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How To Get More 5-Stars Reviews For Your Concrete Business

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Decorative concrete contractors are always looking for new ways to improve their business. The best way to do that is by making sure you are getting more 5-star reviews on a consistent basis. In this episode we talk about how to get more 5-star reviews for your concrete business online. 


Topics Discussed:

  • Why most concrete contractors fail at getting 5-star reviews
  • Why it’s important to get more 5-star reviews for your concrete business in 2021 and beyond
  • Proven process for getting more positive reviews and how to deal with the negative ones
  • Proven script to ask for a review
  • Why 5-star review growth is part of our concrete marketing plan

Audio Transcript

Hey there, concrete contractors. Welcome back for another episode of your concrete success podcast, where we’re gonna be talking about how to get more five star reviews for your concrete business. And when I’m talking about reviews, I’m talking about your google my business reviews. I’m talking about reviews on yelp, I’m talking about reviews on facebook, I’m talking about just getting more reviews online because let’s face it, consumers are now checking your business out online and they want to see what others are saying about your concrete services. So look, if you’re a decorative concrete contractor and you do multiple types of services and applications of concrete, decorative concrete, concrete resurfacing, stamped concrete staining, polishing, whatever the case is, this conversation applies to you if you are a flat work hard core concrete contractor and all you do is driveway terror replaces this conversation is for you.

And if you’re a concrete coatings contract or this conversation also applies to you. So welcome aboard. My name is Danny Barrera, founder of concrete marketing crew. And let’s get right to it guys. So, let’s talk about some of the harsh realities of, uh, of reviews, reviews online altogether. I can tell you the likelihood of someone living a review for your concrete business. Even if you’ve done a positive experience, if you’ve delivered a positive experience is, uh, it’s very unlikely, it’s very unlikely, uh, two by nature, just automatically get you a positive review online.

Okay, let me say that again. Even if you deliver high quality service, which I believe most of the well intentioned contractors do high quality services, great service, great customer service, great experience, great finish product. You know, you do all the stuff that that’s supposed supposed to get you a five star review right out of the gate. If you just do that and do nothing else, you are more likely to get a bad reviews still left on on your profile than you’re doing all the positive things and you may be asking yourselves well, well, well, you know, I do all these positive things and I’m only getting negative reviews, how can I combat that?

Is there a way to get more positive reviews for my concrete company? And the answer is absolutely 100%,, But there is a step that you might be missing, there are some things that you might be missing and it is my goal. It is my mission that in today’s podcast, in today’s episode that you listen to it, you take some action and you come back and give us some feedback. So anyways, if you’re listening to this episode on Apple podcast on Spotify on stitcher or wherever you’re listening to, it would mean the world to us.

If you can subscribe to the channel, also leave us your feedback. It helps the algorithm shake it up and let other concrete contractors just like you help them grow their business as well. And also, if you’re watching this on Youtube, it would mean The World to me personally, if you can give me a thumbs up, give me a comment there. Let me know if you have any questions. But subscribe to the channel so you can get more information just like this right to your inbox. All right, So let’s go ahead and get right to it guys.

So the first problem I see it’s concrete contractors deliver an amazing service, an amazing experience, professional. Everything down to the T. But they don’t ask. They fail to ask and they might fail to ask because either they’re too busy on the job, they got too many projects and they have so much work coming their way, so they fail to just ask for the feedback. And on the other hand, because let’s talk about the flat work guys for a second, the flat work guys is much harder because concrete, I mean, by the time that, you know, it’s all set and everything is pretty much finished and you’re down to, you know, depending on the time of the year and location of the year, you know, when the concrete sets, I mean, how is it going to look, right?

Is it gonna start deteriorating after a week or two? And are you confident in your service? Right? So there are so many factors that might might have you not request a review and you might live in that place of fear. So what I want to challenge you to do is to go ahead, and if you trust and you believe in your service, if you believe in your work, the work that your company and your crew is delivering, go ahead and ask for a positive review. And the best way to do it is to say, Hey, I would love to hear about your experience with working with our company and when someone tells you, okay, well this is my experience, it’s very professional, awesome.

If they give you a positive, okay, a positive reply to that text message or that email, what you do is you send them a link to your google my business or to your facebook page. Okay, Because here’s the problem problem. Number two, Problem number one is not asking. Problem. Number two is not sending people to the right places. And if you make people work too much, they will more likely than that, not leave a review. Okay? So if you just let them up to figure out where they need to go to leave a review, they most will most likely leave it in the wrong place.

So that’s something to consider. So make it easy for prospects to just get a hold of where they need to leave a review. So again, the first question that I would ask, hey, tell us about your experience in working with our company, would love to get some feedback from genuine feedback once you get their feedback and say, man, that’s so amazing. It would mean the world to our company. If you can leave that positive review copy and paste it over into either google my business or facebook.

Here are the links and there you go. And then, you know, basically, um, you know, you ask and follow up a couple of days later. Hey, mrs so and so Hey, Mr so and so wondering if you were able to to uh to get a leave us a review, right? Some people struggle clicking on the links or don’t know where to go. Let me know if you need any help, Right? And if you follow up with that second follow up, I find that it’s significantly easier to get people to leave you a positive review and it’s a C. C. Is that guys like number one is asked you ask politely and ask with a question that’s via an email or text message that’s open for feedback.

So this way, if there’s any negative sentiment, you address it and if there is positive sentiment, send them the link, send them the google. My business link, which lives leads to step number two. Right? Make it easy for prospects. Now, if you own a concrete company, you should have a google my business listening, in which case that google my business listing has a specific U. R. L. A specific link that google provides to you where you can send people to like that link should be the link that you are sending everyone to.

And if you don’t know how to find that link, be sure to contact us or leave us a message right down below this video or send us an email info at concrete marketing crew dot com. Go to concrete marketing crew dot com, send us a message and we’ll get that link for you and then you start sending that link over to your prospects. Now, here’s the thing is when we audit concrete contractors and they go through our concrete marketing plan strategy session. What we do is we do a scan of all of the most important and relevant places that consumers go to to check reviews for concrete contractors and what we want to do is make sure that we are steadily growing that number months, two months again.

So our contractors experience at three x growth in five star reviews within three months of working with us. So if they come with 10 reviews, they go up to 30 reviews and that’s just on average. Sometimes it’s a lot more, sometimes it’s a little bit less, But that’s just to give you an average. So if they come with 50 reviews, we can get them up to 150 and again, it all depends on customers and their past clientele. So again, number one ask number two is make it easy for prospects to follow through.

# three is use scripts and use words that work. So we have a whole list of scripts that just worked like a charm. I mean we’re sending text messages and we know if someone has a positive experience with our clients, they are more likely than not to leave a positive review and it’s almost like a 50%. So imagine one out of two clients leaving your positive review at the end of the month, you should have a significant amount depending how many projects you’re doing. Uh you should have a significant amount of growth in positive reviews and I can tell you that the more five star reviews you have on facebook, on google on yelp, the better and more profitable you will become.

Now if you get leads off of Home Advisor or thumbtack, we strongly recommend that you also request a positive feedback review in those places and the best way to do it is right right out of the gate. As soon as you finish a project, you do the final walkthrough and delivering, perhaps you are receiving the last check or you’re doing the last walk through final sign off. Uh that is the place where you say, hey, mr so and so uh number one is, would you mind if I get a picture of you holding a sign that says 100% satisfied.

That’s one way of doing it, just get that sign and then have them just send them uh text message with that picture and say, hey, would you mind uploading this to our facebook reviews? Here is the link boom. Number two is is by by just sending the link to them right on the spot. So we have a system that’s called the contract towards apex and I want to share my screen right now and let me see if I could do it real quick and I share, it’s literally a to click Uh step that uh that is so easy to use.

I mean my 13 year old can do it. So what we do is we put in the client’s name and then we put in their phone number. It automatically pulls it up. In this case, this is me. And then it sends automatically, this is sending a text message, text message right to myself right here. And this is again, this is live in real time. Let me unlock my phone. And if you’re watching this says, hey there, thank you for choosing in this case is concrete marketing crew. Would you be willing to take 30 seconds to live with a quick review question mark?

Here is the link. Uh below makes it easy boom, you click the link and there is the place where you can live a positive review. So there you go again, just to recap. Very simple. Number one step is don’t forget to ask ask at the right time and when you ask the first time is can you share your experience in working with us? That that usually get some sort of of of positive forward momentum towards it. If there’s any negative sentiment, address it with the client before he goes online and do the best you can, number two is make it easy for them, have the links ready of your facebook and your google my business and don’t, don’t overwhelm them.

Don’t send 34 links at once. Just, you know, send it right to them and you can ask them to, hey, do you have a gmail account, what type of email you got? And if they have a gmail account, you can say, okay great, I’m gonna send you a um just a link to the google my business and you can just leave a review right there and with the system that I show you right now contractors apex is so simple, so easy that it automatically directs the individuals to the right place.

Um, number three is half the script’s already in place. And if you need help with this, all you have to do is schedule a complimentary concrete marketing strategy session where we map out your concrete marketing plan as well as give you some scripts and some tools that can be used throughout the year and how to request uh, to request reviews for past clients, present clients in the new clients coming in through your door. So if you enjoyed this episode, number one is thank you for tuning in.

But if you enjoy it and you got any value out of this, go ahead and, and and connect with us over on Youtube on facebook, on instagram and also make sure that you are living a positive review for us. If you are enjoying this. So if you’re watching this over and over over in Youtube, go ahead and give us a thumbs up. If you are following us on facebook would mean the world to us. If you can leave us a positive review, if you’ve learned anything out of this and if you’re listening, uh yeah, any podcast medium, go ahead and leave us a review.

It would mean the world to us again. This is Danny Barrera concrete marketing crew. We appreciate you watching. We’ll see you in the next one. Have a great rest of your day. Bye for now.

Danny Barrera

Danny Barrera

Founder of Concrete Marketing Crew. Author of the up-and-coming book, "Sell More Garage Floors". Contributor to the Concrete Decor Magazine. Host of Your Concrete Success Podcast. We're on a mission to elevate the concrete coating & decorative concrete industry.

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