find the sweet combination that put it all under one specific umbrella. We did not want to have 20 things flying around. We wanted to have something that really influenced the organic rankings as well as the Google maps rankings because we knew that that would be powering up our clients results.

You can see there that when we look at the S. E. O. Periodic table. Uh there is a lot of things that that you know, just don’t get talked about in in the S. E. O. Industry as much and I don’t want to show you this to confuse you. I don’t want to talk about all these different instances here. But what I can tell you is that this is a real thing, guys, this is an absolutely real thing, the expertise authority and trust. These are factors that google is taken into consideration when you’re publishing content on the website, when you’re getting back links, if the content that’s coming is somewhere in the middle of India and it’s written by a guy that no one even knows who that guy is or that gal uh you know, google is not going to even consider that link doesn’t matter.

This is why directory and established directory websites work. It’s because google trusts certain sites more than others. They know that there’s a verification process. They know that they’re, you know, you have to put in some effort and not everyone is able to get a listing um, approved in those websites. So that’s why it’s very important to know where these links are coming from. So, again, some of the things that we wanted to find as far as the combination is, how do we find the type of links that work to help our clients build proximity, build their relevance and the prominence?

And that’s why I’m about to show you right now, instead of just talking about this in trying to confuse you with all these terminology, I thought it would be great if I could just show you. So, this is one of our clients right here and uh, what you’re seeing is one of the specific content types that gets published on their website with an authority. Uh, and what happens is as soon as this content gets published, you can see there is structured in a beautiful way. There’s real relevant information in this case is five things natural residents should consider before staining the concrete.

So, it’s an educational piece of content that talks about concrete staining. Right? So guess what? We want to rank that website for staining. Now, the next thing that we do, this goes online, it gets published and check this out. Now we have a link. Okay, That that basically what this does is our contact get syndicated all across the web through all these authority websites and they give us the proper attribution and saying, hey, this specific business right here, it’s actually writing authority content. And you can see there is basically a replica of uh, of the content in a strategic way.

Now, some people will say, well, Denny, is this a duplicate content? Is this? You know, google is going to penalize you for that. And the answer is absolutely not. Because what we’re doing here is we’re giving full attribution of the original source to our client’s website. So you as a concrete contractor, get the proper attribution, you can see there the google, my business map gets embedded there, you can see the reviews, you can see the name, address and phone number. So the entity as a whole, okay, gets boosted.

And this is one of the specific ways. And you can see there throughout all these different uh, sites here, which are our authority websites, Fox News, uh, you know, you get NBC abc, all these different authority websites are sending us a relevant link, uh and those links would be wherever we want to point them to. So again, we have an entire strategy that points linked back to our our websites and uh, we did not just want to target one area in getting our clients ranked organically, but we wanted to make sure our website actually ranks for, for that content.

And if we actually search this specific content here, I can tell you that it will be a ranking property. So you can see there. Boom. We have our content ranking right here. Okay. And google considers this to be the right content and again, we get the right attribution for our services. So all of this is strategically placed to make this contract or look like a real business, which it is helps you stand out from all these competitors for all this. Fly by night contractors, uh, and establishes this concrete, uh, contract or decorative concrete contractor as an authority in the space.

And I can tell you this when whenever we get traffic referral traffic from all these links sources, the conversions are very high meaning people automatically just because they found that article automatically trust this specific contractor here. So, so again, those are some of the things that I want you to to start looking into us. You optimize your, your website with off page optimization for S. C. O. So let’s go ahead and recap really quick and then um, then we’ll wrap it up here. So again, what we’re done and what we’ve discussed so far is uh, off page optimization for concrete contractors.

We don’t need to worry about mass quantity. Number one. Number two is That matters, is relevance and relevance comes in a couple of different ways. # one is your relevance as an entity, as a business. So getting yourself optimized with your Google. My business listing will help you uh, in in many ways rank higher, organically. # two is the type of of citations or directory websites pointing to your concrete website. So one of them are the main based Foundation Director is that google crawls So that they can understand your business better.

And number two is local business directories that are actually local in your city. So if you’re in Miami, you want to look for any Miami based business directories that are just about Miami, they don’t talk about SAN Diego, they don’t talk about new york. Only Miami business is very powerful and number three and even more powerful any business directories that has to do with your industry. So anything that has to do with concrete, concrete flooring, decorative concrete epoxy floor, there’s only a handful of those. So we have an entire list of all those directories out there and we get them as best as we can for all our clients.

Some get approved immediately, others take a couple of months to get approved. But what I can tell you is the more that we build upon that foundation, our website ranks higher now a bonus which is a very power boost, very powerful strategy is to make sure that you’re part of your Chamber of Commerce. Local Chamber of Commerce, get a link back to your website. Number two is, if there are any local, any local, um, events that perhaps fundraiser events or any local events that are advertised online in any website, you want to make sure that you get your business in there.

So we have some concrete contractors that there, they just happen to be advertising radios in local radios. And they get a link into the radio website and boom. That is a very highly, very powerful radio website. Uh, and it’s local to the specific city. And therefore whenever we see a link coming back to those sites, it just, almost, almost immediately we see the impact of those type of links. And then you want to start building the reviews back to your business. Reviews are a big factor. Um, having uh, google my business is great, but having reviews actually helps you validate your entity and, and just the relevance, google wants to provide the best answers for a query and then getting authority back links to the website, just like the ones we’ve shown you.

So, having content syndicated throughout the web and not just any content, but the real type of content having content throughout the web, I can tell you that it helps your website, okay, build a trust and authority that he needs to rack in competitive areas. So, uh, that’s pretty much what we have here for this presentation. I want to thank you very much for listening in and I want to hear your questions whether you’re watching this on Youtube or you’re listening to this over in apple podcast stitcher, you have Spotify or any of those different podcast sources go ahead and let us know how we’re doing.

Would love to get a review from you, would love to get some feedback from you. And if you need any help, go ahead and visit concrete market include dot com today and either schedule a free complimentary strategy call with us and what we’re doing is, well, we’ll get on the phone with you and just learn about your business, your process. Hey, what are your goals? What is it that you need? There’s absolutely zero pressure and will not power a complete uh, complete concrete marketing plan for your business that applies to your goals.

And with that being said, Danny Barrera go to concrete marketing crew dot com right now, over and out. Have a great rest of your day.

Danny Barrera

Danny Barrera

Founder of Concrete Marketing Crew. Author of the up-and-coming book, "Sell More Garage Floors". Contributor to the Concrete Decor Magazine. Host of Your Concrete Success Podcast. We're on a mission to elevate the concrete coating & decorative concrete industry.

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