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How To Market Your Epoxy Business When Just Starting Out

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In this blog post, we will explore some of the ways you can market your epoxy business when starting out. We hope that our tips will help you grow and thrive in your concrete floor coatings career! 


Topics Discussed:

  • Leveraging Your Google My Business to Get Epoxy Jobs
  • How to use Facebook the right way
  • How to use your Instagram page to generate buzz and leads
  • How to leverage your LinkedIn profile to find all your dream niche clients
  • How to start getting reviews for your epoxy flooring business

Audio Transcript

Hey, hey, hey, hey, what’s going on, decorative concrete contractors? This is Danny Barrera with your concrete success podcast And welcome aboard. Welcome aboard to another episode where we’re going to talk about how to market your epoxy flooring business when just starting out now, here’s the bottom line. If you install, install epoxy, but that is not your core business, you can still take these steps and strategists to market your decorative concrete business effectively and start generating leads right now when just starting out. So whether you’re just like literally launching as, as in this week, next week, you’re getting started with a low budget and you want to find creative ways to market your decorative concrete business or epoxy flooring business or even if you’re flat work concrete contractor and you’re just getting out there, well, this is what you got to pay attention to, so I’m gonna walk you through it.

Um, if you don’t know who we are, my name is Danny Barrera, founder of concrete marketing crew, and what we do is we help concrete contractors double their leads with our concrete marketing plan. So if you have any questions about what we do and how we can help you, you can go over to a head on over to concrete marketing crew dot com, Check us out. And uh, I have a free marketing guide for concrete contractors. Just go ahead and get that downloaded. It’s gonna show you what we do for concrete contractors all throughout the United States to help them maximize their lead flow online.

So let’s get right on with it guys. So, so again, here’s the situation. I see a lot of epoxy floor installers, they get started, or they’re thinking about starting a poxy flooring business, but they don’t know where to start getting jobs. Uh and let me say this, let me just say this when you’re just starting out, you want to be ethical guys. You want to be ethical because your reputation is going to mean the world as you move on, uh, in the world as you move on and you start getting more jobs.

If you post fake pictures, for example of, of uh work that is not your work, that’s going to get you in trouble very quick. I see this happening all the time in facebook marketplaces and all that stuff. So that’s uh, that’s the one thing that I, I really want to want to bring out. Um, and uh, what are some ways that you can really start getting your name out there online online and online is online, right? It’s the name of the game here. So one of the things is leverage, google.

And one of the tools that you can leverage is google my business, google my business. And if you don’t know what google my business is, is basically if you ever make a search online and say I’m looking for an epoxy floor uh flooring contractor, right and I make that search, you can see that the google ads is what comes up on the top section and then right underneath that we have what we call the google maps listings. This is what I call the money box, this is where over 30% of the clicks that come on first page of google results, this is where over 37% of the clicks go to.

And what you want to do is you want to claim your google listing and the way you do that is by getting your business into the google my business. So all you gotta do is just literally go to google dot com and type google my business. And the first result that comes up in there, it’s going to be uh the google my business page. So what you do is you want to go through this page and claim your google my business listing. Now, this is assuming that you have I registered business in your service area and you have an address in the location that you want to rank.

So let’s talk about that for a second. My business listening, how does it work and why is it important to you have one? Well, first and foremost is as you start getting your name out there, you start handing out cards and people start finding out who you are. Yes, you definitely need a website. But one of the things that people are going to do is they’re gonna start is what we call googling you, they’re gonna start searching you and if you don’t have that google my business listing, uh they’re going to search you and perhaps a competitor is going to come up and then they’re going to call up a competitor and there you go, There goes that lead, right?

So what you want to do is just claim your name exactly as it is shown in your business, um, in your business registration. So if you’re thinking about coming up with a business name right now and you don’t know that it does help out. If you do have the word epoxy for example, you don’t need to have uh, epoxy in the world. We help contractors throughout the United States who don’t necessarily have what the keyword or the search term in the name. However, it certainly does help out.

If you do have, it makes it easier in the short term, not necessarily in the long term doesn’t make a difference in the long term, but that being said, you can go ahead and get that business name register, make sure that the google my business is shown exactly as it is uh in your business documentation. And the reason being is if at any point in time uh we see that there is a a listening that’s not legitimate. So I can tell you this one, for example, right here, it’s not a legitimate business per se.

Um and the reason I’m saying is it’s probably if we search this, this is all over down in Miami I’m guessing and uh you know, it’s got an 877 number doesn’t have an address. Uh you know, you can get reported and get that taken down and it’s it’s very easy to get a profile taken down. I’m not going to do anything with this one there, just gonna leave it right there. But this is for free, this is absolutely free. And what you do is once you get your google my business listing, uh and you service your first client, you want to make sure that you give a great experience, you provide a great experience, great customer service.

Uh and you ask for a review and you start handing out your google my business listing link. And uh it’s very easy to do actually, I’m gonna show you how we can do for these guys for example, um We use internally for our clients, we do use a software uh that’s gonna that helps us take care of that. So for example here we can go ahead and generate a link to this, write a review. But you could just tell your your clients hate look um just google my business name and then click on, leave a review, write a review right there and then uh And that that is one of the fastest ways that we found.

This is very helpful guys like you start getting some reviews. The next thing that you want to do is start posting pictures of your job contractors that have real pictures of real jobs. And I’m not talking about uh real pictures of other contractors, I’m talking about your own pictures and you’re taking pictures with your phone right at the work site. Uh Those contractors, let me tell you like this this right here. These are not real pictures, this is not doing any good. Um This looks more like a real picture there.

So the real pictures um tend to convert higher for the websites as well as the google my business listing. But for google itself, google has the ability to read the metadata, the data that’s behind these pictures. And they know if you’re taking it from someone else’s phone, they know if you’re taking it from someone else that took it in a different location. Uh So, you know, just let you know those are things to really consider as you’re doing this and it does benefit you if you actually download the google my business app on your phone and you take pictures, right?

When you’re completing the projects, you can take the before doing the Nafta and take pictures of the different stages off of the production. All right. So make sure you’re taking pictures. That does help out, make sure you’re getting reviews and if your client actually uh lives reviews with the work that you completed, their that’s even better. That’s even better. So, you can see here, you know, someone took a picture of the finished product right there. Uh you know, whether this is what it is, it does help out if there is a review with pictures in there to make sure that you have that in place.

All right, so those are the some of the things that you can get started with right now, with pretty much no investment on your part, optimizing and coming up for different service areas and coming up and dominating uh in a competitive space, that’s a different conversation, We’ll leave that up to a webinar where we discuss on how to optimize your google my business listening to generate more phone calls and more leads for your poxy flooring business. And again, if you have any more questions, you can go to concrete marketing crew dot com and check us out and request more information on our website.

Uh the second way that we uh that we encourage contractors to to uh start promoting their epoxy flooring business as their starting out is their facebook page. Okay creating a facebook page. Now creating a facebook page is not your personal page. Don’t get that confused and it’s so easy to do because you can you can start inviting prospects right over to your page and I’m going to open up my facebook page here and if you’re not connected with me and you want to be connected, just look up Danny Barrera.

Um and that’s pretty much it. But to get a page started, this is E. C. S. Just clicking uh logging onto your facebook and then clicking right here on this. How many nine dots on the top right section. And you can go ahead and create on page. And that should allow you to uh to create a page. And what you want to do is name the page exactly as you’ve named your google my business listing exactly as your business is registered. This way in case of any problems uh you know any you need to submit any documentation.

You will not have any problems. Now something I forgot to mention before is with the google my business. You want to make sure that it’s it’s registered by you and not someone else. Not not someone else that’s uh even if it’s an employee or whatever the case is because you’re going to you’re going to need a Gmail account or or an address and email address that you own. This happens, we’ve seen this happen many times where a lot of times you know you have an employee that you know they got fire and they were the ones that registered business.

Well that’s going to create problems for you. Same thing with the facebook page. You want to create that page under your your personal facebook account. Uh And again there we can go in many stories here and and trying to get access to that. So you want to make sure that you are the owner and you can share access from your from your page from your email accounts, Right? So you want to you want to go ahead and do that. So once you have your facebook page um and uh let me see here.

Let me go to uh she parks. So you can see packs in my instead of these guys right there. Let’s let’s go ahead and see check out these guys poxy restorations. Right? What you can do is start posting pictures of your work very simply. You know, post satisfied clients, pictures, start posting videos and all that good stuff. Make sure that you fill out your time, just like anything else. And what you do is now now that you have a post, you can actually share this to a group right there.

You can start sharing your work to a group and you can go down your groups there, make sure that you start heading on over to local groups and share the work, not from your personal profile, but from this page uh that you’ve created. All right, So make sure that you start sharing your pictures and your work to your business page, not your personal page. Yes, you should do it on your page as well, but share it then once you share it to um to uh this specific business base, you want to share that information to your personal facebook group.

And then you want to share that information over to local community groups. Local community groups tend to be informed, uh tend to be just, you know, tight people get to know each other and you know, you got to look at at their guidelines. So a lot of times they don’t like when people post their work. But uh something that I I encourage our contractors to do is just to post something in a friendly way that’s not so much about calls for a free quote. Right? So what you want to do is just uh uh, just ask good questions.

Hey guys, what do you think about this type of Florence? It’s trending out, let me know if you have any questions, right? Like it’s, it’s more of like a question or, or you know, giving people a little bit of time to think about it. It’s not a direct pitch. It’s just, hey guys, what do you think about this Florence? Just finish this flooring for a neighbor in whatever town or whatever city. Right. So you do that, that’s going to start stirring the pot in different directions there.

And, and again, look, it’s the way you say things that will get you in trouble. If you’re asking people to, to request a quote right straight up, it’s probably going to get you kicked out of those groups. So again, that’s where your community groups and then, uh, the marketplace as well, right, this marketplace right here, you have the ability to post your work here. Uh, and it’s very easy to create a listing. You can just create a listing and put a price. Um, you know, I see a lot of unethical pricing or guidelines where you just put a dollar in there and then people call you and you flip that lead or you, you know, you pretty much sell them on a much higher price.

What I what I like to say is whatever your square footage is going to be the starting point, you can just put that as the starting price, but don’t put a dollar or don’t put free. Uh if it’s not free, that’s going to turn off some individuals. But if you if you start posting your work here in your locality, your city and you actually put the name of the city. Uh So let me see if I can pop some like this guy is right now, that’s not flooring.

Uh let me just see. And again, we’re doing this slide right now. Um, I’m not seeing any any concrete right now. Let’s see. No pants are listening. I’ve been looking at drums here, so I should be seeing more drum sets. Okay? There you go. So, uh, so you can see travertine installation, $3 right now. Imagine if I am here in Parkland or Core coral springs, If they put the name of the city right after that and you know, in your listening, you can actually start putting pictures of the work, right?

Um, and as you can see there, this is this is a double edged sword guy. So you’re gonna start to get clicks. But if people see that you’re unethical. This is why I talk about being unethical, right? You post someone else’s work, then you show up and you can’t deliver on that work. It’s going to burn your name out right out of the gate very easily. So marketplace should be the thing that you should be utilizing. Once you start gaining momentum. Like once you start gaining momentum, uh, you know, that’s, that’s just another level.

But if you don’t have any work and you’re just getting started, you’re using someone else’s picture and then you show up and you can’t uh, install the epoxy or codings applications and you know, that’s just going to get you in trouble. So, so again, the marketplace is very handy. You put that there, look, you can see this looks like a fake picture, someone else’s picture. And you want to make sure that there is a description that uses some of the search terms and the cities that you’re targeting.

Uh, so you don’t want to stuff it with all the cities. So you want to create one main listening per each one of the main core core listings there. Uh, and then, uh, you know, that’s, that’s pretty much what you have it now. The category that you can use this for. Um, some people use home sells. Uh, let me see if I can trigger another flooring option here. And this various, so this one is papers. Um no, this one is actually selling the papers. It’s not the installation. Okay.

Right here. Yeah. Look at this one. Uh turfgrass, turfgrass installation, right? This is garden outdoor. So if you’re doing outdoors, um you can put the type of flooring, maybe flooring materials or whatever the case is. Uh and there are different categories so you can play around with that. Um Let me see here, Yeah, there’s a whole bunch of home improvement supplies. That’s a big one. Look at this one. Uh concrete coatings. There you go, landscaping materials. And uh those are the categories that you should be using.

And again, you can put some of this, this specific keywords in there. So there’s some hidden information here. Uh and again, you can do that right there. Look at this guys, they put several dollars. So I would put $2. 50 right here, 2. 5 Right? Instead of $0. Because that’s just, you know, people don’t like that. Guys, like look at this one, at least this one is $4, right? And you’re seeing that and you’re, you know, someone comes here, they look at the description, but you’re just saying $4. What does that mean? So you can just elaborate from there.

So again, use the marketplace when you have your own work, when you have your own uh your own uh Your own pictures right now, someone else is, and you can actually deliver that works like this guy. Uh you know, he’s saying good price uh in Spanish. Actually you could post this in Spanish as well. So if you live in a community where there are a lot of Hispanics, look at this one stamped concrete right there, $3, right? So is it $3? I don’t know man. It’s gonna be $8 when I call.

So that’s the whole thing, right? You want to be ethical about this whole situation and also the profile that you’re sharing this from. Um what I do encourage is just have a picture that’s that’s welcoming. Um you know, if you are the contractor and the owner um you know, just have a, you know, don’t don’t don’t don’t put a picture that uh that doesn’t look attractive to another user to another end users get cleaned up, have a good smile. Um You know, stay away from politics. This is what’s going to get you leads.

So the last thing you want to do is when you put yourself out there is uh it’s you know, it’s it’s just not not putting yourself out there in the best presentation possible for your company, so just keep that in mind, guys, this is a different way, this gets a lot of leads once you have your own own um work and you can share your own work. So let’s talk about number three, it’s instagram business page. If you don’t have an instagram business page, get yourself an instagram business page.

That one is a slower process to get leads, but you will generate leads once you start blowing up and you start putting out more content, make sure that you tag the locations that you’re servicing. If you’re servicing the local business, tag that business uh tag specific individuals if they’re okay with that and then um and then share the work. Uh Business instagram business pages are slightly different than the personal ones. There are a couple of options where you can put your website, you can put a link to a text so people can text you and call me button, Call call us Now button.

So you can enable those features where a personal page can’t, a personal page can only give you the option to link to a website. Um then the business page for Lincoln, we were talking about Lincoln, you should have two pages on Lincoln. One of them should be your personal page and this should be where you’re connecting with friends. Look at this guy right here, Right. So, uh, Michael right here is posting about all the work that he did. Uh as you can see there a lot of times what I really like to see the transformation that happens sometimes when we just see the end product, we don’t really realize the instruments used.

Uh, you know, the, the equipment used, uh, that helps out the end. Uh, the end user have a better visual like this guy is removing this right here, look 682 views right there. Of removing right there. What is he removing? Yeah, he’s removing something from the floor, some coding off of the floor. Uh, and people like that, that kind of stuff, right? Versus just having plain picture. Just gets you five likes, you guys get to see the difference. So post the video as you have your guys grinding the floors.

Uh, it does help out. I’m just trying to scroll down here so you guys can get to see it. And if you’re not connected with me on Lincoln, make sure you find me Danny Barrera. You’re going to see this uh, this guy smiling right there. Uh, let me see if I can find my profile right there. You’re going to find me. This is how I look. I look the same as I do on camera as I do in Lincoln. Danny Barrera concrete. Just type that in there.

Danny Barrera, Danny Barrera concrete. And when you do that, I should be the first one that comes up. Right? So the first one that comes up, connect with me, would love to connect with you guys. Uh, and uh, we’re talking about again how to market your epoxy flooring business when starting out. So so far we’ve covered, google my business, Go ahead and listen to that. First Section There. # two is leveraging Facebook by creating a facebook page, sharing your work on that page and then from that page, sharing it to your personal page, then to other groups.

Uh, and then number two on facebook is the marketplace leveraging the marketplace when you have work that you’ve produced. And that work is uh, is quality work and then how to price your job. So I had a price your, your listing, I should say, uh, there. Uh, then we talked about instagram page, right, creating that instagram page, putting your link to your phone number, putting a link to your phone number, put a link to your uh cell phone number. If you want people to text, you put a link to your website, etcetera.

And then we have the linked in profile right here where you can create uh, content. You can create your own posts. And what you want to do here is find people in your area. So for example, uh, you can go right here and search for if I’m looking for architects and you want to connect with more architects, I can come here and and use the search option. Now check this out, check out qualities. I can look at all filters here and I can add a location here.

So say I only want to connect with people in Miami. I can look at the Miami Fort Lauderdale area and uh, I can, I I only want to see architects in that area. Right? So there you go in that specific area and and again, use my filter. Right? If I only want Miami for laura dealt, that’s what I want. Now here it is, look at this guy, Carlos, Miami for florida, uh, robert jupiter. These guys are right here next to me guys. So you guys should be doing this on a, I don’t want to say a daily basis, but at least once a week just connecting with all the architects or whoever you feel can send you jobs.

If you, if you mean general contractors and they’re gonna send you jobs boom connect with general contractors And then what you want to do is once you connect with them right there for the first one have a friendly a message that says, hey thank you for connecting with me, appreciate it much. Uh would love to add you to my context as well. Let me know if there are any type of jobs you like to get referrals for by the way. What I do is I specialize in installing toxic floors or I specialize in doing all types of decorative concrete.

Let me know if I can ever help you or be of help to you or be a resource for you. And that’s pretty much it. Now when you start documenting all your work, you can start sharing your facebook page. You can start sharing your instagram page. If you have a website that’s high converting like the ones that we build for our contractors. You can start sharing your website and you see guys, this is how you start to generate buzz and attention and start getting known by people that are, are are very likely to uh, to to go ahead and get you referrals and jobs. Now.

If say you, you like to work with attorneys uh, and you know, you like to do or maybe not attorneys, just restaurant owners. How about you? You like to do kitchen, check this out. This, this one right here is worth a lot of money guys, you can’t believe I’m sharing this tip. And by the way, if you like where I’m sharing, sharing, uh go ahead and give me a like here in this episode, give me a go ahead and subscribe to this to this channel or go ahead and connect with us a concrete marketing crew dot com.

But this tip is worth a lot of money so go ahead and find people that are more likely uh to to have the type of locations that you want. So if you like to work with uh let me see chief, if you like to work with Chiefs, you know, so whoever is the owner of a restaurant, you know restaurant, I can go ahead and connect with restaurant and use the same filter here and right there I can you know, go ahead and uh find the word owner right here.

What’s the key word? What’s the title owner? I can use these filters and this is a prospecting database, look at this owner at this italian restaurant owner at this restaurant owner at this restaurant. And guys if you do restaurants for living and this is in Miami for Lord dale area, if you do restaurants for restaurant flooring, kitchen flooring, you know for a living, what are the odds that you can actually find the right prospect um right here. So you know you can look up the restaurant that by name if it’s a a specific type of restaurant or venue uh you know so think about all the different titles that have your prospects and I’ll probably do another life just in this one how to leverage linkedin but you can find your ideal prospects there.

Uh let’s go to the next one is once you learn how to use linked in the right way, you can definitely start generating leads there then um you know number five and last but not least is get reviews, get reviews for your, for your services like get reviews put get those reviews over to your facebook page, reviews over to your google my business. And what you can do is once you start getting reviews uh you know you can start sharing those reviews over in uh over in Lincoln over on facebook, over your personal facebook page, over in your instagram ticket screenshot boom, share it.

Uh And again this is something that we help our our clients with. But if you are a flat worker, decorative concrete contractor and you’re looking to generate more business online, you’re looking to generate more leads, more jobs, more projects for your for your business. Go ahead and visit concrete marketing crew dot com right now. And uh download our free internet marketing guide for concrete contractors. And if you already have that guide and uh you are looking for, the next step is just contact a schedule, a call.

And what we’ll do is we’ll walk you through the process and how we help concrete contractors and decorative concrete contractors double their leads with our concrete marketing plan. So go ahead and visit concrete marketing crew dot com. I’ll see you there. Thank you so much for tuning in. I’ll see you in the next one. Have a great rest of your day. Take care.

Danny Barrera

Danny Barrera

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