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Let’s Talk About Your Concrete Marketing Plan

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Hey Concrete Contractor! Let’s talk about your concrete marketing plan. If you’ve been struggling to figure out how to generate consistent results from your online marketing, you’re in the right place. In today’s episode, we’ll walk you through a proven methodology for marketing your decorative concrete business online. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Why marketing your decorative concrete company online is no longer optional after COVID-19
  • How consumers have changed
  • How many leads has your website generated for your business in the last 30 days?
  • When prospective clients are searching for your services in your service area, can they find you?
  • Are you getting found on the maps?
  • Are you able to generate concrete leads on-demand?
  • What’s the minimum amount of reviews you need before Google takes you “seriously”
  • How’s your social media plan?
  • How are you handling inbound prospects?

Audio Transcript

Hey there, concrete contractors, welcome aboard to another episode of your concrete Success podcast. And in today’s episode, we’re going to talk about your concrete marketing plan. Let’s talk about your concrete marketing plan. Do you have a concrete marketing? Do you have a plan to market your concrete company? Concrete contractors? Do you have a systematic plan? A plan that is systematic, that is designed to provide the results that you’re looking for? And I’m talking about marketing and advertising and generating leads for your business. So if you don’t know who we are, my name is Danny Barrera, founder of concrete marketing crew.

What we do is we help concrete concrete contractors, double their leads with a proven concrete marketing plans. So today we’re gonna talk about your concrete marketing plan and then we’re gonna share how we generate leads and generate more projects for concrete contractors in decorative concrete contractors. So we help flat work and decorative concrete contractors help help them double their leads and when I mean double their leads, that that’s kind of like underestimating what we do for clients. But it’s more, it’s, you know, it’s one of those things where we easily 10 X. Concrete contractors lead flow online, easily 10 X. But double your concrete lead to something that, you know, when we started using that, um, we actually tested the messaging.

Hey, we 10 X your concrete leads versus double your concrete leads, It’s more believable. So this is one of those marketing uh, things that that we put in place. So our big value promise or are unique selling proposition in the marketplace is double uh, concrete contractors leads online and we helped them get found with a proven concrete marketing plan. But what about your marketing plan? What do you have in place? What do you have in place? And one of the best places to go if you don’t have kind of like a checklist or a guide that you’re guiding your marketing collaterals and marketing efforts through, is by downloading a copy of our free internet marketing guide for concrete contractors.

You can just go to concrete marketing crew dot com and I’m gonna pull my website here on Youtube. And if you’re listening to this on on a podcast, just go ahead and visit concrete marketing crew dot com and you’re gonna see when the website opens up, there’s gonna be a button for download. You’re free guide and that is going to be about. I don’t know if this is 70 pages or more, where it walks you through the entire plan that we execute for concrete contractors. Quite literally, I’ll walk you through some of those steps.

Uh and if you want to learn how we work with concrete contractors, you could just head on over to the website and you’re gonna get to see step by step. We we describe, what is it that we do? So in this conversation, in this video and in this podcast, we’re going to talk about that your concrete marketing plan. So some of the fundamental things that need to be in place as of 2021, and this is, I guess this is the pandemic adapted economy, let’s call it that the pandemic adapted economy.

And the reason I’m using that term is because we’re not going back to the way things were before. We are simply after COVID 19. We are simply not going back to the way things were before. So if you’re hoping and expecting that the consumer is going to go back to the way that they used to do business before and the way that they used to process information and expect information from businesses. It simply will not be and will not happen. So it is one of our missions to help elevate the concrete industry.

And this is one of our big motivators. When we walked into the concrete industry and started helping out residential concrete contractors, we realize, hey, this whole industry as a whole is behind by a few years. It’s really behind by a few years. So what was one of the main problems that we noticed is number one step number one, which is part of the concrete marketing planning, assessing your concrete website, assessing your businesses, concrete businesses, website. And the reason why it’s so important is because your website is no longer a luxury.

This is, I mean, we’re in 2021, everyone should have a website. Even if you’re starting out and you’re just starting out, you want something in place, you must get something in place that showcases what is it that you do? Who do you do it for? What is your service area? And clearly state your contact information. Yesterday, we talked about the most important page on your website, but just for the sake of the conversation of your concrete marketing plan is number one is your website. And the follow up question that you should be asking yourself is how many leads has my website generated for me last month?

So go back as to the last 30 days as of last month and write down the exact amount of leads that your website generated for your concrete company. Now, if you’re a decorative concrete contractor and you offer a slew of different services, you should be answering that question as well. And then the next step is to figure out where are your leads coming from? We did a survey not too long ago and the survey revealed that over 80% of concrete contractors haven’t generated any lead from organic search from google search for their concrete services.

The majority of the the leads that they were getting it from referrals and that’s why, you know, you have a lot of great concrete contractors delivering beautiful work yet they have an inconsistent flow of leads coming to them and they find themselves in a position to buy leads from lead vendors and depend on that and rely on that. So this is one of the things is fundamental. It’s something that you cannot overlook anymore. Your concrete website has to be mobile friendly. It has to be fast, it has to render great in all devices, stuffs, desktop and mobile.

It has to have all the right pages that help the prospective clients navigate through your website and and then fill the trust uh and the ability to call you and submit their information. And I mean all those different things, We talk about them more in detail in in the free internet marketing guide for concrete contractors. So just head on over to the website, concrete marketing crew dot com and download a copy. And we’re constantly releasing new iterations of the guide as we move along. But that is basically the foundation is uh now that you have a website, are you able to know where are the leads coming from?

And how are those individuals come into your world? And then how is your your website helping you sell more and book more concrete projects? Right. Whether you do concrete furniture or uh concrete overlays, epoxy flooring, concrete codings, whether you do concrete, patio, stamped concrete, whatever the case is, whatever service you offer, can you decide for where those leads are coming from? Because that is part of your marketing plan, building your marketing plan, what is the most effective media? So I’m telling you right now, consumers are going to google every single day um, and every single month and they are going there to research your services.

So if they’re not finding you, they are finding your competitor, which leads me into step number two, is where are you on the maps? And uh, we get this a lot from concrete contractors. Hey, I’m showing up everywhere on google maps and then we check out their google maps data and it only shows that they’ve gotten four calls in a month from google maps. Can you believe that? So we get a lot of conflict or say I’m getting found everywhere on the maps. And the question I have for you is awesome.

Like you should be getting found for your business name, but can prospective clients find you when they are searching for your services in your service area? Can so say your service area is Miami and you’re based out of Miami and you have a location in Miami. If someone and if you offer decorative concrete services, if someone types in stamped concrete contractor near me, does your google map listing? Show up. How about if you do concrete coatings? If someone is looking for a garage floor coating installer or a garage flooring contractor or karachi Florent ideas, can they find you on the google maps?

And uh let me go ahead and show you right now. Concrete contractor near me. I’m gonna make that search really quick and you get to see this is the map section. This is the google maps, we talked about the website is being a fundamental part of your marketing strategy. Number two is getting on the maps, I can tell you the prospective clients are going to find you an organic search on the maps and through referral they’re going to go to your website and they’re still going to go back out and research your name.

And the next step about your maps is do you have enough reviews to convince that prospect to do business with you or will they, will they question your quote in your pricing when you give them the estimate, right? That leads me to step number three? And this is S. E. O. Dominance. How is the maps different from S E. O. Dominance? Well, well uh google maps optimization is has it has to do with the google maps. Now, if you scroll down what happens underneath that? Well, we have a slew and series of organic search results.

So when you make a a search on google, the first thing that comes up is the google ads section. Pay to play number two is the money box, which is the google maps section and then the rest of the traffic goes over and bleeds over to the organic search results. Now, hear me out for a second. This is where companies like triple B dot org, you’re seeing it right here. If you’re watching this, this is where companies like thumbtack yelp Home Advisor are getting their traffic from.

So the question I have for you is why not you, why not? You, why not get your website here showing up for your specific services in your service area and all the service areas. I’m talking about every service area that you offer. This is very, very effective marketing strategy, That’s a pool strategy. You’re pulling prospects, you’re becoming a magnet of opportunity because they’re finding you right. If they don’t go to the maps, they don’t click on the maps. They’re going to scroll down five more information. They’re going to research your business, your company and they’re going to find your trustworthy now that’s pending.

If your website okay, it’s building trust in their eyes so that a place part of your marketing plan, are you getting found in organic search for all the relevant terms? Now, if you don’t know what those terms are, you want to find out how to find them and how to figure that out. Feel free to contact us at concrete marketing crew dot com and schedule a call. It’s very easy. You just click on the schedule a call option there and you should get an option to let me do it right now.

You should get an option to book yourself into a calendar. Just watch that short video there. Talk to you, walk you through what we do for concrete contractors and then you can schedule a time very easily and enter your information basic information. And that should get you into a strategy called what we do in that strategy qualities. We help you figure out what are the most relevant search terms in your service area for all the services you offer and we figure out how to build a concrete marketing plan for your business.

That’s yours. Right. This is not an automated process. There is some manual research that gets done there. But again, if you’re interested in that, feel free to reach out. Now let’s move on to step number four. Which is okay. I get it Danny. Right. I gotta get a website. I got to get on the maps. I gotta do the S. C. O. But that takes time. What can I do right now to start generating leads? Well, that’s the question I have for you is what are you doing to consistently generate leads right now?

Are you buying leads from Home Advisor? Is something working for you right now that perhaps it’s expensive, but you’re still using it just because it’s the one source that you’re relying on to get leads, whatever that may be. Just write it down because that, you know, it usually tends to be some sort of paid paper lead program. But in this case, uh what we talk about here in step number four is pay per click. Ok, Now this works like Gangbusters. If you have a proven campaign proven way to generate targeted clicks, that’s not everyone that’s not targeting everyone who searches concrete, that’s targeting people in the specific service area you want lead from that are searching for your specific services, Right?

So uh, that is paper click and there are different ways you can generate leads via pay per click. One of them is through google search and being search. That is search media another way, which is because it’s very predominant nowadays is facebook at, but so can you generate leads via youtube at? So there is a method and a method to the madness where you can generate leads via paid advertising campaigns via facebook Pinterest and Youtube. So if you’re not using search, you can use social channels and some of these channels allow you to target by either interests or location, mostly interest in search terms.

So you can have some of those things and then what you want to do is set a budget. That is realistic. So one of the things that we help you calculate is your minimum viable budget for media because in some areas you will need to spend more money to generate leads. And when you do generate leads, you’re gonna start to generate more leads just because all these algorithms start to favor high performing complaints. We’ve seen it happen time and time again. So the question I have for you in this step step number four is how am I generating leads on demand at will.

So you put some dollars out and you can expect to get leads coming in right away And by right away, I mean 24-72 hours turn on the campaign and you start getting lied. So what mediums are you relying on and how many leads is it taking you to turn that lead into an appointment? And how many appointments does it take you to turn that over into a booked project and a signed deal? Right. So those metrics, you gotta make sure you have them. Now, it’s much easier to quantify with paper click just because you know the amount of clicks and, and you get to know how much it’s click S versus S. C O S C O. Over time it’s going to be a snowball effect and it will become probably for the majority of our clients, it becomes a profit center heavy profit center for their business.

All right, let’s move into step number five. Let’s talk about your reputation. And so this in most cases, most contractors try to start either on the social media or try to grow their reputation of reviews and I’m telling you, that’s great. That’s awesome. Now your reviews are number one, a sales tool, Number two, they are uh they are social proof that you know what you’re performing and you know what you’re doing online uh and for your clients down online offline, you’re doing in the real world and it builds trust, it gives you authority in the marketplace.

So Step # one is if you don’t have your 1st 25 five star reviews, Work on getting your 1st 25 reviews Because when you have your 1st 25 reviews on Google, you can do so many things and it’s so much easier to optimize your Google maps listing. Now, if you don’t have your 1st 25, that is part of our program, we do recommend that you have positive reviews on your Google, my business and on your Facebook and your yelp. Now we understand you can’t satisfy every client under the sun, but it should be one of those things that you plan out in your marketing strategy.

As to one of the elements that you’re intentional about growing and optimizing over time. Because that becomes one of those things that I told you if you neglected your internet marketing campaigns will not perform as well as if you do have and establish rep and stellar reputation. So your five star reviews every single month, every single week, as soon as you finish a project, make sure that you have a process in place where you’re asking for reviews and you don’t have to always bribe prospective clients or clients or projects into getting a discount for a review.

If you’ve done a great job, just go ahead and record that experience and then ask them right there on the spot and have a process in place that follows up with them until they do Right. Uh, once you get your five star reputation, number one goal should be, get up to the 25 range in. If you’re in a competitive space, get to 50 and then get to 100. So that’s the way we work. 25 is the first benchmark. The first goal. If you don’t have 25 reviews, that’s how we help contractors.

Then the next goal is 50 reviews, and then the next goal is 100 reviews, And then the next goal is 200 reviews. Once you have 100 positive reviews or four or more star reviews, It’s much easier to continue getting them because people are not afraid to live reviews, it becomes like, Okay, you know, a lot of people trust this company, so I might as well just leave my positive review. Now, it is harder if you’re under 10 reviews to get your five star reviews. And the reason being is clients don’t even if they’re satisfied, they’re still afraid of living a positive review and that something may backfire.

It’s funny how, how just humans work. But that is just a fact, a fun fact. Therefore you let’s move into step number six. That is your social media posting everyday on social media, okay, posting every day. The main channels are facebook instagram. If you’re a concrete contract or make sure you’re on instagram and the hashtags that you use should target two things. Number one thing, you should target your locale, should target the cities that you service And number two is should have hashtags that target the service that you offer because what you’re doing there is you’re telling the algorithm, hey, this content that I just posted is relevant for that specific hashtag, in which case, if it’s relevant to a location, it will show it to individuals in that location.

And then if you have the ability to tag a location, tag a location, it helps out uh and rotate it right. Don’t use the exact same thing all the time, rotate the strategy so that it’s organic and record your progress every single day. Uh There are stories that you could use um short form 15 2nd videos that you can record on linkedin on instagram on facebook and those short stories work great. If you uh if you just want to share progress on the project and then and then somewhere in there, call your prospective client base to action, asked them, hey, are you interested to schedule a project, visit our website or click in the link in our bio. Right.

Call them into action. If you’ve never called your your fan base or your connections into action, they will never take any action on their own. Uh, and some will, some will reach out to you, but the majority need a little bit of push and incentive ation to reach out. So once you have your social media handle, make sure you have a plan in place and if you don’t feel free to reach out to us, we can provide a sample plan. Uh, and then step number 70 is the lead conversion and management.

This has got to be one of the fundamental pieces of your concrete marketing plan. Your marketing plan should have a follow up and nurturing of your leads. That means that there are going to be leads that for some reason you weren’t able to get a hold of them. And if that’s the case, they should go into a nurture campaign where you’re following up with them in a way that is not intrusive. In a way that’s friendly, in a way that’s professional. And what about the leads that you already gave a quote and didn’t convert?

Well, there should be a nurture campaign for those leads as well because I can tell you the cells the majority of sells for big projects will not come right away Right you if you if you quoted depending on how many jobs you quote, uh and depending on your sales approach, you’re not going to book 100% of your leads that that is just given. But as far as as the numbers going into every market, you should be able to book a good percentage of your estimate request once you get them on the phone into an appointment and then from an appointment you can evaluate what your cells journey is and start to understand okay our best clients came from organic search and they took one month to make a decision or they took two weeks to make a decision.

Right now you can start planning now you’re marketing to play along with your lead generation and your marketing efforts, uh your other organic surgeon, all the other marketing efforts you have in place. So the lead conversion lead management is not just having a crm. But do you have any automation that helps you follow up with leads? Do you have anything in place? So write that down. What do I have in place? That helps me follow up automatically without you lifting a finger, Follow up with my leads.

And then we go to step number eight. Which is does my marketing plan produce results? Does my marketing plan produce results. And again if if you are stuck as to what you can do or how you can market your concrete company or your decorative concrete services online, visit concrete market include dot com and schedule a free call. Free marketing strategy call where we walk you through the entire process of what I just talked to you about and you have to answer a couple of questions because there’s some research that needs to be done in place and we provide you with a market plan is complementary to you and that that is in hopes of us introducing ourselves to you and um earning your business in the future.

And if you don’t want to do business with us, that’s completely fine as well. You’re just gonna be a very much more educated concrete contractor in your service area, then your competitors. Okay. If you want to do that plan yourself, that’s completely fine as well. Now, if you just don’t, you just want to get right to it and don’t want to talk to anyone, you can just go to concrete marketing crew dot com and download our free concrete marketing guide. Okay. And that’s going to help you build a plan of your own at your pace by reading these documents.

Absolutely free. You just put your name and email there and you should be able to get a hold of it. So, uh, feel free to contact us at concrete market include dot com. And if you’re watching this video on Youtube, it would mean the world. If you subscribe to our channel, go ahead and, uh, and hit the subscribe button. If you like this video and found it helpful, go ahead and give us a thumbs up and give us a comment. Now, if you’re listening to this podcast on either Apple on Spotify on stitcher wherever you’re listening in.

If you like this content, make sure that you subscribe and you give us a thumbs up because that’s that helps the algorithm just shake and move things around so that helps it decide for whether it’s relevant. So we’re excited that we’ve gotten to this point, we just launch our new website concrete marketing Crew dot com. So make sure that you check it out. We also, you know, we started out this your Concrete Success podcast a couple of weeks back and we were officially on a press release, officially released that message on the press release.

And we were picked up by a whole bunch of different organizations, which is kind of cool, right Fox. Uh we got two news uh Different areas here. uh 91. 1 talker. I mean, we got a whole bunch of different uh different uh spotlights here for concrete marketing crew and your concrete success podcast. And thank you for listening and thank you for being part of this podcast. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. So concrete contractors. This has been an honor of pressure. Thank you so much for watching today’s episode and listening in.

We appreciate you very much until next time. Danny Barrera, your Concrete Success podcast, Have a great rest of your day.

Danny Barrera

Danny Barrera

Founder of Concrete Marketing Crew. Author of the up-and-coming book, "Sell More Garage Floors". Contributor to the Concrete Decor Magazine. Host of Your Concrete Success Podcast. We're on a mission to elevate the concrete coating & decorative concrete industry.

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