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Is SEO A Waste Of Money For Concrete Contractors?

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There are many questions to be asked when it comes to SEO, but one of the most important is whether or not a concrete contractor should invest in SEO. Watch this video and find out why SEO can have big benefits for your business!


Topics Discussed:

  • Google is the #1 Search Engine in the world [Stats]
  • Consumers are flocking online to research their buying decisions [Info]
  • Search trends & volumes change from service area to service area for all different concrete services.
  • Google Ads gets concrete leads fast.
  • Google My Business cannot be ignored.
  • Organic Search is where lead generation companies and website directories rank to sell you leads and positions.
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Audit Transcript

Hey there! Welcome concrete contractors. Welcome to your Concrete Success podcast and the concrete marketing crew Youtube Channel. This is Danny Barrera with concrete marketing crew and today is an exciting show. An exciting episode and what we’re going to talk about is the topic that’s hot right now is that is S. E. O. Search engine optimization for concrete contractors. A waste of time. And look if you don’t know who we are, my name is Danny Barrera, founder of concrete marketing crew. What we do is we help flat work and decorative concrete contractors double their concrete leads with our concrete marketing plan.

What does that mean exactly? Well, if you need to get found on google, we can help you with that. If you want to get a website that generates concrete leads, the type of leads that you love to work on, we can generate that for you. If you need help with your social media, we can help with that as well. Are concrete marketing plan is proven to work for concrete contractors all throughout the United States. If you want more information, head on over to concrete marketing crew dot com and download our free internet marketing guy.

But again, what I like to say at the start of this episode is this is not about us, it’s about you. So let’s let’s get right on with it. And the question that we’re answering today is is S. E. O. Search engine optimization for concrete contractors, a waste of money. And I just want to give you some perspective right here and this is gonna be a brief episode. But he here’s the bottom line is is google google the number one search engine by far far far greater than any other search engine out there. Okay.

This is where consumers are going out to every single day to research their decisions. So if you’re in business, you’re the owner, the operator, the marketer of a concrete company, you will know if you ever have gotten your website or your google my business ranked on top of google search, you’ll know the power of generating hat and interested prospects and leads from google search. It’s extremely powerful. It’s extremely powerful. And one of the reasons why it’s very powerful is because whoever is looking for a concrete contractor, So people looking for concrete contractors near me, for example, they’re looking for concrete contractors.

Now that that keyword might not be the best keyword for you depending on your services. Maybe you offer stamped and stained concrete, concrete polishing, concrete coatings, epoxy floor coatings, Whatever the case is, okay, you want to find out exactly how you can take advantage of google search and what you’re looking at right now, if you’re watching this really quick is you’re looking at the search landscape. So the first thing that comes up here is the google ads section. This is paid to play, This is paid to play my friends.

You’re gonna be paying anywhere between 257 I’ve seen some service areas about $15 per click every time someone clicks on an ad, the pay to play. So unless you want to go get in front of the line and pay to play for each and every click. Ok? you know, you don’t have to do that, right? So what I advise our concrete contractor is look, you gotta have a strategy strategy, that short term, that’s gonna help you get to the long term goal. And the long term goal is that you get found for every service that you offer in every service area.

So some of the things that contractors don’t understand is the full power of S. C. O. And what we’ve seen in the most recent times is companies like triple B. Dot org which are basically directory site. What they’re doing is really they’re optimizing their own websites. They realized, hey look, you know, we want to optimize our website and they start generating leads and start selling the lead positions here. You probably are getting calls from these guys and what they do is they want to hold you hostage, right?

Hey, you want to claim your listing, pay you 600 bucks And if you don’t, we’re going to take you down. Right? And then you see companies like thumbtack for example, right away, right away. Look at this final concrete contact or near coral springs florida ranking their internal page for people looking for concrete contractors right here. What do they do? Well, they sell the listings and they sell the leads as they come in. All that good stuff. So how does this apply to you and your business? If you are the owner?

Look at Home Advisor right there. Home Advisor coming in hot right there on top of the list, top of the list. If you if you will. Well, here’s the thing. What if you didn’t have to pay any lead generation company? Every time someone called you or any time someone submitted a form on your website? Because they found you, That’s the question I want to ask. If you are purchasing leads right now, what would it mean to your business if you get better prospects coming to your website, finding your information and not just any random information and and everyone else that you’re competing against?

Because here’s the other thing I want to have you considered, if you’re buying leads, you’re actually competing with everyone else, Okay, you’re competing with everyone else that’s showing up there. So if you’re buying leads right now, let me, let me show you right now. Like, if I am a homeowner, which, you know, here’s the thing I live in Parkland Florida, you know, houses there, okay, It’s, it’s, it’s a good, good service area, good neighborhood. I’m going to tell you what, probably are going to individuals that live in that area, probably not going to price shoppers as as much as other areas, but they will still not be sure who to call.

So 33067 Let’s see what comes up here. And the whole reason why that’s important is because when someone comes directly to your website, you can number one showcase your work, you can stand out from all the other competitors, you can showcase your expertise, you can bring them into your world and your number one job as the owner of a concrete company is if you are marketing and you are positioned yourself out there, you’re doing something out there, number one is to get the lead of the market, that’s what we call it in the cells world, get the lead off the market as soon as possible, The sooner you can do that, the more profitable you’ll become.

And the reason being is, you know, you’re gonna be able to take that prospect into a cell’s journey into yourselves process where now you become the ultimate choice because they found you, they found you to be reputable and wherever they look for a concrete contractor or concrete services, you keep coming up. So, again, the question is, is S. E. O. For concrete contractors a waste of money. Well I’ll let you decide, I’m not gonna tell you yes or no. And and in some cases look if you don’t have the time and you need leads right now, well in that case you’re gonna need to either get yourself some google ads so that you can start generating leads for your business now and then start thinking long term later on or you got to invest in leads right up front.

Now, the other thing is I want to have you consider is if you’re dependent on general contractors, on builders, on other referrals, how much are you paying every time they’re sending you or or how how much of your profits are you giving up every time they’re sending your business? Right. So so here’s the thing S. C. O. Does take time. This is not an overnight situation. But I can tell you if you do it right, if you do it right from the get go within 345 months you’re going to see a snowball effect of more leads coming in.

So again, this is just one search term. I want to take you over here to this specific tool. What we’re looking at is S. E. M. Rush Sam rush. This company actually just went public about a month ago. Concrete contractors about 40,000 searches just for that keyword alone in the United States concrete contractors near me, I think that that near me is going to surpass the concrete contractors probably in the next 12 months or so that that is a fast growing search term. Anything near me?

Concrete driveway contractors, That is another one. About 20 900. So so you see it depends on the top of services you offer as well. If you offer decorative, and you want to find out in your service areas right? With the keyword research, you want to find out what the key opportunities are. If you’re going to be utilizing google as a means of generating leads. Now, what’s the difference of generating leads um, from your website directly versus buying leads from one of these guys? I’m gonna tell you one thing is number one is you captured the lead and the prospect is interested in doing business with you.

They would not be submitting their information on your website. Okay, listen to this carefully. They will prospects will not be submitting their information on your website if they were not interested in doing business with you. Now, the next step is your cells process. But now you got to take advantage of that, right? You got, you got to take advantage of the sales opportunity there. Now, Now when someone comes into the thumb tacks, when someone goes into the yelp, when someone goes into the Home Advisor, they’re going to be presented with.

If you’re looking at the screen right now, how many, how many choices, how many options? A whole bunch of options? Okay, four on the top. And then you get, you scroll down, you can see all these other options. They’re all these other options with contractors who have a whole bunch of five star reviews, 4. 9 stars, you know, some are good, some are better than others, et cetera. But the whole goal here is now you, you know, some of these guys are even showing their prices right there. Right?

So how does that, that consumer that does not know any better? Does not know how you’re different than anyone else? Well known and set yourself, we’ll know which contractor is better and how would you set yourself apart? In the midst of all all these other options now, we don’t need to go far. Let’s go down, scroll down here. Let’s go to europe right now, See what comes up and a whole bunch of contractors. All right. A lot of them have five star reviews. Some have 43 reviews, 26, 20 reviews, 16.

I mean, if I, if I am a consumer, I’m going to go and click on all these guys and before I know it, I’m gonna wrap it whole not probably forget to submit my information because they all look good. Now, what if you presented yourself? Okay? And every time I went back into google search and started searching for concrete contractors and concrete contractors near me. then maybe now I know, Hey, let me, let me go ahead and see who does a specific type of concrete finish room finishes.

Maybe you want to stamp finish? You know, I’m gonna go ahead and look for stamped concrete contractors near me, stamped concrete, patio ideas and all that stuff. Right? I’m going to start doing my research. What if you know if you were the concrete contractor? I was to choose. What have you kept coming up on top of the search engines? Well, that’s the conversation we’re talking about today here. So again, S. S. C. O. For concrete contractors. A waste of money, my friends. I’ll let you decide that.

But what I can tell you is that the search opportunity is out there and there is nothing better than getting an interested prospect who is ready to do business? Who is in the process of choosing and hiring a contractor for them to find you right at the place where they are getting ready to make a decision, make a commitment, right? There is no better place. There’s no better place now, how can you without the good leads versus the bad leads? That is where your website comes in and that would be in for another conversation.

But thank you so much for tuning in for today’s episode is as you forgot your contract, there is a waste of money, in my personal opinion. I’ll keep it to myself, but I’ll let you decide for yourself. Okay, I let you decide. Is it a waste of money? I’ve seen contractors and our concrete contractors make millions of dollars, millions of dollars. Listen to this millions of dollars by the top projects that they generate off of google search and you can do the very same if you know how to if you have the right process and if you’re interested, if you’re interested in finding out how to do S. E. O. For your concrete company.

The right way. You can visit our website concrete marketing crew dot com And you can give us a call at (305) 902 4888 or download our free Internet marketing guide for concrete contractors. It walks you right through the step on how to market your concrete company online the right way, the right way so that you can become omnipresent and become the go to concrete contractor in your service area. Thank you so much for watching today. I’ll see you guys next time. Take care.

Danny Barrera

Danny Barrera

Founder of Concrete Marketing Crew. Author of the up-and-coming book, "Sell More Garage Floors". Contributor to the Concrete Decor Magazine. Host of Your Concrete Success Podcast. We're on a mission to elevate the concrete coating & decorative concrete industry.

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