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Want More Concrete Leads From Your PPC? Use A Landing Page!

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If you are a concrete contractor, chances are that you have been advertising your services on Google. And if so, then it’s likely that you’ve experienced the difficulty of converting those clicks into leads. The best way to increase conversion rates is through landing pages. Landing pages can help funnel traffic in specific directions and answer any questions potential customers might have about your company before they make a purchase decision. They also give visitors an idea of what to expect when they book their appointment with you because all the details will be laid out for them on one page- no need to navigate through multiple sites looking for information! This means more conversions at less cost – sounds like a win-win situation! So why not set up some landing pages today? In this episode we show you some samples used for our clients.

Topics Discussed:

  • Conversions for concrete contractor websites & landing pages
  • Why a specific concrete contractor landing page is important
  • What do successful concrete contractor landing pages include?
  • Why copy (words) on landing pages matter
  • Different call to actions that work for residential & commercial concrete

Audio Transcript

Hey there, concrete contractors. Welcome to this special episode. Talking about why you need a landing page to generate more concrete leads from your pay per click advertising. So this is whether you’re running google ads, whether you’re running facebook ads, whether you’re running big ads, yahoo ads, whether you’re running Pinterest ads, whatever the case is, even linked in at, if you’re running Lincoln at, it doesn’t matter what you’re running, if you’re running any top paid advertising is crucial that you get yourself a landing page and you don’t send traffic straight into the website.

Look, it really comes down to the math, really comes down to the number. This is an example. We use all the time, a website, just a general website. Uh, and we see this all the time converts at an average of between 3 to 5% max 3 to 5%. That means for every 100 clicks that come to a website you can generate or you can expect to generate between 3 to 5 leads of a website. And I’m talking about regular good old website, I mean you’re, you’re talking about wigs, you’re talking about go daddy websites.

The general websites that get built out by Web design shops are not built with conversions in mind. Now, our websites, regular website, the full blown website that we can build out, generate between 10 at the very lowest, but usually 15% to 25% conversions. That means that for every 100 clicks that the site gets from organic search, we’re expected to get at the very minimum low and 10 leads, usually between 15 to 25 leads, uh, sometimes more. Uh, and uh, with google ads with any pay traffic, we don’t have the luxury to start getting a lot of clicks.

We want to make sure we start converting that traffic as best as we can. So, uh, In this case, depending on what type of service you offer and the top of keywords you’re targeting, you should be expecting to at the very least get as close to 15% conversions. That means for every 100 clicks that that landing page or the website gets, you are getting 15 leads and then you can calculate the lead causes from there. But but again, this is one of the biggest pitfalls we see, we see this all the time.

Uh and in fact I want to go ahead and share my screen with you, the handy dandy screen. Let me go ahead and share. Let’s see here. And this is the google ads section right here and I’m gonna go ahead and open up the google ads and the google ads. When you go ahead and open up google dot com. And you type any search storm on the top section, you’re going to see the ads that come up. Then you scroll down all the way towards the bottom.

There’s gonna be another section for ads. Now. You see Home Advisor, you see all these lead generation companies, you ask yourself well how do they generate leads? They generate leads from two places. Number one is the organic search results. They managed to rank their website all across for all these different search terms in different cities and target areas and whenever they’re not on the top 10 positions, what they do is they run google ads. Uh and what a landing page is for them is basically a simple page.

You can see it right here. If you’re watching this video, you see it. The first thing that it asks you is for the zip code. Uh So the first thing is, you know, you put the zip code, then it starts asking you different questions. This is basically a form that you’re filling out and before you know it it’s gonna ask you for the name, email and phone number and that is considered elite. Now, if you are a concrete contractor and you’re targeting a consumer and you don’t have the brand recognition or the name as Angie’s list or home advice or any of those guys, you don’t have the luxury to just put up a form and expect people to fill it out because there is very low trust factor.

So you need to make sure that you have that in place. Now, some other examples. And again, any example I show you here is for edification and educational purposes. What we see most of the time is concrete contractors just send out traffic to sometimes blank website. So you can see here this is actually a page that’s receiving ads. And you can see here there’s nothing here, nothing loads up. Like you try to reload this page, there is no traffic, no, no response. I should say no, no.

Uh, nothing is coming out out of this website. Okay. What this is doing is you’re basically wasting advertising dollars by doing this. Let’s look at a different example here. This is another what we call, uh, just another website, a full blown website. You can see all the links towards the top. Uh, and someone that lands here and he’s looking for a commercial concrete contractor. They’re gonna see a lot of residential work. They’re almost going to say, okay, this is not a full blown commercial concrete contractor, might not be fully competent.

And this is the test. If someone lands on your landing page and within five seconds, have no idea who you are, what you offer and if you can solve the problem or you can solve the specific need that they have at that point in time, they will click on the back button, you have only up to five seconds. You want to see how fast five seconds are, check this out and you’re out right, It’s really quick. So uh, that is on the long range. You see that quiet moment right there, that was five seconds and counting quite slow.

I’m going to show you another another website right here. So these guys are running ads and again, this is just for identification purposes only and you can see it’s a full blown website. Um, and there are, you know the website that the job of the website is really to, to be off of full information that that gets found on the organic search results gets found on the maps section, but really to drive pay per click advertising to a full blown website. In the majority of cases, I can tell you, we’ve tested this out.

We actually spent thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars every single month to generate concrete leads. And I can tell you the majority of websites simply don’t, don’t come anywhere near as close as a landing page. So what you’ve seen so far has been a full blown websites that are getting google ads clicks to them and you know, some of these websites look better than others. I can tell you some of them will generate some leads versus others. But what generates leads and I’m showing you this right now.

Let me go to commercial landing pages is an example right here. This is a simple one pager landing page in this case targeting for commercial projects. As you can see there. The first thing that you see that pops up is what we call the headline. The headline has to be connecting to that individual. And again, we’re looking to answer three questions on the landing page, number one is you want to get a local phone number. We’ve seen local phone numbers convert better. So you got to make sure that the phone number is highly visible, that people can actually see the phone number if that’s what they rather do.

But the second thing is, is right, when they see a local phone number is number one is can these guys help me solve the problem or or or give me the the answers that I’m looking for. And if I am looking for a commercial concrete contractors, I want to have that answered for me right away. I don’t even want to think so. Does this past the five second rule absolutely tells me who they are. Does he tell me where they service or where they’re based out of?

Yes, it tells me right here. Houston’s premier commercial concrete contador’s. Now, the next thing is we like to use bullet points now, depending on the client, sometimes we get better image than others. You can see the image on the background is of a commercial project, commercial scape scale project. We might use different imagery. Uh, and again, for mobile devices, you know, we we got to make sure that we use different, just different images so that it looks good. But for the most, most cases, in most cases, what we like to do and what we like to use is bullet points that that are friendly that are easy to read.

Uh, and that really trigger different points or or questions that someone may be asking internally when they’re browsing through through a landing page or through a website. And in this case, what we’ve discovered is when someone’s looking for a commercial concrete contract or someone that can deal with an industrial commercial project, they’re looking for a professional, someone that’s reliable. That’s that’s another word that really comes up a lot And they like to see a crew. Right? So it’s not just a singular concrete contractor but a commercial concrete crew.

Uh and with experience. Right? So we cover that right here in this main bullet point, you can see on top in this case is professional, reliable and capable of commercial crew with over 30 years experience someone that is looking for a commercial contra contract. All we’ll find that as a connecting point, another one delivering work on time, right? That is a very frustrating if you’re a full blown construction company or a general contractor looking for a commercial contract or you want to make sure they can deliver the work on time.

Another keyword here or trigger word is within budget with the highest quality standards in the industry. Uh and again, we did not make this up. This actually comes as a by product of force surveying uh different builders contractors, general contractors uh in architectural firms and another one is project management, face management and technical knowledge. Uh You know, we found out that those words actually do stick out for these commercials. So again, if I am targeting residential, I would use different words. So this case I’m looking for, You know where this is the landing page here.

Really quick. You get to see that uh that right here we make your dream concrete project, that reality driveways, pool decks, patios and more licensed bonded and insured contractors over 30 years. Experience and quality craftsmanship, free estimates and easy financing. Now, if you’re a homeowner, uh, those are trigger words that we found homeowners when they’re looking for a concrete contractor for stamped concrete project for a patio, for a driveway, right? They want easy financing. A professional contractor, uh, and someone that can showcases. Right? So this is the top section.

This is followed again. This is followed by a button that, that it’s what we call the call to action button. Every landing page has a very clear call to action in this case is let’s discuss your project. And as you can see there the fields that we’re asking for is the name, email, phone number, facility name or project name and the project details. This captures a lead information and then hence it off to the client. The next thing is the next section builds trust and builds authority.

So the first section is to connect the next one is to re emphasize uh competencies build trust and authority in this case. Uh This is uh the secondary headline and may read a little bit long, but I can tell you if someone is looking for a commercial concrete contractor, they will find whether this company can solve and help them out with their project. So this is what it reads reads from new developments, uh Municipal projects, commercial, industrial and government infrastructure developments too. Broad construction. Uh I I I see commercial has you covered?

Right. So that is the secondary headline and then it goes into for over 30 years and then it goes into talking about a little bit about the company, what it’s done uh as you can see the trust symbols right underneath, a ci american society of concrete contractors trip will be And the Google five stars reviews that is right there. This is what builds trust. And again, this is for the consumers mind only it’s not a full blown website, but you know, as you can see if we compare this right?

I do get a pop up here, but if you compare both of them are very differently. Uh, and there is a reason why everything’s here. If we go to the residential aspect right here, you can see that, you know, similarly slightly different. This one, the headline, the secondary headline reads, turn your plane and boring cochran into a beautiful living space with with and then it says a company named their trust symbols. And then it goes into into the images right here, right down below, which is a gallery.

Now, what we like to do is because the majority of the traffic goes and comes from mobile devices, What we like to do is showcase the best delivery of the service. So you gotta make sure you have clean pictures, clear pictures. In other cases we don’t have clear pictures and you know, this is 11 thing we struggle with certain concrete contractors is just trying to get the best images from the projects. So guys, when you are working in, in any type of advertising online, whether that’s facebook ads, whether that is google ads and you’re putting together a landing page or someone’s putting together a landing page, make sure your pictures are high resolution, you can clearly see what it is that the consumer is going to be looking at and they can make sense out of that specific project without having to look too deep.

So, so we want to make sure we cater to the mobile user as well as the desktop user. And uh, basically that’s the difference. So again, we go into into different sections, uh, you know, just re emphasize why they should contact you as a concrete contractor and then just having a map towards the bottom. It’s very important. Having a map towards the bottom. We found that whenever we put a map versus nap, putting a map on the landing page helps just because the prospect if they’re looking for a concrete conflict during that area, they will want to see whether you serve as that area or not.

So this is something we’ve tested out and if you offer financing, then you know, that’s a place where you might want to put in your financing button, right? So just keep that in mind as you’re using some of those things, if you have reviews, that’s a place where you want to have your reviews showing, right? So right underneath the gallery. So this is all built with the end consumer in mind. And as you can see there, big difference when we’re sending someone from a general website and just showing, you know, sometimes a black picture blank canvas or showing them too many options versus, you know, giving them right straight up, giving them the options that they should be taken uh as a consumer.

And what we want to do is just make it easy for for prospects to contact you, the concrete contractor that’s out there that wants to generate more leads. And as you can see there, I show you some examples here, different examples uh with Angie’s list and what Home Advisor does is they simply they ask different questions, uh and this is how they build their lead database and eventually once once uh you know, they capture all the different details about the project. They sell this lead in different multiple ways, They may sell it to multiple concert tours, they may hold off the lead and sell it to someone and then afterwards sell it to someone else.

But over time what this is doing is this is capturing your data and basically creating a lead profile in which gets sold in multiple times. So you can do the very same thing for your concrete company without having to rely on lead vendors. And again, my name is Danny Barrera concrete marketing crew. And what we do is we help flat work and decorative concrete contract towards double their lead with our concrete marketing plan. If you’re interested at all. What we invite you to do is to download our free Internet marketing guide, you just click on the button right there on the homepage, put your name and email and if you’re ready for more information, schedule a free concrete marketing strategy called by giving us a call at 3059024888 Or click on book a call and schedule call with one of our representatives.

Thank you so much for watching and for listening in. We’ll see you in the next one. Have a great rest of your day.

Danny Barrera

Danny Barrera

Founder of Concrete Marketing Crew. Author of the up-and-coming book, "Sell More Garage Floors". Contributor to the Concrete Decor Magazine. Host of Your Concrete Success Podcast. We're on a mission to elevate the concrete coating & decorative concrete industry.

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