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Does SEO Still Matter For Concrete Contractors?

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Does SEO still matter for decorative concrete contractors? Yes, it does! In this podcast episode, we’ll cover why. If you’re a contractor and don’t have an online presence, you are missing out on potential leads that could be your next job. Your website is the single most important tool in today’s digital marketing world. It can help attract new clients and great projects. So if you want to get ahead of the game, tune in to today’s episode. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Does SEO still matter for flatwork & decorative concrete contractors
  • Why SEO “did not work” for contractors who’ve tried to do SEO in the past
  • Where you need to be to get leads from organic search & Google Maps search results
  • The difference between SEO vs Local SEO vs Google My Business Optimization
  • Why SEO does not directly impact your Google My Business listing rankings

Audio Transcript

Hey there. Welcome aboard concrete contractors. This is Danny Barrera again for another episode of your concrete success podcast. And if you’re listening to this episode right now, thank you so much for tuning in. And if you’re watching this on Youtube, thank you so much for watching this on Youtube. And if you have not yet subscribe to our channel on Youtube, go go to Youtube dot com and look for concrete marketing crew. Hit that subscribe button and go ahead and look through some of our videos. I am sharing a ton of information and you will continue to see me show up here via this media as well as the podcast.

So if you like listening to podcast on stitcher, you can go to stitcher or Spotify. You can go to Spotify. If you like going to the good old apple podcasts and and look for uh or listen to your podcasts there. You can look for your Concrete Success podcast. They’re so excited to have you here and today’s conversation, we’re gonna talk about this. S. E. O. Search engine optimization Still matter for decorative concrete contractors. Does S. E. O. S. C. O. Still matter for concrete contractors? And and here’s the conversation.

Look, this is part of our presentation, the new Ceo 2021 formula for decorative concrete contractors. If you’re interested in watching the full webinar presentation, you can just go to concrete marketing crude dot com forward slash S. C. O. And you’re gonna see a button right there that says watch free webinar and you can watch the entire presentation. We go in depth into this specific topic there and this is for concrete contractors and decorative concrete contractors. This applies to you guys. So let’s get right into it. So, uh, here’s a conversation.

S You still matter. So I want to share some some real interesting data. So, uh, S. E. O. Search engine optimization is part of our full concrete marketing plan for concrete contractors. This is a whole proven process. We did not just pull this this out of thin air here. This is a proven process to help concrete contractors wherever they find themselves in their business cycle to get found online. Number one, number two is become a trusted concrete contractor and generate more leads and not just generate more leads, but once you have leads, how do you convert those leads?

Well, that this marketing plan uh really encompasses every area under one umbrella. So that being said, this is step number three S. C. O. Dominance. And and the conversation about search engine optimization really falls under that umbrella there. So again, if you’re interested in watching the webinar presentation, just go to concrete marketing crew dot com forward slash S. C. O. Uh S as in SAM E. And then oh and you’re going to get access to that there. So uh if you don’t know who I am, I am the founder of concrete Market include Danny Barrera, also the author of the Digital concrete Marketing Plan, where I share the entire strategy in the blueprint that we’ve run for concrete contractors to help them stand out online.

Also, the host of your Concrete Success podcast, which is if you’re listening to this right now, this is who we are. Uh an associate member of the american Society of concrete contractors and uh I have spoken at the Concrete the course show and that was a very fun experience. Also other industry events across the United States. I’m a published author and articles that you can find in the concrete industry. One of them is the Concrete, the Court magazine. You can go ahead and check out those articles there.

Also, I help other digital agencies learn proven processes to run their own marketing agencies, ethical digital marketing agency. So I am very heavily involved in that world there and I teach them. But this information is irrelevant here. You are here to learn whether S. E. O. Still matters for concrete contractors and let’s go ahead and just look through some data here. I thought that would be interesting. So what you’re looking at right now, if you can see this screen here is just a quick screen grab of the google search results.

And this is something interesting that I think you should pay attention to that whenever you make a search for concrete contractor services. So there say you’re looking for concrete contractors and you are in Dallas for example, make that search. The first results that come up on the top section is the google ads section. And underneath the google ads section is going to be the google maps section, which is also known as the google my business listings. And then usually there are three listing school has been testing out different formats recently, where now they’re showing up to listings instead of three and also they have been adding the google ads extension where there’s another maps listening that comes up where there are four results instead of three.

But when we look at this box here, um you know, there are three google maps listings and then underneath that we have the organic search results. So when we add up the top six organic positions, the top six, the top three on the maps which you see there and three in the organic, the top three in the Organic those six positions grab a total of 71% of clicks on average. Now, that’s a lot. That’s a lot now, where does the rest of the clicks go? Well, I’ve spoken about this before, partially some of those clicks go into the google ads section on the top.

Also towards the bottom, some of them click into either the images that come up in the rest of the organic search results. So ranking on google search if you tried S. E. O. In the past and it hasn’t worked. It’s because either you’ve never made it to the top three positions of the organic search or you’ve never come up on the top three positions of the google maps and you’ve never experienced because that’s where the majority of the real clicks that convert go. So that is the goal and there is no proven process.

There are not going to be any results really. You’re just gonna be winging it. So let’s talk about where the majority of the clicks and where we really focused on here at concrete marketing for concrete contractors and that is in getting getting your position in the top in either or or on the top five search results. So a lot, you know, usually what you can do is is rank the the website for one position. There are cases where we’re able to rank are concrete contractors for multiple uh for multiple properties.

So say their facebook page, um say they’re linked in page or or one of the articles that we’ve written from for them in in different areas and unranked that property plus your website in the organic and get those to rank in the top three. So as you see there we stack those results up. But usually what we do is we rank one property, which is your website in the organic search results. And we rank your google my business listing in the top three of the google maps.

Search results. Now when you get there, that combination is lethal. That’s really where the magic starts happening and you start generating leads all the time from google search. So if you’ve ever heard any contract or really say, hey man, you know, we get the majority of our leads from google. Uh that is basically what they’re saying is they are showing up and they are coming up on the maps section and the top search results of the google ads or the google. Organic, excuse me. So on the top of the google maps and on top of the google organic search results and that, you know when when you take the the top five positions And you tally up what percentages go and click on those on those specific positions.

It’s about 67%, Okay, we’ll click on The 1st 5 results. Now. That’s a big number. That’s a big number. And like I said before, the rest will either click on the google ads or the rest of the organic search results. Sometimes you will get images so as you can see there. Yes. S E O S are changing optimization still matters And it’s very powerful for concrete contractors, especially if you want to stop relying on getting or buying lead from lead vendors. If you’re getting pitch all the time about, hey, you know, uh, can you handle an extra 12 jobs?

Right? And you get those messages all the time? Well, what these guys are doing is really they are ranking their own properties and they’re trying to find a contractor that they can rank rent these websites or they can send the leads to. And what happens is when you really start thinking about this on a long term, Your business is nowhere to be found still right. You’re still not getting results for your SEO. You’re still not getting results for your business. You’re not in a power position, you’re still dependent, you’re still buying leads.

So you want to get to a position of power and business. You have to own your marketplace with your own business properties. And that’s why we’re very very strong about building a full concrete marketing plan that handles and takes care of your organic search results as well as your google my business listing search results. So what I want to do right now is talk a little bit about the discussion and the difference between S. E. O. S are changing optimization. Local S ceo and google my business optimization.

Are those three things the same thing? Or are they different? S. E. O. Versus local seo versus google my business optimization. And I’m gonna tell you what the difference is here in a moment. So let me just exit this screen and see if I can pull up google right now and there you go. So again, if you’re interested in finding out more information at concrete marketing crew, you can just go to And then in there you’re going to find a guide uh free internet marketing guide for concrete contractors.

You can download their or there’s a link for the free webinar where you can watch the free webinar and uh and learn more about R. S. C. O. Process more in depth. So when we go to google dot com, let me take you there right now. And if I am looking for a concrete contractor in Dallas concrete contractor. Mhm. Okay Dallas texas, see the first result that comes up, you can see we get the google maps listing right here. Google maps, uh search results. And like I said before and I mentioned there is the ad okay in searching in there, which if you are running google ads and you’re not on the maps but you want to get there, we can help you also get your business there with the right properties and the right uh add set up google google ads set up and then underneath that is the organic or the maps listening.

So google my business optimization to clarify really is dedicated to optimizing your google my business listing so that your business comes up here in the maps. Search results. Okay, let me, let me clarify that again. Let me just make that 100% clear. You want to show up in the Google maps, the Good Old SEO strategy. It’s not going to directly impact your google maps results. Now, it’s going to indirectly impact Yes, but directly impact. Not really. So when you are speaking with an uh, digital marketing agency, a couple of things that you need to know is number one, do they have experience in ranking concrete contractors?

Number 2? Is did they know the right categories where you need to get found? Do they know the right descriptions that you should be using for your services? Do they know how to structure your website properly? And we’re going to talk about that on the webinar structure your website properly. So you show up not just for one key word, but for multiple keywords. Ultimately you want to show up for every service in that dedicated service area. So, uh, the second thing I want to address is this listening that you see here on the maps. Okay.

I am making the search from south florida. Okay, I’m making this search however, I put what we call the Djia modified fire, which is Dallas texas, Dallas TX, concrete contractor Dallas TX. This tells google, hey, I’m looking for concrete contractors here in this specific city. Right? So this is Dallas texas. So I will not see a listing a google my business listing from someone in Houston. Uh, and it’s very, very, very rarely for me to find someone that will get their listing uh, to show up here from, from within a google ads extension here.

So, you know, it’s possible sometimes, like you can see Grand Prayer Prairie, This is right there in texas as well. But what we see here in the google maps is uh the results that come up are from businesses in Dallas texas. So when we talk about dominating your search results on the google my business maps on the google maps, we’re talking about really expanding that digital footprint. Uh and and the results that come up in that specific city where the google my business is set up now.

What if you are in the greater metropolitan area and there are a lot of pockets of surrounding that specific city where there are ways to get your business set up. But say that you have three locations and one is Houston, one is Dallas, another one is Fort Worth. You will most likely not be able to do that, that you will not be able to use the Dallas listening to show up in Houston right? You will not be able to use the different city locations to show up in, in the different geographical locations.

So just get that straight up and uh for that one reason again, you need to understand how to properly set up your google my business listing, where your office is located. And it does help if you are based in the central area of the city, but it does not mean that you cannot rack there. We do this all the time for concrete, concrete or so that just becomes irrelevant as long as you do have a business uh, location in the specific city that you want to show up on the maps.

That is where you’re going to get. Now let’s talk about population. What we recommend is your Google my business listing. The address there is on a population of over 75,000 or more. Otherwise you coming up on the top three, you are not going to really feel uh, the results of you coming up there on the top three, it’s going to be a hit or miss. It’s going to be very light. Yes, you might get start getting a couple of leads a week versus a couple of leads a day.

That is the difference of you showing up on the maps. So, you know, versus we’ve seen it happen time and time again where contractors in certain areas where really there’s not that much demand, they are showing up everyone in their maps, but they’re not getting results. And look, that’s part of our uh concrete marketing strategy session where we walk concrete contractors through the process and show them, hey look, this is the demand, these are the real expectations and this is what you can expect to generate, as far as leads from this type of of uh rankings on the google maps.

So again, that’s the google maps optimization covers, just the maps does not cover your website. Organic search results. So local sc Oh, let’s talk about local S. C. O. A couple of things I want to talk about. So search engine optimization is to optimize your organic search results from your website. And when we’re talking about local sc, oh, it’s really relevant and tied into specific locations. So local S E. O. That means that we can optimize your website uh to show up in different locations because it’s for specific uh specific location based optimization of the website.

So when you have different service areas, for example, and we’re looking at the cowboy contractors here, uh you know, they’re, they’re showing up great in Dallas texas, but say that I want to, I want to see, let me see how they rank in here if we do this concrete contractors. Uh, and this is what’s the name of the city grapevine texas. Let’s see if they come up there. You can see, we look at the top three organic search results and they are not coming up in the organic search results.

However, they’re dominating Dallas right? You saw it right there. They’re coming up on top. But we look at the, the specific city of grapevine, which they do mention of the website. They are not showing up there. So they are not optimizing for local in that specific area. So that is the difference. And when we talk about search engine optimization is really optimizing your entire website so that you rank higher. So one is localized specific to its specific to ranking on a location versus the other one is just for for the general entity of your business, for your business name, for all the information that’s relevant to you.

And that’s very important too because there are going to be as you start growing and your company uh expands and you have trucks running out there, you’re going to have people searching your business by name and you want to come up everywhere. So you want to make sure that you have a full strategy that covers the search engine optimization, the right way, all the foundational elements that you need to have the website structure and then the local SEO strategy for showing up and ranking in different locations for all the services that you offer and a different strategy for your google maps, listening.

So that is the biggest difference there between all of those and what I’d like you to do is that if you’re interested in finding out more information, um, go ahead and visit concrete marketing Crew dot com today and download our free internet marketing guide or our checklist. Uh, and visit the S E O page, the search engine optimization page. Concrete marketing Crew dot com forward slash S C. O. And uh watch the full webinar. If you’re interested, otherwise feel free to reach out to us and we can certainly help you rank higher on the search engines in google search and on the google my business search results until next time.

Thank you so much for listening in to your Concrete Success podcast and to Concrete Marketing Cruz Youtube Channel. This is Danny Barrera. Over and out. Have a great rest of your day.

Danny Barrera

Danny Barrera

Founder of Concrete Marketing Crew. Author of the up-and-coming book, "Sell More Garage Floors". Contributor to the Concrete Decor Magazine. Host of Your Concrete Success Podcast. We're on a mission to elevate the concrete coating & decorative concrete industry.

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