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Find Out The Demand For Your Concrete Services In Your Service Area

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Do you provide concrete services in your service area? If so, it is important to know how much demand there is for those services. With Google’s Ad Keyword tool, you can find out the demand in your service area by typing in keywords related to what you offer. This will give you an idea of how competitive your business might be and what type of marketing strategies would work best for you. It also gives insight into where potential customers are searching online for concrete contractors like yourself. In this episode, we take look at how to calculate demand for your decorative concrete services in your service area.


Topics Discussed:

  • 1. Find out how many people are searching for concrete services in your service area by using Google Keyword Tool
  • 2. Enter keywords that you want to rank for into the tool, and then click on “Get Ideas”
  • 3. Sort the results by impressions or clicks so that you know which keywords have been searched more often than others
  • 4. Choose a few of these keywords and enter them into an online advertising campaign through AdWords

Audio Transcript

Hey there, concrete concert tours and we’re live, Welcome to today’s episode on how you can find out the demand for your concrete services in your service area. My name is Debbie Barrera and this is concrete marketing crew bringing you this episode and we get a lot of questions all the time whether or not whether or not there is search demand for especially decorative concrete services in different service areas throughout the country. So if you don’t know who we are concrete marketing crew, we help flat work and decorative concrete contractors throughout the United States doubled their leads with our concrete market implants or whether you like to get position on google search, get a new website that generates leads, get some google ads running for your facebook at or Pinterest ads.

We are here to help you guys out and we help concrete contractors nationwide. And this video, we’re going to talk about how you can find out if there is demand for your concrete services in your service area and here’s the problem. It’s a lot of times I see a lot of guys that get excited, get into business and take some training on how to do a concrete resurfacing, uh, epoxy flooring, concrete coatings, etcetera, get some training that perhaps they’ve been doing it for some time and then they get into business and uh, they start getting some jobs based on word of mouth and eventually branch out on their own, start getting equipment and they realize, hey, in order for me to actually put food on the table consistently, I got to start advertising marketing myself.

So they get a website done. Perhaps they try to do it themselves. Maybe they get a weebly or weeks website done. Uh, and they realized, wow, I got myself up on a google my business page. I got my facebook page done, I have my website, but I’m not getting any leads from my website. We did a survey recently, over 10,000 concrete contractors. How many of these contractors have actually had a website? Uh and over 30 had a website. And out of those, 30 that responded with the website, we follow up with.

The question is, Is has your website generated any leads in the last month and you’d be surprised that over 60%, over 60 said that they did not generate any concrete leads from their website. It had to do with the referrals with gcc, sending them work, etc. So, I mean, that’s, that is pretty crazy. But in this video, I’m going to show you and share with you guys how you can validate the search the map. This is what we do for for anyone that comes to us in schedules. A concrete marketing strategy session.

Part of the whole strategy call is looking at the demand in your service area and seeing if it’s worth the investment in the first place. Because a lot of times if you do some of the decorative concrete services, for example, some service areas, they’re not searching proactively for the services, in which case we recommend doing facebook advertising or Pinterest or Youtube advertising to push to push the service that you’re trying to do the transformation services that you’re trying to do in patios, on garage floors, on interior floors, on exterior Florence, concrete Florence.

So anyway, so let’s go ahead and just get right on with the guy. So what you’re going to see here on my screen is what we call the, the good old google keyword planner. And what this is is google’s keyword tool that gathers all the data and looks at the search uh in all the different keywords uh in different areas. So throughout the you can select the whole United States or you can select the specific areas. So what I like to do is if we take phoenix, for example, Phoenix is a nice area, 6.

8 million population it reports here. First thing we Wanna do is select that area. The service area. The next thing is say that you were doing concrete resurfacing. Um and uh what I like to do is type the root key word of the main service that you offer. Now check this out. Concrete resurfacing. We do concrete resurfacing alone and let this thing run through what we’re going to find out is uh is the average monthly searches in total, right in total. Based on that search term and the variations of that search terms.

So the first thing I look at is okay, how many, how many searches are being done on average per month? In this case the exact keyword for concrete resurfacing? About 70 searches. That 70 Okay, That’s not 70,000 searches. That is not 70 million searches. That is 70 searches for that specific search term alone. Now, when we go down, um, you can see concrete resurfacing near me. That gets 10 searches on average, concrete resurface dr resurface concrete driveway. 10 searches a month. That’s a medium competition term. And as we scroll down, there’s a lot of tents, a lot of tents.

So here’s what happens. Yeah. And here’s where it gets crazy guys like you, you’re going to know like if you’re doing resurfacing, perhaps you offer different type of resurfacing jobs, right? So, so you might do resurfacing finishes, you might do police partick concrete coatings, you might do epoxy coatings, whatever it is that you offer. Now, that’s when we start getting into the nitty gritty uh in the different in the different search variations. So we start with at the root level of to serve the main service that you offer or one of the services and then we start adding those up.

So concrete coatings would be another one and we will just hit search again again. The service area here in this case is um Is Phoenix Arizona and you saw there the big bump. Now we have a total average monthly searches of 19,000 per month. And you know, I don’t Wanna make a big hype about that number because there’s a lot of key words that are not by or keywords, which means That they are not. This does not mean that there are 19,000 consumers out there looking to purchase right now.

This means some maybe in the process of doing research, some maybe in the process of pro actively looking for a contract or some maybe researching how to get into that business. Some maybe comparing different product applications. So it’s not always what we call the buyer keywords that will come up, but it gives you a good idea. Um you know, so we went from concrete resurfacing, we added uh concrete coatings and let’s go ahead and look at the different keywords that came out. Now we look at concrete paint, came back up with uh 210 searches per month.

Now people are looking for concrete paint, perhaps they want to do it themselves. How about positioning your business on the google maps for that specific for that specific? Search them. So the next thing is, if I’m in phoenix, next thing I like to do is go to google dot com. In this case I’m going to use the tools to change my location. Uh and I’m gonna select phoenix as my location here. Uh and uh phoenix Arizona and I’m going to do uh what, what was it, garage paint?

Um concrete paint was a concrete paint, concrete paint, and I’m going to see what results come up in that specific service area. So I can tell you if I get a lot of these ads which are e commerce ads on the right hand side, that means that the intent for the majority of the searches are from people looking for to buy paint for concrete. You can see home depot comes up right on top, you get some google ads here. Uh there is a concrete company, I know the owner of this concrete company, which is good, he’s running that’s very smart from him to do this.

Uh And uh you know the fact that he’s targeting this specific term, that means that he’s targeting the person that’s looking for concrete paint. Uh And in this case if they want to do concrete floor coatings, um you know, that would be the perfect individual. So the second thing that comes up here is the google maps. So you got the google maps right underneath some some of the abs and some of the organic search results, the google maps, right? Uh and this is why it’s important that you get yourself optimized with the google my business listing for all the different search term variations.

That is because you have to understand that the user intent. Now let’s go ahead and look for another good keyword that came as a byproduct of uh adding the concrete codings in this case would be packed garage floor, 880 searches on average per month. Now, if I go to this graph right here, uh some months this goes up to 1300 searches per month. Other months it goes down to 720 and then he goes back up. But if we go ahead and look for epoxy garage floor, what I like to see is what type of result google is giving me back. Right.

So the first thing we see on top is the ads section right underneath the ads comes The Google maps and that means that this is a prime real estate right here. If you get yourself on on the maps and there are 880 searches, you can expect to get a nice chunk of the clicks that are coming in for that specific uh service key word in that service area. So you would be getting a lot of clicks and a lot of phone calls, a lot of leads for those projects in that service area.

So how would I validate this? Uh, you know, if there is actual big potential for marketing advertising on google search, the first thing is is use the google keyword planner. I show you guys right now, how would use it? Select the specific service area, select the main service offering. And uh and then start adding out the different services. Now, let me go ahead and uh instead of concrete coatings and concrete resurfacing, go ahead and do stamped concrete, Right, say your flat work and you do step concrete patios, etc.

Let me go ahead and see it. Now, you can see that just for stamped concrete in different variations that there are 4410 Average monthly searches in Phoenix Arizona, right? Big Difference now. Uh, 390 on average searches per month coming in for stamped concrete, stamped concrete, Patio, 90 searches per month in average. Uh and you can see this looks very natural, this is what I would actually like to see. Uh and you can see all of the different keyword variations do add up. So the question is, if someone is asking me, then is there demand for stop concrete in uh, in phoenix, my answer is yes.

And you might as well get nice piece of the pie. Uh and let me go ahead and just type in stamped concrete right here on this tool and kind of see What uh what Google tells us in Phoenix Arizona. The first thing that we see right here is actually Google maps. So if you’re, if you’re getting 390 searches and you get anywhere between 10-20 of the clicks, right straight up to the maps. In the top three maps positions you can expect to get. Nice, a nice bump on calls every single month for stamped concrete jobs.

Uh, and again, this is every single month, right? That’s the beauty about google searches. Every single month, there is search traffic coming in for these services. Let’s go ahead and do one more for decorative concrete. Um, and see what comes up decorated decorated to creep And every service areas different. So how are we validated? So as you can see here, what I’m looking for is uh, it’s what, what does Google think are decorative? The relevant decorative concrete terms. So here comes back with 1300 average monthly searches being done for decorative concrete in different variations of that keyword in phoenix Arizona stamped concrete patio comes back with 90 that could have concrete.

Only 30 searches per month. That is not a lot. So that’s the other thing guys is if you if you hire an S. E. O. Company to do S. E. O. For you and they tell you, hey, you’re number one for decorative concrete in phoenix, It’s only getting 30 searches per month. The question that I would have for you is how many of the other searches search terms are you actually showing up for? All right, so that being said, next thing I want to take you to is uh let me go back out here and we’re gonna explore a different key work.

In this case, I’m gonna choose SAN Diego, different service area. Gonna change it. Uh Altogether four million in change. And in this case, what I wanna do is uh type in decorative concrete, kind of show you um kind of show you a different side of the coin, decorative concrete in san Diego. Getting 1500 average monthly searches per month, stamped concrete patio in this area is getting 100 and 7100 and 70 way more than it did in uh in phoenix Arizona, right? So there’s more demand for stamped concrete patios. That would be a great keyword to to rank for.

Uh and then you can see all of the different search variations come up now. I would love to see the concrete coatings and see how many uh how many come up here in this area. Uh concrete coating. 16,670. Uh and greater majority coming back for epoxy garage floor. So a lot of people looking for epoxy garage floor and if you’re an epoxy garage floor contractor and that’s, that’s what you do, garage Florence saN Diego is a good service area, just like you saw it right there in phoenix Arizona, so let’s go back out and this time, what I like to show you is how you can leverage already ranking websites that are showing up.

So what I want to do is just type in decorative concrete SAN Diego. Okay. And uh, what I like to do is just take the first ranking website and you know, grab that and we use one of these tools called SAm Russia, S E M rush. Uh, and just type in, this is one of the tools that we use here, uh, and type in the keyword and let me see if I can make this a little bit bigger so you can, you guys can see it and we type in the website and as soon as we type it in we can see a couple of things, positions, changes, competitors, etcetera.

But what I like to see is if they’re ranking number one for specific keyword, Let me see here the ranking number one for specific keyword and its variation. What I like to see is what other search terms are they ranking for that I may be able to look for. So um what I like to see is look at their position from top to bottom uh concrete re finishing SAN Diego right there, ranking number one, it’s getting an average of 20 searches per month. So I would make a record of that keyword, concrete overlay SAN Diego getting 70 searches, their number one uh concrete staining SAN Diego getting 110 searches boom.

So I would start making a combination of all these different searches that are happening in SAN Diego and kind of see what what really makes sense for for me and my marketing strategy. Now, the second thing I would do, uh for example, concrete driveway repair, Second thing I would do is start categorizing these keywords and say, okay, what keywords can I use to generate leads? What keywords are the buyer keywords? Now, what keywords are the key words are going to help me gain more exposure and credibility by writing blog posts.

What keywords can I add to my service pages and should be in my service pages so that I can start building the right marketing plan for my concrete company. So so as you can see there, I can gauge into the different service demand. Another thing I can do here with the keyword overview is I can look at the different keywords and say stamped concrete SAN Diego. Um what I don’t like about using ECM raj uh H. H. Refs or or uh Uber suggests is that a lot of times they don’t have the right data for real local hyper local search volumes.

So uh it’s gonna tell me different variations, so it’s really not not the most accurate as far as local search volumes, But it will give me some ideas. So for example, stamped concrete San Diego 110 in volume there uh concrete stamps for rent San Diego, that one is getting 20 searches. I don’t want that keyword, right? I don’t that that key word doesn’t mean anything to me from a concrete contract or doing stamped concrete. Uh a lot of stamp rental stuff. Um Let me see stamped concrete Contractor San Diego.

Only 10 searches. So as you can see there, big variation. What about concrete polishing? Let’s look for concrete polishing SAn Diego. This one is getting 70 searches now. Check this out. Right, So we’ve got all these volumes and all these numbers coming up here, they look nice and neat but not a lot. Right, so 70 10, 10 you know total volume of 90 searches, This is a perfect example. Now I’m gonna go to my google keyword planner and then go go back here and just type in concrete polishing. Mhm. And uh the service area SAN Diego.

And my total average monthly search volumes is 2910. So if I depend on Uber suggest if I depend on H rafts tools or if I depend on any of these other tools to give me keyword data, it would be very inaccurate data. Uh And then I shared with you guys keyword shooter which is another one that works extremely well but I would not use it for, for the initial validation of demand in my service area. I would not use it for that. I would use it when I am actually building up a marketing campaign and I already know, hey, these are the main service demands that we have.

These are the pages we’re gonna build out for our clients. Um, and let’s go ahead and see all these different keyword variations based on on on what’s trending out there. So uh you know, as we start to see concrete polishing 140 searches per month for that keyword in SAN Diego polished concrete floors 110. Uh and again, when you’re taking a piece of that pie guys and you’re showing up on the maps, let me look at what’s coming up here. When we uh when we go ahead and search for that, when we look for this, let me go to san Diego san Diego California.

And we tie polished concrete floors. The first thing I like to look at is what is google providing back to me. The first thing comes up here is google ads section right underneath that is the maps section. So this is very important that if your concrete polisher or you own a concrete polishing company in SAn Diego, you get yourself up in the maps, okay? There is demand for your service in your service area. What about, let me see concrete, polished concrete floors for home, you see the add on top, you see the pictures that come up and then you do not see the maps.

Now, let me let me see, polished uh polished concrete. Yes, and then I do concrete polishing polishing and then near me, I’d like to do that one and you can see a lot more, adds a lot more competition, yep. So, you know, the competition does change. There’s plenty of opportunity out there guys. If you’re doing and if you’re doing concrete driveways, et cetera. I mean the sky’s the limit for you guys. So this is how I would validate the service areas. And sometimes you want to go, for example, I live right here in uh let me go ahead and clear this out.

I live in in Parkland florida, but coral springs is right next to me. So let me look at concrete coatings and then change it over to a smaller sitting comparisons to san Diego coral springs florida. 347,000 population 7000 searches per month, on average, in in in combination. Again, look, people looking for epoxy garage floor paint, uh, garage floor sealer. Um, they’re looking for some brands in this case, you know, exclude the brand names but concrete stain, pulled the paint, concrete floor paint, epoxy garage floor 90 searches per month. So you know, if you get yourself, you know right here, let me go to google and do it from my location without any filters.

Let me go and see what comes up. So I get a lot of ads and then I get uh the google maps, search results there and as you can see there, this is why I’ve been saying, you know, it’s super important. You get yourself up on the maps. Well, uh you know, we’re pretty much on top of the 20 minutes right here and and if you’ve been listening to this conversation on how you can find the demand for your service areas. We’ve discussed on how you can use the google keyword planner to start off with in there.

We’ve also talked about how you can uh you can start looking at the different keywords and services that you offer and stacking them up because a lot of times one service will come up and you, you try a different service and that other service will have way more demanding the initial one that you wanted to offer. And that should give you a reality check whether you’re offering the right service to lead with. Uh, and uh, and again, if you’re a concrete contractor or decorative concrete contractor and you need help figuring this out, contact us at concrete marketing crew dot com and schedule a free concrete marketing strategy call what we do this research for you.

All you have to do is go to concrete marketing crew dot com or call us at three or five 9024888 and we’ll be able to help you out. We’ll do the keyboard research. We do the competitor analysis will show you where your ranking on the maps will show you what you’re doing right and wrong on the website that you can improve on and we’ll show you how you can get more concrete projects leads to the type of leads. You love to work, work on top of projects you love to work on.

So go ahead and head on to concrete marketing crew dot com. And if you don’t have the free internet marketing guy that we’re providing, they’re just download it, get it right to your inbox and we’ll talk to you guys soon. Thank you for listening in. Have a great rest of your day. Bye for now.

Danny Barrera

Danny Barrera

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