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Leveraging Google My Business To Land Concrete Projects

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Google my business can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. If you’re not leveraging it for your concrete contracting company, then you are missing out on potential leads and project opportunities. In this episode, we go through some quick steps that will help you optimize your Google My Business listing to get more concrete projects.


Topics Discussed:

  • Get Free Advertising for your concrete company with Google My Business
  • Why it’s important to use your real business name and real information
  • What to consider when registering your Google My Business listing location
  • How to avoid getting locked out of your Google Listing
  • What number to use when just starting out
  • Setting your Google listing as a Service area business vs, local business
  • Why your reputation matters and what to do about it
  • Using Google My Business Posts

Audio Transcript

What is going on concrete concert tours. Welcome welcome aboard to today’s episode of your Concrete Success podcast. Will you learn how to leverage, google my business to land more concrete projects, how to leverage, google my business to land more concrete projects. So, if you’re watching this here on Youtube, welcome aboard. My name is Daily Barrera. I am the founder of concrete marketing Crew. And if you don’t know who we are, we are a digital marketing agency specialized in helping concrete contractors and decorative concrete contractors land more projects online, blow up their online presence and get found online without having to rely only vendors or general contractors to send them jobs.

So here’s the bottom line. Today’s episode is about how to leverage google my business to land more concrete projects. And uh if you want to check out our website, just go to concrete marketing crew dot com and get a copy of our free Internet marketing guide for concrete contractors. All right, let’s get started right now. So first thing is what is google my business, google my business in its simplest form is the listing that google provides to local businesses and local contractors so that they can promote themselves, right?

So it’s free, it’s free to use, you know, you do not have to pay a dime to get yourself into the google my business. And how does that really work? Well, at the end of the day, someone is looking for a concrete contractor, uh concrete contractor near me, Okay? And if I’m making that search, you’re gonna see the top results that come up is what we call the pay to play the google ads section. And then right underneath that, we have the google maps, listings, and each listing that you see here is a google my business listing.

So first and foremost, if you don’t have, okay, if you’re real business, a real concrete contractor with a registered business, a real company and you have not yet claim your google my business listing. Go ahead and claim your google my business listing. So by default, google looks at all this business directories and they scan and they crawl and sometimes they detect businesses that have not done a manual insertion or a manual listing creation for a google my business listening. So in that case, what they do is they just go ahead and pull the the business name that they find their, they pull the the business phone number that they find that they can locate and they crawl all these other different business directories to gather that data.

But the point I’m making is if you have not claimed yours yet and one exists, it’s as easy as clicking on the link uh that you see there and then you can click and own this business with a question mark and you can see that. And if that was me, I can actually claim this business by going through it. So if you have not claimed your google my business listing, make sure that you do. That is problem number one is contractors that they just let whatever google has out there.

Just be out there and not take ownership. Now, here’s the thing. If you want to claim it, don’t have someone else that is either an employee outside of yourself or outside of what you can control claim that listing. Because if anything happens to that person, right, anything happens, whether they leave you fire them, whatever the case is, okay, you’re gonna have problems Getting access. And it takes about 2-3 weeks to get your Google my business listing back. So make sure that you claim it to do that.

Go to google dot com and type google my business. And as soon as you get there, you can go ahead and uh sign in and claim your listing and it’s a C. C. As that. And if there is no listing with your business name, you can go ahead and create one and make sure that the phone number that’s used in there, It’s a real business phone number or it’s a line that you are going to be using as a business, dedicated business phone number. Now, there is a test that I want to tell you how to leverage your google my business listening.

Well, uh there’s a test that you got to run through which is taking your phone number and make sure that that phone number get. Like you see these guys right here, they don’t even have a phone number right here. They don’t even have a phone number. But take the phone number that you have. And what you want to do is you want to google that phone number that you’re deciding using and you want to see what’s associated to that phone number. If it’s the actual business and it’s already in other business directories at is as is um, you know, if that is your business, your real business number, then uh, you’re fine.

But if it’s showing up, like a lot of times we see new contract or especially where they grab a phone number, they want to use their cell phone. And we make a search for that cell phone, that cell phone might have been associated to someone else before or a different business entity. So make sure that that business phone number is dedicated to your business and it’s the one that you use for your business matters. Right? So that’s number two. And then let’s talk about the address. What address should you be using for your listing?

Well it is highly suggested is that you get an address or you you have an office in the area that you service at least in the major area. So if I am a contractor in Miami and I want to rank in Miami or say my service area is Miami florida. I want to have an address in Miami. I don’t want to have an address in Fort Lauderdale and try to rank in Miami. It’s simply not going to happen. Right So make sure that you do have an address in the local where you want to service in that area.

That service area. Now there are ways to optimize it, google my business listing so that it goes outside of the radius but that is outside of the normal that is outside of what is recommended. So for starters make sure that your name is the real business name, you’re not making it up. Number two is the phone number you’re using. It’s a real phone number that’s uniquely assigned to that google. My business listing number three is the address. Make sure that it’s an address that is unique and it is in the location that you want to service.

It helps out now what if you are not in the location Well what you can do is rank in that location and you should still claim the listening to the real business address. So it doesn’t matter if you don’t have an address in that other service area. You’re you’re simply not going to be able to rank in that other city in another city. So taking the Fort Lauderdale example, for example, you will be able to rank in Fort Lauderdale if your address is in Fort Lauderdale, but you will not be showing up in Miami unless someone looks you up by your business name.

So that is something to consider. Now. Going to the next step right here is uh you’re leveraging your growing my business, listening, you claim it, you claim ownership. The next step is for you to make sure that you have your website added. And if you’re watching this, you can you can see that this guy is right here, don’t have their website, they have the phone number, the phone numbers showing up, the address is showing up. There is no no website here. So make sure that you do have a website linked up to you rule my business listing your real website and that your website is optimized because google reads and crawls your website and it gives it a boost.

The next step is to start getting some reviews. And this way what you do is as you start gaining momentum and start doing jobs and start taking care of clients, collect a positive review whether it’s a four or five star and then start sharing those with your new prospects. So if someone calls you up, you can tell them, hey look, feel free to check out our google my business reviews. We have X amount of reviews there and feel free to look at the pictures that we have there in in our website.

So by just mentioning that you’re leveraging your google my business listing and the reputation that google has for local consumers. And it builds trust in your prospects eyes. So as you’re going through that, make sure that you are cultivated and you are encouraging your clients to leave your positive feedback as you can see there. If you’re watching this on Youtube, you’re going to see very little amount of contractors actually have positive reviews here. So that’s a big opportunity for a concrete contact during my area right now, where I’m making the search to really stand out and make a name for themselves. Right?

So the next step is now that you have this, uh, this listing claimed. The next step is to start posting pictures of your work in your google, my business listening because what’s going to happen is in this case, you can see here as you’re you’re posting pictures if you, you deliver quality work and I’m talking about real pictures, not, not fake pictures as you deliver quality work. You want to make sure that you capture that moment and it is something that actually gets found and gets crawled in, google search, Get your impressions, gets you uh interactions on your group of my business listing.

And prospective clients actually check out and make sure that the pictures are looking good, right? So if it’s something that you’re not 100 proud of, uh and your it’s questionable. Just think about that. You know, your prospective clients like look at this guy right here, artistic concrete of south florida. You know, they’re posting beautiful stamped concrete work and um you know the patios, the pool decks, uh the driveways, a different stamped concrete, all of this, it’s a selling tool so you can send your prospective clients to check out the pictures.

So that’s how you can start leveraging your rule of my business listing and if you have not claimed it yet. And if you don’t know how to claim it and if you need help doing any of these things, feel free to visit concrete marketing, crude dot com and download a copy of our free internet marketing guide for concrete contractors, where we show you how you can position your concrete company on the google maps and how you can leverage all these different tools. So so far what we’ve learned is number one is make sure that you claim your google my business listing, that you’re using the right name, address and phone number in the in the place that you want to rack at.

You start collecting reviews number to start posting pictures number three and then last but not least, is start posting about just the news and what’s happening. And this is something that we strongly encourage all contractors to do is you’re getting jobs done that you’re posting about the job. So let me do stamped concrete uh Miami stump concrete Miami so that I can show you some examples. If I can type fast enough stamped concrete Miami, you can see these guys right here. They have some work. Okay, same thing. Mhm.

All right, let me show you a completely different one. So, we’re going to go to show you this this listing right here and we have what we call the google my business posts and what you do is you take your google my business log in, you log into it on a phone application called google my business. And as you log in, you start posting pictures of your work right there. As opposed not just uploading pictures, but make a post that describes what that job is about the job that you completed.

Now, what you do is once you actually finish publishing that post, you click on the share button and you can share it right to your facebook feed and this right here is what’s going to start generating local engagement for you. And as you can see there, this type of local engagement is what google loves to see. And this has, as you see there as we share this from google, it comes from google dot com, it has your business name and it has a description, you can see Atlanta concrete resurfacing, right?

So what are the odds of this concrete contractor ranking on google search for those terms down the line? If this is something that that is consistently getting done in competitors and not doing it well, it’s very high. So anyways, if you like the steps guys, go ahead and subscribe to our Youtube channel to get more information Again, this is Danny Barrera concrete Marketing Crew, thank you so much for watching it. If you need any help marketing your concrete company getting found online, getting concrete leads and getting the best type of concrete projects in your service area.

Go to concrete marketing crew dot com right now and schedule free strategy quote. Thank you for watching. We’ll see you in the next video and Daniel’s prime time. Thank you so much for tuning in today. Have a great rest of your day.

Danny Barrera

Danny Barrera

Founder of Concrete Marketing Crew. Author of the up-and-coming book, "Sell More Garage Floors". Contributor to the Concrete Decor Magazine. Host of Your Concrete Success Podcast. We're on a mission to elevate the concrete coating & decorative concrete industry.

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