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Want Flatwork or Decorative Concrete Leads? Here’s how to get them….

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Concrete contractors are always looking for ways to market their services and generate more flatwork and decorative concrete leads. One of the best ways is by establishing relationships with clients, but how can you do that if they’re not in your area? The answer is online marketing! In this episode we talk about how to get more flatwork and decorative concrete leads online.


Topics Discussed:

  • How to get residential concrete and decorative concrete lead on Google
  • Search Engine Statistics
  • How to find search terms for flatwork and decorative concrete
  • Why you should pay attention to optimizing your concrete marketing for mobile
  • Understanding the difference for getting leads from Google vs. Facebook Ads
  • How to get commercial concrete projects
  • Importance of Google My Business Listings & Organic Search Results

Audio Transcript

Hey, hey there, what is going on? Concrete contractors? This is janey Barrera with concrete marketing crew. And today it’s another video. It’s another live, we’re gonna be talking about how to get concrete leads online, how you can get more concrete project leads online. Look, this will work for you. If you do flat work, if you do any type of decorative concrete, whether you do concrete flooring, countertops, concrete furniture, vertical concrete, whatever it is, I will share with you. Some really need strategies and things. You should really be paying attention to.

Ask a business owner, as a business owner. So here’s the thing is if you don’t know who we are, we’re concrete marketing crew, we help concrete contractors get found, get known and get more of the top of concrete projects they love to work on. So, uh if you have any questions, you can always visit our website, concrete marketing crew dot com and get more information there. Uh and all you have to do is literally go to the website concrete marketing crew dot com. And we have a couple of things for you.

You can download our free internet marketing guide and all all you have to do is just enter your email, uh name and email and it’s uh it’s gonna go right into your inbox. Or if you want to request a strategy, concrete marketing strategy session where we go in depth into your actual concrete marketing plan, then we can uh you can go ahead and just book a call or give us a call at the phone number. So enough with the pitch there, let’s get right into what today’s call is about.

This is how to get concrete leads, how you can get constantly, it’s online, and I’m not gonna give you any fluff. I want to actually give you some real stats and start off with uh with the conversation with that. So let me put the screen here and if you can see this right here, uh this is counter, they keep track for the search engine traffic and why is this important? Why you should pay attention to this? Well, for for the first thing is you have to understand how the search landscape works.

So, um if you can see here, this is for the country, United States of America 88% 88% and this is an average 88% of uh individuals that use the search engine will have google as their default search engine or that is the place that they go to make a search 88%. Now dot dot go right, There is 2. 27% 2.99%. Yahoo right there in 5.73. And why am I sharing these stats? It’s very important because you should understand where the majority of consumers are actually hanging out, what type of devices they’re using, Where is the activity happening and how that relates?

Because if you understand that, then you can go ahead and just put yourself out there right where they’re searching and utilize it, utilize all these media and all these mediums to reach your prospective clients. So google search any type of search engine is really what we call the pool advertising. The pool advertising, which means is that the traffic and the demand is already existing and what we’re doing right now is positioning ourselves so that the people that are searching for either the products or the services that you offer literally find you on the search engine and they can go ahead and do business with you.

So just to give you an example, we are an internet marketing agency for concrete contractors. If you google that we’re gonna come up right on top, we’re probably gonna be number one. Uh so uh a couple of other stats that you should know which is the the uh the the amount that I shared here does change from device to device. So let me go to the desktop right here, desktop search, you can see that google has now gone down to 82% and being has gone up to 10%. Let me go to the mobile stat right there, mobile stat right there.

Now we have google at 94% on mobile devices and then we have got to go on mobile devices, believe it or not, this is mobile, incredible stat right there. And this is as of March of 20 to 2021 right? Uh and then we have been been at 1% so why does this matter? Well, it matters because because every search engine has their place and I cannot stress that enough, being has its place, doctor go has its place. But google as you see there it is the behemoth, it is the master.

Now, when we start looking at how to get leads, the first thing I want to know is where are my consumers hanging out and what, what, what devices are they they’re using so that I know how to optimize our marketing strategy, I can generate more leads off of that. So um you can see here what I have is Miami and if I am putting in that I want to target Miami, this is a google keyword planner. By the way, if you have paid ads running, you can actually get data for free there, you can just enter some of the searches and for this.

In this case I just put concrete contractors, concrete coatings and concrete flooring. Just to get some some keyword ideas here. And in totally it’s about 24,000 or so. Search is being made for different variations. This is not for all individuals, one in concrete services. This is as a combination of all those three different uh, different search categories there that I put in there. But what I wanted to show you is the actual devices and you can see here 67% of devices making those searches, 67% are coming from a mobile device and only 25% are coming from a desktop device.

Mobile versus desktop. So that being said, let me go back and and and emphasizes and again, I’m sharing this on the desktop. Uh, the step computer, but you can really do this pretty much anywhere. And if I am looking for a decorative concrete contractor Nashville, we do have a client there. You can see our client is number one in the organic. We’re working towards getting him on the maps here, which is very doable. Very possible. It just takes a little bit of time. But here’s what I want to get to is if I go to Nashville and let me go back here, let me go and check it out.

Nashville Tennessee I want to change uh, let me see what what the trend is. Okay, 66%. Okay. It’s on mobile devices on search and 23%. Uh, it’s over and that stop. And then we have, we have actually more tablet devices searching this specific area. So there’s more more of the tablet users, which means people are actually making those searches from their home devices, they’re probably sitting on the couch and they’re doing that. Why? Why is that important? Well, that’s important because as you build your website, as you build all the your marketing campaigns, you want to make sure that you you’re actually having this in mind as you’re creating this because imagine you, you’re actually, most of your prospective clients are coming from, from a mobile device and your website doesn’t render properly.

It doesn’t show the pictures properly in the right way. Well, it’s not going to generate any conversions. So this is something that we see time and time and time again that you need to get correct. So going back here, I’m gonna take you to another. Another search really quick and I’m just gonna go and type in stamped concrete driveway Orlando. Right? So, uh, someone is in Orlando stamped concrete driveway. This is google ads right here. Um this is one way that you can generate leads is by positioning yourself here just to give you some stats.

About 10 to 15, 10 to 15% of clicks go into this area right here, so there’s a lot of traffic, a lot of different keywords that you can target with google at and there is a strategy for that, but that’s the amount of clicks that come to this location. Now, up to 37% will go into this map section. Now if, if, if I go here and I change my uh my location to Orlando, uh I can tell you that there’s probably going to be also a lot of demand coming from mobile devices.

You can see here now, it’s 70% 70% of of searches are coming from a mobile device. So the efforts that we’re putting towards our clients to get them found on maps, it’s extremely massive. So here is one of our clients right here, you can see there, they have 96 reviews and they’re also coming up here on on number one. Now, a couple of things I want to point out, is there on the maps like this is this is what’s coming up in the google maps, they get a ton of clicks, they get a ton of phone calls right out of this, but they also get a lot of calls from people that go to the website.

Now, when he comes to decorative concrete services, I can tell you one thing, the majority of perspective clients are going to be in the research phase decorative concrete. Uh there there are some, some elements and some finishes that, you know, takes quite a bit of research. So not everyone knows what uh over late is resurfacing is staining. Not everyone really understands that, but they probably have seen it at a neighbor’s house or they’ve been somewhere, maybe they might have heard of it somewhere and now they’re starting to look into it and then it drives them into that specific gateway.

So that’s that’s why we want to make sure we actually also rank our website uh so that it shows up in the organic search results because we’ve seen that trend now for flat work. If it’s if it’s just good old driveways or patios or pool decks or whatever the case is, if you do repair concrete repair, then you know, that’s pretty much people are, they know what they want already. It’s they just want a concrete driveway and they want to find uh you know, you for your services, so you got to make sure that you’re getting found.

So uh let me go back into my handy handy dandy screen here. So let’s talk about how to get concrete leads. Um online, there’s a couple of ways. Again. We’ve talked about the pool advertising method, which is grabbing a piece of the pie that’s already in the market, grabbing a piece of what’s already being searched for in your service area. And in this case we use as an example google. But this is a facebook ad right here. If you are not running facebook ads, you should certainly consider running facebook ads.

And this is just an example. I’m just sharing an example um of an ad and this is just a simple video there with a call to action for people to take a quote. So if you’ve ever seen one of these bad boys, uh it’s actually not hard to set up. We actually integrate this and this comes as uh included into any one of our marketing plants. We just included to all our clients. You put the ad spend in there and target specific zip codes with videos or with images of your work.

And I can tell you the difference between the leads that come from facebook versus the leads that come from google search. The leads that come from google search, they already know they contacted you because they already made the decision that they want to quote. They want an estimate, they’re serious about it. The leads that come from facebook lisa come from facebook, you need to get more. You will certainly get more Valium but the conversion ratio from a lead to an actual client, it’s much lower. Now, if you ask me Danny, is it even worth going?

That route? In my personal opinion is yes, you will certainly generate some really, really interesting leads that you would otherwise not generate, especially if you’re doing decorative concrete. If you’re doing any type of decorative concrete, I know for a fact that concrete coatings company do amazing with facebook ads. If you do stamped concrete, you would do amazing with these type of ads. Now, if you’re targeting commercial and facebook, uh let me just say this, it will take a lot more efforts and you might as well just put those advertising dollars towards google search because that’s where you would get the better type of jobs.

So again, if you’re doing a type of commercial or industrial type of projects, google search is your best friend, Might as well optimize your website. So how do we get concrete leads? How do we get more of the top projects? Again, we talked about getting yourself found here on the google search, you can be running one of the google ads campaigns. Um, we do that for our clients here, concrete marking crew, get yourself established in the google maps, get yourself more reviews because getting more reviews is simply going to help you convert more of the prospective clients and then you want to have your website.

Now when you have your website, you got to make sure that it is ready to generate leads. Uh, and your phone number is clearly seen. You have a beautiful gallery for all the work. And uh, you know, if someone wants to request information is easily accessible, so this is one of our kinds, you can see they’re pretty much at any point there’s an easy option to contact the business. One of the biggest frustration for a consumer is going to a concrete contractor website, uh, and not being able to find the contact information so you want to make sure that you have that done in the right way.

So whether you’re running facebook at whether you’re running google ads or whether you’re optimizing on google organic or the maps, uh, it’s the same criteria. Where are people landing? Now? Let’s go ahead and going to being um, I’m just gonna type concrete driveway. This is one of the most common ones and there’s an ad category here. There is traffic that is available here at a cheaper cost than than google search. So if you’re doing google ads, you should be trying out or testing out bing ads because you can actually pay half of the clicks in some cases of what you would pay in google and you can get very good leads.

So as you can see there, there’s a lot more um ads here running here, at least the placement, there’s also a maps section and I can tell you one thing this this right here is heavily influenced by your SEO strategy but also how optimizes your entire website and your local directories so being and yahoo, they pretty much get data from from places like uh like yelp for example, they grab that information from those data aggregators. If I go to yahoo and make a search uh let me see concrete driveways, concrete driver contractors.

Uh if I scroll down, I get the maps here, a lot of these guys will be influenced or will be here because they have some sort of relevance factor are not only just proximity like google does, but they have other factors. And they pull data from all these different data aggregators. So you got to make sure that that as you’re you’re optimizing your business um and your business online that you have this in mind as well. You just want to show up on google, you want to make sure that you’re showing up on bing and yahoo and other search engines.

Uh And again, if you saw here in this specific stat dr go, it’s another search engine and you should take it seriously uh Doctor go uh And the reason being is, is, you know, it’s just that it’s people want their privacy, but you can actually optimize your business so that it shows up issues up right here. So concrete driveway, concrete driveway, right? Uh And you can run ads here, right? This is just another search engine. You can get your website ranked here. Uh You know, there there are some some concrete driveway refer resurfacing near me.

Okay, there there are some things that should be considered, as you can see some of the websites that come up on top of the organic are just high authority website. So if you don’t have the right type of, of uh, of optimization. So anyways, you can get your website in your google, my business listing, not your google my business. Listen, your doctor go listing uh, submitted here via the google maps here. You can see that that data comes from the google maps. And this is another reason why you should have a complete marketing plan because you see, you see, you gotta be everywhere nowadays, you can’t just be in one place and expect that hey, I’m ranking on google for this one keyword or I’m showing up on the banks or I’m running bing ads or you know, this is all I’m doing.

You gotta be everywhere if you really want to dominate and want to get a flood of leads again, that’s what you gotta do. So, some of the things again, to recap, if if you’re not ranking, you’re not showing up anywhere, put some advertising dollars towards google ads and being at get your google my business listing. Optimised the right way. Uh and once you get it, optimised the right way, start getting engagement, start getting reviews because every time you get reviews, you will start to generate more attention and more attraction and share all of those things on your social media channels, on linkedin, on facebook, wherever you can share all those reviews.

All right, make sure that your website is coming up for organic search. So, again, I shared with you guys how we have clients, you know, and and we have their organic uh we have the organic search results coming up for for all these different service variants, and a lot of times they don’t come up on the maps yet, because it will take a little bit of time, but they’re coming up in the organic, so, you know, one helps the other, and the entire the entire strategy should be for you to be able to dominate your service area. Okay?

Uh and then we talked about having a high converting website, you gotta make sure your your website, uh you know, it’s it’s ready to convert those clicks into leads that people are ready to see if they want to see some of your galleries that they can see your beautiful work. Uh and, you know, you’re actually showcasing your real work, you’re not taking someone else’s uh, images that you’re actually really using that, because this is your selling strategy right here. You can tell your prospective clients, hey look, you want to see our overlays and resurfacing?

Not a problem. We have a gallery just for that and you can look at some of our work there. And again, this is a selling tool, right? This is cells tool. So treat your website as such. Um, and make sure that you’re taking care of that. I can tell you one thing. Um, if we take an example, you can almost overnight, if you’re getting traffic, you’re getting traffic from, uh, from, from the search engines, you already coming up on google maps, uh, and say you’re getting 100 clicks a month.

If your website is just like any other website, you probably are going to be getting about a 2% conversion 2%. So out of 100 clicks that come through the website, 2% equals two leat. That’s the conversion on average, 2 to 5% max. Like that is uh an absolute max. Now, a high converting website tends to convert between 15 to 20% sometimes more. Alright, 15 at 10 15 20% or more. So imagine this, if you have the same traffic, same amount of traffic, all you did was change your website to a high converting website now you would get those 100 clicks and if your website converted 10% that means you would get can lead instead of two for the same traffic.

Okay, so this is one thing that we do here are concrete marketing crew is we have an entire concrete marketing plan, which what we do is we take care of your entire online presence from the website build out to helping you generate more reviews to helping you help you generate more, more follow ups into those leads so that you can get found. Get known in your service area, get more concrete projects, the type of projects you love to be working on and accelerate your results. Uh, and you can learn how it works.

Very simple. We’ve been featuring concrete the core, you can check out the videos and the free training section and we’re actually revamping the website right now, so you can go ahead and check it out. And if you’re ready to book a marketing uh, strategy call, what we call this, a concrete marketing plan strategy call. You can go ahead and book a call or give us a call there and we’re going to ask you a couple of questions. We want to make sure that we can help you in the first place.

And uh, if we can, would be more than glad to actually help you out. So if you have any questions again, I’ve shared how you can go ahead and get yourself more concrete leads by leveraging the power of the search engines. You can’t ignore it. And and look if you’re just getting started and you’re in a tight small budget, but you know, the service areas you want to service, you can go ahead and start running some facebook at. Uh, and if you need help getting some ideas what you can do there, feel free to hit us up concrete marketing crew dot com.

There’s a link to an article that we wrote about this specific topic, right in the description until the next time. Give us a share alike. Follow us and we’ll see you in the next video. Take care, have a great rest of your day.

Danny Barrera

Danny Barrera

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