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4 Ways You Can Market Your Epoxy Business On Google

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Marketing your epoxy flooring business on google search is a great way to get more epoxy floor install clients. A lot of people are searching google for the type of floors that you install, so it’s important to know how to make the most out of Google Search and rank high when they search. This post will give you 4 ways to market your company on google so that you can grow your epoxy flooring business and make more money!


Topics Discussed:

  1. Run Google Ads to get targeted epoxy leads on demand.
  2. Optimize Google My Business for your epoxy & concrete coatings services.
  3. Update & Optimize your website to rank on Google & generate leads.
  4. Your Project Pictures Matter!

Audio Transcript

Hey there, What is going on? What is going on? My friends, this is Daily with concrete marketing crew on another episode. This episode is special because we’re gonna be talking about how you can market your epoxy flooring business. Look if you are a concrete coatings contractor and you offer epoxy flooring services, garage floor, epoxy residential or commercial epoxy. This video, I’m going to talk about four ways that you can market your epoxy flooring business online and um, if you don’t know anything about our company, my name is Danny Barrera concrete marketing crew.

I am the founder. What we do is we help decorative concrete contractors doubled their lead with our concrete marketing plan. If you’ve never heard of us, we work with contractors nationwide. You probably might have seen us at the concrete, the course show at the concrete, the core that net were part of the american Society of concrete contractors, but this video is not about us. This uh this show is about you and how you can generate more business from google for your epoxy flooring company. So, uh, thank you for listening in and tuning in.

We’re going to get right to it. Uh, there are gonna be four different ways if you don’t know how you can generate epoxy flooring job. So here’s the problem. Here is the problem that I find most epoxy flooring companies uh face on a daily basis is basically they rely on on a stream off either referrals or maybe they’ve tried to do social media ads and wild social media ads work extremely great and I encourage everyone that’s listening in. If you are not running a facebook ad campaign for your epoxy garage flooring business, you should be, it’s one of the channels that you must be on or perhaps you might be running home Advisor.

Um, um, just campaigns there and getting leads from there. The one thing that I can tell you is that if you manage to embrace google, embrace google and all it’s got to offer for your business, you’re going to have a very successful garage epoxy floor or epoxy flooring business for yourself. And I’m not just saying this because we run a marketing agency. I’m saying this because I’ve seen lives being transformed by those contractors that really understand how google works and embrace the potential. So, uh, there’s a big difference between all these different lead sources and what you’re looking at right now, if you’re watching this video on Youtube, you’re looking at the google apps Planet right here, I’m selecting phoenix Arizona, just as a service area, you can do the very same thing by going to the google keyword planner, just go to google dot com.

And if you’re running any google ads, you will be able to see data in real time just like I’m looking at right now uh and epoxy flooring is the search terms, so I want to show you the possibility. So again, one of the problems I see a lot of epoxy flooring contractors is not really understand how google operates. Now check this out In Phoenix Arizona, just Phoenix alone. How many searches are coming in right there? 1900 searches from individuals looking for epoxy flooring in Phoenix, this is massive, guys, massive, massive.

Now this changes from service area to service area um and just to give you a breakdown That’s uh, on, on completion an average of 21,370 monthly searches for epoxy flooring and and look this, our keyword variations, right, these are different service variations. So for example, we have 2900, on average search is being made in phoenix Arizona for epoxy, garage floor. Now, garage floor coding, we have 1,000,000. Now, if you if you offer police particle concrete coatings or any other type of concrete coatings or concrete overlays or whatever the case is, you if you’re a smart decorative concrete contract or you take this key words and you know how to position your services, you can make a lot of money, you can get projects all day long and this is basically what home Advisor does.

So if you’re a decorative concrete contractor and you’re out there, you’re putting yourself out there um, on facebook, you’re putting yourself out there on social media, you’re putting yourself out there on instagram and you’re not utilizing google. You got to make sure that you listening to this video. Look by the way, look, if you if you don’t know who we are. Again, we’re concrete marketing crew. You can check out our website concrete marketing crew dot com. Uh and schedule free strategy session where we go over the entire thing that I just showed you right now.

Plus we’ll show you a competitive analysis of how you can get your uh epoxy flooring concrete coatings business found on google and generate leads for your business. So, uh, if you don’t know how to do this yourself and you want to find out, not give us a call, you can just download our free internet marketing guide, we offer for free. You put in your name and email there again, you can get that concrete marketing crew dot com and you’re going to learn the marketing plan that we run for our clients.

So you can go ahead and just get that downloaded. So anyways, let’s go back here into the google keyword planner, I showed you that there are different searches coming in each and every month from people looking for epoxy flooring and different services that you offer. Look 320 search is being done every single month for metallic epoxy floor in phoenix Arizona. Now, let me go ahead and just change my, my uh, location here and I’m going to go to uh this one I’m going to go to uh how about charlotte charlotte NC, the good old charlotte north Carolina.

Okay, And I’m going to select that section, that’s all I’m gonna do. And now, you know, my average monthly searches has gone to 14,620. And again again guys, this doesn’t mean that there are 14,000 buyers right now looking to do their garage floors right at this very second. No, it means that is how many searches are being month, How much demand is there? Now? What I do like about the google keyword google keyword planner versus using a tool like SAm rush ECM rush or h refs, which is another google tool, uh google discoveries, Keyword tool.

Is that this actually gives me data on that location, those tools, any other keyword research tool out there? If it’s not google’s or if it’s not bing’s planners, you cannot narrow down the search demand and kind of understand how many people are searching every month, right, they’re going to give you estimates or other type of data in databases. So I always start with the google keyword planner, regardless what anyone says. We we’ve run thousands and thousands of dollars in google ads so we know very well What this means.

So let’s go ahead. And for epoxy flooring now we have 880 searches being made in charlotte north Carolina. Every on average, again, it’s not every single month, some months, it’s 1000 actually other months, it’s 880 other months is goes up and then it goes through 807 20. And then for epoxy garage floor, we have 1600 searches being made. Now epoxy garage floor, I’ll tell you that is a buyer terms. So let’s go to google and actually I’m going to change my location so you can see here how this works. And I’m going to go to the location here.

This is one of the tools that we use is I search from and take that exact same term there, uh, epoxy garage floor, right? Epoxy garage floor. And I’m gonna put my location as charlotte. And what I want to do is show you guys, uh, the different results that come up, so change my location. Now I am in charlotte north Carolina and let me just make this a little bit bigger for those of you watching, you can see my location at the bottom and this says charlotte north north Carolina at the very bottom right there, That’s where um, you know, uh, this search is being made.

The first thing that comes up on the top section is the google ads. So the google ads is the first way that you can market your business. This is the pay to play basically. This is get in front of the line access. It’s almost like you, you’re going to Disney, you’re going to one of those theme parks and paying extra to get front positions to get in front of the line and yes, uh, it’s going to be the one thing that you can do right now, but doesn’t mean that it’s always going to work out effectively.

Now check, check this out. One of the things I want you to realize is thumbtack, for example, right thumbtack cells leads to epoxy contractors and they just know how to run ads for themselves. They know how to set up the landing pages, they know how to do that. So what they do is they generate the lead, they sell it to you and they actually sell it to different individuals, uh, and uh, and whoever takes that lead and gives the best offer. That’s basically the way it works.

So they make a lot of money in this business model. I know this business model very well and then what we have is other competitors. You know, they’re running ads to their businesses to their websites. One of the biggest problems I see with epoxy flooring or concrete coatings, companies do is sending the ads or sending the links right here. The clicks over to a complete website. That is one of the biggest pitfalls. Instead, what you should do is send it to a dedicated page that’s optimized to generate leads to generate a phone call or to generate a form submission because that’s going to give you the quality clicks that you need uh, to convert those individuals into, into actual elites and once you have that set up, trust me, the sky is the limit.

So the first way you can generate epoxy elites is by running google ads. And if you don’t know how to do this or you want to find out how you, how to do this effectively for your epoxy florida or your concrete coatings company, go to concrete marketing crew dot com and we’ll help you, uh, there. Now the second way is by optimizing your google, my business listing, your google my business. Listen, there’s a big misconception going on right now of using what we call an exact match keywords, meaning the actual uh search term in this case is a poxy garage floor, uh and that would be considered an exact match keywords.

Well, there’s a misconception going around with contractors that you gotta put all those, all those different keywords, all those different words in the name of your business, on the google, my business to get ranked on top of the top three of google maps. And I could tell you right now, I’ve been doing this for over 12 years uh marketing online, I can tell you that this does not work as good as it did once. So you can see here United Floor coatings, it does not have epoxy uh in the in the keyword, it does not have charlie in the keyword.

Uh it does not have anything else that that’s uh epoxy garage. It does not have the word Karajan there, right? Uh does not have a garage, It does have the keyword floor, but let me go ahead and open this up to kind of show you now on mobile devices. This is the bottom line on mobile devices, this experience gets rendered differently. So some of the things you gotta do actively, if you own a garage um an epoxy garage floor company that you gotta get reviews. So every time you complete the job, make sure that you’re getting a five star google review that’s going to help you get found and when you get found, people trust you.

So here is uh for example, residential concrete staining services um you know, doesn’t have any reviews and if they come up on the maps, but there are no reviews for that contract or they’re not going to get as many calls as the other ones that do. Now, when you, when we look at the top three, it doesn’t mean that the top three ranking on the maps have the most reviews over the other competitors, it means that they have different things that google favours and in this case we do have a proven path to get in epoxy flooring companies on the google maps effectively.

And when this is rocking and rolling guys, this is pretty much lead every single day now, depending on your service areas, some service areas would not have as much demand as others. But I can tell you if we were ranking on phoenix for all these different terms, forget the sky is the limit. Now let’s go ahead and look at another way of generating leads and that would be through your website. You can see here. Uh garage experts. Uh garage experts. I know the company very well. They’ve run what what this is, is more like a franchise model where what they’ve done is they’ve ranked their website, uh internal pages uh for the different locations and then they sell that territory to specific contractor and what they do.

Now, if you’re a local uh epoxy flooring contractor in charlotte, the possibility of your ranking, your website, they’re higher, faster, more effectively. It’s just way easier and and it’s better on the long run, like the more the better that you do your S. E. O. And the fastest you get the right strategy done for your, for your epoxy flooring business. Look, the Sky is the limit like you could really rank for all, not just one service area, but all the surrounding neighborhoods and cities within charlotte. Right?

So that is another way, that is a number three way that you can get yourself out. Now check this out, some of the things that will come out, uh sometimes you’re gonna have Home depot, sometimes you’re gonna have franchises ranking. Sometimes you’re going to have, let’s add the word charlie in their uh, see if the results are any different uh what you’re going to have is um right underneath the google maps you might have. So the franchises, sometimes we see home adviser, like you see it right there.

Home Advisor comes up, right, all this lead generation companies, sometimes you’re gonna see yelp, sometimes you’re going to see yellow pages depending on your service area and that’s what I’m trying to get to is the better that you do this Uh SCL rollout for your business uh in all your service areas, you’re you’re pretty much going to take uh take a big part of of the lead flow and the clicks that are coming in. Because overall you look at this, this, you know, it’s saying that there are over 14,000 searches being made every month on average for all these hypoxic, you’re variants.

Now, if you do it, you know, you rank your website on the top three, you rank your google my business on the top three. It’s not that you’re gonna get 14,000 clicks. What you’re gonna get is you’re gonna get a percentage of that volume, right? And that’s what you want to do. So that’s when we start talking about, about optimizing your website for conversion. So now the next way, which is um, it’s right here, let me go back to poxy floor and I’m gonna take different keywords also, just so that you guys can see another way is um, you see here, this is the video section right here.

That comes up another great way is to get yourself optimized for videos, but I’m going to get to is the pictures because images for epoxy garage for right like this, this section right here, if you’re watching this uh, google is, is putting this and it’s testing this out massively for different images. Now, these images are gathered from different sources, it could be from websites, it can be from Pinterest, it could be from your google, my business listing. So it’s your job to consistently be putting out images and whenever you put it up up an image, uh make sure that you put a description of what that image is because that’s how you’re gonna get found on on the images is, you know, if I am um looking for an epoxy garage floor over in charlotte, right?

The odds of you getting that found, for example, I’m doing that search from coral springs. You get to see that I see a coral springs picture right here, Right? I don’t see a picture that says uh charlotte here and right here. Uh coral springs epoxy. So make sure that you uh put some sort of reference as to what the image is about. You can see another one. Another image that comes up here for uh for garage floor epoxy, and that’s what that one is from Pinterest. Right?

So make sure that you use some of those keyword variations and you do use different variations. So describe what it is. Here’s another example. Coral springs, garage floor coatings doesn’t have the word epoxy, but it says garage floor coatings and you can see there, it’s got to work or coral springs, that’s my location right now. So it is important and it is crucial that you use some of those terminologies there. And again, that’s number four way, because you know, here’s what’s gonna happen if someone else’s nap necessarily ready to make a decision right now, but they’re interested uh, and and looking, finding out more, they click on the picture and then when they click on the picture, they might end up visiting your website.

And if your website is optimized to convert into, into a phone call or into a form, submit that is where you start generating revenue, That is where you start generating for your business. So, again, we’ve covered four ways for different ways that you can generate, uh leads that you can market your epoxy flooring business on google uh to recap is the first way we talk about google ads. Uh you know, that’s pay to play, pay to get in front of the line. Number two way is optimizing your google, my business listing.

The third way is optimizing your website, so it shows up and it ranks organically for all your services in all your service areas and the last minute at least is the pictures, optimizing your pictures. And if you don’t know who we are. Again, concrete market include, we specialize in marketing decorative concrete companies all throughout the United States and helping them double their leads with our concrete marketing plan. So if you’re interested at all, feel free to go to concrete market include dot com today or call us at 305 9024888.

And schedule a complimentary concrete marketing strategy call where we’re going to share with you everything that you that you just saw right now, plus a lot more how that applies to you, your business, your service area. We’ll look at all your competitors, see how they got there, see what the opportunity is. And we’ll share with you some of the examples of all the successes that we’re having with all our clients. So, again, concrete marketing crew dot com. Thank you so much for watching. Have a great rest of your day.

Make it a great day. Thank you for watching.

Danny Barrera

Danny Barrera

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