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BIG NEWS! + Last Episode of Your Concrete Success Podcast

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In this transitional episode of Your Concrete Success podcast, the team announces a significant shift to the newly renamed Contractor Click podcast – an expansion aimed at broadening the scope beyond the concrete industry.

The rebranding embodies a transformation to serve a broader reach to home improvement industries to make an impact on the lives of 1,000 contractors, while retaining the specialization we've mastered in concrete coatings.


Topics Discussed

  1. Reflections on Concrete Success Podcast Let's talk about like the best highlights you guys have of your Concrete Success podcast.

  2. Reasoning and Goals for the Rebrand
    Why the rebrand?

  3. Discussion on "Contractor Click" Name
    Why are we going to change our name to Contractor Click?

  4. Concluding Remarks and Future of Contractor Click
    What can our followers expect? 

Audio Transcription
Hi, I'm Mady Barrera, and welcome to the very last episode of Your Concrete Success Podcast. Oh my goodness. Wait a second. What? What? What did you just say? It's the last episode of Your Concrete Success podcast. What do you mean? Why? What's happening? Andrea, cue us in. Well, we've got some exciting announcements for you guys.

That's right. Your Concrete Success podcast previously with Concrete Marketing Crew is now migrating. Growing, expanding. What do you guys think? That's exciting. That's very exciting. This is very exciting style. Contractor Click. Contractor click. Is that right? Yeah. I mean, we've been giving you guys Easter eggs I know. For, for a couple weeks now. It's been in the background, it's been on our Zoom calls.

That's right. That's right. You know, so, this is the final, the final reveal here. We're exciting. Final episode, which is great. Right? It is great. I mean, let's talk about, before we even dive into. , Contractor. Click Yeah. Podcast or the brand, the rebrand of our agency, concrete Marketing Crew.

To Contractor click  , let's take a moment to just, let's talk about like the best highlights you guys have of your Concrete Success podcast. Memories here. Memories. What's something that stood out to you guys in this last couple of months? Man. I mean, I think from the beginning it's been for me such a great experience.

Like altogether, you know, I love getting calls from people saying, Hey, I heard your podcast. It's so good. Mm-Hmm. I heard this episode. I, I love, the other day we had a call with, with somebody who actually like. Said the things that we were talking about or that we've talked about throughout the podcast, you know, so there's been a lot of great topics that we've been able to speak Mm-Hmm.

Of information education that we've been able to give. And I think that that's been, in my opinion, my absolute favorite thing about the podcast. The guests we've had, you know, it's just, just. All together. The Christmas jingle. I mean, oh, that's true. Oh, that was great. It's been great. All so many things. I'm sorry, I hogged all along guys.

Yeah, now we don't have anything to say, but I did. I enjoyed all the, the guests as well. I think that really adds a picture into our world, right? Yes. Because so many of us are in our own separate businesses and we don't realize all the connectivity that we can have. So I love that about the podcast. Yeah.

Well, for, for me personally, is bringing value to. Business owners and that word has come out like pretty much every client call, Hey, I'm listening to the podcast, or prospects that are calling us. They, they're listening to the podcast competitors who are listening. Thank you so much for tuning in. We appreciate the views, the shares, , for sending us compliments on that.

, but also. , business owners from other industries in the home, improvement in the contractor space that are listening in and have sent questions. Yeah. And like, Hey, are you guys doing this kind of marketing? Like, what do you guys do? , so we have evolved quite literally. , and we've seen the amazing opportunity that's out there, , in today's day and age to bring out the best and to bring value of what's relevant, what's working now, not from a book, not from a webinar, not from something that's no longer working, but.

How can we add more value to our viewers, our listeners? So first and foremost, I just want to thank you for tuning into your Concrete Success podcast. It's been an honor serving you, , as well as YouTube. Like if you watched, , some of our best, , most watched, , episodes have been podcasts. Mm-Hmm. And the YouTube channel.

And it only continues to grow and evolve. So. All that content will remain, just to let you guys know. Yeah. You can find us all in the same place. Right, right. So, so what does this entail really? , let's start with Contraptor. Click what, what does this entail? What. What do we have for today's show? Well, today we're gonna talk about, we're just gonna talk about all the things and why the Rebrand and what are we doing and, and, and how does this impact, you know, we're gonna, we have all those questions that, you know, you may want to have answered regarding the rebrand.

So let's start off the bat with the very first question. Why the rebrand? Why are we doing this? Well, we're, we are on a mission to help one-thousand. , home improvement Contractors by 2025 by next year here. And, , when we look at our client base and how much we have reached in the concrete coating space and that kind of concrete, we have virtually one client per every major territory in the United States, and we are committed to giving our clients exclusivity.

And that's been one of the areas that, how do we go around that? Mm-Hmm. Without having people. 2, 3, 4 clients in the same space. We talk about what's the, the territory. , we had a call from someone last, last week or a couple of days ago that Raleigh-Durham area, Durham, Carolina Rally Dur . We, we have three to four individuals a month.

Contacting us for that one territory. Mm-Hmm. So that's one, one area of opportunities. And as we started looking at how is it that we're empowering our clients, , what is it that we're doing to empower them and evolve as times are changing? , what are we doing for them? And, you know, Contractor Click came as a, as a byproduct of us masterminding.

It was not like an overnight decision by any means. We went back and forth with different names. At some point in time it was gonna be Contractor marketing crew, and we're like, Hey, we're just gonna change the word concrete. To, , you know, contract or marketing crew, the logo, and it's gonna be seamless, right?

Like that logo was created. It was, yeah. It just was never used. Yeah. We almost, we kind of used it for Yeah, we kind of tested it out. Yeah. , I. Yeah, so there, there's a, a little bit of, of a, you know, behind the scenes conversations, but when we look at the, the opportunity for us to serve others, , when we're talking about serving people, like this is a commitment that we have.

It's not something that we're saying, , just for the sake of, Hey, let's get a cute mission statement of vision statement. But it's how do we honor that and how do we move forward, , in and look at different industries, look at the verticals that we know we can help our clients succeed. , and we look at our client base, Hey, what are clients that we have helped out in other industries, in parallel industries, closely related that we've run ads successfully?

And they've asked us, Hey, do you market for this? Do you do this? Do you do that? So, , we honed into what we know how to do best, which is home improvement. , Contractors and, , that is as far as, , the, the contractor click brand who are who we are here to serve. I know you have your insights, Mady as well as Andrew.

Yeah, I mean, , it, it is absolutely, it's just an evolution in, in. The way that we have served our clients up until now where it's not necessarily like, oh, let's just be cute and change our name for fun. It's, it's more of like, we're evolving into this new space, into this new territory. That's, that's.

Provides so much value to the people that work with us. It's like, no longer, , we're 50 leads a month lead generating agency. That's not who we are. We're, we're, we're growth partners. We're growing with you. We're, we're growing, we're helping you reach your revenue targets and we're, we're pretty much, you know, controlling the narrative in terms of your marketing with you so that you can get to those next levels.

So it just makes sense to, to actually. Move up or evolve Mm-Hmm. Into this different territory and enhance that relationship. Because some of our clients were already asking us, Hey, can you market for us, for our painting side, for our pavers? , we have a friend who does XYZ. Will you do it for them?

Mm-Hmm. And. You know, we've said no and we've said yes, and I think it's now, right. The nice thing is so many of our amazing clients are able to share now with someone in their territory if they want that same experience and that same growth for some of their other home improvement contractor friends. I think that's gonna be awesome because then no one has to be tight-lipped anymore.

And, , hush-hush. They're able to, . See the value and share that value with other people. And that goes for the podcast as well, right? Yes. We have people tuning in. Yes. Who aren't in concrete coatings. Right. And so we're gonna be able to welcome them into our clients as well, which is the amazing part.

The amazing piece is that from a position and perspective, we're not another marketing agency. , we are. Your business growth solution. Mm-Hmm. And within the solution comes the media context. Like we are a media company. , that's, that's part of the solution. And we we're also helping our clients do the same.

How do we help our clients evolve, , in a very personalized way. To the point that, hey, they're becoming omnipresent in their territory. They're dominating. , and this is why we shifted away from the accelerator model. Mm-Hmm. Where, you know, we could onboard 30 clients plus a month and like that's great and all, but when we look at the impact.

And I'm talking about like real impact businesses that never made seven figures Crushing. The seven-figure mark, those that have been stagnant, seven figures, never reached $2 million mark. They're crushing it through. There was one component that was clear. It's like they have a growth model that we're implementing.

Like they're not just doing not one only, yeah. One specific area or. Two, they have a more, it is what we used to call the, the Elite program. And we used to get asked all the time, Hey, can I get into the Elite program? No, because we did not have a scalable model to roll out the elite model. , and we went back to the drawing board, rebuilt our backend so that we can scale the fulfillment for our clients.

And here we are today. Yeah, we tested, , with a new brand. Yeah. Tested it out. , very exciting time for us. It's, , but from a content perspective, I am most excited about us giving you the farm. You listener, giving you the farm. That's right. We wanna teach you and empower you. So that you know what you need to do to market your business, meaning you wanna learn how to run your own Google Ads.

Amazing. Awesome. Mm-Hmm. Great. In fact, I encourage you to enter your website name if you want a website audit. , we are 10 x into 20 x in the content vol e that we have here for you guys. , so whether you listen to the podcast or you love watching the YouTube videos, , it's always helpful if you let us know where, where you're tuning in from.

, but. Our contractor click, like this is an initiative that we're taking on as far as bringing value. , you wanna speak to that because we've been working very hard on that front. Well, one thing I love is that the entire rebrand is really birthed out of listening to our clients and. The surveys and the feedback that we've received that's formed who we are now and who we're going to be growing into for this coming season.

Another thing that we're able to offer so much more than just handing you a lead only is that educational piece. Mm-Hmm. And, , we wanna draw the. Clients who want that partnership, who want those, those mentorship relationships. We have such an amazing, , portal that we have, , our Contractor Click Academy and we bring in speakers and.

We literally open up your Facebook ads, your Google ads, you, we can walk you through so many hands-on things, and that really takes someone who is invested and wants it. And so I'm, I'm excited because those are the clients that we love working with the most are people who really are learners and want to grow and scale.

Yeah, I agree with that, especially the educational component. I love that part that we're going to be exploring because you know, there's no secret formula, guys. Like there's no secret formula. Formula. It's pretty simple of like, oh, this is my secret formula to get you these many leads, and oh, nobody has this formula but me.

You could Google all that stuff and find it. So I love that we're. Just, you know, opening up and you want the formula. Use the formula, let's talk about it. Yeah, so, so like we have three levels, , for anyone. And the website, by the way is Contractor.Click. I love that. So clean, so simple. Concrete marketing crew.

What's happening with concrete marketing crew guys? What's do all of our clients have to to leave us? Absolutely not. No. We're concrete Marketing Crew is concrete marketing. Yeah. We're still there. And we're still, we're still there. Yeah, that's right. We're still doing concrete coatings marketing, you know.

Yes, yes, yes. That's still our, you know, our foundational niche. Really. Yes. And it probably always will be, but , that foundation now we can expand and grow from that and I'm excited. , so tell us a little bit about, , when they go to see Contractor Click or see Concrete Marketing Crew, they might see both for a little bit.

Both websites will exist. Yes. Yes. We're gonna have both websites live. . However, when you come through a a, either a consultation or strategy session, you wanna reach out to us and you're not a current client, you will be directed to the contractor that clicked contact page and contact forms, , which is gonna be available for you.

Now, if you are a current client of ours, the client portal. The phone n bers, the emails, everything that you've had access to, nothing changes. Like it's seamless. You, you don't even, , we'll not even realize it. , the same people on the other end too. The same people that I have been treating your account, so.

Mm-Hmm. Right. , so it's amazing. The support system is doubling. I mean, we're looking to double in size in, , in people as well. So this is going to enable us to. Get individuals that when they look at the word concrete, they might not be, , so drawn into the concrete industry, but they're killer at, , ads management or strategy, et cetera.

, man, let's get some people in here that, that we know can be great contribution to our clients. Mm-Hmm. And their success. , and what's beautiful about this is like, one question that we had internally was like, Hey, so are you guys no longer specialized? Mm mm-Hmm. Serving concrete coating concrete. So you have, you have to erase your brain.

Is that what's going on here is like, you can't, you can't know concrete coatings anymore. I dunno that we're not, of course we're of course we're. But you know what the best thing is, is that now we're also specialized in other niches as well. Like we, with the same intention and with the same dedication that we've given to the concrete industry, we're now giving to other home improvement industries as well.

Mm-Hmm. You know, we have people on our team that are. Very equipped and qualified in different parts that will serve different industries. Those different industries. I, I think that it's right. It's not so much, no. It's more of like a growth into that. That, that specialty in other areas? Mm-Hmm. As well.

Well, that, that's the main thing. And, and look, when I started Concrete Marketing Crew, I, I had gone through a training program. One of my mentors, Josh Nelson, big shout out to you. Thank you so much for your mentorship. , he's all about niching down. He's like, you got a niche down. And for me, concrete just hit home because of my background.

Like, you know, my father was a contractor. He was in concrete and polishing. And I was very comfortable in that arena, in that world. , but when I look at the opportunity sites from a strategic perspective, , when say we are comparing, , fences and decks versus concrete, , it multiplies only by like fivefold.

So it's a significant greater reach to create the impact that we are committed to creating in this world. And if we have the resources and the ability to do it, why not? Mm-Hmm. Like, if we know we can do it, why not? Mm-Hmm. Why not lead by bringing what we know is working best? Right. And I've seen so much fluff in the marketplace that it almost makes me puke.

Mm. Just thinking about it. Like it, it makes my stomach go upside down. And quite literally wanna run to the bathroom. Why? Because I can't stand contractors being taken advantage of. Yeah. Time and time and time again. All of a sudden they come to our world, they come to our world. Mm-Hmm. And they're like, I didn't know you guys existed.

This is what I was looking for. This is what I was looking for. This is what I needed all along. , where have you guys been? Yep. Yeah. , so I can only imagine once we start rolling out and strategically we're not gonna go and blast everyone. It, this is a very strategic rollout process. , and when we're talking about building growth, , a growth partnership model, it, it, it's really intentional.

. Think about like a fractional CMO Correct. Coming into your company. Mm-Hmm. Without you having to pay a fractional CMO, which by the way, it's like between five to $6,000 a month. Mm-Hmm. If you go and get a fractional CMO and having an entire marketing team with the done for you coming together guiding you so that you can reach your growth goals.

That's it. And what if we can implement our models of SEO? Web design, Facebook advertising, remarketing, YouTube advertising, Google advertising, the CRM optimization automation into your business, being led by someone that is looking after your business, looking at your growth goals and ensuring that we're on track or off track and making the necessary adjustments.

, it's the biggest gap that I'm noticing. And, , what's funny is like in the world of AI where technology is so advanced and. Where every business owner has access to run ads themselves. If you're looking to grow past $2 million mark to $5 million, you're gonna realize you're gonna need to hire a professional.

Mm-Hmm. Like at some point in time. And at some point in time, like after $5 million, you're gonna realize like, I need to bring it back home. Because I need to control. So there, there's this growth spurs that happen at different moments. One of them is the million dollar mark. Another one is 2.5 million.

Another one is $5 million. Actually, , 1, 3, 5. 7, 10, 15, 20 million. Those are growth spurts that happen. , and when we look at, , growth models, this is one of the things that, that we look at Now, we're not getting an equity on the company, right. , however, we are opening ourselves up for partnership opportunities, , to get equity on companies that want to exit in the next couple of years, wanna grow and evolve.

Amazing. But we, we are here focused on bringing you the most value we can evolve in and just stay tuned because, , because quite literally we're going to be releasing the blueprints. , I spent about three years coaching other agency owners on how to roll out fulfillment models in their businesses, like Seven Figure Agency.

I served there as a coach, honored to do that. I told a lot of agency owners, and you'd be surprised how many agency owners don't know how to fulfill their clients. They know how to position themselves to get clients, but on the fulfillment side, , they can't keep that promise to the client. , and it's time for a change.

It's really time for a change. So, , three areas that we're inviting you to be a part of. Contract or click three ways. Way n ber one is, . Connect with us on social media, the podcast Contractor Click podcast, the YouTube channel. We're going to rename it. If you Google concrete marketing crew at some point in time, the website is gonna redirect to the new URLs.

Make sure you follow us. You stay tuned. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, all of them. , you're gonna start to see a different brand color, right? So that's one way. Second way is, , you are a client of ours. Amazing. We welcome that opportunity to serve you in a personalized way, , to partner with you so that we can grow and evolve your business.

And the third way is through the coaching community, , which, which is an amazing opportunity for those that want to learn how to do it. Now, you might be wondering, well, if you're giving me all the information for free on the front end, why do I need to pay you for coaching? Matty, why should someone pay you?

What happens on these calls during the week when someone hops in and they're, they're spending money and they have, , questions and problems, and they're stuck. Man, what happens? Where's the value at? The value is in that, if you can, you imagine like being able, being stuck in, in managing your Facebook ads or your Google ads and you get on a call with a fractional, with a marketing, , consultant.

You know, like there's so much value in that. Not only do we have, we walk you through the strategy, like I'm giving you my high level strategy that I've created, that I've tested, and I'm literally sitting with there with you on, , a Zoom call and guiding you step by step of the way on how to do it. Not only that, but you have access to us via email, , that you can email us during the week.

Hey Mady, I the other day, somebody's like, I'm having a hard time with this particular part of, , the. The, , Facebook ads, like what value is there in, in being able to reach somebody that has tested, tried, knows exactly what to do in the guide the industry guides you in the industry and guides you to the exact pinpoint of what you need to do.

Mm-Hmm. Saves you time. Yeah. It's the time saves you energy. You can waste so much time. I think you can waste so much time trying to figure out, this saves you so much time because you, you have access to, to somebody that's doing this for million dollar companies. You know? Yeah, yeah. So the speed. So here's where, where it is.

You can get, , the training, learn how to do it yourself, implement it. The coaching is really the support system that you have. And the support system is, , specialized coaches inside of the industry. So, for example, if you are, , growing your concrete coding business, you have questions about finances or scaling the business, hiring, recruiting, all of that, why not ask someone that's already done it?

Inside of the industry. Well, that's what we're doing. And, , we're rolling out again with the different segments that we're targeting, different verticals. The beautiful thing is we're gonna have specialized coaches. So again, we're rolling this out very strategically. , and then, you know, one, one of the the things that we, we prompted in our conversation was like, well, well, are you guys gonna lose your, your special sauce in what you do?

Special sauce? What, what are your thoughts about that? Absolutely not. Of course we're not gonna lose our special sauce. No. Our special sauce is, is going to be just specialized for different companies. Right. Your your secret, so. Right. Well, because here's the thing, it's like if you're not running ads, like, we're not going anywhere.

We're, we're here to stay. And that's, that's a fact. What this is enabling us to do is to be able to learn, , and have more data across. A multitude of verticals that serve the same clientele. Mm-hmm. Right. That's it. And we want educated clients. Like there, I think part of the reason people get taken advantage of is because they don't understand what's happening when they hire someone.

Correct. So the benefit of us teaching you and giving you those opportunities to grow and be educated on the terminology and the how-to's is that you decide, yeah, it is worth it, that you helped me do this. , but it's also not, Oh yeah. I just trust you. Plug your ears and close your eyes and just blindly trust us.

Mm-Hmm. So I think that is just so. That's how marketing agency agencies in general should be. They should not be, , blind Trust. It's, it's walking someone Yeah. Together. Yeah. And I, oh, yeah. I think that's what we get to offer. I, I can't, one of my friends, Danny Hsu, he is like, just so, he inspired me to, to give it all away.

And we've been hesitant. Like, Danny, you're gonna teach people how to do this on YouTube? Yeah, yeah. Heck yeah. Let's, let's go ahead and blow this thing up. Like seriously, there's so much room for growth. A multitude of verticals. I'm gonna read some of them here so you guys know what's coming up here. , we serve interior and exterior home improvement businesses, including the concrete coating, , industry, decorative concrete, garage storage solutions, residential flatware, concrete pavers, and hardscaping.

Fencing and decks and home remodeling. Now some remodelers are painters as well. So like there is a lot in that. But again, the main thing is we're gonna keep the main things. The main things. So when you come over to our channels as we roll out throughout the next couple of months here, you're gonna see content for different industries.

It still applies to you, right? Mm-Hmm. Like it really does still apply to you. Yeah. And you're gonna notice the patterns and the differences. And for marketers that are tuning in, I believe we have on YouTube, we probably have about 20% of our followers are marketers. Yeah. , which, awesome. Thanks for following us.

. Do what's right for your clients and learn how to do it. We're gonna teach you how to do this so that you could do better for your clients. And that's the goal. It's not just to empower the contractors, but to empower whoever is helping contractors. And if you are a contractor, a business owner that already has someone working for you and, and you want better strategies or ideas on what to do or improve or implementation, , give us your feedback and, , we're gonna create that content for you.

So if there's something urgently you need. Just let us know and we'll expedite it. That is how we're rolling out our, , our content strategy here. But as far as SEO website optimization, CRO conversion optimization, Google ads, remarketing, YouTube advertising, Facebook advertising, Tik-Tok advertising, I mean, , pretty much any platform where you can get customers for your business, home improvement business.

We're gonna roll that out to you. So, and it all applies to you and, , all you need to do is make sure you follow us at Contractor. I'm not gonna say the tag names because Yeah. I can't say them right now because I don't even know what they are. She, she's keeping them away from me. Yeah. Check in the description of, of this video, or just search this Contractor Click Yeah, search us out.

Contractor click. You know, it's gonna be awesome, especially when we get some more comments and, and dialogue going on. Danny was hinting at it. We wanna hear feedback because we need to know the. The trouble points for you. If there's something you're struggling with Mm-Hmm. Things you wanna hear us discuss, we obviously wanna educate you.

We wanna give you free, , information so you can run with it. So let us know what that is. Mm-Hmm. And we'll feed that engine and get it out for you. Yeah. Awesome. Mady, any other questions? Anything you wanna share? I. I mean, I guess the only other question that we haven't like, really talked about is why are we going to change our name to Contractor?

Click? What does that mean? Contractor? Click the click. And I think that's a good one. Oh, that's a good one. 'cause that kind of encompasses and the whole strategy behind what we're doing, you know? So, , the reason why we're, we're, we chose that name Contractor Click, is because the experience of the. Of the homeowner that's purchasing, , your service, right?

Mm-Hmm. They're clicking on lots of different avenues and different platforms to find and know who you are. Yes. They see a Facebook ad, they Google you, they click on your website, they click on your Facebook ad, they click on your Google ad, they see you on YouTube, they click on that. So what, what this whole initiative is moving towards is controlling the narrative of.

The clicks that your homeowners will be performing so that they all point back to you. Oh yeah. So that's, that's, that's important. Yeah. Building the synergy. And this is one of our taglines, is connecting you with homeowners who see you as the ultimate choice. And I want you to, , consider when you look at the buyer cycle, the customer journey.

Like most contractors, home improvement contractors, , focus in the bottom of the funnel. , fun fact is the bottom of the funnel is where you get the most expensive, , cost per clicks and most expensive leads. And what if you can speed up the process? There's the awareness stage, engagement, and then the conversion stage.

But be present by not necessarily go going overboard. Like some of the strategies we're rolling out only require our clients to invest an extra one to $5 a day. Mm-Hmm. Yeah. And they are create a massive, . Impacts and Mm-Hmm. And so without having a comprehensive strategy that's all in and there's a synergy, , you almost have like fragmented touch points.

Mm-Hmm. With a customer. So a lead comes in, , a lead respective client. See you're at, for example, , they see you're at, okay, perfect. So if you have ad spend going on, , Facebook might show your ad here one day and perhaps like four days later. Mm-Hmm. And that's it. And then if you're remarketing them, they might show another , level.

But what if we can look at that individual's behavior in the platform and remarket them based on the way that they behave on the platform and show up in a different place once they take some form of action and depending on where they are at in the journey. Say someone booked an estimate with you, what are you showing?

. That specific prospect on the meantime before your salesperson shows up at the door. That is from the advertising perspective because here's the way a cons er thinks is when they see a second source or party other than just perhaps a face-to-face or you know, one, one-Way dialogue, two-Way dialogue in in Via SMS, and they see it from another platform.

Facebook being a platform, YouTube, , Google, et cetera. Now their trust begins to evolve and now they start to get immersed into your world, which is what Mady was saying. Mm-hmm. Is how do you control that? , and I've, it's like a click journey almost. Right Click journey. Yeah. Very integrated into your cycle.

Now that. We can't pull that off in an accelerator program. No. It's just too much that needs to be put in place. , so that's exciting. , it's a complete, , program. And, , as far as what we have in store next, what can they expect following this conversation? What can our viewers expect? Listeners? Well, the, the one of the ma most amazing thing is, , we do have.

Our new rebrand, you're gonna see it everywhere. , and I want to see you guys, , sharing this with each other. And the nice thing with the territories is like, if you're a, a concrete contractor in a territory, you're, you're safe, but then you. You're in this territory, you get to actually share, , this with your friends.

So if you have other home improvement contractors that you end up working with quite a lot and you wanna see them succeed and grow mm-Hmm. , we have referral programs that we'll be rolling out so that you can recommend us to them and see them succeed as well. , one of the things too with the click, you know, we wanna see it click for you.

So I think the click is also the aha moment. Yes. For. The contractor and for the buyer, right? So everyone has that decision point, that place in your head where it clicks. And that's gonna be part of our rollout as well. , we're gonna have some new offerings, , throughout the year. So when we did our little video here, there was several different, , gear changes.

You saw the podcast, you saw a graduation hat, the academy, there were several things. So we'll be rolling those out. And. That, that's gonna be, , part of the reveal as well. So that's, that's coming up. Very exciting. That's very exciting. It's very exciting. So thank you very much for, , joining us in the last episode of Your Concrete Success podcast.

All the episodes will live, , for as long as the platforms. Allow us to host them in the platforms. , so they're not going anywhere. You wanna go back to any shows and the new ones are gonna still be in the same channels, is that right? Yes. The same channels. So nothing changes really other than just, , the creative, , and as well as the content that we're pouring into you.

Again, anything that, , you have feedback on, feel free to send us over. Let us know in the comments, what do you think about the rebrand? What are your thoughts, good or bad? Don't matter.

Share it with us. We'd love to hear from you. Mady. Cue us out for this one.

Thank you for watching.

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Danny Barrera

Danny Barrera

Founder of Concrete Marketing Crew. Author of the up-and-coming book, "Sell More Garage Floors". Contributor to the Concrete Decor Magazine. Host of Your Concrete Success Podcast. We're on a mission to elevate the concrete coating & decorative concrete industry.

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