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Marketing Your Concrete Coatings Business on Google

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Many concrete coatings contractors are using the internet to advertise their services. But how can they get their name out there? One way is by marketing on Google. This episode will show you ways you can market your concrete coatings business on Google and generate more concrete floor coatings installations in your service area.


Topics Discussed:

  • Problems concrete coatings have when marketing on Google
  • How residential prospects search Google for Concrete Coatings
  • Why a Google concrete coatings lead convert higher than Facebook Ad lead
  • How to leverage Google Ads for concrete coatings business
  • Why Google Maps is a goldmine for concrete coatings contractors

Audio Transcript

And we’re live, What’s going on guys? What is going on? This is Danny with concrete marketing crew. And in today’s episode, we’re gonna talk about tips for marketing your concrete business on google. And if you’re watching this video on Youtube, welcome aboard. If you’re listening in on our podcast, your Concrete success podcast, welcome aboard. My name is Danny Barrera. Again, we’re with a concrete marketing crew and what we do is we help flat work and decorative concrete contractors in the United States doubled their lead with our marketing plan, our concrete marketing plan.

So here’s the bottom line is if you’re a concrete contractor, flat work or decorative concrete contract or you know, you know that what you do is special, there is specialty, but it is a big headache to try to work with just an average everyday, a generalist marketing agency in trying to explain your service, especially if you’re in the decorative concrete space. So in this video, what I’m going to be sharing with you is almost the tips and strategies that we used to help our concrete coatings contractors generate leads from google search.

We’re gonna have another follow up video next week on how to actually run a facebook ads for your concrete coatings business. Uh and this this conversation is going to apply very well for the residential concrete coding. So if you do any type of garage floor coatings, epoxy flooring, police partick, whatever the case is, this is gonna be great for you. If you like doing the metallic boxes, the garage floors, inter interior floors. This is gonna be a great conversation for you. And if you focus in doing commercial concrete coatings, well, I’ll share with you how you can get some of those commercial projects as well, using google search.

So what you’re looking at, if you’re watching this video on Youtube right here is going to be uh my screen, my handed in the screen and I like to go to google dot com and just straight up. So the first thing is understanding how potential clients are searching for your concrete coding services. That is the first thing. Uh so with that being said, not everyone is going to go on to google and type in concrete coatings. Uh and something that happens is whenever you go to google dot com in your service area, you’re going to get a few suggestions that come up automatically.

These suggestions do vary from one area to the next. So I am based out of coral springs right now, this is where our office is. You get to see that some of the auto suggestions. Let me make this a little bit bigger order suggestions that come up here, if you can see that one of them is concrete coatings, which is the mean term right there. Then we have concrete coatings near me, Then we have concrete coatings as its stain, right? Someone’s looking for a sustained someone’s looking for cost.

This is a great lead type of search concrete coatings for garage floors, concrete coatings for pool decks, uh, concrete coatings for driveways, concrete coatings for patios, concrete coatings, epoxy. So let me go ahead and do concrete coatings for garage floors and I want to share with you what comes up right here on google search. So we’re on google dot com. The top section is comprised of the google ads. This is paid to play, this is paid to get in front of the line, basically. And really what this tells them what this means to you as a concrete contractor is number one.

If you don’t know how to run google ads, this can really eat up your money just overnight clicks for concrete coatings depending on your service area, are not going to be less than $5 for specific type of garage concrete coatings. For example, garage floor coatings, depending where you are are, certain clicks are not going to go down so I’ll share with you some of that day to admit it. But you know, you can eat up your budget very, very, very quick. Uh, you know, there’s a downside and upside so on the downside is if you don’t know how to run or how to target the right keywords, you’re going to just waste your advertising dollars.

Number two is if you know where to send people to and have to generate elite from the ad, that will create problems for you because you’re not going to end up with leads, you’re gonna end up with a whole bunch of visitors to your website, but no conversions or no leads, right? No phone calls, no form submit. On the other hand. On the other hand, if you do know how to run ads and you know how to target that right prospects, I can tell you that leads that come from google search from residential homeowners or architects or developers, builders where the cases that are looking for someone are more likely to convert a much higher rate than if a lead comes from any social media channel.

So social media may mean facebook at mean, uh, a an instagram visitor that just happened to browse through some of your pictures and they like what they saw, but you know, they’re interested, but they’re not yet convinced that they need your service. They’re interested may not be ready to make a decision. So when we take those comparisons, one versus the other, google leads always convert better. So, you know that those are the prose. The prose is you can definitely get high quality leads that convert fast, meaning more money in the bank for you.

And if you know how to do this, the right way, this becomes like a, like a vending machine, you put in a dollar in, you get $2 out on the other end. This is what it really comes down to. And these are exclusive leads, right? So they come straight to you. So, when we look for concrete coatings for garage floors, you see the odds come up on the top section, and then also on the right hand side, you get to see the product, right? So, um, google is running the google shop ads for concrete coating products, which they’re being targeted right there.

Uh, $200 plus a bucket. And then we have some organic results, some video results there. And the reason why this comes up this way guys, is because uh google looks at the user behavior with their platform and a lot of times if they’re putting up videos on the top section, that means that the audience in that specific service area are looking for videos are looking or they’re engaging more with the videos more than anything else. And then they might have some questions etcetera. If I take this same question and I changed my location, let’s go and see um changed my location here and I’m gonna go and use I search from and uh putting the same concrete coatings for garage floors and I’m going to change it to SAN Diego.

I used that one yesterday, SAN Diego right there. Make that same search. You get to see that we have google ads on the top section. The video comes up. Video comes up, we got some some different questions here and then we have the google maps, which is customized to that. So that means that consumers are, are looking for for videos, are looking for ideas for garage floors. Um, and then, and then what I like to do again is, is in that service area. Since I changed my location here, just click again on the search bar there and you can see a whole different list variations of key words that come up.

So best garage floor coatings, right? That’s another search term, garage floor coating contract towards near me that’s a buyer term. If we click on that one, you get to see that the displayed search results are gonna be different. So what do I mean by that? The google ads come up on the top right, google ads and then we have the google maps section and this is where the magic starts happening. This is where if you really get a grip on this deal right now, where I’m sharing with you right now, you can make money on demand basically, and you can be in control of of generating more projects at will.

So, so the first thing is if you’re not showing up on the map section, on the google maps section, uh, and and someone’s looking for a garage floor coatings contract or near you, and you’re not coming up on the top section in your main service area, you’re losing money. So you it’s it’s if you don’t have that going for you on the meantime, what you can do is run some google ads uh in targeting those specific keywords in that specific service area so that you can get yourself up there.

And what I encourage you to do is to optimize your google my business profile like that is the one the one source that I can tell. You could be yourselves machine, It could be your lead machine. It could really be a big, big booster for your revenue if you are targeting the right search terms. So again, uh, if you don’t know how to do this type of research, you can contact us at concrete marketing, crude dot com and schedule a free concrete marketing strategy call where we do all the keyword research for you in your service area.

We tell you the different service you offer and basically what what what the different services that that they have demand for, I should say. Uh, and where I’m going with this is a lot of times you don’t, you know, uh, concrete contractors don’t really understand how, how consumers are interacting with the search engines. They think about the leads and you know, they think about, hey, I just want to pay for the lead and let me get it well. If you really want to be here for the long term and want to do this right, you want to understand your search behavior.

So let me take you right into the google keyword planner and I’m gonna change my location to SAN Diego since we’re there And switches up a little bit. And if I target concrete coatings as a search term and I look at the breakdowns by platforms. On just overall overall average, there are 16,670 average monthly searches coming in. The majority are coming from mobile devices and not all those searches are coming in for concrete coatings. So if someone is marketing your concrete, your concrete coatings company and they’re telling you, hey, we’re going to rank your number one google for concrete coatings.

And then you come up, your website is coming up number one, you’re coming up number one on the maps. And uh, and you’re there for a month or two and you’re, you’re asking yourself, hey, You know how come I’m not getting any leads. Well, here’s the thing, here’s the thing, you’re not getting any leads because there are only 40 searches per month coming in for that specific keyword in SAN Diego. Right? So you get where I’m going with that. So keywords, not all keywords are created equal. So now, if you’re doing concrete coatings, what are some of the search terms that you should be targeted?

Well, what about this? Uh, epoxy, garage floor, epoxy garage floor. Even if you don’t do epoxy, even if you do a police parties, whatever the case is, whatever you do, As long as you do concrete coatings, I would be targeted poxy garage floor in San Diego because that one gets 880 searches for a month. Now, let me go ahead and take that that search term and run it over in San Diego and kind of see walk you through and if you’re watching this video on YouTube, you’re going to see that that right, right there on the top section, thumb comes up right there.

They’re running a google ad. Then a couple of local um, concrete coatings companies come up and then we have the google maps section, you can see that right there. So if you’re not coming up here, you are losing money. If you’re not coming up on the maps, you are losing money. So I strongly encourage you optimizing your concrete coatings company to come up for the right terms in the right service area. So, so you know, not every keyword is the same. Sometimes you need to find the key words that are going to actually start generating leads for you and this is exactly what whom advisor does, right?

You saw the ad up there, you know, they show up number one on the ad, people are clicking on that ad and then they are submitting the information. Hence They are uh submitting the lead and they sell the lead over to you. Now let’s look at other keywords here, epoxy floor coating that gets 50 searches concrete stain, 320 searches. Now the other thing I like to look at is uh Here let me let me just categorize it by search volume. Okay, concrete stain gets 320 searches per month, concrete paint. 260.

Now this this is where where we start looking at the different service areas um you know very very more in depth I would say. And because not every service area has the exact same keyword demand. So if I go to Houston, let’s go ahead and see what Houston has for us. If we’re targeting that Houston area. Uh 1900 on average, 1900 searches for epoxy garage floor. Uh Now we have Let me see here, garage floor paint, 480 concrete paint. 480 concrete stain. 720 we have concrete stained floors, concrete stained floors. This this search term comes up with 480 searches.

Now let’s go ahead and do that search over in Houston so that you guys can see this and can see the demand there. And as you can see there guys, I’ll wrap it up in in a couple of minutes here. But some of the things that that are trending in in for this specific type of keyword is very top. Instead of looking at local ads from other contractors, what we’re looking at is products, products from staining companies. And then we have pictures from stained floors and then we have the google maps section.

Now, if you do that specific search over in uh over in Houston texas and that you’re making that search, I can tell you if you’re making that search on the mobile device, you’re going to see a couple of things. So let me see if I can do it right now, concrete stained floors and then we’re going to do Okay good, I’m gonna do SAN Diego. So I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to see the ads, but we’re going to get local ads here in the top section.

You have local ads on the top section and then we have pictures, right? You saw the pictures right there. Uh, instead of seeing products, we’re looking at local ads on the mobile device, we see the pictures and after we see the pictures, what do we get? We get some questions okay, We get some questions which you see it right there. Right questions. And then we have the handy dandy google maps. Now, the google maps is super important because this is where up to 37% of consumers will go to in order in order to interface with a local business with a local contractor or So I want to give you a couple of tips that you should be paying attention to.

No one is reviews matter. So if you’re a concrete coatings contractor and you’re not getting reviews for every project, make sure that you do get a review right after you present the project. That is the best time. As soon as someone compliments for the work, you know, you got to say this, you got to say to follow, hey mister mister client, thank you so much for your services. You know, we’re local concrete company or a concrete coatings company and we, we basically get more customers by by the positive feedback that we, we get from our satisfied clients and what we love to do is get your feedback on google search.

I can send you a link really quick via text message and if you could just fill it out here, well while I’m here, you know, I can help you get that set up Um and then usually if you ask them in a positive way, uh you know, you’re gonna get more than 50 of of clients give you a positive review on the spot and the rest will tell you. Yeah, sure. Send me an email, whatever the case is. But what we do is for our clients, we give them scripts as well as we give them access to a platform that doesn’t automatically hands free.

You don’t need to touch a button other than just tell us the name of the client and provide their information and we’ll do the rest of the work for you. So Anyway, so number one is get reviews. # two. Number two is if you don’t have a website for your concrete coatings company and your website does not just not just uh mention concrete coatings, but actually targets the different services and the different search terms that people are looking for in regards to your service offerings, That is what you need to do.

So, content. That’s unique content, that’s relevant content that google loves content. That’s gonna let google know that you actually offer all these different services that you actually, perhaps your main thing is not epoxy flooring. And you’re doing uh uh you’re doing other other types of applications, but you want to get uh clients that are looking for epoxy flooring, you can do a better job with other products. Well, that would be the case, right, you want to mention, and you want to optimize your website comes up for the other service offerings and I can tell you, uh, you know, this is a win win for the consumer.

So the fact that you’re building your reputation, your sharing, who you are, what you do, your service area, you’re optimizing your website, you’re showcasing your work on your website, you’re putting up pictures that will help you out generate more concrete coding slides. So again, if you have any questions, you can go ahead and visit our website concrete marketing crew dot com. And what we do is we help flat work and decorative concrete contractors double their lead with our concrete marketing plan. And if you want to just get more information without contacting us, not, not a problem.

We have the ultimate internet marketing guide for concrete contractors. Just click on the link right on the homepage, get yourself a copy, put your name and email, and that is going to be it for everyone else listening in. Thank you so much for listening in. My name is Danny Barrera, Concrete marketing crew. Over and out. Have a great rest of your day.

Danny Barrera

Danny Barrera

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