Floor Visualizer For Epoxy Flooring & Concrete Coating Contractors

In this episode we talk about Floori. A revolutionary  floor visualizer that is making it easier than ever for concrete coating contractors and installers to sell more epoxy flooring jobs. Floori offers realistic 3D renderings of your potential flooring job, allowing customers to see exactly what the finished product will look like. With Floori, you can easily show off your work and get more business! Watch the video below or listen to the podcast!

Topics Discussed:

  • Introduction to Floori.io
  • How to use Floori to sell more epoxy flooring jobs online
  • Improving your sales process with a flooring visualizer
  • Why market leaders are turning to Floori as their go-to floor visualizer tool
  • Behind-the-scenes sneak peek into Floori
  • How to customize colors and finishes
  • So much more!

For more info about Floori, contact: Yousef Okasheh
Phone:  469-253-7703
Website: https://floori.io/

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and we’re live, my friends, are you ready to sell more concrete coating jobs, improve your sales, convert more visitors that are visiting your website and decrease the time it takes you to land more floor coating jobs. Stay tuned because in this special episode we’re going to talk about the best epoxy flooring visualizer that you can install on your website, installing your sales process to close more jobs. Here we go, welcome to your concrete success podcast, A show created to inspire decorative concrete contractors to build a thriving decorative concrete business. 

I’m your host, Danny Barrera, the founder of concrete marketing crew, a digital agency specialized for concrete contractors and also the author of the digital concrete contractor marketing plan. How to turn your online marketing efforts into a lead generation machine. On each episode, I’ll be sharing, proving tips, strategies and processes from leading experts in the industry on how they found success in their concrete business. Beautiful. Hey, welcome aboard team. I have the honor of having mr yusuf, ceo of florida dot io a disruptor in the concrete flooring industry.

And yusuf, glad to have you here with recently connected and really what he’s doing is incredible for the entire flooring industry and use it. Go ahead and introduce yourself. Give us a rundown who you are, where you’re calling in from, help us get to know you a little bit better here. Welcome aboard. Absolutely! What’s going on, Danny! That was very nice and show my man uh so folks, my name is yusef, I’m ceo Florrie dot io we are a flooring visualize er application that really is meant to just help you convert more of your existing traffic into leads into coating jobs.

And then also help you guys actually get more of those first visit closes and kind of decrease that friction in the sales cycle whenever people don’t really know what they want. So this is, you know, you guys know, you know, if you’re working residential it yeah, they’re not always sure exactly what they want and the faster you can get to that, you know, the better. So yeah, and what I want to say before you go any further and listening to the podcast version, make sure that you check out the Youtube video because we’re actually going to be demoing the entire visualize er, and what is doing, in fact, let me, let me just open it up here, just really quick before we even dive in so you can scroll down and see what it’s doing and this is uh, you know, tell us a little bit more how you guys got into into this specific solution creating this solution for the marketplace.

Yeah, that’s a great question, man. So I think, you know, we first started out my, my mom actually runs a flooring store in Dallas so, you know, she’s been doing that for 12, 12 years now and what I was watching her do was bring samples back and forth to customers houses, you know, over weeks. Right? And that, that process, I was like, man, there must be something we can do To change that process. There’s got to be, you know, it was about 2016 17. We start, you know, a ar augmented reality and virtual reality and kind of interactive content was just starting to rise up into kind of the mainstream.

And so we said, Let’s let’s start a business with where we can deliver the software to customers. So, um that was that we really kind of kicked off in 2018. Right now we’ve got over, I believe, about 220 customers globally. We work with some of the biggest biggest names in the epoxy business. Number one bona bona usa. Um we also work with a one garage. We work with the Brandon Brandon von Weise coatings cruises his side. He’s I love showing off his stuff. He’s just one of our star customers.

Um is really a shepherd of our of our software through his through his team. And then you’ve got also Ryan Davis from the concrete from, sorry, from from from Cardinal. Right. So we it’s folks, you know, it’s every time I meet and meeting Danny too. It was so funny because I’m like, wait, you know everybody I know. And then, you know, it’s it’s it’s a small businessman and it’s a small industry, you know, we’re really excited to be in it. We’ve got really a great product that can help coatings companies.

You know, it’s, it’s just, it’s just a fact, right? There’s no there’s no doubt about it. Um and we can actually prove our value with our google analytics integration so we can talk about that later. But um you know, that’s kind of our origin story. Did did I miss anything? Yeah, no, no, I thank you for sharing that. I think the main thing people want to know, it’s always like, okay, so you know, there’s always all the software companies, vendors, even marketers, marketing companies promising that they can help improve sales, uh you know, promising that this is gonna be the widget that is missing in their sales process.

That’s gonna revolutionize the thing and we’ve done it, we’ve proven it. In fact, like this is why people hire us concrete marketing crew. It’s someone is lacking lead flow or their leads are not converting. There are things that you can do in order to increase the amount of people that go from a leading to a book testament. But now how do we take someone from that estimate into the finish line, which is the closing? So if you can elaborate a little bit more and perhaps now is the time it would be appropriate if it’s cool with you for you to actually give us a tour and then I can start asking more questions.

Yeah, absolutely. So we’re here on on the visualize er, tab on the wise coatings website here. So this is just a link uh that, you know, any of your sales guys can use out in the field, there’s no there’s nothing nothing special about this. Our software is actually just one line of code embedded on there. And this is what you’ll see when you see there. So you see number one, it says, see what your new floor will look like. Step one, take a photo step to pick a color, step three, see the results.

So if you know from a website standpoint and I would say there’s two main ways Danny that Flory helps coatings businesses, it’s on your site and then it’s in on site, right on site, in person at their, you know, at their actual, you know, the residents. But right now, what what we’re prompted to do is upload a photo of our room, right? So if you’re on the desktop, you’ve got, I’ve just downloaded a random photo online of a garage, garage. If you’re on your phone, it’ll actually prompt you to take a photo with your phone.

So it’s just, it’s super easy. I really would, I would ask everybody here if you have not tried something like this out, go on ahead and try it out, visit this website and try it out. And I want you guys to press that button and upload a photo from your phone because it’s very compelling. But as you can see instantaneously were able to remove the floor here and we can immediately try out these different flake colors, right? Um you know, they also offer metallics, you know, and you know, stamped concrete works for us as well.

Anything on the floor that you have a photo of, you know, we can actually turn into something that could be viewed individualize. So if you’re online, imagine that, imagine this, imagine you’re a customer, you’re thinking about swapping out your garage floor, you go to a few different websites in your area of epoxy coatings companies, you’re clicking on all those different sites and then you jump on a site like this where you’ve got something interactive where you can actually see their product in your home. Right? So Deanie, I mean out of curiosity, you know, what do you see sort of from the consumer side?

Because, I mean, you know, the consumer, you know, you know, you know, these guys probably even better than I do the consumers that are actually buying these floors. What what is it that you think, you know, like, I could tell you number one that people will stay on your side for much longer and I think it’s obvious, but tell me for you what what sort of resonates for you as an impactful kind of kind of the whole thing is and and trust me because I train a lot of coating companies & epoxy flooring companies, um as well in their sales process and how to improve it, etcetera.

But the main thing is you have a lot of contractors that are carrying out just pieces, you know, of samples of their flooring and while that’s great. And there’s certainly value on that because that’s tangible. There’s nothing like actually giving them a view and a look and a feel for for what it could be. And in direct response marketing, you know, the copyright and world, we have a say which which is you sell by demonstration. You know, we always try to convey that on our website. We try to convey that on our social media before and afters, but there’s nothing more powerful than getting in the client’s environment having them, you know, go through this process and experiencing so for me that’s that in itself, it’s almost like the homework that you can have your prospects do when you are when they become a lead.

So, you know, you have them on the phone and you can tell them, okay, perfect. We have a whole bunch of different color variations. You have something in mind. Beautiful. Would like you to uh, to see which one which colors you’re interested on And then you can find in the conversation that way. So that’s one way another way is once you’re in person, you know how like how do you explain or how do you, I know it’s great to have a sample and put it on the floor.

But what if you can actually have the entire floor, what it would look like with with the finished product? That’s a different experience. All right. Absolutely. Absolutely. And I think you touched on and there’s a reason why I brought this side up while we’re talking here. Um and that is because you said it’s it’s important to demonstrate, right? Is that what you said? And I think this is one of my favorites. This is one of our customers. I’m just really just highlighting all of our awesome partners.

But they I love this video slider on their landing page. This is the first thing you see, right? I mean, Danny, you love this too, right? I mean this and this is what this is what it’s about folks. It’s all about demonstrating what is your process. What do you do? What are the values, how are you different? Um you know, and obviously, you know this is this is a hyper real, but at the very least like, you know, as someone who might not even know what goes into the epoxy epoxy coating process as a homeowner that maybe wants to do it for the first time, this is this is very enlightening.

I feel like very educated by this, right? So when you see when you are demonstrating your value, you know, this, this the the kind of the potential barrier for them to start working with. You just goes down and down and down. This is why I mean this is why we are. I always tell customers when I’m on the phone with them. I said try try to visualize her out, go on this link right now on your phone, go over to this website, try to visualize er, you know, upload a photo of your garage and and don’t, don’t take my word for it.

Try it out. So I think it’s really important, but I appreciate you pointing that that out. It’s really about demonstrating and I think the main value is is in itself, the word value is what is value you see? Oftentimes we, especially in sales and sales conversations, we were always thinking about how do I build values so that they can, we can justify the price. Hey, we’re $2 over the square foot. You know, my competitors are charging $8 square foot. We want to come in at $12. Yes, you may have the same application or same guarantee, but how do you differentiate yourself throughout the process?

And I think there’s value in the experience that you create with your prospective client, having them get a taste of it. And also the technology, it’s like, man, you really bring up the level of uh, of experience for your perspective clients by having them engaged with something like this. So you’re doing an in home presentation, you can give an ipad over to the homeowner and say, hey, take a picture right here, You know, give it to them, have them play through it and uh and test this out so I can see it now.

What happens next? That’s the question yourself. Okay, great. You know, you’re selling me a piece of software widget, what’s next year? Yeah, that’s totally, totally good. So if you’re, if you’re a customer, right? If you’re, if you’re a potential consumer who wants to buy your epoxy coating services, you’re looking at these different products and you say, okay, cool, this is really nice. I want to download this screenshot here. You can download the screenshot on the top, right? It’ll save it to your computer. I won’t go into that detail there.

But what that will do is, you know, that will save it to your computer. But also, most importantly, folks, it’s we want people to request a quote, right? So if we go down here, there’s a get a quote button here. So on the very bottom and just choose a product. So there’s a get a quote form right here. So this is a kind of a just basic form where people can request, you know, quote, this is completely customizable. We can send it to N E U R L. And, you know, this could actually you could send it to an email form that you have separately.

Um and, you know, there’s there’s all sorts of things we can do, but once the lead has been, once the has been captured and you engage that lead, they see they see your product in their home, that’s a highly qualified lead, right? So they’re gonna be much more likely to call and I think Danny, this is a fair moment to just go into the true kind of science behind floor, Is that okay? Cool. So folks, the science behind Florrie right here is from an online standpoint is as such, Right?

So if you ask the question, how does Flory help your online presence? Well, number one, it keeps people on your site for an extra 3. 5 minutes. So you see people stay on there from 2 to 3. 5 minutes extra on your site, once they enter the visualize, once they click that visualize er So if you do have a visualize er right now and it’s not front and center. I would highly encourage you guys to put that on your landing page on the homepage after the main kind of sections as, as an additional option because the goal for you should actually be to get as many people that visit your site to click on this visualize er because, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s sort of like a, it’s like the ball pit at chuck e cheese is right?

You want to, you know, when you’re a kid you want to go, but you know, when you’re a kid, you just want to go get you want to get your parents just want to, okay, let’s just go get pizza. You know, we don’t have much time, we just, you know, we don’t want to make a mess, but you want to go into the ball pit, right? And customers don’t even know they want to go in the ball pit so you need to be able to show them, hey we’ve got a ball pit to, it’s not about it’s not just about the pizza, it’s not just about the flooring that we offer but it’s also about the experience the ball, right?

So you’re gonna have fun while you’re getting your pizza too. And so this is sort of, you know, something, I mean I just just came up with on the fly here but kind of gives you an understanding of like why this visualizes should be front and center because it’s, it’s going to capture more of your audience’s attention, it’s going to convert them. So we typically see customers see an increase in site conversions by about 16 to 22%. So it depends on how you guys are actually converting leads, some people, we have e commerce companies, right?

For example, we work with luxury Lagarde is looking for add to carts, they’re not looking for calls, right? Someone like, you know, Danny yourself or some other coatings company would be looking for calls and and lead form submissions an appointment scheduled. So overall it will help increase your conversion rates um and what both of those two in general do is that it does give you an S. C. O. Positioning boost because google, I mean Danny tell us about, I mean maybe you can talk about google and insight time but how does that influence you know your S. C. O. When when you see if you compare your site and then your competitors site where they’re spending double the time.

How is that going to influence the S. C. O. Kind of competition? It’s big, it’s big from the perspective of user stick time on the website and to your point yussef it’s about having clear call to action where hey check out a demo or get an instant demo. Check out the visualize er see what this would look like and having that call to action be one of the front and centers throughout all the website and right next to it is get a quote right. So you always want to give them two options.

Say do you want to check out what this would look like on your floor and are you ready to get an estimate? So both of them would have to play out. But the timing itself the longer that someone spends on the site uh it’s uh it’s a great signal boost for not just your website but the google business profile, the google maps listing its engagement engagement signal. So so so that’s something I didn’t even think about. But it does help the map pack as well. It does help out. Yes.

Yes because you have your map embedded on your website, right? So you have your google, hopefully you’re watching this and you have your google business profile map and better on your website. Every time that I frame loads up you’re letting google. No, especially if it’s a local click, you’re letting google know that there is an impression. So when you’re when you’re looking at the stats on the google business profile, where are those impressions coming from? Some of them come from their from their website, you know, loaded.

So for sure. So, so let’s I mean let’s just get into a practical cause I love actionable advice here. So I’ve got my customer Patrick win out in Hawaii, Here’s his site right now. Here’s his landing page. Pat, you’re you’re you’re getting a free grilling here. But where should he have a map pack in bed? Or google maps in bed, go down to the bottom to the bottom and right in the foot, right there in that white space would be a great place. It doesn’t he might even have it there.

It’s just my my computer is not loading it or something, but Patrick will give you the benefit of the doubt here. But but yeah, I love that. Okay, so at the very bottom you have that kind of embedded. Matthew it’s a nice frame, right? So that that’s what it is and it’s it is a signal. So yeah, you know that it is very powerful. So, anytime someone is, is scrolling through a property and it’s loaded and you think about it and it’s a local signal, it’s from a local visitor.

It’s not a back link, it’s none of that stuff is from a local signal. Not only that, but say someone is looking at the visualize and they look at the map listing underneath with like 25 positive reviews, they might want to click on that right there and then, and that’s the user journey, right? When we study and analyze conversions, it’s everything. It’s not one thing, but you see the ability to engage someone on the site to stay longer. That in itself will give you an edge just by having something like this in place for sure.

No, I love that. Thanks for thanks for talking on that. And I think you you mentioned something super important that you know, I think goes hand in hand with anything that you are doing to engage your customer with. And that is, there’s always the 12 punch, there’s always a 123 combo, right? When you’re fighting somebody in the boxing ring, you know, you don’t see one hit, punches swing out and knock the guy out, right? And that never happens. So it’s always a multi step process and everybody knows, I mean everyone here probably doesn’t need to hear this, but they already know this, but you know, it is always about that, incremental sort of, you know, the incremental path to a okay, this actually makes sense for me and what you just said right there about reviews, having your views right next to that first, jab right, is so great.

So like that that social proof is is absolutely necessary and I really would tell everybody here, if you don’t have, if you don’t have any social proof on your main page or on your landing page on your lead form submission, you know, landing page, you’ve you’ve got to do it because it’s, it’s a huge help. I mean it’s a huge help to see how many reviews you guys have, how many, you know what you’re, what you’re standing in the marketplace is if you have BBB accreditation, all that kind of stuff so that all that stuff helps and I just want to say that is so good to put it around the visualize er right around that part because it’s like check out our visualize er by the way, we’ve got 50 reviews and they’re all for five stars right?

It’s like we’ll ship do I want to book an appointment? Yeah, I’ll book an appointment right now, let’s do it. This. They got me right, you got them with the 12 punch combo rather than just the one shot where you’re just like schedule appointment and it’s a requirement nowadays. I mean consumers are used to it, I mean just about everyone just like google is is part of our lives. So it’s amazon and amazon, what’s one of the main criterias for buyers is reviews. So you might search for a product and this is no different except that we’re taking somewhere into a high ticket or ultra high ticket item and uh, you know, there’s nothing better than having some of those signals in their embedded, it helps you in every way, shape or form.

My question to you here is now, you know, so does this work for everyone? Like say that I’m just starting out, I barely got my equipment together is actually help me out or is this more for established companies that have traffic flowing in? What would, what would you say? That’s a great question. So it really depends on where your challenges are in your business and in your process. So number one, I know I mentioned all those cool big names or whatever that we work with, but that’s, that’s, that’s just to show you that we have some, some presence in the market.

We work with a bunch of, you know, small 11 truck crews as well and their main benefit. So I would say it’s two things if you don’t get a lot of traffic on your site, like very little traffic and most of your businesses from referrals. I would, you, you might think that florida would not be a good fit because hey, I, I’m a local guy, you know, we’re doing, you know, five jobs a month, whatever have you, there’s nothing really, you know, I’m just, this is just a maintenance business.

Um, Now, if that person did have that itch to kind of grow it some way or maybe make it a bit more streamlined, they would realize that. Well, how do you get referrals, you get referrals from great customer experiences. So how do you provide great customer experiences? Well, you do something different than others are, aren’t doing and you make it easier on the customer, you make their lives better and easier and that interaction with them better. So I would say if you are a super small guy and you don’t have a lot of traffic on your site, um, you know, and you’re kind of worried, well, I don’t know if I can really benefit from this.

Well, you can’t trust me. If you use it now. If you, if we, if you, if you get in, you don’t ever touch it, then that’s a problem. Right? But if you’re, if you’re, if you’re, if you’re, you know, one man crew, you can benefit from this, this is going to give your customers a better experience. You will get more referrals, on the other hand, if you are getting a lot of traffic, that’s sort of just a prerequisite like, okay, you’ve got 1000 visitors a month. You know, you definitely should have this on your site because you’re going to squeeze more leads out of your traffic.

So if you’ve got 100 visitors a month, I can’t guarantee this is gonna flip your business around, but if you do have a lot of traffic, I can tell you that this is going to have a massive increase on the amount of leads that come in. And then once you start working those leads, David, uh, sorry, Danny, um, this, this starts to become something that’s more of just a sales tool. So there’s that digital side where it’s like we’re widening the funnel and then once we’re in, once we’re in that process, we can actually close more.

So, uh, does that, does that kind of answer your question? I might have, I might have 100%. No, I think the main thing is um, What I would say is if you’re starting out and you’re just getting started and you don’t have a ton of proof, you don’t have 100 before and after pictures, you don’t have an incredible social media presence. Like a lot of the bigger guys do this gives you the credibility in instant credibility to go out into the marketplace and showcase what you are capable and competent of doing. Now.

The other question is what if these guys do just floor staying or Metallica packs, you, can they add those specific, uh, flooring options in there? Yeah, absolutely. So let me just go over um, that right now. So you’re talking about how do we actually get these images on the visualize? Er. Right. Right, cool, cool. So that’s a great question. You’re asking the how question? Uh That’s a good sign in sales. That’s a good sign. Uh Just kidding. So, so over here folks is actually our admin portal. Right?

So what that means is this is where you would manage your product database here. So I’m actually logged into their account here um at wise coatings here and this is what we see. So if I wanted to add for example, some some flake colors here, I can actually go ahead and do that and I can add all the torque inal colors that are out there. Now, I know you’re thinking, well I don’t sell to organize, I saw, I saw penn tech or you know, whatever have you.

Well, the fact of the matter is is that it’s all this, mostly the same kind of flake combinations. Everyone knows that. Right. But the good news is we actually digitized all of the tornado flake combinations and including all of the penn tech colors and, and quartz combos as well. You’re not seeing them on here, but we do have all those and we do have an array of metallics, but basically right here, you know, for example, I just, I just added this account. Right, um I can I can basically copy these images over into a kind of a white label branded folder called us.

Um so you won’t you won’t even have to see the Target all logo. Obviously you noticed that when we went into over here, there’s nothing nothing about, you know, what’s there now because I added it, but it wasn’t there before. So that’s because we didn’t add it and you know, you can, what my point is that you can white label all these colors at whim at your at your disposal, you’re, you know, upon your choosing. But basically what you would do is is we go through this, you know, go through these colors, search through the ones that you want and you would just kind of select the ones that you want and paste them into a new folder um that you know, would have your brand on it and your your images and all that kind of stuff.

Right, So this is what we did here. So if you go into here, you know, he’s got a few different collections here that actually have, you know, a number of different products in there. So he’s kind of formatted formatted in this way. I think this is pretty much the most common way out of curiosity. Danny, I’d love to hear your feedback on kind of just the folder structure in general. Is there something else? I mean flake metallics, solids. Is there anything else? I mean stamped concrete I guess is stamped concrete resurfacing their specific patterns out there, you know, that that would do well here for those that do overlays and resurfacing and I mean this this it seems like it would apply to just about just about any floor an application that has patterns or or custom colors etcetera.

So so that’s that’s pretty, pretty good. Now can they upload this in a very customizable way? Like where where they come here? They manually upload like that’s that’s doable. So they can manually manually upload. We typically ask them that they just send us the photos of the different squirrels because I know a lot of metallics people they say oh well my squirrels are different. No problem if you send us photos of those those jobs we can kind of convert that into a texture that you can upload.

So it’s it’s it’s if someone’s really good at Photoshop they can do it on their own. If not just talk to us and we’ll we’ll swap out those customs but this this is kind of what it looks like here to give you just a you know kind of more technical understanding is that you’ve got this photo here and it’s it’s basically you know it’s basically one giant photo that’s now but it’s a seamless texture. So when you kind of pattern it over you don’t see an obvious pattern.

That’s that’s how it works. It’s just a photo. I mean there’s nothing really crazy. We just did some Photoshop magic on it. Um but that’s that’s really all that’s required is just a reference photo of, you know, the flake combo or the metallic kind of swirl. I appreciate that, man. So talk to me a little bit more about working with you guys. I know you’re gonna make a special deal. You know, I did tell you said, hey, if you want to come on board on the, your your concrete success podcast and literally twisted his arm and you’ve got to offer something special to the audience here.

So there’s gonna be a special link for you guys. But what does it look like? Someone is researching units coming across this video. They’re interested, what does that look like working with you guys? How is the process of getting started? How long does it take someone to get started? What does that look like? Yeah, that’s a great question. So, you know, yeah, so so that everybody knows Danny has a, you know, a secret secret, you know, assassin behind me with a gun in the back of my, my back and he’s telling me give give you guys a good deal.

So no, but, but you know, bottom line is number one, it’s super easy to get started. We’re gonna give you guys a link for you all to use. Um, and you’re gonna get two months off of, you know, any plan that you get on. So if you’re a super small company, there are really affordable plans. Plans started out at 207 a month. So if you, if you got that at half off, that would be one oh 3. 5, it sounds like a radio station, but you know, that that’s, that’s the sort of split, that would be for two months after that.

You know, it’s respect to the 207 most, probably most people listening right now are in that plan unless you’ve got a massive crew and a ton of a ton of traffic, which I hope you do, if you’re listening to this podcast, you will, you will at one point if you don’t have it now. So, but you know, there are some smart, slightly larger plans I think, you know, based off of it’s all about the traffic and the amount of uploads You actually upload to the system. So, but yeah, plans are very affordable.

If you were to start out with us, I’m gonna send you guys a link for the, for the payment link as well as a code to get that 50% off for the first two months after that, we’ll get that info and we’ll reach out to you and schedule a time to set everything up with you. And it’s really straightforward. We do have a customer success team that will sit with you and on board you make sure that you have all of the things that you need to succeed.

So making sure that you guys have some sort of banner, that you put on your site, right? Um, some sort of, you know, making sure that we deliver you, you know, this sort of customized portal with the products that you want as well, Right? Um and then giving you advice on how to implement it, right? So this is a customer success team, not a customer service team. Do not have a customer service team. We only have a customer success team. So that means they are their whole job is to make sure you are using it.

You know, you’re getting the most value out of florida, right? So that’s their whole job. And so they will say, hey, are you using it in your smS campaigns and you’re using in your email email marketing campaigns which were kind of, here’s some templates that you can use. Here’s our google tag manager integration which will allow you to track the true R A. Y of florida will be able to show you the customer path with florian without Florey and we’ll be able to show you Just how much longer people are staying on your site and how much more often they are actually clicking one of your conversion actions.

So that’s really, you know, I think that the benefit there and I want to share just one quick, you know, kind of, it’s an anecdote, right? It’s not like every single customers like this but we have a particular customer, they really advertise their visualize er well and they were getting 30% of all people that visualize the product to, to click on a conversion? Right, So 30% of all the people that entered the visualize er said, you know what? Okay, let me just let me just call these guys, get a quote, get an estimate book, an estimate.

Which is the thing is if you think about that from a customer experience, uh perspective here, you think about and and this is something that, that you you have to understand everything is digital nowadays and and there is a place for building valuing person, there’s a place for it, but if we were to fast forward, I mean, I can see this in the future being like something that you must have on your website just because that’s how consumers are interacting. Like I look at my kids, I have, we have four kids, you know, I look at what we have four kids, but my son, it’s all about technology and and you know, we have all these newcomers that they’re embracing, They have buying power, you know, they’re they’re buying homes, they’re doing a lot of things and now they’re using technologies to default to make buying decisions And what a better tool than have something like this and and help you in the conversion, 30% is big, so I wouldn’t make that a big deal about having as many of your prospects go through the experience, whether it’s someone calling you and you can ask me, have you actually checked out the visualize er do you actually have an idea of what it is?

Do you have a color in mind already in place or say you’re running facebook ads, getting someone in place right there texting them? Hey, look before our appointment, why don’t you take a picture of this and let me know what you think. I mean screenshot of which color you like the most So we can discuss, I can bring you some samples now your physical sample becomes significantly better and bigger because you’ve already pre framed the conversation. So we’re all about conversions, uh you know, you and I use that were about conversions, How do we turn more people?

How do we build value? How do we actually make someone uh make a better decision about what they’re getting themselves committed to. And last thing I’d like to say on my end, at least from what I see is the people are going to be using this platform, they’re serious about their business, they’re not doing this as a side gig, they’re not doing this from a beat up truck. These are for real companies. So if you’re looking to establish yourself, I know there’s a branding perspective your brand, but also how are you creating that experience before you show up in person?

Um how are you doing it? And technology is one of those ways. I know that’s what we do here at concrete market crew, We specialize in helping concrete coating and decorative concrete contractors get more leads, Book more estimates and get more jobs and now with Flory you can make that happen faster. So anything else you wanna say before we wrap it up here, yusuf I think we’ve covered everything Danny. I just really excited to you know, help some folks out. You know, if you guys have any questions at all please, I’ll be dropping from my contact info to Danny.

You’ll be included. You can do, you can include that right down in the 1000%. Yes. Yes and you can go to a concrete market and crew dot com forward slash partners and you’re gonna have a link in their special link by use if anyone watching, watch the replay, there’s a ton of demo here but feel free to re out to you and thank you for spending some time with us. We really appreciate you. Anyone who’s watching the your concrete success podcast or listening to it. Make sure you subscribe, make sure you like if you found this cell phone.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment team, I’ll see you on the next one. Hey there concrete contractor. If you enjoyed today’s episode, make sure that you go ahead and hit that subscribe button, give us your feedback, let us know how we did. And also if you’re interested in taking your flat work and decorative concrete business to the next level online. make sure that you visit concrete marketing crude dot com today and learn more about our services and go ahead and download our free inter marketing checklist for decorative concrete contractors.

You’ll learn a thing or two about what you can improve for your business online.

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