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Misconceptions When Marketing Decorative Concrete on Google

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It’s not always easy to know how to market decorative concrete. You may offer a great decorative concrete service, but it can be difficult to find the best way to get your name out there and make sure people are aware of what you’re offering. We want you to succeed! That’s why we’ve compiled some of the most common misconceptions about marketing your decorative concrete services Google below.


Topics Discussed:

  • Why your prospective clients don’t always know your industry terms, but they know what they want
  • Why most keyword research for decorative concrete SEO is flawed
  • Understanding how prospective clients search for your services in your service area on Google
  • Understand trends for your decorative concrete services

Audio Transcript

And we are live concrete contractors. Welcome aboard to another episode of your concrete success podcast, where we talk about success strategies for growing your decorative concrete business online. And in today’s episode, I want to talk about misconceptions when marketing a decorative concrete business or your decorative concrete services online. Now, if you are a flat work or a residential concrete contractor and you want to tune in. This episode also applies to you. But we’re going to talk about the different decorative concrete applications because decorative concrete, it’s not recognized as an industry, believe it or not.

So if you go to any business database and you type in decorative concrete, uh and you want to filter out, find out decorative concrete companies, you will not be able to gather that data from businesses because it’s not, there’s no S. I. C. Code for it, right? There is no it’s not an it recognizes an industry as a whole. However, I can tell you it is an industry. So that being said what you’re looking at right now, if you’re watching this video on Youtube, you’re looking at some Rush.

S. E. M. Rush is one of the tools that we use here for for auditing campaigns for keyword research, for looking at website data and optimizing websites and all that good stuff. But we’re gonna be talking about some of the misconceptions about marketing, decorative concrete. Okay. And what are some of the biggest problems I see uh when when uh when someone comes to us, a concrete contractor comes to us and they’ve been with another digital marketing company. They’ve tried to do online marketing for their services and they just haven’t been able to get results from google.

So these conversations pertains to google. We will have other conversations regarding social media, regarding advertising on social media, facebook ads and all that good stuff. But for this conversation, let’s talk about right here. What matters? And that is uh marketing decorative concrete on google. So, uh, if you don’t know who we are, my name is Danny Barrera. I am the founder of concrete marketing Crew. And what we do is we help concrete contractors okay, succeed online. And how do we do that? We help them by positioning themselves as market leaders.

And let me pull up the website here so you guys can see it. Uh, and what we do is we help you double your lead with our concrete marketing plan. Feel free to visit concrete marketing crude dot com right now check it out. And if you haven’t gotten your free internet marketing guide for concrete contractors, there should be a link there to download. Free guide. You all you have to do is put your name and email and you’re going to get access to that guide. Uh now, if you have any questions, feel free to just contact us.

Uh, and if you want to look at, what is it that we do for concrete contractors? All the details are there enough with the introduction. Let’s get right to it guys. So let’s go back and open up some more is right here. I think I have the right screen here. So what you’re looking at, you should be looking at if you’re watching this, it’s a search volumes. And if I type in decorative concrete, this is uh, this is pretty much a broad search term, that means it doesn’t have a definition, that could mean a lot of things that could mean someone just wants to know what that could have concrete is, doesn’t mean it’s a consumer or a buyer intent keyword.

Now, check it out. There are if we scroll down here, there are a whole bunch of different keyword variations that are more intent driven. So, um, we look at decorative concrete blocks, right? That’s 11 search term that’s getting 2900 searches, Decorative concrete supply, getting 1600 searches that could have concrete floors, 720 searches. And I can tell you all these different applications here have a very different search volume. Now, here’s the biggest issue that I find. And that is that a lot of prospective clients and consumers are not searching for decorative concrete necessarily.

They will, there will be those there are directly looking for a decorative concrete contractor, but not necessarily. So what are they looking for and what are they looking at? So, I am looking at right now at concrete network, which is a great directory site. You should check it out for sure. Uh, and um and what concrete network has done great is be able to rank and optimize this website directory for all these different services. And then they sell leads or they sell membership to this uh site.

But where I’m going with that is that they’ve distilled the specific services that are within decorative concrete. And that’s one of the biggest misconceptions is when you’re marketing decorative concrete, you’re really not marketing decorative concrete as a term on google search. And that shouldn’t be your most intent or, or most what can I call it? A priority keyword. Instead, you got to look at the services you offer, make a list of those services and then start to look at how people search those services on google. So stay in concrete.

Let’s take stained concrete. Right? And I’m going to go to google dot com right now and just give you uh just an idea here. If I’m looking for stained concrete, Miami right? You get to see that. What comes up on the top section is the google ads section to pay to play. And then underneath that comes the google maps section. We’ve talked about google maps uh in other episodes. And then when we keep scrolling down, you get to see that there are the organic search results now, where am I going with this?

Why did I type this in here? Well, I wanted to show you a couple of things. Number one is show you that there. If I, if I just click right there on the search bar, um you know that, that google gives me different suggestions. Stay in concrete and I can see that people are looking for stained concrete floors and then the city name, when I put Miami, that’s Miami, now check this out. If I go to SAN Diego SAn Diego right there and I go again to the search part, look how many suggestions come to me concrete resurfacing SAN Diego.

So, now what google is telling me is that there is actual demand for resurfacing. Now, when we optimize websites for clients, some of the resurfacing options would be staining or engraving or doing all these different finishes. Right? So that’s part of the optimization process, understanding how google associates different search terms and what are they looking for. So another one, concrete polishing SAN Diego. Why is that? Well, because a lot of polishers also do staining, Right? Um, depending on the finish is now look at another one stamped concrete SAN Diego, right?

Concrete contractor SAN Diego, decorative concrete resurfacing. Uh, and then there’s other brand names. So that is one place that you can get some ideas for the services and what you do is you type the main service you offer, you put the city name and then um, and then you will get suggestions. Now, the second way, which is going to help you is by just typing in the service you offer in this case, stained concrete. And we get to see that google gives me a whole bunch of suggestions here, stained concrete floors, stained concrete, patio, stained concrete, driveway, staying concrete countertops, stained concrete floors in house, stained concrete floors, cost uh, stained concrete colours, uh, stained concrete, basement floor, stained concrete pool.

Like, I mean, you get the idea and that’s just stained concrete. Do you see you see how do you realize how, how powerful this is? Like the majority of concrete contractors are just thinking that people are going to to google and type in decorative concrete and that’s what people are looking for. Well, in fact, every search term is is really very treated very differently per service area. Every search term, per service area will yield different results. Now, this is the second way. So again, how do we optimize the website?

Well, we have a whole bunch of content pieces that need to need to go into a specific service page for our clients. So if we were optimizing for stained concrete contractor in Miami, we would make sure that we include stained concrete floors, stained concrete, patios, all the different types of stained concrete. Now, what I like to do as well is look at what people also ask section, which is, you know, we type in the main broad search term or service I should say on google and scroll down until you see a section that says people also ask and you can get a good idea as to what type of content you can write for your website, which one of them is staining concrete, expensive.

And then you can write a blog post for that. It’s better to paint or stain concrete. That’s a great topic for a blog post which is better epoxy or stay in concrete boom. Now check this out if I go here and I type in. Let me see, let me see Dallas, those people also ask uh you know may bring in different surfaces and this is probably a bad way of showing it because uh I am located in south florida and what I like to do is use one of these tools I search from and what this does right here.

Let me go right here. What this does is it makes the search geo relevant. It associates the relevance to that specific location. So here we see, people also ask for, what does concrete staining cost is better to paint or stain concrete? And you can see here are staying concrete floors expensive. You can see that the questions ask maybe slightly different, maybe a slightly different. And also if we go here to the search, you get to see that I get different results. So again, some of the things that you got to take into consideration is how are people searching your services and not just decorative concrete?

Because decorative concrete has a lot of different options. And not just targeting that specific decorative concrete, searches on google, not running out for decorative concrete, but being specific as far as your services and creating one page per each one of the services that you offer. And if you’re running google ads, you should be having a different landing page or a different page for each one of the services you offer. Hope you you found this episode helpful if you have any questions, feel free to go to concrete market include dot com today and uh, and visit us and then download a copy of our free internet marketing guide for concrete contractors.

All you have to do is put your name and email there. And if you have any questions, go ahead and post them on on the Youtube channel or, or if you enjoyed this episode and want to share it with your friends and family, go ahead and hit that share like and give us a review. It helps the machines on the back end. It helps the algorithm just give us a little thumbs up and bump us up in in the algorithm. So anyway, thank you so much for listening in.

Have a great rest of your day. I’ll see you on the next episode. Take care

Danny Barrera

Danny Barrera

Founder of Concrete Marketing Crew. Author of the up-and-coming book, "Sell More Garage Floors". Contributor to the Concrete Decor Magazine. Host of Your Concrete Success Podcast. We're on a mission to elevate the concrete coating & decorative concrete industry.

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