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What’s One Of The Most Important Pages on A Concrete Contractor Website?

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A concrete contractor website is one of the most important marketing tools for a business, but what page should you make sure to include? It’s not an easy question and it can depend on the type of industry your company is in. For example, if you specialize in residential work, than your homepage isn’t going to be as important as say if you’re a commercial contractor. However, there is a specific page that needs to be added to every flatwork and decorative concrete contractor website to convert more leads into a project! In this episode we talk about one of the most important pages on a concrete contractor website.


Topics Discussed:

  • What your concrete website should include
  • What type of images your prospective clients are looking for
  • Understanding how prospective clients navigate a concrete contractor website
  • Structuring your website for success
  • Why your website structure matters to rank high on Google

Audio Transcript

And we are live. Welcome aboard. Guys, welcome aboard my friends, this is Danny Barrera, founder of concrete marketing crew and we are back for another episode of your concrete success podcast. Now it’s your concrete success. So my goal, my mission and my vision here is what you’re listening in is that you get some real hands on takeaways that you can take for your concrete business that you can implement them and start to see results online. Uh soon we’re going to be interviewing some of the most successful concrete company owners.

I know manufacturers service providers so that you can also learn from them. But on the meantime, while you’re tuning in, what I’m doing right now is sharing some of our best marketing strategies that you can implement for your concrete company. And if you don’t know who we are, we are concrete marketing crew, the number one S. E. O. And internet marketing agency for concrete contractors. And what we do is we help concrete contractors double their leads with a proven concrete marketing plan. So you can go ahead and check out concrete marketing crew dot com today.

And if you don’t have our free internet marketing guide for concrete contractors, just head on over right there and you’re gonna get to find out some information about how we work with concrete contractors, download a copy of our ultimate internet marketing guide for concrete contractors. It’s going to be right there, there’s gonna be a link right on our homepage. Concrete marketing Crew dot com. So make sure you check it out and if you like this content please give us a thumbs up, leave us a positive review because that actually helps out the algorithm share this information with other concrete contractors around the globe.

And if you’re on Youtube go ahead and subscribe to our Youtube channel. You should be able to get to see the same video that you’re listening in. If you’re listening otherwise if you are watching this video, you can also check out our podcasts all over the internet, Your concrete success podcast. It’s on apple amazon stitcher. You name it. We are, they’re excited to be here. So in today’s conversation, we’re gonna be talking about what’s one of the most important pages on a concrete contract or website. What’s one of the most important pages on a concrete contractor website.

And for that, I’m gonna pull out one of our clients websites here and this is for observations purposes only. So this website is ranking very well on the search engines. But I can tell you after all the optimization we’ve done. They offer a lot of different decorative concrete services. So from metallic epoxy epoxy flooring, stamped concrete, concrete resurfacing, concrete polishing. And they also offer concrete furniture. So they they have a manufacturing division for residential and commercial concrete furniture. So you name it, they do it in central florida.

This is dream create website here. And what’s one of the most important pages on the website. So what I wanted to show you, it’s um actually, it’s not the contact page. It happens to be the gallery page, it happens to be the gallery page. So you can see here when someone hits that gallery page, the first thing that they get to see is clearly stated. What is the service that they’re looking at right there? So stamped concrete, they get to see it. What does metallic epoxy look like?

Okay, so you get to see stamped concrete right there. Okay, different samples, different uh different uh stamped concrete projects there. And you get to see some of the projects that they have there. And there is a call to action right underneath. I can’t stress that enough. If you don’t have a call to action on your gallery page, you are losing, you are losing opportunities to competitors because it’s just intuitive for prospective clients be scrolling around websites and just, you know, they might get busy, right? So, but if you give them an option right there and they like your work, that is the perfect moment to have them get a free quote, right?

And you want to do that for all your different services and let’s go to a different one, polished concrete right there. Boom, same deal. Right. And they should be able to navigate through all these pictures as you’re seeing it right there and the different styles of concrete polishing. Now, this applies for every, every service that you offer. Uh, it is ideal for you to have one specific um one specific gallery page per each one of the services that you have. This is one of our uh our internal pages that were built for this client here and you can see there is a mini gallery inside of that ranking service page and by ranking it means that google actually uh it’s crawling and it’s showing up this page on on the organic search results very highly so people land on this website.

One of the things they do is they check out the web, the some of the pictures here in this mini gallery section. However, we give them the option for more metallic it packs in the signs and when they go there they get to see different projects and they can scroll down, they can look at the different finishes there and as you see there, boom they’re done with it. What happens? They can keep scrolling down and the more projects the barrier, right? The better pictures the better and um, and there is the call to action towards the bottom right there.

So what’s one of the most important pages when a concrete contractor website, it is not, let me say this again, it is not your homepage, it is not your homepage, it is not your about us page. Now, you should have an about US page, but it is not where most people convert from a click into a lead. What we’ve noticed is the second most visited page for our concrete contracts, especially decorative concrete is the gallery page before a prospective client hits that contact page. They will most likely Go into a gallery page and this gallery page has to look great on a mobile device because we’ve talked about this before in other episodes, over 60 of the traffic that goes into a concrete contractor website in the United States comes from a mobile device.

So those conversions will happen from a mobile device. And let me see if I can pull this thing up from a mobile device really quick. Um, and if you’re listening in, you know, I, I urge you to go ahead and check out, uh check out our Youtube channel, uh concrete marketing crew and when you go into the Youtube channel, look for what’s one of the most important pages on the website and you will be able to see what I’m talking about right now. So let me can’t type and speak at the same time, but we’re here.

Okay, cool. We’re almost there and let me head over to the website real quick and uh, what we’re looking at and talking about today, it’s about what’s one of the most important websites, pages on a concrete contractor website. And if you can see here clearly right there, I’m not sure if you’re seeing it, but there you go. You know, we have our gallery pages and as I go, and I’m gonna try to not get the lights, I’m going to click on that and I scroll down and you can see all the pictures.

Uh there is a text in there with a call to action and there goes my picture gallery. I mean it shows right there in a very neat and concise manner right there. It showcases the projects in the work and I cannot stress that enough. It’s so much easier to sell a prospect that is contacting you. Uh and what they want is uh, is perhaps they heard uh some of the work that you’ve completed a neighbor’s house and they, they’ve seen it or they might have gotten a referral.

Uh, they might have seen some of the work that you have on your instagram page and while having an instagram page is great. I can tell you that an instagram page does not replace on instagram place, does not replace your gallery page because this is where conversions happened. This is where conversions happened. Let me, let me bring up one, a different type of contractor here. This is for scarred of concrete and discarded concrete. You get to see that what uh, what Gitano who is the partner of the Sun and the owner of this car to concrete One is a simple page where he wanted to send prospective clients and he was talking about how his service area is, is uh, the majority is an elder age.

They just want very simple, you know, they don’t want to navigate through all these different sections. They simply want to send someone to the gallery page. You get to see the link right there and send people over to different sections. So the four key areas, they do residential concrete work, decorative concrete work, commercial concrete work and industrial concrete work. They wanted to just be able to go down to that, those specific sections, but it’s it’s no different right there. You know, no different than what I’m sharing with you.

Your gallery pages. I mean, they need to speak for themselves or like the picture has to be clear. We have to know what we’re seeing and looking at without a description. And if someone is looking for residential concrete boom, there you go. They can get to see your patios, they can get to see all the different types of projects that you’ve completed, They get to see the stamped concrete. Uh, if you want to showcase some of the commercial work done, you get to see a different type of projects, the equipment that that is being highlighted there all the competencies.

And this look, look guys, if you’re listening to this, this applies mostly for the residential uh concrete contractor in decorative concrete contractors out there. So if you work with residential projects, this works incredibly great for commercial and industrial. I can tell you that the time the dwell time that someone spends on the gallery page is much less than a residential prospects. So this conversation is about residential uh, concrete contractors that want to get more concrete projects from their website. And this is for scar of concrete. And uh let’s go into the internal page here.

One of the internal pages, I mean every internal page has a mini gallery too. So we can come here and look at concrete patios. Boom, We get taken to that section, We get to see before and afters, you know, off the work there. And uh, you know, this, this concrete contractor wanted something simple, a one pager, something that they can send, um uh, their prospective clients to, to have them check out the pool decks, stamped concrete work. And you can get to see their, you know, all, all this different, all these different work that they’ve done here.

So it’s a beautiful work. And what I can tell you is that if you do have that gallery page, it will make your life significantly easier when you’re communicating with prospects. So, another thing I want to point out is having a matching service page to the gallery. Uh, this is going to help you rent, but that will be for a different conversation about search engine optimization. For now again, we’re talking about what is one of the most important pages on a concrete contractor website that’s going to help you generate more leads and more calls and more attention.

And that is your gallery page or your projects page. You must have one, ideally, especially if you work with residential clients, must have one page for each one of the services that you offer. So in this case, we’re looking at metallic epoxy, uh wood texture, concrete, uh concrete drive with concrete, patio, pool, resurfacing floor coatings, uh concrete countertops. Let’s check out the concrete countertops here. So if you do furniture, and if you have a whole list of different uh services that you offer, it is ideal to have one page per.

And we’ve, we’ve noticed like a tremendous, tremendous increase in uh, in trust and just the ability to convert those prospects that are on the phone. So when they are calling you and and or yourselves representatives and they want to talk to the prospects, the sales rep can actually lead the prospect over to the page and you can tell them, okay, let’s go ahead and check out different styles. Now. You can create if you want, you can create different styles. If that’s what you want to focus on, these guys do more custom work.

So they don’t have that. But if you want to focus on specific type of stamp projects or stain finishes or whatever the case is, driveway finishes, you can divide that up there by those sections. So again, this is the gallery page and I can tell you a couple of the things that you must have in your gallery page is a link number one, a link to the uh service page. That is uh that is pretty much congruent to that. So I can go here and I can see that there is a concrete countertop page that is right, goes right along with that page and there’s a mini gallery in this internal page.

Now from here someone lands on this page and they’re ready to make that decision. Boom, there you go. They can request an estimate right there and then and then the next step is, if they want to go back and check out that gallery, you can see there is a link back into that gallery page. So from the service page to the gallery page and the gallery page linking back to the service page, there should be that connection there. And it also helps out for your S E. O. Effort.

Now the next step is having the contact information at the bottom or somewhere where it’s visible, your your phone number and a call to action to get a free estimate, request a free quote, request a free consultation that will always help out and um you know that is pretty much it. So so again, thank you so much for tuning into today’s episode of your Concrete Success podcast where we share strategies, tips and strategies to help you maximize your potential for your concrete business all night. My name is Danny Barrera.

If you want to find out more about concrete marketing crew, head on over to concrete marketing crew dot com and get yourself a copy of our free Internet marketing guide for concrete contractors on the next time I’ll see you in the next episode. Thank you so much for watching. Have a great rest of your day. Let’s crush it.

Danny Barrera

Danny Barrera

Founder of Concrete Marketing Crew. Author of the up-and-coming book, "Sell More Garage Floors". Contributor to the Concrete Decor Magazine. Host of Your Concrete Success Podcast. We're on a mission to elevate the concrete coating & decorative concrete industry.

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